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T-73 - Packing, packing, packing!!!

Friday, March 09, 2012

..... And LOVING every minute of it!!! I am a total "woman-on-a-mission" when it comes to stuff like this. You just point me in the right direction, and I will slave away until the job is D.O.N.E! That's probably why I make a good long-distance runner! emoticon

We are REALLY getting on the move with our packing. Up until now, I have just been playing around, organizing stuff here and there, packing a few boxes, but more to reduce clutter than to really PACK pack.

But NOW?? Now that we basically have our buyer?? I am DYING to REALLY get on it. So, we have started seriously working in our attic, packing, sorting, throwing things out, more packing, sealing and marking all our boxes.


No, I am not excited at all. emoticon

All paperwork and the house contracts should be signed here within the next couple of weeks, and I will feel much more settled once everything is signed on paper. Here in Germany, you sort of "close" up front, and then the ownership is turned over later. So once those papers are signed, it is really a done deal!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
So, I have been doing well with my running. I did a "recovery week" last week, first of all, because I planned it in. Secondly, because I noticed some pain in my right hip, and knew it was time to take a restful week.

But this week?? I am right back at it!! A little less structured this week, and not as much speed work, but tomorrow I have 16 miles planned!! emoticon EXCITED!! Again, they will be in minimalist shoes... In fact ALL my runs for the past month+ have been in either my VFFs or Saucony Hattoris!!

But my EATING!! UUUUGGGHHH!!! It's ALWAYS a struggle. I was doing AWESOME, and then when I did the banquet a couple of weeks ago, I let it slip big time. I made the dessert for the banquet myself, all 100+ servings, so I ended up having some myself.... Not good. And I just ate A LOT that weekend. But I got pretty much back on track... Though I keep having a tendency NOT to track, and to snack on things that I shouldn't. Overall, my choices are pretty healthy. The stress and nervousness of our entire situation makes it really hard to keep the snacking in check!!!! HEEEEELLLLPPP!!

But starting next week on Tuesday, we will have EXACTLY 10 weeks until DEPARTURE DAY!! So, my challenge to myself is 10 POUNDS in 10 WEEKS!! I am going to do EVERYTHING possible to make this happen!!! In spite of all the craziness of this move, I would REALLY love to reach my goal before I leave Germany.

Here's to (another) NEW START!! WE CAN DO THIS!

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KKINNEA 3/9/2012 2:09PM

    Go get it!

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IRP1114 3/9/2012 12:31PM

    Yes we can do it! Good luck with all the packing!!! Enjoy your workouts. Don't forget to try and replace some of those extra snacks with water.
emoticon emoticon

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 3/9/2012 10:45AM

    I am SO happy and excited for you!!!!!

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LAURIE5658 3/9/2012 10:40AM

    In the wise words of the Nike dude...JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!

emoticon emoticon

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T-77 - SOLD! (I think...)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Wow, things are really moving along! Let's get this international move on a ROLL!!

I think we got our buyers! We had a meeting with some potential buyers today, but I wasn't very optimistic that they'd offer us something reasonable. I was so up tight about it, going over and over everything in my head, preparing for a whole discussion in defense of our asking price...

But suddenly, on Friday, we got another call on the house, they came Saturday, and REALLY liked the house!! Just a few hours later, they sent us a VERY reasonable offer. It was still a little less than we really thought we needed, but really REALLY close!!! We counter offered, and they came up a little. After thinking about it long and hard, we really felt we could live with their offer. They have everything in place with the bank, and there is nothing standing in their way.

So we went into our meeting tonight with confidence, knowing that either way, our house is SOLD! The people tonight did EXACTLY what we thought. Well, no, they didn't - they offered us EVEN LESS than ANYTHING we imagined. It was so ridiculous really, because it was so far UNDER what this house is worth, even in spite of a not-so-good market, it wasn't even something we could consider, not even for a moment. I don't even think "low-ball offer" gives it justice.

