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still A-ok aftoer 1.5 years

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yesterday I saw my oncologist. I'm officially 1.5 years cancer free.

Going for check-ups ever 4 months is a finger-crossing event.

I know that getting my weight WAY down will decrease chances of cancer. Having gone through this fear, I wish others would look at their diets and evaluate them in terms of cancer prevention. Lots of leafy greens, varied brightly colored veggies... the list goes on.

Next month I'll be in Hawaii. My son (in the photo) promised I can have as much beach time as I want. No one knows me so... I'm planning to actually be seen in public in a bathing suit! How's that for getting feisty?!

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FRANNIEDID 7/11/2008 7:23PM

    I am so happy for you, do watch that sun in Hawaii! Part of this process, I am learning, is accepting my body. It is older, a little saggy (okay a lot) but it is mine own! Get out on that beach! (With lots of sun screen!)

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BEFIT014 7/11/2008 7:07AM

    emoticon on your 1.5 yr anniversary! That is wonderful news! Have fun on the beach! It is certainly well deserved!

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FOOD - what my grandmother and mom taught me

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Today in one of my groups the daily question was 'what is your favorite type of food?' with reference to national origin.

My response: Continental or traditional Italian.

Well-balanced healthy meals with focus placed on use of herbs, spices, veggies. Good Italian cousine allows the diner to TASTE the food itself, not just the seasonings which are meant to enhance not mask flavours. (Ever watch Mario Batalia on the Food Network?)

But beyond my response:


Food. Many types exist, favoring all preferences, all palates. My tastes are varied, and my favorites include Swedish, French, Amrican, Indian, Greek, Asian.

Despite all, I learned most from my Swedish grandmother that every style offers unique delights to enjoy and that our favorites just might be a combination of some of each, not just most of one type.

My grandmother was one of the best cooks and PRESENTERS of a meal I've ever known! Even everyday dinners unfolded over a full hour, but if they had even one guest, the meal became an Event!

To her I owe so much about appreciation for the enjoyment of a slowly savored meal in the company of friends and family enjoying a meal prepared with love... over 2-3 hours of companiable conversation and dining pleasure! Indeed, what would I know of good food if I'd never known the Swedish cooking and dining experiences provided by my grandmother's skills?!

My grandparents - a Swede and a Dane - were healthy, active, trim people who enjoyed wholesome foods. They ate meals that had many vegetables per meal. Not just meat, vegetable and a starch. My grandmother's methods - and we're talking about a woman born in the 1800's, folks! - were in keeping with Spark values!
Dinner was preceded by homemade tomato juice in a 6-oz glass, then a small salad of greens with fresh veggies from the garden in the summer. Then soup. Main course. I can't remember a dinner that did not include her coleslaw-without-mayonaise, which when company was present was served in an antique cut-crystal bowl. Even a picnic in the yard was Special.
When I think about how my own nutrional background was different than that we know is common today among children and even today's younger adults, it saddens me that so many people don't already have such experiences as fond memories to which they can strive to return... rather than create anew.

My mom didn't serve the elaborate meals, because she was a working mother. But she was an RN and school nurse/teacher whose expertise on nutrition was as solid as those times allowed. Our family benefited. My mother pointed out to my sister and me that color is important on a plate. She said to go for bright colors because 'they're healthier'. She didn't go into vitamins, but left it at that. She also reitterated my grandmother's advice that a meal must LOOK good so that it is appetizing. And that vegetables were the key ingredient toward that end.
The very concept of eating fast food never appealed to me and still grosses me out, yet so many people seem downright addicted to it. To me, fast food is food one eats when desperate. (In questionaires I answer the question "what's your favorite fast-food restaurant?" with the response: "Red Lobster"!)

Concepts of favorite foods are tied in with memories. and to me my favorite foods would mean nothing without the memories from which likenesses and comparisons spring.

Beyond favorite food types is the issue of favorite ways of enjoying those or any foods. Which is one of the keys in developing healthy lifestyles, yes?

Maybe it all traces to our roots and experience. which means.... we owe it to our children to be like my grandmother!



