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FIVE... MORE... DAYS! Plus some fitness stuff....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yep that's right, it's another countdown, baby. Like we don't have enough of those on SP! emoticon

Yesterday, after posting my blog, I made the mistake of DRIVING MYSELF ABSOLUTELY INSANE trying to YET AGAIN find ANSWERS about our immigration case! LIke I HAVEN'T already done that a million times, like I HAVEN'T already wasted too much time trying to find out what they might say, and like it REALLY ever brought me anything!! NO, it only makes me crazy, because there is no solid info, except for the immigration attorney I asked on a free website, who told me that, because he was "ordered removed," he will be automatically inadmissible, regardless of circumstances.... Ugghh.

So, had to remind myself, it isn't going to do me ANY good. It is only FIVE DAYS AWAY, and then I will have ALL my questions answered.


emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I have been reading some other SP blogs, and got inspired to try a few new things with the diet.

I am TAKING THE PLUNGE! Here we go!!

For 2 weeks, I am going to commit to:

1. No sugar.

I only use the organic whole cane sugar, which I think is way better than the refined stuff (still contains the vitamins naturally in sugar cane), but it still can be addictive, and I still think it should be used in moderation.... PLUS, I have noticed I have been FAR TOO MUCH in my coffee lately, since I hadn't been tracking for a while. Boo. I will use a tad of organic raw honey and stevia here and there, but pretty much cut out all the sweet stuff.

2. NO baked goods.

This one may not be a one-size-fits-all thing, but for me, I think it is what I need. Saw someone else post this, and wanted to try it.


After getting off course with the tracking, it is H.A.R.D. to jump back on that boat!! I know 2 weeks of solid tracking will totally get me back into the groove!

So, those are my goals as far as eating goes.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am so loving my new training plan!! I love having a specific run workout to do each day. It is from a Women's Running Mag issue and it's called "Run your fastest marathon" or something. My goal is to break 1:50 with my next HM in May. (Current PR is 1:53:55)

It basically consists of 2 ST workouts each week (which I already do), one long run (duh!), and other speed workouts or easy runs during the week, running 5 days a week usually, I think.

I haven't really figured out which week I am going to start with, because I already have my mileage base up, so I don't need to start from the beginning, really. But I am mixing and matching runs so far, and I LOVE it!!

Today was a tempo run - 1 mile warmup, 35 min @ 10k tempo, 1 mile cool down. I shot for 6 miles total, since I was running out and back. My 10K pace is around 5 min/ km (8 min per mile), but I didn't think I could manage that. I am fat (not really, but I DO feel those extra 10 lbs), and a little out of shape when it comes to speed, and it was early in the morning before a meal..... Excuses, excuses!! LOL

So, I started out, giving myself a goal of "anything around 5:15/km" for the tempo part. Did my EZ mile, and picked up my pace........

Looked down at the Garmin, and my pace was 5:05 or something!!! SWEET! I just kept going by how I felt, pushing but not too hard....

And my average pace was about 5:10/KM for the tempo part! (8:16 per mile or so?) I crossed the 5 mile point at 43:30, even WITH the slow warmup mile... AWESOME!

I did my cool down at the end, not quite a mile, since I was SMOKIN' ALONG in the tempo section, and finished the 6 miles in 52:49.

All I know is I LOOOOOOOVE speed work. I love challenging myself and seeing what I can do! Plus, I think there are significantly MORE endorphins afterwards from the workout, than if I just have a drab, easy-going run. =)

DEFINITELY getting my RUNNING Spark back - YEAH!!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RUSTBUCKET1 1/25/2012 10:58PM

    emoticon You are smokin! Keep training and Keep the Spark! emoticon

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JILLIANPRNCSS 1/25/2012 7:12PM

    Call the Deutschland Feuerwehr because you are on FIRE

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JENN26POINT2 1/25/2012 5:10PM

    HEY! I'm going sugar free too! For the next 14 days! WHOO HOO! I promised myself I'd kick the Mt. Dew habit before the end of January and I only have a few days left, so time to get on it! Cool! We can do it together!! haha

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MAJTMS 1/25/2012 11:09AM

    Yay for getting that running spark back! It does feel so good to finish a hard workout knowing you did well!

