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Blue Team weekly challenge:5 Things holding you back

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The five things that have been holding me back from my weight loss goals are first off major dental surgies! I have had ongoing dental work going on and an abcessed tooth for months and have been on pain meds which basically left me feeling like a zombie, the second is poor sleep habits-with all the meds I was taking I was not going to bed until 4 or 5am!, third would be my lack of support-I had a good family support system going on, but that went away and it's easy to get off track if your family is not on track with you, fourth would be my crazy schedule with the kids being home all summer-I had a really hard time finding time for myself, but now that school is back, it's been much easier and lastly would be me-my own mental state. I got so down on myself for being sick and busy and not working out that I kind of sent myself into a downward spiral. I am my own worst enemy, but nw I think I have my head back on track ;) My new goal for myself is to start doing more cardio! I hate it with a passion, but I am determined to start doing more of it!

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SARAH25 9/13/2012 5:39PM

    Thanks! FitMommy-I love circuit training and was doing great but I still have a lot more fat to burn off before you actually see the muscles underneath. :) I have been doing longer cardio/circuit training this week and seem to be loving it-so hopefully it will stick!!!

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    Sorry to hear about all your challenges that you were facing over the summer! But I'm glad to hear that now that school is in session again you're finding yourself getting your head on straight again! =] My question to you - why cardio? If you hate it, why do it? =]

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MALIAN1 9/12/2012 10:10AM

    You CAN do it!

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Finding my way back!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last year, I found myself accomplishing the immposible-I lost 60lbs.! I was watching what I ate, drinking my water and faithfully exercising every day. (and actually looking forward to my workouts) I was losing weight, toning muscle and feeling great about myself. I had gained so much self confidence and was so grateful for all of the encouraging compliments I was getting from those around me who were also seeing my changes. Most of all I was proud of myself. I actually stopped to think before I just reached for candy or some other delicious yet very unhealthy temptation and had the will power to say NO! Even when my husband would come home with a WaWa breakfast sandwich, I politely declined and happily ate my hot oatmeal and cup of coffee. I was really proud when my kids started seeing the changes I was making and telling me how proud they were of me that I was exercising every day and saying "Mom, you look great, I'm proud of you!". After all, my main reason for wanting to change my ways in the first place was to set a better example for my kids and to make sure that I would be around for them as long as possible. My husband always encouraged me to exercise whenever I needed and would offer to keep the kids busy when need be. I would hear about people losing all this weight and gaining it back and think to myself-how? why? I couldn't understand how someone could do all that work and acomplish so much, just to let it all go! Then it happened! That thing called Life got in my way. And in typical mommy fashion-summer ended, school started back up- I started putting myself last. I have three small kids, all in school. The homework and projects and daily insanity that is my life all started to creep up on me. There never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get anything done. I was so exhausted at the end of the day, that I would just crash. I have never been a morning person, so AM workouts were out of the question. Then my two hours of alone time in the afternoons soon became my 'catch-up' time. My time to get laundry, cleaning and that night's dinner ready. Slowly I found my workouts decreasing to twice a week until finally none! Then before I knew it, it was Christmas. My days got even more hectic and was still putting my well being last. I'll get back on track next week was my 4 month long mantra! I had also been avoinding the scale at all cost. I just figured that I would be ok. Soon after the holidays, I jumped on the scale and wanted to faint when I saw the numbers going up! I had gained back 20 of the 60lbs. I had worked SO HARD to lose! I thought that was my wake up moment-but it wasn't. I kept putting it off and putting myself last. Last week, I noticed that my pants-which before were loose-are tight and the dreaded muffin top was back. Along with my poor self-esteem and some long forgotten knee pain! My 31st birthday is this Saturday and I am DETERMINED to find my way back to ME! The person I had become and was proud of. The mom who didn't feel guilty about saying to her family-I will help you with whatever you need, but FIRST I have to have an hour to myself. I need to get back to the person who didn't feel bad for taking 30mins of her day to exercise or to read a book! It's so easy to lose yourself in your family. But at the end of the day, what kind of wife/mom am I if I do not love myself?! So starting tomorrow, I am taking my first step towards getting back to me! I will never be so naive as to think that this could never happen again. This is something I will have to work at forever. It can happen to any one of us. And if it does, don't beat yourself up, don't give up- Just get up ! Pick yourself back up. I know what I am capable of. I know I can still reach my goals. I also know that my kids will not hate me for taking time for myself to exercise ;) Here's to a healthy and happy new year!!!