So we are ready to accept the other offer! Oh, man, it is going to feel SO WONDERFUL to have a contract on this place!!! Things are all falling into place.....

And only 77 more days until we are Miami bound!!!!!!

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IRP1114 3/8/2012 9:29AM

    Yay! I'm so happy things are going well for you! Good luck hope you get everything wrapped up sooner than expected so you can enjoy your move with less stress!


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I am so so SOOOOO happy for you! You kept your faith and it's paying off, isn't it? I know what it feels like to sell a house on a bad market and I can tell you from experience that the day you'll sign the selling contract will be special. There will be so much weight lifted off your shoulders - especially when you do have a new place to move to (in your case the U.S., in my case it was our new house)!

So thumbs up and WOOT WOOT to you!!!


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MINIMINIV 3/7/2012 10:49PM

    Woohoo, that is GREAT news! I can really appreciate this. Our house has been on the market 2 years now. It feels like forever.

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MADLYINLOVE 3/7/2012 8:07PM

    I'm away for two weeks and look at all that I miss! Congratulations, I am so very excited for you! What a relief!


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LAUROCHKA 3/6/2012 12:48PM

    Glad things are working out for you! Exciting time!

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JULIA_RUN2SMILE 3/6/2012 11:04AM

    Wow! Sometimes we just gotta have some faith... So happy that things are moving in the right direction! This is a very positive news - lots of stress but remember your end goal! Going through the same now except provincial move! Not international... You are my inspiration! Go girl!

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MARATHON_MOM 3/6/2012 8:52AM

    I am SOOO happy for you!!!

What's the latest on the issue with Jan's ability to come back? Did they get that all worked out???
I CAN NOT WAIT until you are happily back in the States! And definitely can't wait to meet you in person at MIBM!!

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IMARUNR 3/6/2012 8:39AM


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TWINSMOMMY607 3/6/2012 7:51AM

    I'm doing the happy dance for you guys!!

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MAGGIE101857 3/5/2012 9:15PM

    Such great news! Miami??? You will be just south of my kids - they are in Ft. Lauderdale!! May be we can get together on one my trips "south" in the future!!!!

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LAURIE5658 3/5/2012 9:07PM


Congratulations and will continue to pray until this deal is DONE!!!!!

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KKINNEA 3/5/2012 4:30PM


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JUNEBUGABEE 3/5/2012 4:19PM

    Major congratulations!

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SEEHOLZ 3/5/2012 4:17PM

    That is AMAZING! Huge congrats!!!

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 3/5/2012 4:11PM

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!

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T-82 Days: Recovery from INSANITY!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WOW!!! Last week was a KILLER week!!! So much is happening....

We had our church banquet on Friday night. I am the church event organizer, and have done the banquet for the past 3 years, cooking and/or planning. I knew it was coming, but it somewhat snuck up on me, because my mind is not on anything else, except for, what???? Yes, you guessed it - MOVING!! So, I was super distracted with all of the things we've got going on. Good thing I called in help early on, and was only on for the food/cooking part, and let someone else handle the rest. Because I didn't think that far ahead, I hadn't really had a plan for my family, to make sure everyone at home was taken care of, so I kinda had to cram! But I managed getting my family taken care of, and then running off to cook for 85+ people on Friday afternoon. It went well, but was EXHAUSTING! Got HUGE compliments on the food though, so that was pretty cool.

On top of that craziness, my husband DID lose his job last week. It was something we already somewhat prepped ourselves for. We just didn't feel like it was working out well.... So, it really wasn't a surprise. My husband was actually relieved. Things are a little more uncertain for us (OBVIOUSLY), but there is some help available to us, so we should be ok. It is a little scary though!!!

