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Nonstop social time

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Quick blog because I'm soon taking off for my little niece's first birthday party. (She's the daughter of an adopted sister who is my own daughter's age.) Last night we spent hours at our friends' home, & this morning I DID get up in time to do some strength training (yay me!!), then cleaned a bit & started preparing brunch, & then it was 3 1/2 hours of eating & visiting with family members because my dad is in town this weekend. After the birthday party I'll hang out with my dad & older sister, & maybe my daughter, into the evening, so it's a day completely dedicated to family.

The Christmas pound is still sitting there. I will deal with it starting tomorrow, when all the visiting/social eating flurry is over. I decided one way to make a simple change in my diet will be to make a batch of low-fat tuna salad (with nonfat sour cream instead of mayo!) & TAKE IT TO WORK, so I can have it for lunch every day next week. If I left it at home, I would get maybe one or two helpings--it's SO delicious & my husband doesn't restrain himself much if he likes something! :-)

That won't be much different caloriewise, but surely just eating something a little different is a good idea.

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    OOOh i'd like the recipe for that tuna with sour cream, it sounds different but yummy.

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SHANSHE 1/6/2008 1:49AM

    Tuna salad with sour cream? Yummy, where do I find the recipe? I finally got to go grocery shopping and I have tuna and I picked up some lowfat sour cream at Kroger that was on sale.

Enjoy your time with family... it doesn't last forever.

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PJBOKC 1/5/2008 10:24PM

    Ruth, I'm so glad you're having some family time today. There's nothing like family, and friends who are just like family. I know you're having a wonderful day. And still got in some exercise with your socializing - WAY TO GO!!!

I saw your Tuna Salad recipe - I'll probably try it too. I'm don't like tuna a lot anymore, but I'll try it first with tuna and then maybe with chicken.

I know you'll find the right mix to get rid of that last Christmas pound. You're so good at coming up with a good plan, and following through.

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That one stubborn Christmas pound

Friday, January 04, 2008

My body REALLY doesn't want to go below 150. It hadn't been in the 140s neighborhood since 2003, I think. I got down to 149 before Christmas but then boom! four pounds up in two days, even though I didn't pig out. And since then I've enticed three of those Christmas pounds to depart, but the final one keeps hanging on.

I thought maybe I could give my body a good little jolt by using the really vigorous aerobics routine--did it twice this past week, & the second time I repeated the routine instead of continuing to the "mat work" strengthening exercises in the second half. My leg muscles sure got sore, but my metabolism wasn't impressed.

Today I read an SP article about tweaking one's eating to get off a plateau in weight loss. Lately I've been at the upper end of the range each day, so maybe I should try to keep it closer to 1200 for a couple of days. And it would be a good idea to just change some of my much-repeated foods to fake my body out, I guess. I'm reluctant because I like what I eat for breakfast & lunch, repetitive as it is, & it's easy to put together each day. Changing requires thinking/planning & going back to the grocery store--& I don't have much extra time these days. But I guess I should take advantage of not having a freelance project on hand right now.

I think I shall go browse SP's meal plan for vegetarians, to see what I could try that won't be terribly expensive or processed but would have enough protein . . .

Christmas pound, it is definitely time for you to go.

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    I read somewhere once that our bodies like routine. Although I'm sure it won't hurt to mix it up a bit. Just like we get bored with the same old exercise routine, I'm sure our bodies work better with a few different foods every once in a while just to keep it anticipating instead of just going through the motions. I'm sure if you throw in a couple more minutes of cardio, or maybe even a few more pounds on the strength training you'll see the change you are hoping for.

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PJBOKC 1/4/2008 5:41PM

    I know you'll find a way to lose that pound - and maybe it's from all the exercising and you've built some lean muscle. I think you'll see some progress in the next few days.

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SHANSHE 1/4/2008 2:46PM

    Tweaking your diet may be just what takes off more than JUST that one christmas pound, tyou may be surprised at just how much will drop after a few days of changing things up. Also, someone told me that when you do extra exercise that sometimes your body will hold the water for awhile as cushion for your joints and then it will release it when it feels it no longer needs it...