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DGFOWLER 1/27/2012 6:32AM

    Welcome back Sarah. It sounds like you have a plan in place once more and that is your first step. Many of us yo yo back and forth on our journey. The best thing to do is brush yourself off, get started back into a routine and forget about what happened and take one day at a time looking forward, not backwards. Those were stepping stones to your new future of being healthy once more. emoticon Donna

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    Welcome back girl! I'm sorry you've been having trouble lately finding time for yourself, but you're absolutely right, that to be a well balanced human and mom you need to take some time out for YOU!! And your kids wont suffer for it! If anything they'll become stronger individuals for it and you will be an inspiration and a role model for them!!!

Your kids are older, do you guys ever go on walks/hikes together? I know that as the winter is fading away from us, I am REARING to get myself and my kiddo outside and in nature to burn some extra calories! Family fitness is awesome!

Coming back to spark will help loads, and I'm glad to have you back here!!! I think that you'll find it will be easier to lose those 20lbs than it was the first time because now you have all the proper tools and you KNOW what to do! It's all about dedication and taking those small steps every day and staying consistent! You've got this girl!!! We're all here for you!!!

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KJELLYBEAN429 1/26/2012 4:52AM

    You wrote just what I needed to read!!! After not logging on here for 106 days and not taking care of myself I was at the point that I felt why bother. But because I was unable to sleep I decided to log on and take a look?? Yours was the very first blog post I saw!!! Thanks so much for giving me some motivation to jump back on this wagon train and know that I too CAN ACCOMPLISH MY GOALS!!
You are awesome!! Thanks again.

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LESSISMORE2010 1/26/2012 2:00AM

    You've got this!!!! And, welcome back! :)You can and WILL do this. You are going to be successful, and I am positive that your family is STILL proud of the changes that you made. You are a detrimental part of the family, congratulations on putting yourself at the top of your priority list.

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SARAH25 1/25/2012 10:37PM

    Thanks soo much! I was also avoiding Sparkpeople-ashamed of my downward spiral. I feel better getting it all out and you just reminded me why I love Sparkpeople so much! ;)

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KAYECAN 1/25/2012 10:32PM

    Sarah, I loved reading your blog. Determination just spilled out all over it. You have a lucky family because they are going to be blessed over and over while you journey back to being the healthy person you are meant to be.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Changes I have noticed...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

7 weeks ago I joined a 10 week Spring challenge. Since I have started the changes I have noticed are:

1. I have lost 8lbs! as well as inches all over.
2. My mid-section has seriously shrunk.
3. I drink much more water and have really been watching what I eat.
4. I have been getting complimented on my weight loss-especially by my family.
5. I started a 30 day workout plan that I have actually stuck to and seeing great results.
6. I sleep so much better and just feel better in general.
7. The more I workout, I am amazed at the things I can now do, that I couldn't do even a few weeks ago.
8. I no longer have knee pain!

All in all I am making great progress and I think I have reached that point in my life where I was ready for a change. I have lost a total of 47lbs. in the last year (the weight of my toddler) when you think of it that way, that I was carrying around a 'toddler sized' amount of extra weight-it really puts things into perspective. I still have a ways to go, but I have learned that you will not see lasting results until you have yourself in the right mind set. Watching your food intake is also key. You can workout all you want, but if you don't change your eating, you will not see the results of all your hard work! I wish my teammates the Best of Luck as we reach the last few weeks of our Spring challenge!!!!!!!!! Go Kiwis!!!!!!!!!!!


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RAGIONERE 5/1/2011 10:55AM

  Wow, fantastic results! Congrats, more great changes await!

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REDCHICK5 4/30/2011 4:40AM

    WELL DONE!!!!

