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My husband is getting excited about cooking!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He is totally sold on The Minimalist in the NY Times--for example, a recipe for Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding that he made last week & made us almost weep for joy (heehee):

Tonight when I got home, he was making the Maya Citrus Salsa:

And it was incredibly good too, over seared fish. Ohmygosh, yum.

At the same time he made a red curry with chicken (a quick version with a small can of curry paste) which is to eat later this week!

It is SO LOVELY not to be the only person in this household who cooks. And we agree that cooking is good for one's soul--it increases well-being because it's so wonderfully sensory.

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PJBOKC 5/30/2009 6:01PM

    My husband does limited things - spaghetti, grilling (meat only). But I'm grateful for his efforts - especially with company as we usually grill. Our menu is pretty repetitive and simple. I need to work on that.

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GETHEALTHY231 5/29/2009 2:16PM

    How awesome is THAT!!! It is so nice to have a 2nd cook in the house. So much diversity in menus when you have someone else finding something to try. My husband is an amzing cook, but doesn't enjoy it. So, he rarely does it. My kids and I are so saddened by this. sigh...
He doesn't follow recipes - makes them up as he goes. I am a willing guinea pig for his experiments - rare though they be.


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CTEMPLE 5/28/2009 2:07AM

    I dream of that: DH has many virtues but he can't cook, only bbqs and some curries. I'd love to have a cooking hubby.
Downloaded the Maya citrus salsa, looks super yummy.

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SHANSHE 5/28/2009 1:05AM

    YAY for hubby! So glad he is cooking and enjoying it!

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Immense busyness

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend was extremely busy, with dinner guests two different nights, plus unplanned overnight guests twice (fortunately my husband took care of them). Still, I managed to do all the batch cooking we had planned for the upcoming week. One recipe, for Thai tom yum (tangy soup) was new & turned out just fabulous! . . .

AND I finished putting together my poetry manuscript! Five copies are printed out, five envelopes are addressed. Tomorrow I'll get clamps to fasten them, & then I can send them off Wednesday morning.

It was really a lot of work, as two poems had to be entirely rewritten, plus I made revisions on many of the other poems; I had to decide an order (ended up with 33 poems); & then I had to key in & finish up several pages of background material (which I decided to make into "personal & historical notes" at the back of the book rather than an introduction).

I'm a bit giddy with amazement & accomplishment. I feel kinda like this combination: emoticon emoticon emoticon

What was totally neglected this weekend was laundry, which means I have no clean sports bra for going running tomorrow. That's OK, I'll take a break & get at least a couple of loads done tomorrow night.

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PJBOKC 5/30/2009 5:56PM

    I've said it before - but will say it again, you can get more things done in your life than anyone I know. I love your description of your feelings with the "emotion" faces. The last one is definitely right on - you are soooo cool with all your activities and endeavors.

I must have missed something though on what you're up to with your writing. Are you putting a book together?

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CTEMPLE 5/28/2009 2:05AM

    Dear Ruthie what a wonderful thing. I'd love so much to be able to read poetry widely, and I have tons of poetry books but I have a mental incapacity. I had this idea to get a friend to get together and read poetry once a week, I had done that wit Foucault and other difficult writers to make it easier and it worked. So I'm in awe of you and your manuscript. I hope you get answers soon. As for the laundry who cares, the bra is going to get sweaty again anyway.
Have you read Pablo Neruda?
We love Tom Yum and laksa too.


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SHANSHE 5/26/2009 3:00PM

    You are AMAZING!!! Like wonder woman!!! Congrats on a job well done and I hope everythign goes well and works out just right for you!

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Ooh! ooh! ooh!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"This is to inform you that you have been accepted into Martin Espada’s manuscript review section within the XXX Writers’ Workshop. Martin reviewed the submissions and made the selections himself. He has requested that the class participants print and forward copies of their manuscript to him and to others in the section. His address is . . ."

Oh, this is so exciting & scary! I did not know that getting a spot in this class would be competitive, since the overall workshop isn't. (You have to show some of your writing, but you don't have to be a top-tier writer to make it in.) There are just five of us in the class. Now I feel VERY honored . . .

And nervous! I DO NOT HAVE MY MANUSCRIPT READY. Of course it makes sense that I should have to send it ahead, though. Now I have to scurry about & slap that thing together! I'm not done with all the poems! I haven't written all the intros! My goodness my goodness!


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SHANSHE 5/23/2009 11:02PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

VERY VERY happy for you, and you I bet you have it all done and sent by now! I cannot wait to see how this workshop turns out for you!


P.S. Too bad some of us cannot buy some of your work!

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How it's going

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

(An aside: The new formatting of our Sparkpages will take a little getting used to. Links are clearer, & I like NOT having the long long activity feed down the middle of the page. But the buttons have a chubby look--heh.)

Today's optional challenge for bootcamp is to blog about how I'm doing with bootcamp & how I feel about it. Overall, fantastic! In the 17 days of my participation, I think I have missed just one short video workout; I'll make it up someday soon. Similarly, I have let myself sleep two mornings rather than go running, but then I have made up (or WILL make up) the missed run on Saturday.

My weight is down about 3 pounds since bootcamp's beginning. I increased my eating slightly, as recommended, & when I'm careful to not increase TOO much I see the scale numbers go down regularly.

This week, though, I have stayed up a bit too late 3 nights in a row. Even if I manage to go running anyway, getting under 7.5 hours of sleep leaves me tired & less alert. I am going to get more serious about bedtimes again.

Those are the two issues I need to keep paying attention to. emoticon + emoticon

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PJBOKC 5/30/2009 5:51PM

    Glad to hear Bootcamp has been a good experience. I plan to start in June. I may need to ask you some questions to help me get started using the site.

Sounds like you've done a good job keeping up with the schedule.

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SHANSHE 5/23/2009 10:59PM

    Some issues never seem to go away, eh?

I like the new changes as well, never thought about the buttons looking chubby though, haha!

You have done a WONDERFUL job on your bootcamp, you must be proud of yourself!

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Getting reacquainted

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My brain is scrambled regarding my weight-self-image, because for years I used scales that weren't very accurate. Now that I have one that matches up better with the scale at the doctor's office, I've had to get used to being heavier than I had always thought I was. Still within healthy BMI, but on the high end.

It was very nice to see "163" on the accurate scale this morning. It had been quite a few months since I saw that number. Yay bootcamp!

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PJBOKC 5/30/2009 5:47PM

    It does play with the mind to get accustomed to a new scale.

Way to go on being back to 163!!!!!!

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SHANSHE 5/23/2009 10:57PM

    :) I could not imagine having to readjust my brain like that! Congrats on being down to 163 though!

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