We had ANOTHER house showing on Saturday. Fortunately the guy called us on Monday to set up an appointment on Saturday, which really gave me a head's-up to keep the house clean the whole week!! It was great! I just stayed on top of it every day, on top of planning for the banquet and doing all the shopping for that, and on Saturday, we didn't have much to do in order to get ready! It went ok, but no real indications one way or the other.

BBBBUUUUUUTTTT, the people who came a few weeks ago from our village here, are coming on Monday evening to discuss the details and give us an OFFER!! They are the ones who weren't so nice, and we got the feeling they were prepping us for a low-ball offer... sooooo, I am not really sure what to expect, but I am DEFINITELY got my arguments in defense of our asking price ready. emoticon

Any prayers and positive thoughts about our meeting with our potential buyers on Monday will be GREATLY appreciated!!! Well, any prayers for our entire situation are appreciated. We are facing a huge storm of life lately, and I am not really sure when this storm will pass.

So, that's all the time I have to blog for now. With hubby being home, I am finding a lot less time to be on the computer.... emoticon I kinda like the extra time with my honey-honey. emoticon Oh, and I have been so exhausted, I have been catching up on sleep and relaxing. It's nice to have him around to help a little.


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NYC_NATIVE 3/4/2012 5:42AM

    You're in my prayers and thoughts, my friend. emoticon

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TWINSMOMMY607 3/1/2012 11:43AM

    Sending House Selling Vibes your way!!!

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    You are strong and can get through anything

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SEEHOLZ 2/29/2012 5:54PM

    Good luck on the house showing!

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MADLYINLOVE 2/29/2012 4:37PM

    I'll be thinking of you! You are a busy bee and I'm so glad you're finding some balance and joy with your hubby through all of this! Teamwork!!


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LAURIE5658 2/29/2012 4:12PM

    You know I am with you every step of the way. Stay strong!

emoticon emoticon

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IRP1114 2/29/2012 4:07PM

    Sounds like you are handling the busy time well! Good you ask for help when you need it. Hope you get a great offer and your storm is short. I know exactly what its like to have hubby lose a job, except when he lost his it was completely unexpected and they even let every one keep working until payday without paying!!! We had to wait almost 2 months for the pay they owed. Oh yea and it was right at the time we had just found out I was expecting our third child too. It was not fun times but we survived somehow. I really hope your plans still go on as close to planed as possible. Will pray for you. Enjoy the extra time with your hubby! emoticon

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 2/29/2012 3:46PM

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts!!!!!

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T-93 - 16 miles with minimalist shoes!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

So, I have been totally taking off with my minimalist shoe running!! After more than a year of playing around with my Vibrams (running most of my shorter runs with them), I decided to step it up a notch or 2, and shoot to run my HM in May with them. I also bought the Saucony Hattoris last summer, so I have those as well to compare.

I have to say, I like the Vibrams better - they just have a much more natural feel to them, and I love that my toes are FREEEEEEEEE!! LOL

But I can wear thicker socks with the Hattoris, and since the weather has been REALLY cold, I have been going with the Hattoris. Every run for the past 3 weeks or so has been in Hattoris. I think I have really gotten the proper form down, and am not experiencing ANY discomfort in my calves any more, even after long runs.

So, today I set out with my Hattoris... goal was to cover 16 miles today. I was a little nervous, I don't know why. It's not that I have never run 16 miles before. It's not that I didn't just run 15 miles a couple of weeks ago... I don't know why I doubt myself sometimes.... But I was nervous.

The run went GREAT, though! 16 miles in my Hattoris! No major pain or discomfort. No calf tightness even toward the end. Just felt like a normal long run. emoticon I took it VERY slow, and felt very strong even at the end.

So, I am thinking running my next Half Marathon in Vibrams is a GO!! And then, who knows??? Maybe that marathon in the summer too???? A Vibrams marathon??? It could happen.

Only 93 more days until our move!!

