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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My husband really wanted me to make him his favorite chocolate chip cookies tonight. Of course, in between batches I am furiously typing here to keep my mind occupied. How do mothers/family members/friends cook for someone else something you would love to eat yourself and not have any? It's just the smell that's getting to me. I know I won't eat any of these just because I promised myself I wouldn't, but how do you others do it?

I know too that I can work one or two of these cookies into my food tracker, but I don't want to give up something else for the same calories that would be more filling. Also, I don't think I could limit myself to just a couple of cookies. If I'm going to have any, I'm worried that a little taste will lead into a bigger taste. I don't think I could trust myself to just have a couple. Is that something that someone can learn - how to enjoy just a little amount of something and not want more? I think I must have a long way to go to make my eating something that will be a lifestyle. I'm going to have to avoid this kind of stuff for now until I can control myself and go with the flow but not to excess.

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GRAMMYSKIDS58 4/10/2008 4:33PM

    WOW you are awesome for JUST SAYING NO! That really takes alot of willpower and proves how truely strong you are. I found that once I allowed myself to have some treats, that it was easier to just have 1 or 2. The first time I tried it, I did go a bit overboard. But once I realize I could have a few it began to get easier. I also have a large glass of milk with them so I get fuller faster. Good luck to you!!

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JLITT62 4/10/2008 11:37AM

    I've been working on making eating well a lifestyle for about 20 years! Some of us are slow, what can I say. But slowly, inch by inch, step by baby step, you do change.

I do make sure to include a treat in every day. Yesterday just happened to be half a large chocolate chip cookie. And it was the last thing I ate yesterday.

But cookies are my weakness, too. I have trouble with just a couple. So sometimes, some things, must be banned.

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SORGIN 4/10/2008 9:00AM

    Sounds like you did great! Way to go! I went to meeting last night where the cookies were calling my name and I have the same philosophy as you - stay away until I am in better control. It's really really hard sometimes but it helps to know that others are struggling with the same thing. Also, I know I can post an "I did it!" if I get through it. I don't want to post "Oh crap, I ate it!" Keep up the great work! I think we'll all eventually learn how to be satisfied with just a little. Good luck on your journey!

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TANNEB 4/10/2008 12:43AM

    My hope is that through this process I will learn how to stop after just one or two cookies - not the whole batch! And I wouldn't be able to bake those cookies without trying one. So good for you! Me, I'm going to stay away from all forms of baking until I'm further along on this plan.

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Canine Walking Companion

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I am really appreciating my dog right now. I still haven't been able to find someone in my area to exercise with, but I do have my dog. He makes sure I'm up every morning to go for a walk. And because I don't have a yard, I also have to walk him throughout the day. There are times when it's a pain to walk him (like when I had the flu last month and could barely stand let alone walk), but I realized this morning how much I've gained by walking him. I've met so many of my neighbors around town I never would have gotten a chance to even say hello to. I've been able to take in the architecture of the different homes in my neighborhood and really see city problems (like traffic problems) up close. My dog likes to smell the roses - quite literally - so I've been able to really appreciate nature too. When I looked in the sky this morning and saw the moon shining brightly on one side and the sun coming up on the other, I was so happy I was up walking my dog. Exercise has never been this beautiful!

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JLITT62 4/6/2008 10:02AM

    Yes, my dogs get me out there every day, when I might not otherwise go out -- even when it's nice out. And I do have a fenced in yard, so we only walk a couple of times a day, usually.

It's nice to have companions, even if they do stop frequently.

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Exercising Without a Buddy

Monday, March 31, 2008

I had the hardest time getting out to exercise without having a friend to share my pain! I've asked a lot of friends and neighbors, but I haven't found anyone who will make the time to go with me on a consistent basis. So, it's been up to me to get out there and exercise on my own. Although I'm still searching for that friend to be with me, I've made up my mind to exercise with or without one. And, I'm happy to say, I'm doing it! Although it would be more fun to have someone to talk with and compare notes, I'm enjoying the flexibility of changing my mind at the last minute of what to do and where to go. So, for now, I'm on my own.

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JLITT62 3/31/2008 5:32PM

    Sometimes we actually work out harder when we're not chatting with our buddies. Good for you for making it work.

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MQT4U2 3/31/2008 3:33PM

    Good for you just doing it whether or not you have someone to workout with yes it does get lonely at times but you should meet people at the gym and start working out with them. Good luck ......Linda

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30LISA 3/31/2008 1:48PM

    I know how you feel I don't have anyone to work out with either. Gets kind of lonely.

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DAWNWINS 3/31/2008 1:37PM

    You can search sparkpages by zip code and people looking for buddies. I know how you feel, I am the only exercizer in my circle of friends.

Good Luck!


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OHNOOMISSJO 3/31/2008 1:18PM

    Happy Monday!! GREAT JOB to you on getting out and exercising on your own! Why not join a spark team that is based out of your general area? You could then post looking for someone who is also in search of a workout buddy. You will find so much support and information here on Spark People. Keep up the great work and remember, if you believe you can reach your goals, YOU WILL!!!

God Bless,

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