I agree, you need to stop worrying about that darned appointment in 5 days (soon to be 4). It won't do you any good. Maybe try to distract yourself with something fun when that desire to research those questions comes over you.

Sending positive thoughts your way!

Happy Running!

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 1/25/2012 10:59AM

    How awesome to have that spark back!!!

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CURLYQDIVA11 1/25/2012 10:45AM

    Great run! emoticon

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LAURIE5658 1/25/2012 9:55AM

    You go, girl. I do not care for speedwork myself so you can do mine LOL. You are rawkin it and have a great plan.


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SIX.... MORE.... DAYS.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh, my goodness, people, I am dying of anticipation. My husband's final interview for the Immigration process is on MONDAY, the 30th!! We will FINALLY have some answers.

I can't hardly wait. Everything is so up in the air. I know many of you have commented that you are sure he will "get in", but we are not sure it will be that easy.... here is why:

We did everything properly while in the States, and got him a Green Card issued in 2006, but it was a conditional Permanent Residency, based on us being married for 2 more years. At the end of 2 years, we were supposed to file a form saying we were still married... blah, blah, blah... and he would get an UNCONDITIONAL Permanent Residency....

Only, we decided to move here in Dec. 2006. We didn't notify US Immigration Services of our new place of residency, because we just got busy with life. And we did not file that form saying we were still married.

So, in 2009, they started "Removal Proceedings." We tried immediately to notify US Immigration to let them know, "Hey, we aren't even there anymore, people!!" But they said there was nothing we could do once it entered the court system. We either had to show up at the hearing, or just let it play out. In 2010, an immigration judge ordered him "Removed" in absentia, which basically means he was deported on paper.

EVERY source we have found has said that, under the conditions that he was ordered removed, JUST because of that, he is automatically banned from reentering the States for either 5 or 10 years (we have never gotten a clear answer.) Not even the USCIS (Immigration Services could or would answer ANY questions regarding our circumstances and case. We were instructed that we must simply reapply, and it would be determined at the interview whether he was "inadmissible" or not.

It's so silly to us!! We didn't do ANYTHING illegal!! We didn't intentionally commit fraud or lie to the government!! My husband is not a criminal, not a drug or human trafficker! And our marriage is REAL, not some fake marriage just used to get someone a visa. It seems so udderly RIDICULOUS that they would ban him just for not filing some paperwork properly, paperwork that we didn't think was important, because we were living here. We really just thought his Permanent Residency would expire, and that we would just have to reapply.

So here we are, paying for all the forms again, which AIN'T CHEAP, and working to get everything together.... And we have NO IDEA what they are really going to tell us on Monday. We have no money, absolutely no money, for an attorney. That's completely out of the question...

That is why EVERYTHING is so up in the air as far as move is concerned! That is why this appointment on Monday is SO EXTREMELY important. This is why I cannot say for certain WHEN we will be coming home. EVERYTHING hangs on his Immigrant Visa process, obviously.

If that immigration officer denies our application, I think I am just going to have an emotional meltdown... seriously. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


I mean, there is a waiver that we can file for if he is "inadmissible" which will most likely be approved, but it costs even more $$$$$, and will add an extra 6 months of processing time.

So, please, please, PLEASE, my dear Sparkfriends, PRAY for us!!! Or send happy thoughts, encouraging thoughts, ANYTHING..... And I will DEFINITELY be updating you all on the outcome of that appointment.....

ONLY SIX MORE DAYS!!!! SIX..... MORE..... DAYS!!!!!!!!

Oh, and if it is approved, we will by definitely coming in May, just in case anyone is wondering.... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NINJA_SMOO 1/25/2012 11:39AM

  Oh, how stressful! I hope everything works out.

I'm sponsoring my boyfriend for permanent resident status in Canada, and man, what a lot of forms to wade through and huge costs... And because we're 'only' common-law and not actually married there are several extra steps required to prove we are in a real relationship :
Good luck!

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KJDOESLIFE 1/25/2012 11:24AM

    Fingers crossed! I hope Monday goes well!

