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Blogging to avoid another bite

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am having a bit of a difficult go it at lately. So many factors working against me have made me very unsatisfied with my progress. I could call it a plateau, but that would not be fair to the people that actually try hard and plateau. While I am glad the scale is not rocketing up, I am seeing clothes get tighter and feeling just lumpy in general. I have fallen off my exercise regiment for a good 10 days (restarted yesterday) and the worst is late night eating. I know I am the key to my own weight loss and healthy lifestyle solution, but I think the key is broken... or lost, maybe just temporarily misplaced. I have to find it, but I don't quite know where I felt it apparently. So maybe a bit of blogging will help me today. If not today then for the next few hours or minutes. Something is better than nothing.

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RSWIFE 3/14/2012 8:15AM

    You can do it! I am feeling the same way lately. I just can't seem to help myself with eating. I know what I have to do, but I haven't done it. I am with you! We can beat this thing!

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Increased training + late night hours =nothing good number-wise.

Friday, February 03, 2012

We all get frustrated and we all have the same problem, so I am sure I am not alone when I have noticed that working late makes my weight go up. Correction- eating while working late makes my weight go up.
For 3 weeks now I have been running hard on a treadmill during lunch hours to fit in my marathon training plan, despite the -30C temperatures and total darkness at 5am outside. I tried running outside at 5am before work. It was a one time only shot which was further pushed out of my mind by temperatures dropping an me picking up some freelance work which requires spending almost every night sitting at a computer until midnight after the family is asleep. The running is definitely helping in some aspects- I swear I see some more dramatic cheekbones and my body is not quite as lumpy, but the scale is inching up because sitting at the computer always gives me the munchies. Somehow I reason with myself that more awake hours mean more calories burned and its ok to have a snack. Reasonable, but that snack should not be chocolate, cheese and crackers or one of my other sinful snacks. I need to hold out another 7 days or so and then I am guessing a) the temperature will break and b) my freelance assignment will be done. So my current personal goal is to keep up the training, but eliminate unhealthy snacks at night. If only it were so easy...

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MADDIEMOM27 2/3/2012 5:22AM

    Keep up the good work!!! You will find a good routine!!!

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The challenges of returning to work and staying fit

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After 2+ years of maternity leave, I have returned to work. I unfortunately did not reach my goal weight by the time I went back to work after my 3rd baby as I had after 1 and 2, but I am still hoping to get there. If I thought running with a stroller was tough on maternity leave, getting in excessive while working and commuting is near impossible. Basically I have to give up time with my kids after work to go run or after they sleep or before they get up. So now my solution seems to be a 5am wake up to go run while everyone else sleeps. I have done this once. (Once since yesterday when I implemented this crazy morning run). Today the alarm went off and it was a fail. Today is another chance, it is just really cold, really dark and really early!! To make up for my morning lack of motivation, I just did Day 3 and 4 of the 28 day bootcamp videos so that I have at least something. I need to build up my supplies so that on days like this I can at least take a 20-30 min jog during lunch. I will work it out because I need to. I have not worked hard to get to where I am just to put on an office butt and hips, which inevitably come from being back at a desk. How do the rest of you get in the exercise? last week I took the stairs vs. sending emails/calling around the building. With 5 floors at my work place, that helps a bit. I also find I am ravenously hungry at work, which was not such an issue at home. All change has its challenges, but it just takes a while to figure it all out.


Weight up, pants down?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I think I am experiencing one of those weird weight loss conundrums of shrinking, but the scale says otherwise. My weight has been climbing a bit recently, but the other day my pants fell off. This is a pair of pants that usually are loose, but snug around the waist. Hmm. While I am not thrilled by the scale, it is some consolation that pants are falling off. I really can't blame it on packing on the muscle although I am happily in the middle of the 28 day SP Bootcamp. I have probably run a bit more since receiving my GPS running watch and blogging about my running at:, but really I can't imagine why my waist would be smaller. I even had a moment this morning where I thought... "Maybe I can get by without a surgical correction of my misshapen post-3-pregnancies waistline." Either way, today is a good day. I weigh myself on wednesdays, so we will see what tomorrow brings. Maybe one of those rare big weight loss weeks. Oops. I hope I did not jinx it!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 11/29/2011 8:52PM

    I am in the same boat. Three pairs of pants I bought at the beginning of the school year are now too big for me. The scale is up...due to eating carbs:) Oh well I will take it!
Hope you have a great one!

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GINNAR 11/22/2011 7:25AM

    Enjoy that smaller waist! It is a true achievement. The scale will eventually catch up.

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DIMPLES807 11/22/2011 6:04AM

    Isn't it funny where you'd weight loss? It's such a hard concept to comprehend that you are getting smaller but then the scale is not moving much! But job well done! Good luck with your journey :)

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Pain, no pain and happiness

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today started out like any other day. I talked myself into running and had decided on a new route- run 5km in a new direction and back. I had had some lingering joint pain recently that I attributed to my over worn running shoes, but I did not think about it too much. I went outside, "located satellites" (I love that part of turning on my GPS running watch. I feel so high-tech), and started down the road, but OUCH!! My hip and knee hurt so much that I debated first, walking (Gasp!) or just turning around.
Before I did either, I thought of an article on barefoot running that I coincidentally read this morning. The article mentioned that many people who had joint pain due to running experienced a certain amount of relief when switching to barefoot running. To start the transition to barefoot running it was recommended to first to "experiment with a forefoot strike on your regular runs using your usual footwear." Well, I tried that and voila! pain gone. Nice. So I ran like that for 10 minutes and switched back to regular running heel-toe and I felt fine. I happily completed my 10km.
Upon reaching 5km, suddenly realised that duh, I do not have to run exactly back the way I came from. I have my fabulous PS watch which will tell me when 10km are up, so I don't have to run to 5 and back like I used to pre-GPS days when I measured most distances with time or the car odometer. This lead me to a beautiful area where with the adrenaline pumping in my blood and the sun shining in my eyes and reflecting off a dazzling blue lake, surrounded by lush green moss and pine trees, I could almost imagine it was 5am on a brisk summer morning rather than 11am on a rare sunny day in November.


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