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Is that light I see?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I could have really blown it. I was close. I mean I was one pizza away from food suicide. Somewhere I decided to work through it and come out the other end in a better place. I jumped up (in 2 days) to 325 from 320. YIKES! WHAT?!?

Ive been watching what I eat, but I can still do better. I think I actually need to eat a tad bit more, and get in some more veggies and GOOD fats. Ive exercised but I havent done as much as I was. Another indication I was doing too much for what I was eating. Ive got to find that balance. The thing is that the teeter-totter is going to constantly change as my weight does.

Today I hit the 3TEENS. lol. A new bracket. 5 more pounds and I will reclaim my 100 pounds lost sticker.

I watched the last part of Extreme Weight Loss last night. It helped me walk those 20 minutes. Then I went on Chris Powell's site that someone in the Biggest Loser group posted and looked around. He shows a carb cycling plan. I might try that.

Just thought Id check in. :)

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SEVERINA418 7/30/2014 9:07AM

    Woohoo for the teens! You're doing so well!

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MISTYDAZE42 7/30/2014 9:03AM


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You'll get through this.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Well I had to do it. There was no getting out of it. I had to post my weigh in on a challenge and I had gained a pound. I did not exercise at all yesterday, unless you count the time I was on my feet at work. My body is too sore and my spirits low. Ive got to build up that momentum again. (My lower back is screaming No NO) Find a level of calories right for me and just do this thing.

I ran a report on my weight loss. Last month at this time I had a 10 pound gain. SOOO...hopefully this is just a woman thing and will go away. The trick is to work through it. Mind games.

Thank you all for the comments on my blogs. I know sometimes I can get repetitive or boring. Blogging is just my way of working it through and coming out the other side with some perspective.

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MILPAM3 7/26/2014 1:39PM

  You're reminding me of an old song by Tennessee Ernie Ford, "Sixteen Tons."
It's a lament. But putting your lament into print lets others know they aren't alone--they just aren't blogging.

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NEELIXNKES 7/26/2014 9:31AM

    I agree with PP - don't apologize. You never know what you may say may trigger something in someone else.

Hang in there - it sounds like things are moving in the right direction even if there isn't too much proof based on the monthly cycle variance alone.


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SEVERINA418 7/26/2014 9:25AM

    The scale might very well be our worst enemy! Just keep doing what you've been doing and it'll work out!

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JAROL7 7/26/2014 8:29AM

    It's worth the effort to get to goal weight. Your future health depends on it.

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DEW1960 7/26/2014 8:27AM

    You are in this for the long run.

Don't focus too much on the scale, it is not the only way to measure your success.

This last week I did a lot of workouts and put in over 30 miles on my new fitbit flex tracker.

The scale doesn't show my progress but I can feel it in my body. Fat is melting away and I am building up muscle. Also I feel healthier.

Yes, I am sore but I find that just doing a bit of power walking in the morning or "Walk Away The Pounds" aerobics "juices my joints" as Leslie Sansone likes to say and the pain is easier to take.

emoticon emoticon

The only way you fail is if you quit so keep going, you WILL see results. If not today, then tomorrow or next week.

God Bless you sweetie. May he be with you every step of the way and give you strength to keep going when you need it. May he heal your spirit when you feel crushed in spirit.



Daniel Walker



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GARDENCHRIS 7/26/2014 8:18AM

    don't apologize for YOUR blogs..... they are for and about YOU! If people don't want to read them , go on to the next.... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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tmi info/struggling

Friday, July 25, 2014

Was looking forward to getting up this morning and FINALLY seeing a loss on the scale since I have not had one all week. Did it happen? noooo. *#&$! I just thought for sure I'd see a 2 pound drop. YES Im nuts.

What is wrong with me? Im trying to figure out the dates and see if it's the onset of TOM or if I just am not eating enough. Why is this so dang difficult?

I am trying to persevere though and just keep going. I work this morning for about 5 hours then home and I will hit the exercising. I bought some fruit and carrots to sort of give myself a few extra calories. I have been trying to educate myself more on how the body works and burns/stores calories and fat. It really is quite complicated. The kidneys have to function correctly. Stupid kidneys anyways. Geesh!

Yesterday I drank more water than I have in like EVER. 100-120 ounces. TMI info...not peeing very much.

On that note I think I will relieve you of myself. (get it?) I know, sometimes I aint right but at least Im trying to find the lighter side (lighter side-I kill of things.

Ok Im done.

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SEVERINA418 7/25/2014 10:03AM

    You're silly! LOL!!! I still love your blogs!

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    I totally understand! I've been stuck gaining and losing the same three pounds for about 8 weeks now. It finally occurred to me that maybe I needed to edit my nutrition goals and step up my exercise, and I'm finally seeing a little movement on the scale - not pounds -ounces. But it's starting to move the right direction again. So stick with it, don't give up!

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NUTSNUTSGETEM 7/25/2014 8:38AM

    If you are anything like me with weight, I can look back over the years and see that if I was not in the process of losing weight, I was gaining. Any even temporary loss of focus has meant a gain. I can work my a55 off for months and months, lose 15-20 pounds, take my eye off the ball for a month, and it's back. 6 months, 8, months, 10 months of effort gone in the blink of an eye. So, I am trying to look at my weight and health differently from now on because I have learned so much from my past mistakes - If I am not gaining, it is a victory.

So, I am projecting this thought on to you, again assuming you have had similar issues. But, you have worked your a55 off (literally!) to achieve the success you have had so far. And, it is a struggle and you will have to continue to work your a55 off to continue this journey. But, while you may not have lost that two pounds you were hoping for, you are not in the process of gaining weight! That is success! Think about how easily in the past, really how unnoticeable that pound creep came. Sure, you can be disappointed that you didn't lose two pounds. But think about your past and apply it to now. You didn't gain!

