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Protein... *sigh*

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Since I've discovered that my protein intake is often on the low end, as is my iron, this morning I decided to start adding protein powder back into my plan. I picked "Kaizen Natural Isolate" in Vanilla Bean flavour. What does this have to do with book club, you're asking.... well, I had to do a little post-purchase research: Protein should provide 10-35% of total calories. Too much protein is not good: "very little research regarding disease risks associated with a high protein diet, researchers do notice a correlation between long-term high-protein intake and diseases such as osteoporosis, renal stones, kidney disease, cancer, heart disease and obesity."

Here's the link to the Spark article in case you want to read it. It's actually one of those good news/bad news/fine line issues... I guess if I just follow the program and don't overdo it, I'll be fine.

and then, because I started to worry that I was screwing everything else up, too, I read this one: Healthy Carb, Fat and Protein Ranges

You'd think after 8 years I'd have this down...

ETA: one more from Team Beachbody - Which Is Better for Losing Weight: Diet or Exercise?"

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BOBBYD31 4/19/2014 10:29PM

    still best to eat lean meats.... skip the whey powder. but glad you know the weakness and how to correct it. it amazes me how much we forget once we learned it, life is always a review

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It is a very complicated process to get what works for YOU just right.

When I coached a marathon walking team the second week MANY showed up in MY shoes. They all wanted to know what potion I carried/drank/ate to get through the marathons and half marathons.

I told them all the time that it ALL combines to make INDIVIDUAL success and it takes six months not just to get the mileage under their belts but to know what socks, clothing, shoes, food and even what works best for them POST workout.

Lots of trial and error for sure.

There is a wealth of knowledge on the Beachbody site. I LOVE their mission to end the trend of obesity and wholeheartedly support them!

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AMARILYNH 4/16/2014 6:32AM

    I agree with the Beachbody article - it definitely takes both! I've heard the statistic that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and my body's reactions seems to agree with that statistic. The nutrition part is (to me) the hardest to get a handle on because our bodies are not 'one size fits all' in terms of nutrition!

I've recently (since January) been more or less following 'The Plan' and have learned my body has an inflammatory response to oatmeal - NOT wheat, but oatmeal! I was eating it almost every day, thinking it was so healthy for me. But I've found its WORTH the research it takes to learn what YOUR body needs. I'm 66 years old and healthier than I have been in over 40 years!! Thanks for sharing those articles!!

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PKCTTS 4/15/2014 7:40PM

    Penny - I just buy my health food store's plain whey protein and put it in everything from smoothies to muffins. Lots cheaper, fewer additives.

Thanks for the articles. I especially liked the Beachbody one.

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CWF - week of April 13 through 19

Saturday, April 12, 2014

emoticon My measure for the week of April 13 through 19

emoticon Weight - my ticker should NOT read above my goal weight. I must fix this.
emoticon CICO - I am aiming for a weekly goal of -1000.

Classes that I've signed up for:
Good Nutrition Basics
Bikes, Hikes & other forms of cardio
Runners Club
Strength Training
Book Club
Kick Clutter to the Curb

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LMB-ESQ 4/13/2014 3:12PM

    Hmmm.... I may do that too. And link to it in my cabin tracking thread

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GLASSART43 4/12/2014 11:37PM

    Good idea to keep a separate record in a blog - I think I'll steal it! emoticon

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Week plan STRONG plan

Monday, April 07, 2014

Waiting for Logan to text before taking Roo and Hughy for a walk. (Part of my plan for the week)

I also plan to have (daily):
64 ounces of water
5 freggies
6+ hours of sleep
I will:
Do yoga 3 times
Go to BodyPump on Monday and Saturday.
Go to orangetheory on Thursday.
Run Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.
Walk M, W & F with Roo and Hughy.
Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast OR a homemade egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.
No coffee after breakfast.
Salads for lunch. With soup or a half sandwich.
Dinners are light because I have a lot of activity in the evening. Paul usually cooks so I'll be watching portions here.

Totally doable.

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CASSIOEPIA 4/7/2014 11:39PM

    I like your play on words - week and strong!

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JO88BAKO 4/7/2014 10:18PM

    Great plan!! You CAN do it!!

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FANCYSIMAGES 4/7/2014 4:43PM


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BLC24 WEC#11 - Spring into Spring bingo

Friday, March 28, 2014

I wrote all this out in my spark team for the points, now I'm going to put them here so I'll remember it all later.
"You need a little bit of insanity to do great things." - Henry Rollins
I think it pretty much sums up everything, LOL.
I took the quiz, "Are You Prepared to Reach Your Goals?" and scored "prepared for success". It also said: "Congratulations! It sounds like you know a thing or two about goal-setting and that you've taken steps to ensure you'll be successful, supported and highly motivated along the way. Just be sure your motivation stays strong even when the going gets tough."

I guess I knew all this... I think I'll got take another quiz about something I'm not sure I know.

Ah-ha! "The Muscle Building Quiz" I got an 8 out of 12. I should really learn to concentrate but Roo was hopping all over the couch while I was trying to read. Some of those questions are very tricky. emoticon I recommend this one to all of you since we're all interested in building muscles and reducing fat, right? When I was taking my Personal Training course, my instructor told me this: "There is no such thing as "toning" a muscle. You can strengthen a muscle by "overloading" it during strength training, and you can build its endurance with cardio exercise. Simply moving a muscle against resistance 25 or 50 times without fatiguing it doesn't accomplish either goal."

this is kind of funny to me.... BodyPump, the class I take, preaches the light weigh/many reps idea and it's put out by the same company that also provides the CanFit Pro class that I took. No wonder I was always confused.
My article stemmed from the quiz, "High Performance Nutrition - Part 1 - The Big Picture: Food as Fuel". I chose this one after I got the protein question wrong in my quiz. emoticon

I think I found the reason we gain weight when we train for our races - "Restricting your calorie intake to promote weight and fat loss can make it very difficult to build muscle mass or train for endurance events." Good thing we're learning balance, eh? And why we don't care if we gain in the few weeks beforehand.
My long term goal remains the same as it always has been: to maintain my goal weight, stay healthy and active.

NSV - for the round? I've succeeded in getting my family active. All five of us are doing something (8, HM, FM and kids run) during the Victoria Marathon weekend in October 2014. We're all signed up!

Goal achieved this round? So far, I've stuck to the running and yoga schedule I set for myself. I think I've only missed one or two runs due to illness and one yoga because of my blood donation.

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AMARILYNH 3/29/2014 12:18PM

    I took that muscle building quiz too and you are right - it has some TRICKY questions!! Loving this bingo!!

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JO88BAKO 3/28/2014 9:59PM

    This is a great WEC. I think it's awesome you have your entire family running and walking. You are a great mom and leader!

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Something to remember

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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TKAYSMILES 3/13/2014 12:51PM

    love these thank you!

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LIZZYP609 2/27/2014 11:47AM

    love love love!

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TEKRU1 2/27/2014 7:53AM

    LOVE these! Thanks!

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FITAT50 2/25/2014 6:44PM

    emoticon I need to send my Spies here!

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MARYBETH4884 2/25/2014 4:59PM

    Wonderful thought!

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NERDLETTE 2/25/2014 4:13PM

    Love this! emoticon

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PKCTTS 2/25/2014 2:03PM

    Great stuff!

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SIMONEKP 2/25/2014 1:40PM


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BE-THE-CHANGE 2/25/2014 1:24PM


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SUZIPAM1 2/25/2014 1:06PM

    i love the fingernails one haha

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