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Blaming and Justification

Monday, November 03, 2014

Today, my husband asked me to make pancakes for breakfast (his breakfast, my lunch, since he got up late). I was cool with. By 2pm I was nearly at my calorie limit because of pancakes being high calorie (peanut butter and syrup yo). Okay, so then I ate nibbled a little here, a little there, I had two servings of chili that my 11 year old made (she did good!) but here's the worst part, I ate a lot of cranberry bread that I made to use up the cranberries before they went bad.

Why did I over eat instead of sticking to the calorie count and eating a ton of vegetables instead? Because I had shifted responsibility. In reflection this evening I had somehow blamed my husband for wanting pancakes, that if he hadn't asked me to make those pancakes I wouldn't've over eaten. I would've been just fine.

Whoa, stop the presses yo! Not cool. What goes into my body is MY responsibility, not his. I made the choice to over eat, not him. He is part of my support network, and when he asked for pancakes he was counting on me to do my job which is to track what I eat so I don't go over my calorie limit. I frequently will make my family food that I don't eat or only eat a little of or whatnot (I have other dietary restrictions) so doing so again was no big deal. I did eat less pancakes than I normally do. It was after that that I started blaming him for being calorie crunched and thus using that as an excuse to justify over eating.

I am grateful that I paused to reflect what was up with myself. Without that, the Divine would not have been able to enlighten me. I am grateful for the personal growth that happened from this experience. I am grateful for the lesson. May I remember it always.


Journal Entry #13

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Infectious diseases. . . hmmm. . . lets see, living in filth, being sexually active and stupid. . . not getting vaccinated. . .

I don't have to change my lifestyle to prevent infectious diseases. I keep clean, the only person I'm sexually active with is my husband and he's totally loyal, so no worries there. I've got my vaccinations all nicely up to date too.

The only thing I have to really worry about is making sure that I'm physically active, eating right, and getting enough sleep (with some echinacea tea upon occasion) to keep my immune system nice and healthy. And going to the doctor if something bad happens.

Case in point. My husband got a bad case of the upper respiratory flu. It turned into pneumonia. I don't know what more could've been done for him, but he didn't go to the doctor for anything and it all just got worse and worse. After that he was very suseptable to illness, it was like clockwork. Later he got the upper respiratory flu, but before he was completely over it he went back to work. He then contracted mono. This happened twice. Within four months of each other. It was harsh.

Basically you gotta be smart, think with your head - not your gonads, and practice good hygiene. You know, good clean livin'. :D


Journal Entry #12

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why is diebetes on tbe rise? Because people lead sedentary lives and eat whatever they want without thinking about what it is they are consuming. That, along with apathy. There's so much medical advancement nowadays that some people think that Doctor's can just fix it and therefore it's okay to not care about what they are doing to their bodies. Yes, I've met people who think like that. They boggle my mind, even before I became more health conscious.

My risk factor is the fact that I had gestational diebetes. My mother is also diebetic. Of course, I used to be in the fat and lazy, eat whatever I want crowd, but I'm ridding myself of that, so hopefully I won't ever get it again. If I have another child I want to be at a healthy weight so that I won't have two insulin resisters working against me. This will be better for me and the baby. If no other child comes along, it's still a dang good thing not to have diebetes since that can lead to so many other health issues. Ick. No thank you.

Yay for the continuation of my running theme!


Journal Entry #11

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Well, my original goal? I am doing better on stress management, but I never bought a stress ball. I know, lame. However, what I ended up doing was creating a schedule and that really cut down on the stress issues I was having. I had everything planned out according to days. This greatly helped me reduce my stress.

I also started chewing sugar free gum while studying. I like to consume while my brain works hard. That also helped (as long as the gum flavor lasted a long time) the stress level. I'm doing something with a part of my body.

I do have to motivate myself to keep to my schedule, as well as to continue to exercise. I have to remind myself why I am doing the things that I am doing. Give myself a drop of panic to get me moving again, or look at that sexy outfit I want to fit in and really look hot wearing instead of like a fat girl trying to look hot. Yick.

Here's my favorite quote on motivation.

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing- that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker


Journal Entry #10

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Illicit drug use. . . I have some peers who think that weed is okay, and then of course there are the nonillegal drugs, alcohol and caffiene. Both of which many believe is okay to consume, caffiene being the most socially accepted drug.

My opinion? Drugs are bad. The only time I am okay with the consumption of illicit drugs if they are prescribed by a doctor for health reasons, like marajuana. Otherwise you are consuming as much as you want in unregulated amounts, thereby causing damage to mind and body and even emotional trauma to yourself and others around you. I've seen what drug use has done to my peers and it's horrible. They become different people while on drugs and don't amount to anything unless they are able to come clean.

The only drug I used to use was caffiene and now beyond dark chocolate and the occasional extra strength excedrin I don't consume it unless there's an emergency that requires me to stay awake for a long period of time. I feel healthier this way (you know, getting sleep is a good thing).

I've done alot of reading on illicit substances, and except for caffiene use, my opinion on drugs hasn't changed. In fact the whole caffiene thing was a fairly recent change. When I became pregnant I decided that my unborn child did not need a stimulant. So I quit. Around the same time is when I read the book "Healing ADD" by Dr. Daniel G Amen who talked about the effects of caffiene and ADD. It blew my mind away.

Most of my peers still think that caffiene is okay to drink, or they just don't care. I used to think that way so I can't begrudge them their opinion. The only person who drives me a bit batty about it is my husband since he has ADD and caffiene will make ADD worse over time. However, he agrees with me on all other substance use, including smoking and alcohol. And no, he doesn't give any to our daughter. None for her for as long as possible.


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