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Monday, January 21, 2008

I just want to give thanks. I had been quite worried about finances for February, as neither my husband nor I had any significant freelance work on hand & we depend on that extra income to make it through. A little while ago I got a note from the managing editor at my favorite client, a wonderful small publishing company, offering me a book about one of my favorite authors, Wendell Berry! The project pays decently & won't be difficult.

I thank God for providing--& for reminding me that he knows what I really love.

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PJBOKC 1/29/2008 10:41PM

    HE is good all the time!

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SHANSHE 1/22/2008 1:09AM

    God ALWAYS provides. he has never let me down yet! I am glad you took the time to give Him credit and thank Him.

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Down another pound

Monday, January 21, 2008

After several days of NOT tracking.

But I hasten to add, this comes after months of tracking meticulously nearly every day. So now I have a pretty clear idea of how to balance my eating each day & am putting to use all that I have learned.

I get Martin Luther King Day off, so I'm home today getting some freelance & volunteer work done. Later I'll take a break to do some cardio with one of the Latin dance DVDs. Turned out our DVD player just needed cleaning, no expensive repairs--yay!

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SHANSHE 1/21/2008 1:56PM

    WOO HOO! Glad the DVD player just needed cleaning, and down another pound? That is just awesome! Somehow, I knew that would happen.

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Go figure

Friday, January 18, 2008

The morning after I make my official decision to simply maintain, the scales show a loss of two pounds! That is just hilarious. No complaints though.

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PJBOKC 1/19/2008 10:01AM

    Way to go!! Keep doing the right things, will get results. I kind of felt the same way. As soon as I finally stopped whining about my 6 pound gain in 2 days, I lost 3 pounds. Sometimes I wonder if we're stressed during the times we're being more intense, and it works against us. Now you have a little "wiggle" room if you want to splurge over the weekend..............

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SHANSHE 1/18/2008 2:04PM

    LOL! I had a feeling that woudl happen! Now, do not get caught in the trap of trying to lose again, be happy with maintianing if that is what your body chooses for now.

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Scaling back

Thursday, January 17, 2008

First of all, I'm home today. It wasn't a planned sick day, but on my way to work my contact lens fell out on the train! I looked & looked, but it had disappeared. So I caught a return train & am waiting for the optometrist's office to call me back. I badly need a new prescription anyway & had been planning to call & make an appointment. i hope he can see me today.

Second, I've decided to accept my body's clear decision to park at 150 lbs for now. The mirror tells me that I'm just fine. Come spring I may want to work harder & lose those 8 remaining pounds; it will be easier then because I can go running regularly again.

My winter challenge will just be to maintain, exercise, & get adequate protein. I'll weigh daily, & anytime I go up a pound I will require myself to track my food until I get back down. I'll track exercise regularly, though, to add to my team's SparkAmerica points, & for my own motivation.

I'll continue to check in daily on my team's message board, read my friends' blogs, & do my own blogging. Even though most of the SP e-mails I get nowadays feature articles I've already read, I'll use SP as a resource to learn more about nutrition & exercise, & when I figure out something new I'll share it.

That's the plan!

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SHANSHE 1/17/2008 8:31PM

    I am glad you are staying. Sometimes just accepting your bodies decision to stay where it is for the moment, might just relieve some fo your stress and anxiety. Who knows, you mihgt get on the scale and be lighter and what a nice surprise that will be. I just want to say, thanks so much for being there for me and for helping me stay motivated. You are AWESOME!!!

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PJBOKC 1/17/2008 6:54PM

    WHEW - I'm so glad you'll still be with the team. Sounds like you're about where I am, except I plan to continue tracking and all the things I need to do for weight loss. I really think this is a reasonable way to approach this - whether in maintenance like you, or with a lot of work to do like me. I feel good about hanging in here and continuing to tweek my program to establish something I can live with consistently for the rest of my life. Even if I can do something ALL OUT for a year - I can't do ALL OUT consistently for the rest of my life. I feel like this is going to allow for consistency, long term committment, and permanent lifestyle change.

