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3+ months progress report

Monday, August 01, 2011

It seems past time for a second blog entry. I find I really like reading other people’s blogs, and really appreciate the willingness of others to share of themselves. But it never seems that anything I’ve done is particularly noteworthy, not worth writing about when compared to the efforts of others. I live a pretty boring life, for the most part. But I do want to keep a sort of progress report…

I have a tendency to jump into new endeavors whole-hog, obsessing for a while, then burning out. I really don’t want to do that this time, which is why I’m starting slowly, trying to make sure each major change is sustainable before I add the next one.

So what’s different between April 1 and August 1?
>I weigh 22.8 pounds less.
>I take my lunch to work instead of hitting the cafeteria. Saves me a lot of money, too.
>I track my calories every day. This is something that I always thought would be a big pain, so I wouldn’t even consider diets that required it. But SP makes it so easy, it’s just silly not to. I simply don’t eat anything I can’t find a calorie count for. (Okay, there was that ONE half-a-homemade-chocolate-chip-cookie last week at the office. ONE thing in three+ months - It was a tough week. So sue me.)
> I am now routinely doing 40-60 minutes of cardio 3 times a week before work (Leslie Sansone’s ‘walking at home’).
This is a really big change for me – like moving-mountains big. All earlier attempts at losing weight were doomed at some point by my refusal to believe I really had to do this. After all, I never “exercised” when I was younger, and I was skinny then, so why should I have to do that icky thing now? (Hmm, conveniently forgot – anybody else remember President Kennedy’s Physical Fitness program in the schools?)
>Having kept that new habit going for a couple of months, I’m now ready to add something for the alternate days - I have recently gotten some resistance bands and a yoga mat, and I’ve set up my fitness tracker for strength training sessions.
>Another biggy – getting up EARLY to do it! Formerly, the big challenge of the day was “what’s the very last possible minute I can wait to get up and still make it to work on time?” My work schedule has been mucked up the last few weeks, so I can’t say I’ve improved my sleep schedule, but I have hopes…

I’ve not had much of a change in my measurements, which is annoying – I’ve lost only one inch off my hips/belly, nothing from my waist. Bummer that. (Didn’t take the measurements, but I don’t think I’ll be able to lose the whole 120 pounds from just my boobs…quite.)

My mood has changed; I’m much more positive these days. I also have more energy – I notice it in small ways, like when I’m walking out of the office to the car, I’ll realize that I’m “walking”, or even “striding”, whereas before I was “plodding” or “dragging”. Last week I had to go to work three hours early every day for training that originated in a different time zone – my new self did it with pretty good spirit, whereas my old-self brain had been screaming for days that I’d never make it out alive. I even managed to stick with my morning exercise sessions before going in. Take that – old-self brain! Yay, me!

So I’m frankly pretty darned pleased so far. My inner critic – vile creature! - is reading other people’s blogs, and mumbling about how SOME people –unlike me - are training for 5K’s or Ironman, or logging hours of muscle-building at gyms. But I can ignore that. I’ve made progress on things that have been neglected for a very long time, and hopefully in a way that will stick, and will build a foundation for making all the (countless!) other changes I need to make, one step at a time.

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DZFIT4LIFE 8/25/2011 1:27PM

    Annie is so right! It's a great blog, and you should write more often! I'm a simple kind of writer myself, but that’s sure not stoppin' me. emoticon

Good luck on your continued success - you're doing REALLY emoticon!!


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MYBABYBEARS 8/1/2011 10:01PM

    Your blog was great! You should blog more often! I am like you in alot of ways as far as how you feel now and how you felt before SP. I too am taking it very slowly. I want to embed one new habit in my life before I add another. I don't want to overwhelm myself!
You're doing great! Keep it up!

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DOGSRFIT 8/1/2011 4:36PM

    Great blog. What you have achieved is incredible. There are many who will read your blog and think the same thing about you that you are thinking about the folks in the blogs you are reading. You and your efforts are noteworthy!!!! emoticon

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Planning ahead - mileposts and goals

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My first blog entry – not to be confused with the interesting, motivating, personal ones that other people do – is to be my ‘base’ page, dry as any historical document – where I started, and where I’m going, and the landmarks I’m counting on as mileposts along the way.

When I signed up on SparkPeople in April 2011, I was 58 years old, 279 pounds, and horribly out of shape. I was out-of-breath when halfway up a flight of stairs, my knees and back hurt, I couldn’t stand for very long, I had obstructive sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and my glucose levels are marginally below pre-diabetic. Housework was misery, and I kept getting further behind in everything. I was exhausted all the time, had just enough energy to get to work, then come home and flop on the couch. I kept getting little flutters of desire to do something, but they didn’t last long against the ennui. A health coach for an employee-benefit program I tried mentioned SparkPeople.

So I joined up, and set a short goal to lose a pound a week until the end of July – nothing magic about that date; it just seemed a reasonable amount of time to ‘test out’ this SparkPeople thing.

My ultimate goal was a little vague. I thought I needed to lose 120 pounds, but I didn’t know where that would put me in terms of my BMI, or what the “ideal weight” charts said for my age, etc. Also, it’s been over 30 years since I was at a ‘good’ weight, so what can I consider reasonable?

So I’ve finally had a session to dig up those numbers…
It turns out that to get into the “normal” BMI range – I need to lose precisely 120 pounds. I also found that age doesn’t really factor into the “ideal weight” or BMI charts – it’s only public perception that ‘allows’ for older people to be overweight, and still consider it acceptable. So forget age as an excuse.

It was fairly horrifying to learn that if I maintain my current lifestyle of “light activity”, it will take until early-to-mid 2013 to lose 120 pounds. The rest of 2011, ALL of 2012 and then some? Gag. I could move it up to the end of 2012 with “moderate activity”.. but “Light” is probably the best I can do until I get in better shape, so I think we’ll leave some of that more distant date-setting until later.

So – mileposts and goals

260# – July 31, 2011
255 – Aug 30, 2011 - BMI less than 40 takes me out of “morbidly obese” range to plain “obese”
251 – Sep 30, 2011 10% weight loss
229 – 50 pounds lost, a nice round number.
223 - 20% weight loss
219 – 60 pounds lost, *** halfway there ***
204 – 75 pounds lost
199.9 – Less than 200 lbs.
195 – 30% weight loss
190 - BMI less than 30, no longer “obese”, now “overweight”
189 – 90 pounds lost, ***3/4 way there ***
179 - 100 pounds lost
167 – 40 % weight loss
159 - BMI less than 25 **** 120 pounds lost, BMI says “Normal”
43% weight loss.

Ultimate goal
145-155 lbs - because I can be better than just barely normal….

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DZFIT4LIFE 8/25/2011 1:35PM

    The last one was so fun to read (you got that magic writing skillage going on!), so you know I had to peek in on this one too! LOL How please you must be for all that you've accomplished for yourself! emoticon!!! emoticon!!!


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JDELEON81 6/12/2011 7:56PM

    You seem to have it all planned out, that's great! The more weight you lose the more you're going to love that result and I think also the easier it will get to move in to the "moderate activity" stage. You can do it. It may be hard at times. Many times you may want to give up. DON'T jsut HANG IN THERE!

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