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On the road again

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Well it happened - I worked so hard for 3 years and finally June of 2010 I hit a goal of 150 pounds and not 16 months later I have gained 60 of those pounds back. My doctor said I have to get this weight off even if it means taking drastic measures as my back cannot take the extra weight. I am not allowed to lift anything over ten pounds and I am carrying 50 pounds more than I need.

I know what happened - my back started hurting again - the holidays came - hubby came home from deployment and I just went back to my old habits. I ate what ever I wanted especially soft serve ice cream that I found at the C-Store. I began staying in bed most of the day except to get cleaned up and find something to eat. There wasn't any exercise or accountability.

So I am on the road again - Minna - My ever faithful German Shepherd have hit the road again. Last night and tonight we took a quick walk around the block and quick for me is 50 minutes - I remember when Minna and I use to walk 10 miles or more every day.... heavy sigh ohhhhh the good ole days.

Doc says he will see me back in 8 weeks and he hopes I have lost near 32 pounds - that's like 6 pounds a week or something stupid - 2 or 3 pounds is safe ohhh I don't know I just dread going through this whole thing again when I had worked so hard and looked so good. I was so proud of myself last year and I could wear anything. But pulling myself back together again.... I promise not to do it again.

Going forward today is the only day I am living for - not yesterday or tomorrow - today only
and as for today I can honestly say I walked and didn't go over my calorie budget.

GO ME!!! Take Care of Yourself

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STUTTERBOX 1/13/2012 3:53PM

    O.K. Ms. Ryn,

It looks like we are in the same boat and it appears that our downfall began at about the same time. I have also regained 50 pounds. Just because we are on opposite sides of the country does NOT mean that we can not keep each other accountable.

It seems that it is time for us to reestablish the old team of Rynriddle and Stutterbox leading the team board again. We both need to get back to work.

I will be checking back in to see how you are doing. I expect progress. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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Old Ways

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Well maybe not old ways but old weights - 186 AGAIN - and that's after losing 4 pounds because I did hit 190. I swore I would never gain that weight back and after hitting 149, Size 10 y'all my body just fell apart and it was easier to go back to my old ways.

The only thing that stuck with me is no smoking - I got a call from the hospital cestation program last week to check on me and it's been 9 months. That was one thing I NEVER thougth I would quit after 37 years - and I did it.

Then I gained back 41 pounds. Who Does That??

So I will try to get back on track - I know I can do it - I have the tools - I just need to follow through with them and USE my TOOlS. Walk away the pounds, exercise helps to relieve pain so push it and walk myself back into my cardio routine - yeahhhhh LOL

I love myself and I love my family - I need to get healthy and stay healthy forall of us.

Good Luck to all of you as well - Happy Holidays!!!

It Tis the season y'all - remember to give back, smile and remember it's about Jesus being born so he could die for our sins - so give thanks unto the Lord for he is good and Happy Sunday.

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W8WHITTILER 12/28/2010 8:29AM

    Yes you can do it!
We are here if you need us, just come back and give a shout..
Lutheran Team emoticon

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MAGA99 12/17/2010 9:08PM

    May ur CHRISTmas & New Year b filled w many Blessings

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Ohhh Boy.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Quit Smoking and then I fell apart. Gaind 34 pounds back in a snap of your fingers - back to the drawing board.

Happy Halloween All

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STUTTERBOX 11/6/2010 7:40PM

    You can lose it again. This time WITHOUT the cigarettes.

PLEASE DO NOT pick them back up!!!

I guess we could both benefit if we started our competition again. I also regained about 30 pounds. We know we have it in us, WE CAN REACH OUR GOALS!

Now, GET BACK TO WORK! (Working out that is)

Miss you! Stutterbox
emoticon emoticon

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It's Official - I am no longer overweight!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two years and four months - or 28 months total but I have finally reached the first of my goals weights 164. I am at the top of my class but I am no longer over weight!!!

61 pounds gone!!!

I remember when I first started in June of 2007 - my husband was away on TAD and I did what I call the walk of shame at the Air Station Gym. I was humiliated to walk in front of the other wives, the marines male and female, I felt like a shrinking violet and I wanted to hide. It's been a long up hill journey but once I put my mind to it and found out what worked for me - the pounds just started falling off it seems. I was loosing dress size after dress size. Just last week I tried on ball gowns for my husbands up coming military ball and I actually got a 10 on WHOOAAAAAA who saw that coming? I just bought size 14 jeans a couple months ago and now they are too big. This is huge as I use to be huge - 22-24X

Okay what worked for me:

First of all as my friends and family know I have a back injury so working out every day wasn't always possible - some time I went weeks before I could actually work out so it was important to eat healthy. I got hooked on fruit - daily - 4 and 5 pieces every day. Peaches, plums, oranges, kiwi, strawberries and bananas.

The next trick was to listen to my body... the first twinge of being full at meal time I would stop eating and wrap my meal up. Didn't matter if we were out to eat or at home the moment I felt that tiny nudge that I was full - I stopped eating.

Water... I bought two cute little water jugs with handles and they went everywhere with me - well not at the same time I always had one in the fridge so the water was cold. Also when dining out I started ordering water with my meal - no more sweet tea for me (this just started in March when we moved to California and we need water in our system due to the heat). So rarely did I drink a pop or tea.

Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds became my best friend. I bought 3 of her tapes...
Walk Strong - Walk Away the Pounds for Abs and the 5 Day Fit Walk. Now believe me at first I could barely finish one 15 minute section. But weekly I started getting strong and started adding light weights 2lbs - then 5 lbs and now 10 lbs. I popped in Walk Strong 3 days a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - these were my strength training days - and because Leslie Sansone is so awesome I always got a cardio kick with intervals. On Tuesday and Thursday I used the Walk Away the Pounds for Abs and this was my cardio - after two years I added Saturday work outs with Walk Kick from the 5 day fit walk.

I started cooking healthy and adding more veggies - soon I was on auto pilot ordering a salad instead of fries - ordering a turkey sandwich instead of a burger - I made sure all our meals at home had two great veggies and more fish, more chicken, more pork less red meat. Finally I did start substituting at meal time for my husband who is a big bad Marine and has to have his meat and potatoes - so I would let him have them once a week but I would eat something else. We don't HAVE to eat the same thing every night. Treat him while remaining healthy in my eating habits.

Now believe me - I still have moments with Candy (CHOCOLATE) and sweets like cinnamon buns or doughnuts - but I am not dead and I love these things. I would allow once a week or once every couple weeks - to have those moments - go ahead eat it - and sometimes it wasn't as fun because I knew I would have to work harder and longer on my next work out. Before long though I found a nice juicy plum was better or a really ripe peach that was soooo sweet or even eating a whole box of strawberries in front of the tv - so much better than potato chips RIGHT??

I just can't believe the transformation - Urban Mommy once told me "Once you get into the routine of eating and exercising correctly and daily - your body will change - it will shed the pounds and she was right - IT DID!!!"

Today my jeans are 11/13 - I like the junior size for my body type - I just bought some new ones and my husbands eyes about bugged out of his head - he couldn't stop looking at me, he followed me around from room to room and the big thing was NOW he wanted to be involved with my work outs - he said "Honey I can teach you some new moves with your arms" I have begged for him to work out with me for over two years and he "couldn't find the time" and now that I had lost all that weight NOW he wants to work out with me LOL too funny.

I feel good - I look good and I am sooooo proud of myself - this has been the longest hardest thing I have done in my life for years. One day you just wake up and say STOP, enough is enough - TODAY I STOP ABUSING THIS BODY THE LORD GAVE ME. One day you just say SO WHAT.... a lot of people have back injuries - JUST DO WHAT YOU CAN THAT DAY. My husband and I started taking hikes on the weekends rather than drinking a twelve pack - matter of fact I hardly drink at all any more - the calorie count just isn't fun - It is a lifestyle change - it's a whole new mindset.

But do it - start the change - your body will love you for it. You will love YOU for it....

I still have 28 pounds to loose before I hit my ultimate weight goal - and Spark People says it will take until Jan 20, 2010 - that's fine - I can wait - because I know I will be building muscle and toning and strengthening my core and when I do hit that final number - I am going to be a rocking grandma!!!

But today - I will relish in the fact that I am a HEALTHY WEIGHT - I am no longer over weight - I am no longer Obese and I am Proud of myself.

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AMANDANCES 1/5/2010 12:26PM

    Look how sexy you are!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

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PCSUNSHINE23 10/25/2009 11:23PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Way to go girlfriend!!!!! You look Marvelous!!!
Love ya! Pam

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PCSUNSHINE23 10/25/2009 11:22PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Way to go girlfriend!!!!! You look Marvelous!!!
Love ya! Pam

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CEESNOW 10/21/2009 8:07AM

You look fabulous!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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OLAHIWA 10/20/2009 12:32PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Yay! You are doing AWESOME! Isn't it great not being in a rush to lose the last 28 pounds because you KNOW it will happen~ Living healthy is AMAZING!

You DO look fabulous, by the way~ So proud of you!


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PRICKLY101 10/20/2009 12:32PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Hey! Well done. Good on you!

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Emergency Room Visit

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Not sure what happened yesterday - I was having a great morning, nice 60 minute workout and then went out to the back yard, swept the patio and picked up the dogs (unmentionables) from the yard when all of a sudden my back went out.

I hobbled inside, took a couple pain pills and stretched out flat, after 30 minutes still no relief, so I took a muscle relaxer, one hour later still no relief. I took another pain pill and a hot shower however my back was getting worse - not better.

Hubby came out of the field around 4;30 pm and we headed to the emergency room at 6:45. By the time we arrived at the hospital I couldn't even walk. Doctor assesed "Chronic Back Pain w/ Spasms" well duhhhhh LOL.

He orderd a shot of Toradol and prescribed valium to help relax my muscles, told Hubby to take me home, put me to bed, flat on my back, pillow under my knees to relieve pressure on my back and for me to stay in bed four (yes 4) days. I was not to get up except to go to the bathroom. Follow up with my primary care in 72 hours or return if worse.

Well I am still in pain - just not spasms - and I am just heart broken I won't be able to spend quality time with hubby or get a work out in for the next week. Why is my body against me every step of the way? I have had some pretty good weeks of exercise and finally seeing physical results and now my back has to give out again.


Even though I feel really really guilty I guess the only good thing is Hubby can now play "Coco the houseboy" and bring room service until he returns to the field on Wednesday. However I am sure this is not how he planned his days out of the field. Poor Hubby.

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MAGA99 8/17/2009 7:37PM

    I will keep u in my prayers
I suffer from this alot

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PCSUNSHINE23 8/10/2009 11:25PM

    Hope you feel better real soon!!! Your body needed the rest! Hugs! Pam

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IOWAGAL1957 8/9/2009 5:30PM

    hope you're better soon! remember to ease back into activities and take care of yourself even when it feels like you should jump right back in.


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