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Counting Backwards, Day 34

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ugh! I am dead-tired. But my daughter and her things are all moved into her new home. I worked hard cleaning, washing, unpacking, searching, and assembling a complex set of shelving that weighed a ton. No idea how many calories I burned today, but it was a lot. :-) And to start the day, I did a SP pilates video, even though I really really didn't want to. Some of the stretches I've learned from SP came in handy.

OK, I have no idea what my calorie count was today, except that it was probably over. Breakfast was good at 319, and from there, I don't know. I provided food for all the help and brought:

crockpot chicken
cheese curls
Cape Cod feta and rosemary chips
Publix red skin potato salad
fresh broccoli, cauliflower, and baby carrots
spinach dip
cranberry Newton cookies

I know the chicken was reasonable; I ate veggies before chips; I ate slowly. I drank one 8 oz coke, the first non-diet one I've had in ages.

I'm guessing 2500? I'm sure it wasn't in range, but who knows how much of that I worked off, and I drank plenty of water all day. So that's my report for Day 34. Tomorrow will be back to...I was going to say "normal", but I'll stick to back to what's been "normal" for the last week! Today I just didn't worry about it.


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SAGEMYST 7/15/2012 12:20PM

    True, you probably did burn off a bunch of calories with all that activity. Just keep at it and you will win.


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MUSOLF6 7/15/2012 11:37AM


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CHANGING4ME49 7/15/2012 6:36AM

    You did something good for your body by working so hard helping to move and set up your daughter's new place even though you are worn out. Take a little time to rest up today. And don't fret over the numbers as you most likely burned off a lot. You have a great attitude my friend. Keep Sparking. You are doing emoticon!!

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ROXYZMOM 7/14/2012 10:48PM

    You are probably going to drop more weight because you ate the way you did today. Your body won't feel like it was starved. It is good to eat like that e every once in a while - just not everyday. You were bz too...don't worry about it.

What an exciting day! Good for you!!

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TEDYBEAR2838 7/14/2012 10:34PM

    I understand. I had that kind of day too. Just didn't want to go back
and recount all I ate. It was maybe over the edge, but not a lot and
I did get in a lot of exercise, like you.


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NDTEACHER1 7/14/2012 10:12PM

    Sometimes it is hard to log calories so don't sweat it, it's only one day. Take care.

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ACYCLINGMIND 7/14/2012 10:02PM

    One day at a time, right? :)

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JIMIPAGE29 7/14/2012 9:55PM

    Keep up the good fight. Reading your blog looks like you had a busy day and was able to still focus on your numbers. Good Luck

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Counting Backwards, Day 35!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Woohoo, woohoo! I've started another good week. I've been doing longer videos, and I can feel a difference in my body. Stooping, reaching, stretching all feel easier and good. Noticed when I cleaned the bottom shelf of the pantry where the cat food is. When I emptied the cupboard, all three cats took turns sitting in it. "Hmm. Good place. It smells like FOOD."

Exercise: yardwork--still not my favorite thing to do, especially when it's so hot; a dumbell video, stretch & walk. I joined a new team, SP Sweatsuit to Swimsuit Challenge. I think it'll help me up my exercise.

313 breakfast
330 lunch
101 snack #1
242 dinner

I'll fill in snack #2 after I figure out the calories on the pumpkin soup I'm making with a native Florida Seminole pumpkin from the garden. I know I'll be within range today!

247 snack #2 - pumpkin soup with raw sunflower seeds. I'm going to resist eating seconds. It was SOOO good.

1232 total

AND, the scale FINALLY dropped a pound!

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SAGEMYST 7/14/2012 9:35AM

    Way to go!!! You can do it, I know.


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CHANGING4ME49 7/13/2012 10:46PM

    emoticon Congrats on the pound too. Keep on Sparking my friend!!

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TEDYBEAR2838 7/13/2012 9:35PM


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KALANTHA 7/13/2012 8:53PM

    emoticon on the loss!

Keep it up!

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SAGEMYST 7/13/2012 8:37PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MUSOLF6 7/13/2012 7:26PM


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NDTEACHER1 7/13/2012 6:32PM

    Awesome work!