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Salt trick

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I don't fuss much over salt because I don't eat much processed food, chips or crackers, & because my blood pressure seems to be around 110/70 every time I have an annual checkup. Still, I'm glad to have figured out something:

I often bring a hard-boiled egg as part of my lunch, as part of my ongoing effort to increase protein. I normally salt my eggs, but I've found that there's no need to bring a salt shaker to work or find some in the cafeteria. I eat the egg in alternating bites with my open-faced sandwich, & the turkey or ham of the sandwich has plenty of salt to make the egg tasty.

It's just a little thing, but it makes me happy. :-)

Another thing about my lunches: years ago I discovered that a couple of slices of good lunchmeat (or a slice of hard cheese) is quite tasty on a single slice of bread, no mayo or even mustard required! I like rye or pumpernickel best for this, but good whole wheat bread works well too. It simplifies making lunches, adds protein to my day, & stays free of extraneous calories.

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PJBOKC 1/3/2008 9:32PM

    Good idea!!! It's always good to find foods that are a good combo One of my favorite snacks is pretzels and frozen grapes. The taste of every bite has so much flavor when I alternate them.

Thanks for sharing.

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MEACASE2001 1/3/2008 8:17PM

    Thanks for the ideas - really good ones! Have a great weekend!

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SHANSHE 1/3/2008 2:47PM

    THAT is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. BTW... how are your legs today?

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Little old lady

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I felt a bit like a little old lady today because my legs continue to be sore from yesterday's cardio jump-fest. I even let myself sleep till 7:00 instead of getting up at 6:25 to do strength training. I'll work with weights tomorrow--but only upper-body exercises. :-)

Back to work at the office, which means I did the usual walking that's part of my commute. I'm going to stop recording that at SP, though, because it would falsely inflate my SparkAmerica minutes. The goal I've set is for exercise BEYOND my usual walking.

Had some leftover chicken to eat for supper, along with another boiled egg. So I made my protein requirement again. It's motivating to have that as a goal for which I earn points!

Editing because I forgot to report on my "home spa" night yesterday, which was a reward for earning lots of points through the fall with our Chispa Chicks / Enduring Challenge team. I did my feet first, then my face, then my hands. The feet got soaked & scrubbed, then massaged with lotion. The facial set I use includes a cleanser, a mask, then a scrub, & finally a pleasant lotion. The hand set also has four different components. After I was done, & still today, my skin felt sooooo delicious!

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PJBOKC 1/2/2008 9:47PM

    Ruth - you may feel like an old lady (due to soreness), but I bet you look great with all that pampering! And you deserved a little extra sleep to get ready for return to work.

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SHANSHE 1/2/2008 9:18PM

    You know, pampering ourselves NEEDS to be something we do for our health and if it is a reward, that is great too. Thanks for the idea... I think I might do the same.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well, yesterday's back soreness went away, but today I exercised with the same video, & I went through the high-impact routine 6 times rather than the 3 of the video. Whew, my calves are definitely feeling it! It's a happy kind of soreness, though. :-)

Tomorrow night my stepdaughter returns from NJ, where she has spent nearly 2 months living & working with a cousin. That reminds me--I should make sure her bed is made up. It'll be nice to have her back.

Today was a 100% day! That is, I exercised, stayed within my calorie range, ate adequate protein, & will get to bed by 10:45 tonight. I feel really good.

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    Great Job on having a 100% day, those feel good don't they?

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SHANSHE 1/1/2008 11:22PM

    YAY for you! I cannot wait until the pain and soreness I feel goes away by the next day...

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PJBOKC 1/1/2008 10:39PM

    You're off to a great start, Ruth. I'm going to have to get out some my "old" dance tapes - sounds fun. You're obviously working hard if you're sore already.

Enjoy your step daughter being home.

Happy sleeping!

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