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Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm SOOOoooOO happy: this morning I was down a pound! I hadn't seen 150 on my scales for a couple of years (& then it was only a brief glimpse). And after Thanksgiving week--yay me!

Keeping portions small & savoring each bite helped me make it through these holidays & not feel deprived. Now I have hope that I can do the same at Christmas.

And I will stay at SP after January 1, even if I make my current goal. I will probably work on losing 2-5 more pounds past 145, to make sure I can fit into some "skinny clothes." Plus I will need some accountability to maintain good habits & keep the weight off.

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STEPHANIEDIAN 12/3/2007 9:49AM

    Congratulations on almost being at your goal! You've probably made it by now! But the holidays are the hardest to get through when you're trying to lose weight. Everything is so tempting. But you are right, the key is to savor what we take, eat slowly and enjoy, not gobble it all right up and shove in some more. (which is what i did a little of this year, but not as bad as the past). I also made sure I ate breakfast so I didn't eat so much at lunch/dinner. And tried to shove in more water than usual to make myself feel full faster!!! YAY on your weight loss during the holiday!!!!!!!

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PJBOKC 11/26/2007 7:50PM

    YES!!!! Yay, yay for you for losing a pound - I think it always feels so good when I'm going into a new number group, ie 150's to 140's. And yay, yay for us that you will continue with us on Spark People after reaching your goal. My hope and prayer is that we'll all be in maintenance together someday - and I think participating in Spark provides a constant awareness of striving for a healthier lifestyle. You're doing so well.

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An even keel

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I was so happy when I got on the scale this morning: I didn't gain over Thanksgiving week!! That's a pretty big deal for me. Of course it leaves me with 6 pounds to lose before January 1 to meet my goal, & the time is getting short. Still, it's a relief that I didn't ADD any pounds to make the goal even harder.

Now that my husband is back, it's more challenging to "be good" because we sometimes drink a glass of wine or beer at dinner &/or eat dessert--things I seldom do when I'm alone. So during November I didn't make much progress. I've got to be more focused . . .

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PJBOKC 11/26/2007 12:11AM

    I know what you mean about more focused - I need to do the same. You're so close to your goal and 1/1 is 5-6 weeks away. I hope you plan to continue participating in sparkpeople (more specifically Chispa Chicks) after you reach goal weight. I know we can all benefit from your inspiration, and hope we can support you through maintaining your goal weight and developing other healthy lifestyle habits. A big CONGRATS on maintaining during Thanksgiving.

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A walk to clear my head

Saturday, November 24, 2007

This morning I didn't jog, but I went for a long brisk walk--48 minutes, 4 mph--mostly along the lakefront. It brought my weekly total close to what I'm supposed to be expending in cardio exercise, & just as important, it helped me sort out thoughts & feelings even though I didn't end up with any solution to our financial problems or to my need for a book publisher. It was good to be outside pushing against the wind.

This afternoon I'm spending some focused time on an editing project. Later I'll cook supper for my husband & me, & we'll enjoy an at-home "date" with a movie.

I think I've decided what my reward for myself will be when we reach 1,000 points as a team. I'm going to spend a Sunday afternoon or evening using some "home spa" products that have been given to me & that I have found time to use only rarely--facial, hand & foot cleansers, exfoliants, & lotions. My feet are getting a head start, since I'm using the lotion with salicylic acid, prescribed by the dermatologist, on my heels every morning & evening. :-)

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PJBOKC 11/25/2007 3:32PM

    The emotional benefits of exercise are amazing. You're such a busy person - I admire the way you stay focused on so many things. Your reward plan sounds good. I think you should make a day of it - plan some relaxing activities for the whole day and don't think about work, and end it with your home spa treatment.

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A little down

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Today was a kinda hard day. I had it off work. As is my pattern, I'd had somewhat inflated ideas of how productive I would be on this long weekend, mainly (1) starting a new freelance editing project & (2) doing housecleaning in preparation for having guests next weekend. Oh, & getting in some good exercise, which has been missing the last few days.

Well, it's late & my only visible accomplishments have been running a few errands with my husband & doing 4 loads of laundry. I was derailed emotionally from anything more demanding--this afternoon a manila envelope awaited me under the mailbox: a rejection from the publisher I had hoped would go for my children's picture book. It was a real disappointment . . . & at such times I tend to remember other rejections from publishers over the years & to think gloomily that I'm never going to succeed. Writing & illustrating books for children has been a dream since my own childhood.

The thing is, lots of people have told me my book & images are GOOD. I want to turn the manuscript right around & submit it to another publisher. So I have spent the evening browsing online & checking out various publishers & their guidelines for writers/artists. Large publishers will consider manuscripts only if they're submitted by agents, & I don't have one. But my story is not a good fit for a lot of publishers anyway. Finally I discovered that a certain small independent publisher whose books I admire has recently been publishing picture books for children--& mine would fit very well with its mission & its list. I'll put together a packet to send there soon. At least the other publisher returned my sample images in good condition, so I can reuse them.

More pertinent to SP: I stayed within calories today. I may comfort myself with a small bowl of soy ice cream before I go to bed.

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PJBOKC 11/25/2007 3:25PM

    I don't know how I missed this blog yesterday, Ruth. So sorry I didn't comment. I'm sure glad I read it today, and regret you had to go through those feelings yesterday. Rejection is tough especially when it's aimed at something we're passionate about. I wouldn't be too concerned about not getting to everything on your original "to do" list. It sounds like you had to shuffle some priorities, and still had a productive day. I really hope and pray you'll have success with your children's books - and I know you will. It sounds like you may have found a good fit with the different publisher. Hang in there - and I know you will. I can tell you're a survivor. God will open the right doors for you.

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How I did at Thanksgiving dinner

Friday, November 23, 2007

I ate breakfast today after I got the bread dough mixed & rising. Then I didn't eat again till dinner with our friends in the early evening. There I took small helpings & didn't go back for seconds--except that I did have a second slice of my whole wheat bread because it came out so very yummy. I did eat a half-size piece each of pumpkin & apple pie, & I drank a couple of glasses of wine.

Results: my calories today came in between 1800 & 1900. So I didn't diet on Thanksgiving . . . but I didn't overeat at all either. Every bite was enjoyed & appreciated. Also I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the kitchen this morning--kneading bread is so pleasurable, & I was pleased to find that Splenda works just fine in my cranberry relish recipe. (I've posted both the bread & the relish recipe here at SP if you're interested--you'll find links on my main Sparkpage.)

And we had a wonderful visit with our hosts--friends we hadn't seen for at least a year & a half.

My only real exercise today, besides getting my car out of a couple of tight spots (I don't have power steering, so my arms get a real workout at times), was walking my son's dog twice, on the way to & from our friends' home. I was really happy to do that because Kerry is a sweetie, & also because it helped make it possible for my son & his family to be away visiting his dad & grandparents.

I hope you've all had a peaceful, warm Thanksgiving. I thank God for you.

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PJBOKC 11/23/2007 11:49PM

    Sounds like you did great at Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't do so well. It was just my parents, my husband and I. My mom just fixed chicken and dressing together, some vegetables canned from her garden, a coconut cake, and a fat free cheese cake. I think the only thing that was high calorie was the dressing and the coconut cake. I did go back for seconds, and I was so full I could hardly stand it. It made me remember how terrible it is to feel that full. I feel so much better when I eat right. It was great to see my parents, and we had a nice relaxing visit.

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