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An update on me

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It has been a crazy few weeks! Work is super busy (and still aggrivating), I have become a co-leader in the Hold The Stuffing Team, still being mom and the total domestic goddess at home (ha!)!

I love Fall, it's a great time of year, except maybe the last few days here with crazy weather, tornado watches, 86 degrees today and 61 on Friday- what?!

We have Halloween costumes done, candy to give out, a parade on Friday, a party on Saturday, trick-or-treating Saturday night and Sunday night, field trips, Mystery History Theatre for my son's class (he was John Lennon) AND I got engaged and found out I am pregnant! Holy wow!!!!

My fiancee (Matt) and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while, unconventional for some, totally fine for us! We had talked about maybe getting married one day, but neither one of us were in a rush, and we still aren't!

Matt is going to graduate in May with his Bachelors in Internet Marketing, which means he will start seriously job hunting soon, which also means we may move after graduation, which is when I am due (July 3). I am slightly freaking out at the possibility of the kids out of school, Matt graduating, giving birth, moving, or visa versa, leaving my job of 11 years (hmmm- that is a good thing I think!), just lots of changes, all at once! Deep breaths are needed!

Oh, and did I mention that my face is breaking out like a teenagers! Ugh!

I have slowed down a little with my workouts- fatigue has kicked my butt. I really am so nervous about gaining a lot of weight- I did with my first two- so I'm battling the inner demon about this. I also am a lot heavier then I was the last two times I got pregnant, hopefully this time around, since I am eating healthier and exercising, I will be able to keep a handle on it.

Here is a picture of my ring- I love it!

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HELLOKITTYRUNS 11/15/2010 8:45AM

    Wow!! I'm so sorry I missed this post. Congrats on everything!! It's scary to have so many things happening at once, but I'm sure everything will turn out wonderfully, and you'll be fabulous every step of the way! :)

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MNOT2THICK 11/14/2010 3:24PM

    Lovely ring. Congratulations 0n both the new engagement and upcoming new family addition !! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 10/30/2010 2:14PM

    Beautiful ring. Have a great Halloween! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BEFIT014 10/28/2010 10:20PM

    How exciting! SO many things going on all at once!

And the ring is GORGEOUS!!

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NEW_ME_FOREVER 10/28/2010 8:11PM

    OMG im gonna kill you why didnt you tell me about the engagement AAAAWWW!!! Congrats your a lucky girl. And stop upsetting your self of what's to come and just jot down "what if this happen" "i/we will do this"

I'm so happy and proud for you. Active mommy :)

gorgeous ring

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ELIZINJAPAN 10/28/2010 11:33AM

    Wow! Congratulations!! emoticon

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FABAT402009 10/27/2010 9:41PM

    Congratulations on your engagement emoticon and your little one. emoticon

Just hold on as you go through the happiness of starting a new chapter in your life. Just imagine the possibilities of a new home, a better job and then a sweet new baby to add to your beautiful family.

emoticon emoticon

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SARAHSHRTY 10/27/2010 9:27PM

    Awww, thanks Emily! I appreciate all of your support!

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EMILYBBB 10/27/2010 9:26PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Wow, Sarah! I just knew something would happen to change your job situation, but I didn't expect this! Life is taking you and sweeping you along! The ring is exquisite. Blessings to you and your new life.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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The Dreaded "P" word

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Oh, plateau, why have you plagued me again?

I have read all the articles about plateaus, what to do to break them, I have the tools, the food, the know how, but here I am, stuck for two weeks at the same weight! It's so frustrating!

The last few weeks I have been on the low end of having the drive to really kick this weight loss in to gear. Life has been crazy, and injury, a death, insane stress, loss of drive to exercise and my eating has been off a little. And I wonder why I am at a plateau! Sigh I know that the scale sitting still has only encouraged my lack of umph- shouldn't it be a kick in the behind?!

It's time to revamp, renew my goals, and really refocus myself! Suggestions welcomed!