We had another showing of our house today. Thank you for all of you who were encouraging, and shared your insight about last week's showings. I definitely felt like I was much more prepared mentally and emotionally! If somebody wants to come into my house and play hard ball, I'll play hard ball. My very wise older sister (and one of my best friends in the WORLD) told me, if they give me a low-ball offer, I can always counter offer with our asking price.... Hehehe! LOVE HER! No, but seriously, we are open to any offers. We tell people that. We want to be as flexible as possible, but also get a decent price. So, we will see. I know Who holds all of this in His hands, and I am praying every day, and trusting He WILL take care of us!!

Looking forward to another week next week of AWESOME TRAINING!!!

Spark on, Friends!!

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WONDERWOMAN 2/20/2012 8:12PM

    Wow - 16 miles in minimalist shoes. I'm becoming more and more interested in "less is more" and may slowly...very slowly head that way. I may be bugging you for insight as I do. Everything with your move and house OVERALL does sound good and encouraging, just don't get bogged down in the minutia - it is so hard to see the forest for the trees. But I love your focus on counting down the days. Keeps the goal clear.

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 2/20/2012 4:02PM

    Great job with your run and the house showing!

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IRP1114 2/20/2012 3:31PM

    Wow your run sounds awesome! Sounds like you could probably handle an ultra marathon ; )!
I cant wait to start getting longer runs in. I am doing a half marathon in June with my son. We are really exited for it. I do most all of my runs on the treadmill so the longest I do right now is 6 or 7 mi runs because I just don't have the time (or freedom from my toddler) to do more. But once I get closer to the marathon I plan on making my hubby watch him on Saturdays for my long run so I can do it outside.


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SEEHOLZ 2/19/2012 9:10PM

    So, how did it go? I love what your sister said- people all have their own agenda. We really low-balled on our house (what can I say- we were poor) and we ended up having to come up higher... higher than we had hoped. It was a very weird situation, but we really wanted this house- due to timing reasons. I have absolutely no regrets- it was the house we were meant to be in! And it has been the perfect house for us, even though I know we probably overpaid a little- yet we also got really good financing and a first time homebuyers break, so ultimately, we still got a good deal. Keep your head up and keep the faith going!!!

Oh and I think you are my inspiration when it comes to minimalist running- I have a Vibrams too, but I never go more than a mile-- it's one of those things that I'm terrified off- I think I'm too heavy of a person for my body to be able to run like that for more than a couple of miles. If anything, maybe a trail run or some other soft surface might be a possiblity, but even then, I'd only try a few miles-LOL. I think it's pretty cool that your body can handle it though- your feet and little muscles must be getting strong- one thing I do know is that I don't like too cushiony shoes, because it's not enough of a workout for my feet. I love Yoga, because you do it barefoot, so when you are doing balancing moves and such, you really work all those little leg muscles, along with abs.

Have a great week!

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MADLYINLOVE 2/19/2012 9:33AM

    In minimalist shoes--! Girl, you are killin' it.

Good luck with selling your home and getting that off of your to-do list. Your sister IS wise, I like that tip, and I shall use that someday when/if needed!

Presumably, today is rest day or a milder running day??

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TWINSMOMMY607 2/18/2012 6:52PM

    I think that is so awesome that you ran 16 miles in minimalist shoes. I can barely run 3 miles in my regular sneakers!!

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LAURIE5658 2/18/2012 10:17AM

    You are an animal! Amazing.


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MICHSTATE 2/18/2012 9:16AM

    I have been wanting to try Vibrams for awhile, I am just afraid, I guess!!! How long does it take to get used to them? I have my second marathon in May, do you think I could get used to them by then??

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T-95 - Inspiration for the day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Have to share this one....

This is seriously the motto I live by.

Power to the She. LOVE IT!!

Only 95 more days!!!

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HAKAPES 2/18/2012 8:23AM


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JENNYDJENNY 2/17/2012 1:04AM

    Saved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 2/16/2012 10:56AM

    Love it!!!

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JUSGETTENBY42 2/16/2012 10:47AM


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