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1028 calories burned!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ok, so I just logged my workout from just the cardio half of it and it said I burned 1028 cal..with 1hr and 5 min of Zumba and 22 min of Elliptical and 10min on Bike!!! I also did some Upper body strength today and didnt count that!! HOllyyyyy molyy that's alot of cals burned!! I can't believe it! I had a rawkin workout and I feel great!! emoticon

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HIKINGSD 3/4/2011 6:01AM

    That is a lot of calories! Good for you! That is very impressive!

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    THAT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Water Streak day 7!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

So I have just about successfully completed my 1 week challenge of no Sodas/caffiene/juices!! I have drank nothing but water with lemon!!! I think my skin has definately improved..I have facial acne that comes and goes and it seems to be clearing up some!! I have been using "Real Lemon" lemon juice and I would actually like to buy real lemons and use that!! So for March I will stay soda free!!! Wish me luck!!

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HIKINGSD 3/4/2011 6:14AM

    Wow! That is an accomplishment! If you can make it through a can make it through a month no problem! You can do it!

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SARA13875 3/1/2011 10:57PM

    Thank you, I definately do not crave any soda!! We will see how this month goes! emoticon have drank 102oz of water today!!!!

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BRILYNN79 3/1/2011 3:32PM

  Way to go. I find when I have gotten it out of my system the cravings stop. Keep it up girlie! Good luck on the entire month.

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Water Water Water!!! 4 day streak

Saturday, February 26, 2011

So I am now on my 4th day of no sodas/caffeine! I have had tons of lemon water everyday! I started this because it really hit me the other day that all I had to drink for the day was like 30oz of DIET COKE and maybe 5oz of WATER!! I usually do get more water intake then that but not much. So I decided my challenge is a week without any soda/juices/caffeine! I have done well and do not even miss the diet coke! I have already set my next goal for March and that is continuing my streak! Wish me luck on this challenge of mine!! Hope all is well!

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JARMOOZLE 2/28/2011 3:27AM

    Yummm I love lemon water! so good & refreshing. keep up the amazing work, no doubt your body is thanking you for all the H2O and getting rid of all the chemicals those soft drinks possess emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

~ jardan

(health & fitness motivational blog)

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SARA13875 2/27/2011 9:59AM

    Simply, I just add lemons/lemon juice to my water bottle everytime I fill it up. I have not experienced any cramping and now I crave the lemon in my water! I recommend it for sure!!:)

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MS_NICKI 2/27/2011 8:53AM

  I've heard about the lemon water thing before, how exactly do you prep it and are there any cramping effects? Thats what i've heard that for the first day or so you cramp something awful. Please tell me how it has been for you emoticon

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    emoticon I also have a problem with drinking water. Not only drinking water, just drinking anything I'm a eater not a I have been really pushing myself to drink more. Glad to know I have a water buddy.... emoticon

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SARA13875 2/27/2011 12:40AM

    Thank you!! So far I don't really feel any different but I may just not notice it yet. I am hoping it kicks my weight loss back into high gear!!

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BRILYNN79 2/26/2011 10:13PM

  Using the back button posted my comment twice.

Comment edited on: 2/26/2011 10:14:29 PM

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BRILYNN79 2/26/2011 9:35PM

  Way to go! I need to detox off soda again but I am just not ready too. I love your background picture:)

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SHMARA 2/26/2011 2:06PM

    Nice! I drink hot water with tons of lemon. It is supposed to detoxify your body. Feels good to hydrate!

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January-February Goals

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have put a few goals in my head that I would like to accomplish in January and February as far as health.

The remainder of this month my main focus is on getting my diet right. I hear so much that diet is most important then exercise when it comes to achieving weight loss. Although I do believe exercise is very important and effective. I so far have been eating much better than before. I used to eat fast food almost every day of the week. There would be times where I got off work at 11pm and stop at wendys or burger king and get food. I usually only bought off the dollar menu but it was still very unhealthy. I just craved it every night...I don't know why I even let myself do that. I haven't had fast food except for subway in 2wks!! I have ate out at 2 restaurants and I didn't do horrible but could have done better. I love that I don't even think about fast food it just seems so easy to not pull up to the drive thru and order french fries and a cheeseburger. I love it!! I have been doing really good at not eating past 7ish...sometimes its hard because I am working and you never know when you will eat. I want to maintain that goal...forever. In February my biggest issue will be exercise. I will be off of my right foot for awhile and am not sure what I can do during my recovery. I hope I can still use my elliptical...

Has anybody ever had a Osteotomy done( cutting the metatarsal bone) I have a mild bunion on my left and right feet and am having surgery to remove the right one first. I hear it's not too bad but the swelling is horrible. I will take atleast 2 months for the swelling to go down. Atleast that is what I have been seeing on the internet. I have done alot of research on it. So while I am going to be couch bound for atleast a wk I will be very strict on my diet. As long as I keep healthy food in the cabinets I should be fine.

It has been 2 weeks since starting my healthy lifestyle and I am still going. I usually give up right about now but I'm not. I can't and wont be considered an OBESE person. It sickens me. I want to be healthy and active. I believe I will look HOT once I drop this weight and gain muscle. I was thinking last night....that I might want to be a fitness/figure model. I've seen so many beautiful women on Spark that were like me than they transformed their bodies to be a fitness/figure model. I wonder if I can do it.....What steps should I take..Should I wait for the lbs to fall of first then really try or do it now? Not sure what to do.

Well I have to run to the bank and take care of some financial issues!!URG!

Bye Bye Sparkies! emoticon

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SARA13875 1/14/2010 10:35AM

    Thank you, I know a lady that got it done and she is glad she did it. We are going to the same dr/surgeon. He is amazing according to her. Just a few more weeks!

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*FITBUNNY* 1/13/2010 11:23AM

    Hello -
I have a friend that has had that surgery on both feet (not at the same time :P ) I know the swelling was bad, but she felt soooo much better after it was done. Good Luck with that. And way to take care of yourself! A lot of people put off surgeries like that.

Its a great idea to eat well while you are unable to exercise. It sounds like you have a great plan in place!

Keep it up!

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Wedding pictures posted

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I have not put any professional pics up yet and I will do that this week. It does show my weight gain in the pictures but oh well I felt beautiful anyways. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Well More PICS TO COME SOONN STAY TUNED!!

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ABRANNEWME2014 1/11/2010 12:24AM

    You look great congrats on the wedding


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    You looked beautiful and I LOVE that dress. I saw it at the bridal show last year. emoticon

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