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Insanity - Day 5

Friday, August 03, 2012

I had a great workout this morning. Pure Cardio is tough because not only aren't there lots of breaks, the exercises are mixed up and don't really repeat like the others. It's a good all-around 30 minute cardio workout. It could certainly be used anytime for a quick dvd to raise your heart rate.

I'd also like to restate that working out with others is the best! If you can get at least one friend, if not two, to work out with you on a consistent basis, it really makes a difference. You feel an accountability to honor your promise, and you do exercise no matter what. Also, it just makes it more fun. Try it!!! If you don't have anyone close by, I suggest you ask others online here at SparkPeople to post when they workout and keep tabs on each other. It really helps. I look forward to hearing from others here who are also doing Insanity. It keeps me on track.

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IYA_EKUNDAYO 8/3/2012 11:19PM

I have heard a lot about this work out. Some good, some say it is too hard.
I would like to try it next (I have just started Jillian Michaels Body Revolution).
I have had a knee cap replacement. Considering that do you think it would be to difficult for someone who has a slight knee problem?

Thanks for your help.

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JADEKELLY12 8/3/2012 8:58PM

    It sounds like you're doing great. I try to stay accountable by posting the Insanity calendar on the fridge. I cross out the days when I finish. It's silly, but I really feel like I'm accomplishing something once I do the work out and cross it off. Then it is there for the hubby to see. I also talk to my neighbor about the workouts. That helps keep me accountable as well. Keep up the good work!

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Insanity - Day 4

Thursday, August 02, 2012

OK, I know I shouldn't constantly be writing about Insanity, but I think this will be good for me to keep to my commitment. Today's workout was Cardio Recovery, and I guess it was recovery from cardio - just not everything else! Great yoga stretching and muscle strength building done today. This second time around it kinda seemed like a super short workout, but hey, I'm not complaining. I should be happy that I'm getting stronger, and I'm better able to handle the workout, right?? I am working today, but it's so beautiful where I live, I'm going to work outside some of the day. Yay! That will really make it a recovery day!

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    "It's not cardio, it's control." emoticon

I blog about Insanity all the time. It does help to keep me on track and reminds me that I gotta keep up the schedule! I'm 25% through the first round!

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LAMARIT 8/2/2012 10:53PM

    It was a good stretch indeed, I needed that, but it was still a good sweat..
Thanks for add, great support... emoticon

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Insanity - Day 3

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

OK, Day 3 done. It went much better than yesterday's fiasco. Someone else brought the computer to play the dvd, and it worked fine. We had five people working out together, and what a difference that makes! It's so much easier to workout with friends than doing it by yourself. I think you work harder, but you get support no matter what you do - even if you have a bad day and don't work as hard.

We had a new person join us. She hadn't tried Insanity before, and she enjoyed it. Of course, we encourage everyone to just do what they can do, modify what they need to, and take a break whenever they need. It's very supportive. I think she enjoyed it because she wasn't under any pressure to perform at the speed and intensity as the people working out on the dvd.

Anyway, today's workout focused on lots of tricep work. I'm glad of that because I'd love my arms to look better!

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LYNNA7499 8/2/2012 11:02AM

  So glad you got your workout in with your fitness group. It is fun working out with others.


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CHACKER2 8/2/2012 10:48AM


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Insanity - Day 2

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OK, the day didn't start off so great. I was going to have some friends come and join me in the park to do Insanity, but my computer wouldn't play the disc. They ended up leaving, and I had to do the workout by myself in my apartment. Of course, this is not as much fun by yourself, but at least I got it done. Wow, I had forgotten how quickly the program starts right into the fast pace. I was definitely sweaty and breathing hard by the end. I guess just getting it done is an accomplishment and the day ended up much better than it began. Now off to work!

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LYNNA7499 7/31/2012 4:44PM

  Bummer that you couldn't work out with your friends, but glad you got your workout in today.

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KIRSTIE31 7/31/2012 2:30PM

    Be proud that you did it anyway!!! Try again another day with friends.

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    emoticon emoticon

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Insanity Round Two - Began Today

Monday, July 30, 2012

Today I started the second round of Insanity. I still stink at the Fit Test, but I have improved a lot since the first round. I feel a lot stronger for sure. The first time I did this test, I was thinking, "what did I get myself into?" I'm really glad I pushed myself on and went through the whole program. Now I take the test and, although it's difficult, don't doubt I can do it again. I hope others who start this program don't give up. Have faith that you can get through this as I did. I can't tell you how intimidated I was the first time...

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SUSANBEAMON 7/30/2012 2:46PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOLASMOMMY22 7/30/2012 12:38PM

  Great Job! We can do this!! emoticon

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