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Out of shape!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Omgosh, I'm out of shape!! I started the Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred today and just feel like a miserable slob!! Sheesh. This is the girl who used to be a runner and could lift some pretty heavy weights.

Starting over SUCKS.

Since I've been away from SP I've gained about 20lbs. I trained very poorly for the Detroit Free Press 1/2 marathon. I finished, but at a very pathetic time of 2:45 and since I trained so poorly, I injured my hip and could hardly walk for 2 weeks.

It's been a downhill slide since then. The unhealthy train is full steam ahead and I need to do something to stop it.

Hubby and I have been eating out like 5 nights a week o_0 This needs to stop!! I've really discovered that not only is food my weakness, but I'm completely lacking in motivation to work out. It's so much worse now that I'm back on the 13 hour midnight shifts. And I just accepted full-time. I also recently found out that I have a severe vitamin D deficiency and recently starting taking a mega-dose prescription. I'm also trying to work in some vitamin supplements...but very slowly because vitamins make me feel nauseous/headache.

My goal is to do the JM Shred 4-5 days per week and start hitting the gym. I bought a really nice new Nordic Track commercial grade treadmill but right now, I just don't want to run at all. I feel like I'd better get to the gym and get on the elliptical and get into better shape before I go back to running. I also need to start eating at home. It's crazy, not only what we are spending to eat out so much, but the amount of unhealthy, high-calorie foods we're consuming when we're out. Need to start getting back to the basics and cook healthy foods for both the hubby and myself.

I am down to one pair of jeans that I can barely squeeze into, but have a closet/dresser full of really nice clothes that don't all. This is bullsh!t!! I need to kick myself in the butt for real!!

Thank goodness for SP!!!!

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DEBJAE 11/26/2012 3:41PM

    You can do this...make a plan, put it in writing and put it where you can see it on a daily basis. Something I used to do when I knew I had no "go" in me for workouts, I would set a daily alarm on my cell phone to go off around the time that was best for me to get active. It was my reminder to get off my butt!

Congrats on the half...sorry you injured yourself but at least you were out there trying it which a lot of people are too intimidated to even try.

Focus forward where you're going not where you've been!


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REDRUNNERMOM713 11/26/2012 1:50PM

    Your blog sounds like I myself wrote it! I'm in the same place you are except the eating out. I even keep telling myself I NEED to workout and I'd feel SO much better even after one workout, but I'm just having a hard time making myself do it. Here's to both of us getting our rears in gear!

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LINWASH23 11/26/2012 12:42PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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So...I failed...but I'm back.

Monday, July 09, 2012

I totally got consumed with nursing school and fell off the SP wagon. I was doing so good. Counting calories and exercising regularly to the point that my friends were making fun of me for counting out crackers in a serving size, lol. I lost 8 lbs in the first month. Now, I'm back up to the weight that I started at, minus a few pounds (148lbs). My clothes are all too tight and it's bathing suit season...I'd rather be wearing a towel wrapped around me, at this point. So...I'm back.

I've finished school and landed a job as a Registered Nurse on an Orthopaedic unit at a great hospital. Working days until mid-August then back on the midnight shift, which ironically means more available gym time for me. I'm also getting back to running, starting today. I've had some nagging knee pain and an ankle sprain from the half-marathon I did last Fall. Being inactive (as far as running) has not really helped. may be alittle slow going at first.

This is Day 1 of a new lifestyle for me. Toxic habits, thoughts and relationships are going bye-bye and I'm focusing on what I need to do to be healthy!!! Cheers.

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JENDA9138 7/17/2012 12:18AM

    I hear ya! I'm back too...just can't quite seem to make good food choices on my own!

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DEBJAE 7/9/2012 3:26PM

    Congrats on new beginnings with your career! Don't say fail...instead say stumble, sidetracked, or distracted! Life has a way of interupting sometimes...glad you're back on track!

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MAMADWARF 7/9/2012 12:30PM

    Welcome home!

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TERRYT55 7/9/2012 12:25PM

    Congrats on your new job and graduating from nursing school.

You didn't fail at anything........just learned some lessons to make you more successful in the future!

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BEAUTIFULBRIT50 7/9/2012 11:53AM

    emoticon emoticon

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BABY_GIRL69 7/9/2012 11:50AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonGod bless, Dee

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WALLINMW 7/9/2012 11:47AM

  Congrats on your new nursing career! I have been in healthcare for almost 25 years and love it. Everything in moderation. Thanks for sharing.

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I'm back!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh my gosh...this has been a whirlwind month. I got really sick, had to have some spinal procedures, got sick AGAIN and work, school and family committments. I totally fell off the wagon. Thankfully I only gained back 1 pound. I started running again last week, getting in a few 4 mile runs with the dog. My body really hated me for it, which shows that I have been out of the fitness routine for too long. I'm so far from the half-marathon shape that I was in last October.

The good news is that I'm back! Back on SP and also got the mobile app for my phone. I need to get back to counting my calories, since I have been eating anything and everything that I want lately and not packing my lunches/dinners, like I should be.

I'm very inspired to get back on track. I will be pinned as an RN next month on the 27th and want to wear a nice dress without feeling fat. 4 weeks is a good amount of time to lose a bit of weight and tone up. I'm going to Florida for a graduation trip to Disney World on June 16th and don't want to feel fat in my bathingsuit. It would also be nice to be able to fit into more than 1 pair of my shorts!!! That gives me almost 10 weeks to get it back together, which I feel is totally doable if I commit myself.