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ROXYZMOM 7/13/2012 6:08PM

    WooHoo! I knew it would move before next week!!

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Counting Backwards Day 36!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This has been another good day. I started off with a SP yoga video I hadn't done before and continued my major house clean-out. Took stuff to Salvation Army so there are no boxes sitting in my bedroom. Discovered that my Italian ice place has added sugar-free, woohoo.

303 breakfast
342 lunch
118 snack #1
390 dinner
141 snack #2

1295 total

I tried a SP menu suggestion for dinner, oriental rice. I didn't have peppers or water chestnuts, so added mushrooms instead and used brown rice, not white. Husband and I both thought it was really good. I didn't tell him a serving was half a cup!

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SAGEMYST 7/13/2012 8:36PM


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CHANGING-TURTLE 7/13/2012 4:42PM

    You are ding great!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ANGGEL40 7/13/2012 3:29PM

    You are doing Great... emoticon emoticon

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ROXYZMOM 7/13/2012 10:14AM

    You are doing great with this countdown challenge. And, I know what you mean about husbands/serving size. My husband would probably have the same look yours would if I mentioned it!

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MUSOLF6 7/13/2012 8:01AM


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TEDYBEAR2838 7/12/2012 9:36PM

    emoticon another emoticon day!

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Counting Backwards, Day 37!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another really good day! I treated myself to a stability ball awhile back and used it for the first time today with a SP video. Fun! I could do everything.

I'm not thrilled with the new fitness tracker. What happened to the individual strength training exercises? I liked being able to add one or make up a workout with them. I also find that looking up videos isn't as easy as you'd expect. I type in exactly what the video is called--and get far too many options that have nothing to do with what I did. I do like the calories burned part, but that doesn't appear to apply to the videos.

Back to today's count:
314 breakfast
326 lunch
157 snack #1
421 dinner
158 snack #2

1376 total

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SAGEMYST 7/13/2012 8:36PM


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MUSOLF6 7/12/2012 5:34PM

    emoticon emoticon

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CHANGING-TURTLE 7/12/2012 2:14PM

    Good tracking. glad you had fun with your ball. i am going to reward myself with a bal after my next 5 lb loss. Some thing good to look forward to.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CHANGING4ME49 7/12/2012 1:50AM

    You are doing great my friend! emoticon

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ROXYZMOM 7/11/2012 10:44PM

    I wonder where you can send feedback to help them when making future changes to the site??

Another great day in your calorie intake -- when do you weigh in??

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TEDYBEAR2838 7/11/2012 9:56PM

    emoticon you are emoticon

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KALANTHA 7/11/2012 9:05PM


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Counting backwards, Day 38!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I've had a good day. Slept well after being on the run all day yesterday, will go to bed early tonight too so I can catch up. I got a lot of cleaning done, dropped off stuff at a thriftshop, and took newspapers to the church.

For exercise, I tried a longer video today and looked for opportunities to get in extras such as calf rocking while putting gas in the car. Those minutes add up!

I've had good meals all day. I had chicken salad on pita bread for lunch and baked salmon with rosemary for dinner. Good totals today! Haven't had snack #2 yet, but it's planned. I like SP's idea of microwaving peanut butter and adding to shredded wheat.

340 breakfast
343 lunch
158 snack #1
400 dinner
147 snack #2

1388 total

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TEDYBEAR2838 7/11/2012 2:11PM

    emoticon YOU ARE DOING emoticon

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MAMMER3 7/11/2012 9:09AM

    I have never heard of the microwave peanut butter, I can not wait to get home and try that.

Thanks!! great job today makes me want to plan my meals out!!

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ANGGEL40 7/10/2012 8:56PM

    emoticon you are really doing great!

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ROXYZMOM 7/10/2012 8:46PM

    Fabulous job today!!

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KALANTHA 7/10/2012 8:14PM

    Very good! Planning is half the battle and you've got that down!

Way to go!

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MUSOLF6 7/10/2012 7:40PM

    sounds like you got it handled emoticon emoticon

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