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One Day At A Time

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've suffered a major setback in the scale. I'm up to 175.8. I could reel with anger and embarrassment, but I'm just going to fight my way back one step at a time.

Today's plan in priority order.
1. Only snack on fruits, vegetables, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, or yogurt.
2. No sweet treats today. Not a one!
3. Do my strength program (3 sets and not just 2!)
4. Walk to work.

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VESUVIOUS 6/13/2012 12:46AM

    Don't waste energy with anger and embarrassment. Sounds like you have a plan. Good luck!

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PATTOMMC3 6/13/2012 12:46AM


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Offline - Offtrack

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My computer went on the fritz and is being serviced. However, I seemed to use the lack of Spark Accountability to eat way out of bounds of acceptable for weight loss or even maintenance!

So here I am sitting at my brother's computer hoping to get back on track! I don't care how manz times I fail at this, I am not giving up! No way! No how!

GOAL FOR THE WEEK: Dessert, candy, cookies, and sweets detox.

I really am in a bad sugar craving phase. Bad! I need to get it out of my system. My body thinks it needs something sweet everyday. I'm not actually opposed to a daily sweet in moderation, but until I figure out the moderation angle, I think I need a bit of a detox. I'll just have to get back in touch with the satisfying sweetness of in season fruit!

1. Long work day leaves little to no energy to gym in the evening. Go for a 10-min walk before work, at lunch, and after dinner.
2. Rushed lunch because I still need to lesson prep. - Focus during lesson prep in the AM before work. Eat a super salad...chicken breast, cottage cheese, egg, etc.
3. Super hungry in late afternoon at work. Bring a hard-boiled egg and some almonds. Don't forget my water bottle.
4. Eating in dinner at ILs house and they have my favorite treats. Don't open the cabinet where they are. Just DON'T open it!


Tuesday, May 8 and Looking to Tomorrow

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

- Got my workout in at 6:30 AM and managed to do 3 rounds instead of my usual two of all the exercises.
- Resisted my usual "on the road" habits of picking up snacks and treats as I get hungry along the way.
- Packed a cooler of food with healthy options for the kids on I

- Drank water, but really should have had twice as much since we were doing A LOT of walking and hiking.
- Only ate snacks from the cooler, but I should have pre-measured portions to keep things under control.
- Had a fruit or vegetable with every meal, but not ever snack.

- Didn't track food after breakfast.
- Really didn't need that croissant I had

- Might need a rest day. My legs are SHOT after an intense workout late Monday night followed by intense strength early Tuesday morning.
- Should pack snacks again for the afternoon instead of eating on the road.


Monday, May 7 Recap and Looking Towards Tomorrow

Monday, May 07, 2012

Today went quite well.

- Had only one serving of something processed (a package of chocolate covered Blevita crackers)
- Turned down treats in the teacher's lounge not once, but twice. Very empowering!
- Exceeded my cardio minimum by doing 60 minutes on the elliptical.
- Snacked on healthy items and didn't endlessly graze. Only 5 distinct meal/snacks

- Got in 6.5 cups of water, but I should get in 8.
- Only had two dessert items and although they were within my calorie allotment, this doesn't match up with my ultimate goals. One a day max ought to suffice!

- Didn't track my food habits.
- Didn't have a fruit or vegetable with lunch.

- I am planning a day trip with most meals and snacks out of the house. I need to really plan what I bring with us carefully. Peel some carrots, buy some apples, stop at train station grocery stores for yogurt, remember beef jerky and almonds, make a couple hard-boiled eggs, bring a water bottle!


For shame on me!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Woke up to 175.4 this morning. That's pretty much where I settled after giving birth to my second child 15 months ago. And then 6 months after her birth, I started feeling really depressed about what I was seeing in the mirror and got serious about eating and exercise. I got down to 164 in late fall.

So I've blown 11.4 pounds of progress in the past few months.

I'm really disappointed in myself, but I have no choice to get back at it. If at first you don't succeed, then try, TRY again.

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RUNSAROUND 5/7/2012 4:08PM

  Hi Sknymom, You are SO right about how much children factor into the whole health and fitness scenario! With that said, I'm just going to have to figure out ways to work around it. For example, I need to ditch the all or none attitude and just use the time I have to get my cardio and strength in. If I have to blast dance music in the house during a rare moment of relative peace, than so be it. That's a 100 cals more burned than if I just checked my Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by!

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    It's hit or miss after baby, sleep deprivation is a MUCH BIGGER issue than most people think and pretty much part of the baby thing! Dust yourself off and start again, small steps that you can do regardless of your mom obligations!

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