Right now my weight is 147lbs and I would like to see my self back down around 130lbs. I also need to get this body toned back up.

I signed up for a few races also. A 5k that's coming up in a few weeks, the Free Press half marathon in Detroit this fall, and I want to squeeze in some 5k and 10k races along the way. I am officially done with RN program in 4 WEEKS also!

I am going to be in my best shape EVER...just watch and see.

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SARAHSMILE44 4/2/2012 12:14PM

    Thanks everyone!!

I can not wait to run over the bridge in the FP's going to be SO COOL! I would like to do the CRIM this year too.

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PURPLELVR7 3/29/2012 5:01PM

    Welcome back - glad you are feeling better.

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JETMAG26 3/29/2012 1:32PM

    Good for you! I have hit my plateau and need to get working out but I live in rainy Portland and it makes me lazy. I have to be a better Sparker, the calorie counting really helps, der :)

I'll be watching!

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KICKINGIT@56 3/29/2012 12:13PM

    Congrats on your upcoming RN pinning and good luck on meeting your goals, but decide from now that you will thoroughly enjoy yourself no matter what shape you are in by the time you get to Disney. You have been through a lot and you deserve to give yourself a treat.


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LMKOBE2 3/29/2012 10:39AM

    I am planning to run the Detroit FP half this fall as well! It is my first time running it. I am planning to run the CRIM in Flint as my trial prior to the Free Press half. Good luck! Way to be determined!

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Haven't been tracking...shame on me.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I have been so busy training at work and in the last semester of nursing school that I totally fell off the food tracking wagon. I've practically fallen off the workout wagon as well...holding on to a few workouts a week at the gym. Had a terrible bout with the Creeping Death that's been going around and then migraines that would not go away. Tried a daily med and couldn't take the side effects, so the best I can do is take a rescue med and hope that I catch it before the med makes it worse instead of better. Beginning to wonder if I may need glasses...I can see fine, but something has to be causing these headaches.

Anyway, I digress. I have been eating pretty sensibly though. I know what a portion size is. If I want a pop, I skip the chips, etc. We have been eating out a bit too much lately...and that is no good, but I swear, there is just NO TIME RIGHT NOW!!!!! I have managed to keep off the 6lbs that I lost so that inspired me to get my butt to the gym last night and do a killer 700+ calories workout =) My mom is joining my gym too, so that will be nice to have someone to check out some new classes with...mix it up a bit. I also got a Groupon for a yoga studio that I really like, $25 for 25 classes and it's good til April.

I'm in my last 2 weeks of my Ortho/Neuro rotation so I know I will be busy. Then I go to a class called Transitions for 8 weeks and nursing school is OVER. Trying to hang onto my fitness goals by the skin of my teeth until school is over. Sigh.

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ORGANIC811LFRV 2/12/2012 9:28AM

    If you eat a plant-based eating program with at least a portion of it being raw, avoid dairy and meat altogether, you don't NEED to track!

The trackers are primarily for those eating a "healthy" standard american diet filled with processed phakephood. Then they need to track. Well, actually they need to switch to plants. LOL

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Completely off the rails...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yep, my healthy eating went completely off the rails yesterday. I committed some serious diet no-no's and went WAY over my calories for the day. I ate mozzarella sticks, a donut, a piece of cake, peanut m & m's and doritos. I didn't say no to the "going away party" goodies at work like I usually do.

I realized this about myself. .. once I go over my calories, I develop an 'all or nothing' mentality and say "screw it." I need to stop that!!! A small screw up turns into a big caloric nightmare!! I know a lot of this is me being over-tired with the beginning of my last semester of nursing school, coupled with work, kids, hubby, trying to work out, etc. Having said that...I have no plans of letting this happen again. My splurges need to be counted in my calories and I need to weigh out if it's worth it!!

Good news is that I've lost another pound and the train has found the tracks again =)

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REDRUNNERMOM713 1/24/2012 4:52PM

    I'm a total "all or nothing" when it comes to food screw ups. I figure why not finish the day eating all the junk I want and then start fresh the next day. You aren't alone! Great job on the pound loss!!

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SARAHSMILE44 1/24/2012 3:16PM

    Thanks everyone! It's good to not be alone. Keep pushing on!

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CHANGINGSAM 1/24/2012 2:50PM

    I definitely understand where you are coming from with the "all or nothing" mentality! You aren't alone!

emoticon on the pound!

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DEBJAE 1/24/2012 2:27PM

    Yes, track everything, even when it's more than you usually eat! And do the weigh in...keep a regular routine of this so you hold yourself accountable.

We all have our days of "what the hell, why not" so it's okay, just move forward and forget about it. You can't change what's already done, just learn from it. I, personally, do not get excited unless I am 250 or more over my calorie range...simply because it's a SUGGESTED GUIDE, not set in stone the way it has to be.

Hang in there and recover, you can overcome this!

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CRAIG1980 1/24/2012 2:26PM

    I understand your all or nothing mentality. I go that way too. I find the hardest thing for me is eating healthy at company lunches and client meetings. I found that telling my co workers that I am working on being healthier they help keep me in check.

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JETMAG26 1/24/2012 2:26PM

    You sound just like me! I'm back on the rails but I hit it hard over the weekend!

Try try again!

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