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MARATHON_MOM 1/25/2012 8:41AM

    I will definitely be praying every single day and night for you! And on Monday.... especially on Monday... I will be storming the throne room of Heaven. What time is your appointment Monday and what's the time difference? You're ahead of us, right?

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JILLIANPRNCSS 1/25/2012 8:05AM

    It makes me some serious things wrong with our system.

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STEFFIROCKSIT 1/25/2012 6:18AM


does that WOOHOO mean you finally sold your house??? If so: Congratulations!!!

I'll definitely pray for you and your return to the U.S. - still cannot believe they make it so difficult for an American to go home with family in tow. It's so absurd and SO NOT necessary - just think of the work and money wasted by such procedures...booo!

Love and Lunges,

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ERINBEAR1876 1/24/2012 1:31PM

    Wow, I am definitely thinking of your family, and praying you get the answer you are looking for on the 30th!!!

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MAJTMS 1/24/2012 12:31PM

    Sending positive thoughts your way. And thank you for your kind words, it's amazing how a few words can go such a long way.


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HOPEFULSWEIGH 1/24/2012 10:05AM

    Sending positive vibes your way!

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SEEHOLZ 1/24/2012 10:04AM

    You got my prayers!

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TWINSMOMMY607 1/24/2012 9:56AM

    Fingers, toes and everything else crossed!

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JOPAPGH 1/24/2012 9:46AM

    Fingers crossed!

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LAURIE5658 1/24/2012 9:35AM

    Darcy, you KNOW I am praying for you and you KNOW that you are always in my thoughts. Please keep us updated and come to us for brain dumping if need be. Above all, go to God for strength for He will carry you.


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MAGGIE101857 1/24/2012 7:03AM

    Praying for the best outcome possible - we will welcome you both with open arms!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Braving the Scale 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

In spite of facing some extreme troubles lately, I am trying to keep my head up!! And no, it's not really looking good for us... But more about that later.

I braved the scale this morning for the first time this year!!! 134.4 pounds. Ugghh. NOT good. Where did these 10 lbs come from, and why can't I get them off????? I know it is my eating. And it is not just from blowing it over a weekend here or there, no, no. I know how to fix it, but given the stress we have been under, I just have just not been focusing on it. I know I need to.

Wanna see results, Darcy? Get that EATING under control, girl!!


For real!!

Well, I am working on it. It's like for me, I have to set my mind toward it. I have to focus. I have to conjure up a plan. I have to prepare myself. I have to psych myself up. And I am ready to do that.

As far as running goes, apart from being sick the first week of January, I have consistently been running pretty much 4 days a week, each week. I think that is pretty good. But many times, I felt like I was barely holding on, barely getting my exercise in at the end of the day, and often shifting my run to this time or that time, always changing things up. I thrive MUCH better on a solid, consistent routine!! I have been getting up earlier, and really making a point to do it first thing in the morning. That helps IMMENSELY!! I had tried other things, I have played around with my routine and schedule, but I ALWAYS come back to the same conclusion - getting my run out of the way first thing in the morning just FEELS SO GOOD!!!!

I have also determined that not only am I going to run, but I am going to follow an actual BONA FIDE training plan!! I signed up for a half marathon in May, for only 5, by the way. How awesome is that?!?! 5!! Well, I am gonna shoot for a PR!! BRING IT ON!! I picked out a training plan out of Women's Running Mag, called "Run Your Fastest Half Marathon" or something to that effect. It helps to have a training plan staring me in the face, telling me what to run each day. I was never MORE consistent and dedicated than when I trained with a training plan for my first marathon in Feb. 2011. I am excited about my training plan!! And I am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish!!

But part of my training plan IS to get back on track with my eating. If I lose these 10 lbs and get back to where I was when I was maintaining, how much faster can I go?? I know it will help! So, my goal is to not only run my fastest half marathon in May, but to lose the weight too.

This will also keep my mind on something positive. A goal to work toward. =) Keepin' it positive, People!! In spite of very difficult circumstances in my life right now!!! Keepin' my Spark, that is what it is all about!!!