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JODIANN421 10/10/2010 10:29AM

    Drive is exactly what I need too!!! If you find it...could you send some my way :) You are going to be great!!

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 10/10/2010 10:04AM

    I've not lost an ounce since Sept 1st. All I can say is keep on sparking along and you'll break through eventually. Love ya, Dawn emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FABAT402009 10/10/2010 12:20AM

    Sarah, What's your current workout plan? Maybe if you switch things up... I know you said the diet wasn't optimum but wondering if you do something to challenge your body in a different way if it will respond the way you want it to.

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DIAMORROW1 10/9/2010 11:14PM

    I so could have written this myself. I just keep doing what I know I need to do and it does get better. Hang in there.....

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Favor needed

Monday, September 27, 2010

My boyfriend and his brother have recently started their own online fitness website. I would love it if my Spark friends would check it out, send feedback, follow on Twitter, pass it along to your friends, let him know what you want to see online, or even guest blog! Thanks!

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SARAHSHRTY 10/2/2010 10:42AM

    Thanks ladies!

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FABAT402009 10/2/2010 8:36AM

    Checking out the website now!

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    Thanks for sharing. Love ya, Dawn PS: Happy WORLD SMILE DAY! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Round and round she goes, where she'll stop.....

Monday, September 20, 2010

A new attitude, new goals, new challenges, and the same ole same ole of the daily grind.

So, I have blogged about how unhappy I am at my job. We gear up every year to enforce rules, keep communication open, keep the peace and offer the best to the children and our faculty. Hmmm, it seems that when I try to do this, I get "you have a poor attitude", "watch what you do, how you say it", blah blah blah. So, we pep talk ourselves in to enforcing rules (I do not have an actual issue with the "schooling part". My kids go to my school, they get great educations.) and nothing changes.

I have been working in the office for 11 years, have seen people come and go, rules change, kids grow up and away, am constantly told how the school couldn't run without me (maybe this has gone to my head), but this year, I am just DONE! Like DONE being the fat girl, I am done with the office gossip, parent gossip, parents who think they run the school, parents who like to "monitor my attitude", administration (who are my fellow office mates) who when I voice a concern, only go back and "tattle" on my to my boss. Granted, I have had a crappy year, and I am on edge- I will fully admit that. Yet the frustration that builds inside of me, with the daily non-communication that happens around here has brought me to the edge. My children, as I said before, go to school here. I could never afford to send them to a private school if I didn't work here and qualify for financial aid as well, this brings me to my hard decision.

For my mentality, I need to find a new job. For my kids, I hate to leave my job. There are some great parents here, my kids have been here since they were 2, but my sanity is waning. They have been given great skills, I think they would flourish in a public school (which terrifies me- but that's my own issue), they are bright, articulate, outgoing....

I want to be a team player, I want to make a difference, and do my job to the best of my ability. I find that to be more and more impossible.

Today I have decided that I will no longer reach for that Team Player of The Year Award. I will keep to myself, I will back away from parents that flock to my office and think that it is a place for social hour. I will sit at my desk, I will do my job, no more, no less. I think this is such a poor attitude to have, yet other choices haven't worked out so well for me either. Sad I have to think this way.

What to do, what to do.

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    I'm sorry that you are so unhappy at your job. I hope that things improve for you quickly. Good luck with finding another job, if that is really what you end up pursuing. Love ya, Dawn emoticon

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EMILYBBB 9/23/2010 2:30AM

    Wow! You are up against it! My heart goes out to you. How about a baby step? Perhaps that will give you more clarity and information--plus a sense of at least some movement and control. How about checking out the job market? You have kids, so you can't quit until you have a new job any way. Maybe there's another school that needs someone like you?
I sense, though, that your soul may need a more major change right now. When I was at a similar blind crossroads some years ago, I went to a career counselor, who gave me a series of abilities tests. The results surprised me. She told me that talents are not things that you can shelve and call on when you need to fall back on them. Talents are noisy and demand to be used. She said that you don't have to use them all in a single job, but you need to use them somewhere. Otherwise, they create dissatisfaction as they clamor for attention. Do you think you might be undergoing some birth pangs? Perhaps the new you involves more than a smaller waistline.

