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I just keep coming back...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

How many times am I gonna start this over? One more? Just one more? That'd be the goal! Let's see if I can keep it!


I should really write some more

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm not gonna really put my reasons for being back on here, because they're all the same and I'm sure anyone who reads this either already knows, or is probably here for the same reason. I am a fortunate lucky woman. I am not in a position where my weight adversely affects my health (too much at least), I can walk/run/hike/play with relative ease, and I have enough money and access to obtain healthy foods.

My battle is just a battle with my will. Fighting an eating disorder is no easy task. I've gone from eating nothing to eating everything. 110 pounds to 180, I've been in a decent spectrum. Now I'm just trying to break away from "perfect eating". No one normal does that. EVER. So why should I expect to? Want a beer? Go for it, just think of the aspects of having that beer before you drink it. Do you REALLY want it? How will it make you feel now? Later? In the morning? I want to be a conscientious eater. I want to be aware of what I put in my mouth and how it will affect me.

Live is too short to diet into the "perfect body" I just want to be healthy and happy in the one I've got.


Back Again, Naturally...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yeah it's true, I'm back, I missed it a little, but I missed my little waist more! I'm taking things slow, just trying to be balanced and healthy. Nothing much else to write, gonna work out a little but now!


What the Hell, Subway?!?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Seriously? No more $5 footlong turkey breast sammiches? Are you kidding me?? You know that's the most popular one don't you? You tease us with cheap deliciousness, wait until we get satiated and comfortable and then RIP IT OUT FROM UNDER US?!?

My heart's a little broken right now...


Frustrated, but not giving up...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

So I weighed myself today and I'm two pounds heavier than I thought I would be. I guess it's from the weekend I had. I feel good though, and I feel lighter, I just don't know why the scale isn't budging.

I'm gonna weigh myself again on Sunday, and then just do it once a week. My wiifit yelled at me a little today, but I told it to mind it's own white anthropomorphic business. I need to get moving in a little bit. I think it's gym time and maybe a run later. It feels so nice to not have to work today, I'm so ready to be done.

Anyone have any tips on how to enjoy the last few weeks of a job you're really having a hard time getting through? It'd be greatly appreciated...


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