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HELP!!! Running inspiration needed!!!!!!!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Ok, Spark-runners, big confession here.... I am REALLY not motivated to run lately. REALLY not. I just don't WANNA!

Great thing is that I set a yearly goal of 1,200 miles, & in the past week, have passed that!! I am now at 1,208 miles for 2011!! Plus, I have been really regular about running, even though my mileage is much lower than before my marathon in October.

It's just that it lacks pizazz. I am constantly fighting with myself, fighting that voice in my head that just doesn't want to go, fighting that urge to make every excuse in the world why I just can't get that run in.

I think a lot of it is that we are going through a very difficult time right now. Very difficult. Financially and emotionally, mostly. Christmas is going to be very slim this year, which I am really ok with. But my husband's job change hit us harder financially than we anticipated (we were already having a tough time), and THEN we had several large unexpected bills hit us. Plus, I am super homesick. I am so ready to come back to the States. I really enjoyed my time living here in Germany, but I am just done with it. And then there is the stress of trying to sell the house. And there are days I really have a difficult time dealing with being here....

Anyway, I am not meaning to complain, but I feel like these difficult times are dampering my desire to run. It's weird - it should be the other way around. The difficult times should make me WANNA get out there and blow off some steam, relieve some stress, boost my mood.

I have a 10K in about a week, and after that, I have no racing plans... partly because I don't know what we are going to be doing in the next few months (given that we are trying to move), and partly because we are so broke, I have cut out racing a lot. But I think I should just find a small cheap race, like a half marathon, to train for. Maybe that would give me a boost...

Of course, it would be SOOOO much better to have SOMEONE to run it with!! Can't wait until we are in the States, when I can hook up with some of you other runners!!!

Anyway, just needed to vent a little today.... Any words of encouragement would be great. Thanks, Spark Peeps.

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MARLIMOO 12/8/2011 2:01PM

    I know it gets tough - especially with stress. Running though sometimes helps me get through that other stuff. I am up to over 1600 miles run. Don't think it will get much higher since I am sort of injured and forcing myself to NOT run in order to heal and be ready for next year. How did the Oct marathon go?

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LAUROCHKA 12/7/2011 4:58AM

    Hey chick!

I've been rubbish at exercise recently so probably not the best source of inspiration but I always try and think how good I feel afterwards!

Hopefully you'll get to do as much or as little running as you feel like.

Sending you happy, feel good wishes!

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HEIDI-25 12/2/2011 2:46PM

    You have my permission to take a break if that is what you think you need. Just because you are a runner does not mean that you have to do one thing only. You have lots of reasons why which are all valid not to run. You might ask yourself what you want to do and then move forward on that. Running is great but not if you don't feel like it. Are there other things that you would rather do? Would a brisk walk with a friend be better? You could talk and walk at the same time.
Good luck to you in selling your home. I hope that the stresses of life lesson for you soon.

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FREDANN 12/2/2011 10:31AM

    I understand so much!! Been there, done that!! You are going through so much right now, it's a bit normal that you feel unmotivated. Especially if your goal for this year is already met. Why don't you set a running goal for December, like run x number of miles this month. Maybe that will give you some motivation.
Also try to remember the reasons why you like running so much and how good you feel after your run. Then just put your shoes on and GO! Don't overthink the rest too much. I know it's hard, but I find when I'm out there running I forget about everything else. Sure the problems are still there when I come back, but at least I was able to clear my head while running and everything else seems easier to deal with afterwards.
You already have so much to deal with, don't add the burden of procrastination on top of everything else. You know running is good for you, you know you love it, you know it makes you feel awesome, heck you logged some awesome mileage this year! So JUST DO IT, put your shoes on and GO! You will feel better afterwards, you know it!!
Good luck my dear, don't give up on such an amazing thing, do it for you and only you!

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RUNNERGURL61 12/2/2011 8:27AM

    I so get it! I have issues with motivation at times as well - ESPECIALLY when I'm stressed. And that's when we need to run the most.

When I am feeling unmotivated, I tell myself, "Just 10 minutes. You only have to go out the door and run for 10 minutes". Once I get out there, I'm ok. I mean, heck, who wants to get all sweaty and have to wash your hair for just 10 minutes?

I also remind myself I GET to run, not I HAVE to run. So many people would give ANYTHING to be able to do what we do. We are blessed.

Hang in there, it WILL get better. And write again if you need encouragement - this is a GREAT place to find it!!


aka Runnergurl61

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TWINSMOMMY607 12/2/2011 8:27AM

I hear you. This time of year is really hard since it starts getting cold. I find that once I push myself and I can get that voice to shut up after the first 5 minutes I feel soooo much better!