Spark on!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ERINBEAR1876 1/25/2012 9:37AM

    Oh yeah, running definitely seems SO much harder/slower when you have a few extra pounds that you aren't used to anymore! I am still working on the 15 pounds out of 25 that I gained! Way to go on at least consistently DOING your runs, even if they have been shuffled around time wise.

Yay for training for a half in May!!! I am training for one also, and YES, the structure of a training plan definitely is a good thing.

Take care :o}

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SEEHOLZ 1/23/2012 1:18PM

    Great attitude! I think having a goal to keep you focused is going to help you with the rest of the stress....keep rocking it!

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STEFFIROCKSIT 1/23/2012 8:40AM

    Hi Darcy,

want to try my favourite recipe when PMS chocolate craving strikes? Check it out (adapted from Angela Liddon's page - she's amazing!).

Chocolate Chia Pudding (3-4 servings)

- 1/4 cup chia seeds
- 1 & 1/4 to 1 & 1/2 cup almond milk (or regular milk)
- 1 tbs cocoa powder
- 2 tbs carob powder
- 1 tbs pure maple syrup (or agave nectar)
- shredded coconut, oats, coconut cream etc. for garnish

In a bowl mix together all ingredientss, starting with 1 & 1/4 cup almond milk, stirring well until all clumps are gone. Place in frigde for 2 hours and give it another good stir before serving. I like a dollop of coconut cream on top.

This pudding is filling, satisfying and actually good for your health since chia seeds are a super food!
Enjoy! emoticon

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TWINSMOMMY607 1/21/2012 9:00AM

    Sounds like you have a good plan, good luck!!

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LAURIE5658 1/20/2012 8:17PM

    Darcy, during this period of time with great stress (and this too shall pass, my friend) I truly feel that if you concentrate on your running you will remain focused with endorphins released taht you need so badly right now. You have great goals to shoot for with a plan in place. Remember, my friend, one day at a time.

You know I am with you!


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MICHSTATE 1/20/2012 6:21PM

    I think about that when I am running too!!!! I hope to be at my goal or lower by May for my second marathon and blow my first time out of the water!!!!
I hope things improve for you soon!!! Hugs!!!!!

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    I am a lot like you. I always call it " all or nothing " meaning that when I put my mind, heart and soul into something I am all in!! The holidays are kind of a double edged sword. On one hand they bring positive emotions of being able to see our family and celebrate how the year has been and just have fun, but on the other hand there is so much stress about fitting schedules together, making everyone around us as happy as we can and deal with the financial struggles of all the things needed to celebrate. So between stress, bad foods we are surrounded with, a crazy schedule and kind of just letting go to have fun there always seems to be weight/ health struggles! I think it is awesome that you have already found a new plan for training and already have signed up for a run!! I hope the training goes great and that you have a blast on your run!!

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MAJTMS 1/20/2012 5:35PM

    I can so relate to having a training plan being motivating. I haven't consistently run since November after my last half. I need to find a training plan and stick with it! Good for you for doing what you need to do to take care of yourself during this stressful time!


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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 1/20/2012 5:17PM

    I know you will do it!!!
Cheering loudly for ya!

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Want a Garmin Forerunner 610???

Monday, January 16, 2012

With a heavy heart, I am selling mine.

I know I have mentioned in past blogs that we are going through some difficulty right now. Well, in the area of finances, EXTREME difficulty. We were already having some problems before hubby took the new job in Sept, but after that, things have only gotten worse.... WAY worse. We looked at the budget numbers over and over, and knew the change would be tight. But we are just not making it. No matter how I cut back, no matter how I scrimp and save, each month our debt is climbing, and we are having to sell off anything of value that we really don't need, just to buy GROCERIES.

So, please, if you are interested in a Garmin Forerunner 610, please check out my auction on the German eBay site. Even if you are in the States, you shouldn't have a problem bidding, and we will deal with the exchange rate at the end of the auction. I accept Paypal, and can ship from an APO on Jan 30th at normal US shipping costs.

I've had the watch since July 2011. It is a killer piece of a running gadget!! LOVE IT! It comes with the HRM, and 3 different power supply options - one for the UK, one for the US, and one for Germany. It will also come in the original package, with the Ant Agent and installation CD.

