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Is it a marathon or a hurdle race?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The first hurdle is approaching fast - the wearing off of the initial enthusiasm. I'm now a full week in to the SP way of life, and for the first time some of it is not a fun and exciting game but a chore. Oh, so I have to track EVERYTHING I eat? What, strength training AGAIN? And yesterday I went over my calorie range for the first time. Well, I should clarify - I went over my own private range, but not over SP's range because SP allotted me more calories than I anticipated. I've tried to change the calorie goal a couple of times to the range I initially wanted and it kept switching itself back so eventually I decided to just leave it so I could feel less guilty at the inevitable slip-ups.

But, it's all good. This is how we make things a habit, right? Just keep doing it until it becomes ingrained. And even though I have felt a bit hungry at times, I haven't felt deprived. Even though I ate a tiny bit too much yesterday, I didn't binge and lose control.

I will just keep telling myself that it's all about doing it one day at a time. Just stay within my calorie goal. Do my exercise. Drink my water. Just focus on those things, and the weight will follow. The weight will follow. It has to!

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NEE_NEE 4/17/2008 8:39AM

    Good question! I think it's a little of both....maybe a triathalon! It takes SOO long so there's the marathon bit but you're so right, the hurdles never end! Just try not to get too bummed about one 'bad' day. Pick yourself up and make today even better. I promise you'll see results...make sure you measure too, you might not see the scale move as much as you'll see your measurements shrink! Good luck!

....also, when I first started I had read somewhere that it take at lease 21 days of doing something to make it a habit so I decided to commit myself to 21 days before giving up if I hated it. After 21 days it WAS a habit and I was seeing results so I didn't give up of course!!! Just a hint!

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My friends are laughing at me!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

But I don't mind! emoticon

I have two diet buddies at work. If there's a fad diet going around, you can guarantee that at least one of us has bought the book and two of us will be trying it. We have been through many ups and downs over the years. They were both out of the office last week, so yesterday I told them all about my new plan with SP. And they both laughed!

One laughed because she said it was ridiculous for me to want to lose 50 lbs. But then again, I haven't told her my weight in, ooh, 15 lbs! She also always thinks we weigh the same, because we are about the same height. But she's lost weight recently and is sitting there in size 12 pants, and I've gained weight and am in size 16's. So she's probably thinking I am 20-30lbs lighter than I currently am.

The other laughed because I said my plan was to lose the weight over 2 years, like it was the most ridiculous thing ever. But I'm determined not to diet like crazy this time, because that is what always trips me up. Losing 10 lbs in 2 months may be what I want to do, but doing it so fast always leaves me susceptible to bingeing because of feeling so deprived. I will NOT do that this time!

Anyway, they both took down the name of SP and I think they will both check out the site. So we shall see who ends up laughing. Hopefully I will inspire them with my slow but steady progress.

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LADYZEHE 4/15/2008 11:16AM

    You have devised a plan that works for YOU, not anyone else. Everyone has different needs to get healthy and I think your plan is great and it's going to work. You are aware of your issues and have set a course to help you get stronger in conquering them.

You can do this!

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STARRTWINKLES 4/15/2008 10:41AM

    Hi there Your right on track. I have been with Sparkpeople for over 19 weeks now and it has taken me this long to lose 30 lbs. but I did it and you will do it too. Just take one day at a time and remember if you lose it slowly your most likely to keep it off and remain doing a healthier lifestyle. Good luck to you he who laughs last laughs better. Stop by my page and update me would love to hear from you. God Bless Starr emoticon

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Finally setting realistic goals

Sunday, April 13, 2008

emoticon The end of my first week as a Spark member, and it's going well so far. I didn't track my food for the first few days but now I've got the hang of it. And I am loving the extra calories I have available to me! I've tried so many diets where I feel so deprived, and inevitably end up going off the wagon and gaining more in the end. Especially with Weight Watchers, who now have those annoying "it's not a diet" ads that you see all the time. Yes, it IS a diet, because it's too restrictive and people are trying to lose weight too fast. I would get so frustrated with it as because after the first few weeks I'd only lose half a pound a week, and not the two pounds that I was aiming for. This time I'm aiming for half a pound a week, so if I get any more, it'll be gravy. If I get less, well, that's OK too because there's bound to be weeks when the weight doesn't come off, especially as I am eating more. I'm so glad I made the decision to stay in a higher calorie range, because I feel like I might actually be able to do this consistently. Slowly but surely I WILL get to where I need to be. My goal is to stay within my calorie range every day, get 10 minutes of cardio every day, and work up to running three days a week. I can do it! Finally I've learned what a realistic goal is, and that I need to start off with small steps.

Thanks SparkPeople!

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LADYZEHE 4/14/2008 12:58PM

    That's the ticket! You can totally rock those goals! I too need to work myself up to running, so I'll cut you a deal. I'll shadow your goals for the rest of this month in addition to the April challenge I'm on, and we can motivate each other! How does that sound?

I think it's always easier when you're not doing it alone...


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