H.R. 6331 - what it means to me

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Today I worked extra hard during my pool time at the physical therapist's office. If the Senate doesn't pass H.R. 6331, I have a problem. If Bush vetoes the bill... I have a problem. My physical therapy could end as of next week in either case. I'm trying to work out a 'deal' to be able to go on occasion. Not only is P.T. my main cardio, it is the one form of exercise I can do without a lot of pain. Since I'm disabled because of the pain, the lack of enthusiasm for H.R. 6331 is important not as some nice thing, but to keep the quality of my life manageable. So staying optimistic can be a struggle!

It stinks when your physical fitness is so closely tied to political moods the agendas! But I know I'll manage!


Entry 2 -- My vision - my goal. The Why of why I'm here!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Truly… losing weight is not my goal. Just a by-product of what I seek.

Is looking good the goal? Nope!

Attracting people? NO WAY. If anything I’d gain weight to discourage the people who judge by looks. Hey, I’ve been the gal that people liked for looks and prefer being fat to those days of wondering if anyone cared about the person inside. So much for appearances, huh?

Finding clothes that FIT and are comfortable?
Ahhh now we’re closing in on a REAL possibility!

Making my grown kids say, ‘wow, Mom, you look great’? They worry about my health, so that brings us to the goal!

Health. I want to feel healthy. When you’re healthy you feel good in the stomach when you WALK! I want that feeling back.

Years ago I played tennis and racquetball. For a then 5’!” tall person I had one dilly of a backhand. Maybe people just didn’t expect that I could wallop those balls like that, but… wallop I did. The very FEEL of bringing my arm back, smashing the ball while aiming and then… ahhhhh enjoying the stretch of the follow-through! LOVED IT!

I will never be swinging like that again. But so what? I know I can still seek that wonderful feeling in my stomach when I walk or do my stretch routine. It’s not only a goal…. It is possible.

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DLASAGNA 6/20/2008 10:43AM

    You are beautiful, and awesome, and you can do it. ^_^ Just keep trying.

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    Good for you. You have a positive attitude. I used to worry about what others thought of me. I have always been overweight. When my hubby wanted me to meet someone, the first thing out of my mouth was, " Is his wife skinny?" Now that I am older I have changed. Who cares if they are skinny or not. If they don't like me for who I am then we were not meant to be friends. We don't need to impress anyone. We need to be ourselves. I really want to lose the weight but it too is coming off slowly because I am not always eating as I should but I will get there. I have lost 25 pounds and that to some is not very much but to me, it is the difference between walking without getting out of breath and walking, huffing and puffing. I can zip my coat, put on my seat belt and many other firsts. I am back on track and soon hope the scale will move again. I feel healthier than I have ever felt before. You are doing it for you and we are all special. So go for it at your pace. You will get where you want to be. Move, groove, and dance to the music in your soul and the magic in the air. Pam

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Entry one during a day of self-reflection

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Today I've been trying to edit my Spark Page but the system thinks I'm inserting HTML. Frankly, I have never used all those crazy symbols so the only writing in my edit was normal according to Strunk and White, though perhaps with a few errors of colloquial nature.

So. Here's what I wrote. Hope it flies!

My name is Carol, age 58, and I live 50-plus miles north of Albany, NY, about 3 or 4 hours south of Canada depending on who drives.

Whether I have 40 more years on earth or just 4 seconds, I want to be the best I can be during all that time to the best of my ability.

I'm enjoying this venture Project ME - a series of lifestyle changes targeting my becoming fit. Again? after all these years? Eating food I LIKE, trying new alternatives, become the sort of shopper who doesn't get confused when she walks into a health-food store.

Health problems sometimes complicate my life. I'm a 1.5 year kidney cancer survivor who is disabled with low-back pain. Arthritis on spine and intense fibromyalgia issues along with other arthritis issues and swelling.

Dealing with down-scaled lifestyle and goals has been hard at times since 1992, but experiences have taught me that every problem surmounted has made my life richer, more productive on a quieter level. If you understand what I just wrote, you too have reason for celebration!

Life IS challenge. A series of challenges. Once we master one challenge, up pops another!

Getting thinner and more fit is no quick-fix for me. Boosting metabolism when disabled is the BIG challenge for me! But I've learned patience, am HERE and also encourage anyone reading this


Lifestyle change IS within our reach.



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BJOWINTER 6/17/2008 12:58PM

  Well, I have just found this site and have not completed all about me at this time. You are in inspiration! emoticon

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    Amen to that girl! And excellent reflection!

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