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Lifestyle Change Strategy #5: Is Emotional Eating a Problem?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Action Step 1: Get regular sleep this week, 8 hours per night, and get up without snooze.
---HA!, I've already committed to seven, that's the best that I'm willing to do.
Action Step 2: Do the Support System Exercise.
---double Ha!, I don't have that many people in my support network. It's Glen & the people I've met on Spark... and that's about it.
Action Step 3: In your online journal, write about a life issue that might cause emotional eating.
---I'm not really a classic emotional eater. It's not triggered by depression or anger but I do know that I make bad food decisions when I don't feel well. Like tonights Grillburger from DQ. 570 calories later I'm regretting every last bite I took. Worst part is, it wasn't even that good. Not to spend this much time feeling bad about it anyway. And now I'm still hungry but I'm over calories by 100 so I won't eat... it's going to be a long night.


Lifestyle Change Strategy #4

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Action Step #1:
In your online journal, write about a single "trouble goal".

So I've mastered the basics. I eat enough fruit & vegetables. I drink enough water. What I cannot seem to do is get "enough" exercise. I have good days, sometimes two or three in a row, and then POOF no energy, no motivation (whatever) I stop. Then a few more days pass and I'm back at it.
What does it hurt? It stalls my progress, for one. I can feel myself grow lethargic and I get this "fluffy" feeling. I have to stop this cycle. I'm not going to be a fanatic about exercise but I do have to be more consistant.
I've added it to my goals to do 30 mins of cardio, 3x per week. So far this week, I've done step aerobics on Sunday and 5 kms of running on Tuesday. Here's to finding one more day.

Action Step #2:
Do a mini-Fast Break. Pick another small goal and gain extra momentum with a 14-day streak.

I'm attempting to stay within my calorie range 1200-1550 for the next 14 days. This is also an on-again/off-again thing. This makes day number 2! My daily reward is a little happy face sticker on my calendar.... 14 days from now, I will buy myself new workout pants to celebrate the streak.


Weight & Measurements

Friday, November 10, 2006

This morning I did my measurements for the first time since 10/13 and boy am I a happy camper! I've lost 6" and 5.5 pounds. Including the inch off each thigh, there's also one gone from my waist AND my hips. Which means my actual "fat" parts (trouble zones) have finally started to lose.
Oh, and I'm down to 130.5 pounds which is a pound and a half down from last week.
waist: 28" hips: 38" thighs: 22" each
I've been really trying to stay within my calorie range lately. I think I've only gone over two or three times in the last month. It seems my challenge is getting enough exercise.....


October 22, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

For the last couple weeks, I've been struggling with the same list of goals. Every week it's been about the same. My primary health goals get met but my secondary ones, the vows to exercise, are sometimes back-burnered to do something else for someone else. So went last week:

- 8 to 10 cups of water ~everyday
- eat five servings of fruit and vegetables (total) per day ~everyday
- no coffee ~everyday
- run at least five kms twice ~Tuesday & Sunday
- go to Yoga once ~ Sunday
- go to the gym once ~Tuesday (B&B class)

These are the hard ones:
- ride my bike once
- go for a 30 minute walk three times

I have to say though, considering my back was aching for 5 of the last 7 days, I didn't do as bad as I thought I would.
This week's going to be crazy busy. This week, it'll all be about painting and laying the floor in the downstairs. YAY! It looks nice but it's a lot of hard work.
Hm, Logan really wants to bike ride with me, but no one else does, so maybe he & I will go when they get home this Sunday.

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MRSDRESSUP 10/29/2006 1:13AM

    I think that's great that you can double up your excersize time with special mommy n me time. Now if only someone was into walking with you, too bad your cats don't need walking. You're doing great, a real inspiration.

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Sunday, Sunday

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here's what I completed from last weeks list:
- 8 to 10 cups of water ~everyday
- go to the gym once ~Tuesday (B&B class)
- eat five servings of fruit and vegetables (total) per day ~everyday
- no coffee ~everyday

What I didn't do:
- run at least five kms twice ~Tuesday
- go to Yoga once
- ride my bike once
- go for a 30 minute walk three times

Here's to another week & another chance at completing my goals. All of them. I've also accepted a strength training challenge that I have to work on this week. Busy, but doable.


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