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car buying saga

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Now sit back relax grab your snacks because here comes my saga with the chevy dealership.

Last Tuesday, while waiting for Maria's (daughter) car to get serviced and inspected, we decided to prowl the lot. We happened upon a nice looking chevy uplander minivan. I drove it--it drove and sounded very good. Inside was in good condition and the tires were good. I wanted Roger (Maria's husband and a mechanic) to see, drive, and listen to it before I decided. The salesman got a little pushy at that point which was beginning to make me uncomfortable. The main problem with the van was a cracked windshield. The crack was across the whole windshield and in the line of vision. He said that if I wanted the van I would have to fix the windshield. This made me even more uncomfortable. We were supposed to go back Friday for Roger to see the van. The three of us did not feel well so we didn't go. I called the dealership on Tuesday to tell them we would be there Wednesday. Well, it took several minutes for them to even answer the phone, then I got put on hold. While on hold, I heard several clicks in the phone like they were transferring me around then after being on hold for 7 or 8 minutes I was disconnected. By this time I'm fuming. I called back and told the lady to never mind that if this was the kind of treatment I was getting I didn't want the car. She immediately got the manager on the phone--I told I was angry and if I sounded rude then I will apologise ahead of time. He asked what was wrong so I told him about the windshield. I said I didn't feel that I should have to pay to fix it on a car I bought form them. He said they would fix it. I asked if there was a spare tire--he said he would make sure there was one. I gave him a couple of other demands and he agreed to all of them. I told him we would be there Wednesday (the next day) between 10:30 and 11 AM.

When we arrived yesterday, the salesman left us standing in the show room while he spent 20 minutes running around the lot in a golf cart looking for the van---it was gone. They had hauled it to auction after I called them. Then he spent another 20 minutes looking for another van to show me. I took one look at it and told him I didn't want it. He asked why--it had leather seats. I have a dog with nails. Then he said we can put cloth seat covers on it for you. I promptly and emphatically (a little miffed) told that if I had wanted cloth seat covers I could go to Walmart and buy them. Then he said we can put cloth seats in it for you. First he told us the van was driven by a little old lady and the back seat had never been sat on. I said --sure I really believe that---the van was a 2002 with 100,000 miles on it. Then he said well the seat hasn't been used more than 5 or 6 times.

To top things off--he blatantly denied telling me I would have to pay for the windshield on the other van. He had said this in front of my daughter. We both jumped on him and said you most certainly did--he kept denying that he had said this. By the way he said several times they could get the van back from auction.

WE left....needless to say I am done with this dealership...

Now that I've written a book--here's my good news---I was down 4 pounds at TOPS weigh in this morning---nearly all the fluid weight I was up last week...and I won the weekly fruit basket for losing the most weight for the week

Are you bored yet????


Praise the Lord for spell check---5 spelling errors....LOL

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 10/22/2011 1:03AM

    Aren't dealerships wonderful lol!!

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DANCINCAJUN1 10/6/2011 9:22PM

    Love your story .... congrats on the weight loss ..... walking around used car lots is great exercise .... Roc

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Goal Achieving Express---day 2

Monday, October 03, 2011

I feel that I am off to a good start on my goals, of course weigh in on Thursday will tell the real story.

I did well eating at the buffet today---only took small bites of items, ate slow, and got full. Drank lots of water too. For supper, I made whole wheat spaghetti with ground turkey and green beans.

Progress report will be either Thursday afternoon or Friday.

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ANJAYS-JOURNEY 10/3/2011 10:04PM

    good start Elise, I have made healthy choices to day as well, what a great idea this was of yours,
have a great evening

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Sunday is the day

Friday, September 30, 2011

We have been gifted with another beautiful day.

As I suspected, my weight gain was fluid. I poured down the water yesterday and am down 4 pounds this morning.

Sunday October 2, will be the beginning of my October goals. I thought Sunday was a good day to start since it is the beginning of the week.

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MARISERV 10/2/2011 6:15AM


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MOMFAN 9/30/2011 5:53PM


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boy did God even know what He was doing when He placed the October goals on my mind!!!!

My weight went up 4.6 pounds in ONE week.......UGH!!!!!

I am not swollen a lot. I am very stiff and slightly puffy with sluggish movements.

I did eat quite a bit of pumpkin bread---which is all gone now and I won't be making more for quite a while---maybe November as a reward for reaching my goals. I love pumpkin bread and don't use good sense when I have it in the house. The same with other quick breads.

My new goals will begin Sunday so I have a couple of days to see if this is water weight (which I think it is) and comes off like it went on. I do swell up quickly.

Also, I ate out 3 times last week. I thought I was watching what I ate fairly well---I guess not. I did have grilled chicken from KFC on Tuesday which may be the cause of my gain. I only ate one piece (1/2 a breast) that didn't have skin on it and 2 sections of a wing.

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MOMFAN 9/30/2011 6:12PM

    Bet it is fluid retention and will be gone in no time. Just keep committing every day to the Lord and allow Him to direct you! You will do this!

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Goals for October

Monday, September 26, 2011

Here we are closing in on the end of September. Have you met your goals for Sept? Did you set goals for Sept? Have you made October goals? One pound per week will mean that 10 to 12 pounds will be gone by Christmas---now wouldn't that be grand?

I have not displaced the 5 pounds that was my goal for Sept. I did dispose of 2 pounds for the month and 1 inch off my hips and waist.

My October goal is 8 pounds---5 for October and 3 from September. This is a long reaching goal that I am going to set my mind to work towards.

I am eating better and still should decrease the size of my portions. I eat a lot of vegetables but one can have too large of a portion of even the good stuff. This is my main problem---too large of a portion. If one peach or apple is good then 2,3 or 4 is even better---right???? NOT!!!

My October goals:

1.. down 8 pounds by Oct. 31

2. proper portion sizes

3. walk outside (as long as the weather holds) 20 to 30 minutes 5 of 7 days

These will be achieved by:

1. posting my official TOPS weight every Thursday and measure waist and hips Oct. 6 & 20 and post results

2. blog each Friday or Monday about progress and/or problems

3. get DJ into the habit of going for a walk so he will bug me until I take him ---he can be quite persistent....malamutes are stubborn dogs

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MOMFAN 9/26/2011 5:54PM

    Cheering for you! You can do it!

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