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SUGIRL06 12/2/2011 7:43AM

    I know how you feel!!! I think I could have written this blog about being stressed and not having a running buddy and not ever wanting to go run. And I have my first full marathon in March!!! So I guess I don't really have any advice. Lately, I've just been making myself get out the door but it hasn't been going well. I want to say thanks for posting this though and I'm going to go see what everyone else said to try.

Oh the one thing that does help me when I'm in a slump is to find a new running route. At least you have something new to look at!

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MAGGIE101857 12/2/2011 7:06AM

    The hoidays do make it tough and being away from home, no matter how much you might love where you are, takes an emotional toll! Good for you for venting!!! It's nice to be able to blow off steam with your fellow Sparkers!

Where are you going to live when you come back to the States? Do you know yet? Hopefully your house will sell quickly, and things will start to settle down. Try not to worry so much about Christmas gifts - it's okay to simplify! My daughter and her husband are in the process of selling/buying/closing the week before and after Christmas, so we have decided to postpone any gifts until next year (and maybe just take a simple vacation together!) My son is hoping to enlist in January (he still has a little weight to lose before he is eligible), so we are trying to figure out something he could use knowing he may be "in the Army" in 2012. Of course, my youngest daughter has a list a mile long!!!

Try and get out for a walk today - the fresh air will help to clear your head! You will run again before long - you are awesome!!!

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JAKENSAMSMOM 12/2/2011 6:22AM

    I'm going through the same thing! My longest run since my October marathon has been 9 miles! I'd like to register for my next race but would rather spend the $100 bucks on the kids for Xmas. I've been trying to brainstorm on how I can make some bucks running. I thought maybe people might want a dog runner instead of a dog walker. Gonna focus on running be a gift to myself! Time focused on ME! Hopefully you'll have time to give yourself the gift of running! Keep Stepping!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 12/2/2011 6:20AM

    I am more motivated with races on the calendar. I eat better and run more; however, I also run only a few times a week. There have been times where I only ran one time the week before a race and that was honestly to see if I could still run the distance.

I really listen to my body. If I don't wanna go I don't force myself. There is nothing worse than pushing to find out that I am more miserable than before I started.

I would wait it out. Your post the other day about taking your kids out in the stroller was so cute:) Maybe you could just take them for a walk and see what happens:)

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ORGANIC811LFRV 12/2/2011 5:28AM

    Believe it or not it is quite normal to stop what is benefiting us when things are rocky. Kind of like a punishment. Afterall you are getting health/fitness/weight management results running right? It is a personal goal that you feel proud of, right?

You are going through a lot right now. Take a good hard look...when aren't you? When is our lives perfect so that we can take care of ourselves without feeling we are taking away from resolving problems when actually are there for good lessons just the way they are?

I'd say pull yourself out of the pit and go out and run your a$$ off with abandonment! Throw caution to the wind! Let the problems be! Don't make them into mountains. Life is not meant to be without them.



S.: I am NOT a runner---I am a long-distance walker that needed the inspiration to start training this morning. YOU were my inspiration. Thanks!

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WMS Challenge (Wk 4, but no pics)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here's some VERY MOTIVATIONAL truth for you all this week:

It WILL be worth it!!

Sorry, ya'll, I just didn't get around to take pics over the weekend, so I will wait until later this week when I post Wk 5.

However, that doesn't mean that I am not ON A ROLL!! 4 weeks ago today, I weighed in at 136.2 lbs. Yesterday? 131.2 lbs. Hey, it's not super fast, but it's a definite improvement, and I am feeling more and more "on track" as I go!! Slow & steady is the key.

I have really gotten on the ball with the food tracking this week. It hasn't been easy. Sometimes, I eat and forget to weigh or measure my food. It takes a lot of thought and effort to get back into the habit, but the RESULTS are definitely worth the extra effort.

My exercise is going good. I am feeling really unmotivated to run. Sadly, it's true. I love running, but my mind is on so many other things right now, and I have been a bit down in spirits about some things, & that seems to damper my desire to run. But I just keep getting out there even though sometimes I really don't want to. I have a 10 K race in a week and a half or so, but I need to be thinking about a goal for the early part of next year, just to give me something to work toward. Maybe a half marathon with other Germans here..... I will try to round up some friends to do something with.

But my strength training is picking up!! I have done ST twice a week for the last 4 weeks solid, and am feeling almost back to my old self!! Been packing on the weight, and LOVING my ST sessions again!!