Please remember that you have an army of Sparkers right behind you.

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SARAHSHRTY 9/22/2010 10:57AM

    My daughter is in kindergarten and my son is in third grade. It's a very hard decision, and I do ask people to move in to another room, etc, yet, I them get accused of being "moody". Hmph!

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HALLORAN84 9/22/2010 9:48AM

    How old are you children? Do they have a while left at the school?
You just have to decide if the school is worth you being unhappy. The best way to stay out of the gossip is to openly tell people that you would rather not discuss whatever topic is brought up. Eventually people will stop flocking to your door with the scoop. BUT you must be consistant and firm with people so they know that you don't want to deal with that anymore.
Good luck and I hope you work it all out.

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SARAHSHRTY 9/20/2010 9:31PM

    Thanks Carolyn! It's very frustrating, I am just so torn...I'm hoping time will help me figure it all out!

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HEALTHY_CAROLYN 9/20/2010 7:20PM

    I think it's hard to try and be someone we're not. Obviously, you try to excel at your job and make things right, and no matter the effort you're putting forth, things aren't changing. I've seen this with friends who watch others' children. The kids come to them with bad habits and parents who obviously do not care to put the effort into changing those habits. Then, my friends work really hard to help the kids change because they know things like good sleeping habits or manners or things like that will benefit the kids. They do all this work throughout the week and then parents have them for the weekends and everything is undone, week after week. The thing is, my friends care, or they wouldn't be trying so hard. However, if you don't have people who will work with you to bring about success, it's soul-draining. Things that are said to help are either taken wrong or ignored. Then, it starts affecting their own peace of mind and the family happiness. As the saying goes, if mom's not happy, no one's happy. Eventually, my friends have given in and told the parent that other arrangements need to be made. It's only fair. Something has to change. I know it's hard for them to do this because it's not who they are. They are people who want to help and make things better and by giving in in this way, they feel like they aren't be true to themselves. However, they and you have to do what's best ultimately for the self and for the family happiness. I hope that you find a solution that works for you. It won't be perfect, but if it brings you some peace, then, it will be better than the stress you're under right now. emoticon Life's not perfect, but striving for happiness and balance is always a worthy goal.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I work as an office manager at a private school. Needless to say the last few weeks have been more then busy for me. My days are not long enough, my kids are excited, yet tired from being at school, working out as soon as I get home, dinner, bath, bedtime, laundry, dishes, this and that and all of those lovely domestic goddess duties.

I am lacking energy, big time. I am lacking hunger, having a hard time getting my calories in, which is horrible, because now I am lacking any weight loss on the scale- sigh.

Sleep is lacking as well- I have been having crazy strange dreams!

So, I must revamp, re-evaluate, re-organize my time! This past weekend was really busy, I don't know where the hours went! This coming weekend is going to be just as busy. My boyfriend is involved in a fitness challenge Saturday, then home to host a birthday party for my son with family and friends. While, yes, this will all be fun, the thought of cleaning the house, prepping for a party, shopping, wrapping, goodies bags, cake- it's a bit overwhelming!

Deep breath...I need to catch up on here too!

I need a few more hours of the day, and a few more hours of sleep!


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    I have often said that I need more hours in the day. Oh well.... Spark on my friend. Love, Dawn emoticon

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FABAT402009 9/14/2010 10:18PM

    I wish I could offer some sound advice but scheduling is not one of my best skills.

What I will say is make sure even if it's only 5 minutes every couple of hours, to sneak away from the madness and breathe!

Tonight while working I threw on my Ipod, hit the shuffle option and rocked to the beats while trying to get a couple of things accomplished. Just the sounds of great music sometimes makes the world seem more at ease.

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