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Are these feeling normal ?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

For the past tree weeks I have been having my Woman thing since then I had all these craving. I have been eating cookies like there is no tomorrow. I went to the bakery I ordered 5 big cookies ,
I sat down and enjoy them but after the second one I didnít have the craving anymore I was satisfy but I kept eating and by the last one I had that weird feeling I wanted to puke and the gilt OMG.
Even all of these I donít won't give up, I want to continue my journey to better me. At the same time I keep falling and getting up. I am, so afraid of falling on day with out being able to wake up after all the efforts.
Last night after work, I went to get my car and I saw a sign right across the building I work it says ďĒ SUBWAY COMING SOON ďĒ I was freak out. I donít usually eat subway but I love the cookies. Since then I have been thinking about it . What am I going to do? I am already struggling with everything. I am really worried.

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SALY1127 10/16/2013 3:33PM

    Thank you for the advice. I was afraid to talk about it.

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BJPENNY70 10/16/2013 2:44PM

    Craving are very hard to deal with. We all have them. You will have to figure out a substitute for the cookies. Don't let yourself get hungry, either . Keep a healthy snack for when those cravings hit. Sometimes nothing suffices except what you are craving. Have a cookie once in a while, but train yourself to stop with just the one cookie. Eat it very slow and savor it in your mouth. I use to be quite a cookie monster myself at one time. It isn't easy to break away from bad habit cravings. It does take effort and work. If you can't stop at one at first stay away from these triggers. Keep one bag of 100 calorie snack cookies. They are small so eat them slow as if they were a big cookie.

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Were you that Big , you couldn't even Run !!!!! '' He said

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I have been going to the gym for almost 2 years now. I usually do 30-40 mn on the treadmill walking itís depends on how I feel. I always look at other people running and sweating, how they do it. Oh God I wish one day I could run too. I tried I couldnít even run for 3mn I was out of breath and I gave up. 2 months again I started trying again , I put my music on, donít pay attention to nobody I did 4mn, next time I went for more n more until I run for 30mn I was shock because I put a timer. It was like a Big deal seriously ,me run for half hour unbelievable. It was a big achievement. I was very happy that day. I went to work that night and spreading the joy about my running accomplishment and he said ď WERE U THAT BIG U COULDNíT EVEN RUN ďí I felt like blank Ö , couldnít think, my feelings were hurt even he was right. When i think about it , I still feel good and keeps me running. It doesnít matter what people say, keep trying a few minutes more make a huge difference. Keep going !!!!!


How changing " GYM MENBERSHIP " make me happy

Friday, June 01, 2012

I didn't know that changing my Gym menbership could make me happier. Last year i use to go a gym that cost $10, i chose it because it was cheap but everytime i have to go , it was a pain for me, when i finally there i only workout for half hour. After a few months i stop going but i was still paying for it. emoticon
Two months ago i join another Gym, it's more expensive but i love it. I want to go, when i am there i am happy, I work my butt off, this is my time, i enjoy it. emoticon emoticon


Running 5K race with 4 years old daughter

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I usually walk when i do a 5k race. Last saturday my daughter's school was doing a fund raising 5K race and we both participate. when we started running it was fun, i was enjoying it but at one point i couldn't run anymore but my daughter was pushing me mommy we are behind, we are the last one behind you can do it , She motivate me to keep going even my feet was hurting, my back was hurting because i was holding her she was tired too but i had to do it for both of us. We made it all the way to the end and she said " i am proud of you mommy " That was the best thing emoticon emoticon


Emotional eating

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

After all these years I just realize that I have emotional eating. I eat when I am bored; I eat when I am using the computer. I want to eat when I lay down, when I am watching my favorite shows .I eat even if I am not hungry. I open the fridge couple of time even if I donít need anything. After eating for not being hungry I have guilty feeling.

Since I realize that I am trying to work on it. I started again today it was very hard.
I got on the scale this morning it wasnít working the battery died. I said to myself I am not going to make it all about the weigh, the scary numbers. I know that I gained weigh I feel it when I am going up the stairs; I see it when I look at myself in the mirror. I decided to start over again this morning about the weigh loss journey. Everyday I wake up and Sais I am going to start again but by noon I always mess up that has been going on for the pass months.
Today was very hard for me, I started great and by 11 oíclock I felt that light headache. I know that scary sign, itís a weird feeling I canít explain it .thatís mean the emotional eating has started, I wasnít hungry but I wanted to eat. What really help me today is I write down what I feel, how I feel after eating. I eat light and healthy food all day even it wasnít what I planed but 80 % I succeed today. I will continue working on my emotional eating.


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