You will not only be getting an awesome watch, but you will also be helping a family out in a great time of need. Thank you!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SEEHOLZ 1/17/2012 9:23PM

    Viel Glueck Darcy! Ich weiss wie sich das anfuelt und ich druecke Euch beide Daumen :-)

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STEFFIROCKSIT 1/17/2012 7:42AM

I can't say how sorry I am to learn that you are struggling so hard to keep your financial boat afloat.

Started bidding on your watch!

Love and Lunges,


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DOGMOMMA2THREE 1/16/2012 5:22PM

    Sorry to hear of your financial troubles. I really hope things turn around really soon for you and your family. Right now my husband and I are living on my part-time, seasonal salary but we are managing..thank goodness!

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ROCKINMOM77 1/16/2012 9:48AM

    Sorry you are going through such a difficult time. {{HUGS}} I checked out your auction and don't understand much of it! lol How much are you asking for it? Have you made anymore of those awesome bags lately? You could move some of those on Ebay I bet!!

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LAURIE5658 1/16/2012 9:11AM

    I am so very sorry you are going through such a hard time. I have been in those shoes and it is extremely stressful. Please know that I am thinking of you.


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MAGGIE101857 1/16/2012 8:04AM

    I'm sorry : ( you have to do this, but I have been there and understand....unfortunately, I just got one for Christmas, otherwise I would have started the bidding off! Hopefully it will go quickly, you will get back on your feet, and down the road, you'll be able to purchase another!

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AMOHAME2 1/16/2012 7:28AM

    I'm so sorry you have to part with such a faithful running companion emoticon
I hope it finds a good home and you get a great deal for it and I hope things get better very soon for you and your family!!

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PHEW!! Some good news!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

DH went for his medical examination for US immigration on Monday. One step closer to getting this long, drawn-out process OVER with!!!

Although everything was in order - no communicable diseases that would scare off the immigration officer - but the doctor grew VERY CONCERNED when she took his blood pressure. It was 160 over 120.... That's like off the charts!!! She told him under normal circumstances, she would be putting him on meds.

Well, this was just ANOTHER bit of negativity adding to our stress lately. No, I don't think US immigration is worried about someone's high BP, but I certainly don't want my barely-turned-31-yr-old hubby dying of a stroke!

She told him to go to his family doctor to get it rechecked, then to fax it to her. Well, Jesus that today....

And Praise God!! It was 140 over 80, which is perfectly normal, our family doctor said! Phew!! I know he had a very stressful day on Monday, & I think the doctor made him really nervous, so I hope it was just a fluke. I'm so glad today was a normal reading....

Next stop in our immigration process..... FRANKFURT!! Interview with immigration officer on January 30th!!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

-POLEDANCEGIRL- 1/17/2012 3:12PM

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Sending prayers too!!

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TWINSMOMMY607 1/16/2012 10:01AM

    Great news!!

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ON2VICTORY 1/14/2012 12:36PM

    glad to hear it.. things are looking up :)

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RUSTBUCKET1 1/13/2012 11:10AM

    Thrilled to hear that your husband is in good health. I feel for your hubby. My BP can spike like that (i.e. I am late for an appointment, too much caffeine and rushing) then it just drops back to normal. I am wishing him good health and success with his interview.

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JILLIANPRNCSS 1/13/2012 7:56AM

    One step closer to the States

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JAKENSAMSMOM 1/13/2012 5:46AM

    lad to here things are moving and husband is ok!!!

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RUN2BEFREE 1/12/2012 9:20PM

    Good news!

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PSALM42 1/12/2012 4:53PM

    woo hoo! i love good news!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 1/12/2012 4:15PM

    Very happy for you!

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MICHSTATE 1/12/2012 3:25PM

    Yay for normal BP!!!!!

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LAURIE5658 1/12/2012 3:15PM



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RUNTRILAUGH 1/12/2012 3:12PM


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SMILESRME 1/12/2012 2:52PM

    Wow! The BP numbers were scary indeed! So thankful that they came down to a more normal, healthy number; darn that "white coat" syndrome. Blessings on the immigration process for him too.

Julia : )

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SEEAMANDARUN 1/12/2012 2:29PM

    Glad your hubby is OK and that everything is moving along for you!

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