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HOPEFULHIPPO 4/30/2011 2:02AM

    Holy moly macaroni! Great job :o)

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CATHYJR73 4/29/2011 8:51PM

    You are doing so good!!! Keep up the great work!! emoticon emoticon

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MALIAN1 4/29/2011 10:11AM

    Way to go!!! You are amazing!

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LESSISMORE2010 4/29/2011 12:30AM

    Fantastic results! Great job!!!

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BEESMUM2003 4/28/2011 9:20PM

    Those are great changes, keep up the good work!

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SARAH25 4/28/2011 7:04PM

    JAMIELOGICAL-I never even thought of that! That really is crazy!!! It's tiring just imagining carrying that around ALL DAY!!

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JAMIELOGICAL 4/28/2011 5:15PM

    Yay for doing so well with your challenge! Did you know that one of those 5-gallon water bottles you use in a water cooler weighs 40 pounds? Isn't it crazy to think that you've lost an entire one of those. If you have a water cooler at school or work, you should go over and try picking one of those things up and imagine carrying that around on your body 24/7. It's crazy!

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Sick of being Sick!!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My first week of the new challenge was terrible! My family and I got our first round of being sick, pretty much all yeat-and it is bad! I just can't seem to shake it. I just finished my first 'real' workout in I can't even remember. I feel so great that I did it, but now I am realizing just how out of shape I am from being sick for a month now! A workout I used to use for quick workouts is kicking my butt and I am coughing my lung out. I think another part of the problem is that I have not been drinking nearly enough water! I am going to take it slow and try and do some kind of workout-no matter how small until I get some of my muscle and endurance back. I went from working out 6-7 days a week to nothing! Hopefully between that and forcing myself to drink more water, I will be back on track soon! Positive thinking emoticon

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BARCLE 12/12/2010 12:36PM

    Oh poor you - that's miserable. It sounds like you're on the road to recovery. Drinking the water can be really tough to do when you're sick - I sometimes switch to hot water to help me through. Best wishes for speedy health recovery and a very safe and Merry Christmas emoticon

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CATHYJR73 12/12/2010 10:03AM

Positive thinking is truly the best way to go!! I know you will do all you can just give it all you have and the rest WILL take care of itself!! emoticon I have faith in you because we have been through these last two challenges together and I feel like I have gotten to know you. I know you are emoticon emoticon

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5 Things to keep me motivated during my challenge!

Friday, December 03, 2010

5 things I will do to keep me motivated during the challenge are:

1. TRACK MY FOOD! I am so bad with this. It really does make a difference and keep you in check. It makes you think twice about having an extra something, when you start adding up food for the day!

2. MY TEAM! Just knowing that there are people that are depending on me to stay on track and meet my goals is such a huge help! I will be sure to stay involved as much as possible-reading other peoples blogs and leaving positive feedback as much as I can.

3. PLAN MY MEALS! I am going to start planning my daily meals and snacks out at the start of every week. This way I know what to expect and will not be stuck in the 'what should I eat' rut. It will also keep me focused at the grocery store. I also find that I actually forget to eat and sometimes do not even meet my calorie range which can be just as bad as overeating!

4. MY FAMILY! I have made it known to my family that I have started a new challenge and how important is for me to stay focused. They are going to encourage me and motivate me along the way. It also makes my husband think twice about bringing junk into the house ;)

5. MAKING A WORKOUT PLAN! I am going to make a weekly workout schedule. I will map out which workouts I do and on which days and I am also going to schedule the time. This way I have some routine to stick to and I can schedule it around any family, school events etc. NO EXCUSES!!!


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ITALYCRAZY 12/6/2010 11:08PM

    Those are some great goals, Sarah!!

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MELTING2SVELTE 12/4/2010 7:08PM

    Great plan!

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BOLLINGER25 12/4/2010 2:04PM

    Those sound like great motivators! emoticon

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 12/4/2010 1:55PM

    Those are all the key points.


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JDBENNING 12/4/2010 9:36AM

    Great plan! Mine is very similar to yours. I NEED to track food too. I do so much better when I track. It is very time consuming to take the time to do it. Good luck with this challenge!!! You can do it!

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