Be proud of that stupid little fact. You didn't gain. I don't even know you and I am proud of you because from now on, even though I am shooting to lose weight, I will not be overly disappointed if I have a week where I haven't gained.

Keep up the awesome, awesome work! You rock!

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GARDENCHRIS 7/25/2014 7:47AM

    just keep at it....

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No Walking.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ok I really need the scale to move downward, like seriously! All week it's been pretty much the same. I did not walk today on my treadmill. I do not plan to. Maybe I am just looking for an excuse NOT to, but I found when I added in the walking, the scale stalled.

Frankly my first goal is to lose weight. To lose weight to be able to do more. So, maybe it's an excuse for now but lets see if the scale moves. Maybe I wasnt eating enough?

I think I need a heart rate monitor. Something to give me a more accurate reading on how many calories I might be burning. One would think I would burn far more calories walking a 24 min mile than riding a bike, sitting on my butt for the same amount of time. NOT even close according to many calorie burning calculators I have tried and SparkPeople's estimate.

I was off work yesterday. I biked, walked, kettlebelled, did steps on my stairs and even tried to jog for a few minutes on the treadmill. That was not a pretty sight.

Today biked 50 mins, then gave it another go and did 30 more. I would REALLY like to see at least 2 pounds gone by Saturday.

Oh Fairy Godmother.........? Where are you?

Working tonight 5 hours. That will take my mind off food and keep me busy.

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LALATIDAH 7/24/2014 11:59AM

    We all have periods where it seems the scale doesn't show any change, but that doesn't mean you aren't losing. The scale is not the only indicator you should be watching! With all the exercise you are doing, you may be gaining the weight you are losing by gaining it in muscle. If you are eating 3 healthy meals and drinking plenty of water, the scale will soon become your friend again.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FOCUSD 7/24/2014 11:26AM

  Switching up exercise will probably do the trick. But there is a science, calories out must exceed calories in so I'm doing the treadmill consistently and avoiding the scale. Nobody else will see our numbers but they will see our healthy lifestyle and notice the improvement in our bodies and energy.

P.S. but if you do see the Fairy Godmother please send her to Illinois.

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SEVERINA418 7/24/2014 11:24AM

    You just amaze me with the amount of exercise you do! Keep up the good work because even if the scale stalls, you're doing your body wonders for getting fit and healthy. The weight will come off if you're doing things right--it has to!

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LMGMILLER 7/24/2014 11:19AM

    Yes where is that Fairy Godmother she got lost on the way to my house too, I am also looking to work hard for a two pound loss this week I am going on vacation soon. I also found that when I was working it was a good distraction from food, I only had the food that I brought to work with me that i packed the night before. Now I am not working and I am here with the food all day long I do fairly well but would like it if I could get motivated to get in some more fitness time while I'm here all day.

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Why now?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My grand daughter Aubree She is 14 months.
This is the reason for my new spark.

I will be in better shape for her. I just grew and grew and grew after I had my kids. It's not that I didn't care, it's that I had no clue. No direction. I was oblivious.

Now, as I age, I have reached a point where I want MORE from my life and I want to give more to those that I love.

I am taking today to revisit my goals and accomplishments. What I need to do to strive forward, what I need to re-tweak to get me where I need to be.

At 320 pounds there is no reason with the amount of activity that I am doing that I cant lose at least 4-5 pounds a week. I am not. What's wrong with my food? I eat roughly on average 1200-2000 calories a day. I know that's a big gap. When I can eat lower I lose slowly. When I have a big 2000 calorie day I gain 3 pounds. It's frustrating.

To date I have lost 94 pounds in this journey. I started at around 414. I guessed. The scale I had finally registered a weight about 2 weeks into this.....way back in 2010. So I guestimated I had lost 10 pounds when the scale read 404. My lowest weight was 309 I think. Thats 105 lost, back in 2011? 2012 and 2013 wher espent dilly-dallying around the 325 mark and when I started inching back up in 2014 around the 340 mark I knew I had to do something or become one of those people that gain it ALL back and more. Frankly I cant afford to do that.

I want my life. I want to do things that are limited to me because of my weight.

Have a better life in general.
Have a better sex life (vah vah voom)
Go to a ball game, concert or anywhere with stadium seating and fit right in.
Go ziplining.
Walk and then Run a 5K.
Fly on a plane.
To do these things WORRY-FREE.
To rock a pair of jeans that I bought in a non full figure size.
To never buy clothes out of a catalog again.
To never have anyone look at my hanging tummy again and to never having to worry about where to put my butt when I bend over. (yeah you women know what I mean)
To not be an embarrassment for ANYONE.
To gain confidence in myself.

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NEELIXNKES 7/26/2014 10:33AM

    Oh my goodness - what a cutie! You can do it! Come back and join us on the Onderland Willabees. We need some fresh enthusiasm :)

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MILPAM3 7/23/2014 2:42PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SEVERINA418 7/23/2014 9:48AM

    That's a wonderful list of goals! And your granddaughter is adorable--I love all that pretty hair on her sweet, little head!

Once again, you've inspired me, my dear. I haven't looked at my goals in a LONG time, and I think that is exactly what I need to do in order to get back on track. I've been derailed for a long minute now, and my train needs to get back on its track!


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JAROL7 7/23/2014 9:31AM

    Good motivation.

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LHEFFERN 7/23/2014 9:17AM

    I share many of your goals.

Way to regroup and look forward.


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