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ILYSE721 1/17/2008 3:12PM

    I am glad that you will still be part of the group eventhough I understand that you are maintaining right now. Thanks for being my spark friend.

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Protein & dithering

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My protein intake was low today. Most days I've been getting it up to 60 grams, by working hard to include protein-rich foods--but I'm tired today, my husband cooked supper which was sweet of him, & I already have more than 1300 calories in me. (The days I attain 60 grams or more, I come close to or surpass 1550 calories, so lately I've been staying at the very top of my daily range.)

I was trying to find materials about protein requirements online because I haven't seen anything at SP that explains why they calculate that requirement as they do. Found one site where I learned the following:

1. Generally women are considered to need 40 grams of protein per day.
2. Average protein consumption in the U.S. is 100 grams per day. [SP may not do much with it because they figure most people are already getting plenty.]
3. Physically active people, women & men alike, need more protein than sedentary people do.
4. A diet that is relatively high in protein is correlated with weight loss--these summaries of research & references are cited:

- Obese individuals eating a slightly higher protein diet (25% of calories from protein), lost significantly more weight and body fat than those eating a slightly lower protein diet (12% of calories from protein).

- Overweight women consuming a diet with a carbohydrate/protein ratio of 1.4 (125 g protein/day) lost more weight and body fat than those eating a ratio of 3.5 (68 g protein/day).

- References:

Layman DK, Boileau RA, Erickson DJ, Painter JE, Shiue H, Sather C, Christou DD. (2003) A reduced ratio of dietary carbohydrate to protein improves body composition and blood lipid profiles during weight loss in adult women. J Nutr. 133(2):411-7.

Skov AR, Toubro S, Ronn B, Holm L, Astrup A (1999). Randomized trial on protein vs carbohydrate in ad libitum fat reduced diet for the treatment of obesity. Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 23(5):528-36.


Well, there's no way I can eat 125 grams of protein a day. Not that I'm obese or even overweight anyway. This whole thing is starting to feel like a lot of effort for minimal return.

I'm thinking about returning to the rest of my life & reducing my Sparking to the minimum: cheering on my friends, learning exercises that I haven't yet done, tracking only if my weight creeps up. It has taken SO much time yet I haven't lost a pound for nearly three months now. My BMI is fine; I have no health reasons to lose more, only aesthetic ones.

Haven't decided yet, just thinking hard.

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ILYSE721 1/16/2008 10:23PM

    Exactly. Just pray and go from there. As for the protein, when I feel I need to boost my intake I grab a bottle of Naked Protein Smoothie. A little highh on the calories but it has like 3 servigs of fruit in it too.

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PJBOKC 1/16/2008 10:19PM

    Looks like all your information gives some validity to the high protein, lower carb diet? I know I can't eat a lot of carbs and lose weight very fast - have to stay away from the bread and starches.

I understand about your consideration to pick up with the rest of your life and cut down on Spark people. You know what's best and right for you. I'd really miss hearing from you often, but trust you'll stay in touch some.

Sparking is time consuming.

I have a lot of weight to lose and really have tried, but it's very slow for me. I think a lot of that is due to my inability to exercise vigorously due to my foot - but I'm hoping that "learning curve" will adjust as I lose weight and am hopefully able to do more.

I'm considering adjusting some of my resolutions to be more realistic about what I can accomplish.

Maybe you're ready for a "maintenance" type plan.

I want you to know what an inspiration and encouragement you are to me, both through your words, and your example.

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SHANSHE 1/16/2008 2:22PM

    Only you can decide what is right for you. I sure hope you continue to encourage your frineds, etc... being that I am one of them! Doesn't SparkPeople have a membership thing for "wellness" rather than weight loss? Perhaps the focus would be different and you would enjoy that better?

I hope your day is great and quite honestly, 150 is not a bad weight at all! Like you said, your health is not in any danger, sooo...

Just pray about it and see what God says!

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