This week, I am going to keep focusing on getting those good tracking habits back, and keeping those calories down.

So that is my Shrinking update!! I'm looking forward to seeing some serious RESULTS this week, and getting those pictures up!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!

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LAUROCHKA 12/7/2011 4:56AM

    Well done Darcy! I'll take some inspiration from you!

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SEEHOLZ 12/1/2011 2:15PM


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MICHSTATE 11/29/2011 9:33AM

    Whoa!!!! 5 pounds in 4 weeks is awesome!!!!!! That is sustainable weight loss!!!! Keep it up!!!!:-)

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MAGGIE101857 11/29/2011 6:39AM

    I need to print off today's blog and post it next to my desk, on my bathroom mirror and everywhere else!!! You are doing everything right - I am loving my running and neglecting my ST. I have completely fallen off the wagon with my water and my tracking!

Small steps ..... emoticon ...I can do this!!! Today I will track my food and water - have a long run scheduled for this morning - and create my ST plan (2 x a week). Thanks for being my motivation this morning!!!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 11/29/2011 6:01AM

    :) Awesome job! Keep it up!!

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    Am grateful for your support today and thank you for sharing. All the best Mark.

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ROCKED this week!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Can someone lose weight during Thanksgiving week?? Is that even possible?? Why yes, someone can, and someone did!! THIS GIRL did!! Monday, I weighed in at 133, and today I weighed 131.2!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!! SWEEET! Been watching those calories, tracking that food, and keeping my regular exercise routine.... It WORKS, people, it really WORKS!


Today was the first house showing!!! I managed to whip my house into shape really nicely, and was super pleased with how all the prep went. I was REALLY panicking on Wednesday, because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it by myself! But I managed, and it wasn't so stressful. The people really liked the house, but didn't say one way or the other whether they were THAT serious. But they said they would call us next week.

After they left, I got a SECOND call on the house! Someone wants to come see it Sunday afternoon!! WOOOHOOOO! For it only being up for 3 days, I think that is AWESOME!

Well, gotta run! Gotta keep this one short, and go hang out with my family!! Happy Black Friday, everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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HOPEFULSWEIGH 11/28/2011 9:58PM

    Great job!!! Exciting news about the house too!!!

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 11/26/2011 5:58PM

    Way to go!!! Keep up the excellent progress!!
Best of luck with the house!

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HOLLYL7 11/26/2011 9:38AM


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WONDERWOMAN 11/25/2011 6:08PM

    WooHoo - losing weight on Thanksgiving week - a major accomplishment. Especially when you add in the house stress. You ARE rocking it!

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MUMMAMICHELLE 11/25/2011 5:57PM

    Great job on the week! I can feel your excitement with all the changes coming in your life!

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JULIA_RUN2SMILE 11/25/2011 2:09PM

    emoticon Great job on tracking and working on such a busy time... The results ( emoticon) and what is to come are surely promising!

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APIRLRAIN888 11/25/2011 2:06PM


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MICHSTATE 11/25/2011 1:56PM

    Good Job!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!:-)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I just got the house THIS MORNING listed on the internet. THIS MORNING, people. And some lady called me this evening! I am shocked off my rocker. She is coming with her husband to look at the house on Friday afternoon.

I'm totally NOT READY, but I don't care. I was NOT expecting anyone to call that quickly. We had the house up for sale for 3 months or so earlier this year with a stupid real estate agent, and didn't get a SINGLE LOOKER!! I knew he was a dud. He didn't do CRAP for us, and was horrible to reach every time we tried to call him. He kept telling us no one wanted to look at the house because it was too far away.

So, we are going it alone this time, no real estate agent. We talked to some friends of ours who sold their house that way, and they sort of know the process. Plus it saves the buyer a chunk of money, since they normally pay the agent's commission here.

Anyway, YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!! I was so excited about having someone come look at the house, I totally ROCKED IT OUT at BodyPump tonight!! I packed on that weight, and PUMPED HARD! LOL It felt AWESOME!!!

Here's my house:

Just in case someone might be interested in a house here in Germany! =)

Spark on, Spark People!!

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MAGGIE101857 11/24/2011 8:46AM

    Hope it goes well! Where in Germany are you?

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ARGYLE-RUNNER 11/23/2011 4:56PM

    beautiful house, you should have not problems selling it :)

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APIRLRAIN888 11/23/2011 4:49PM

    Looks great for showing!!!!! Good luck

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PRINCESSBEITER 11/23/2011 4:46PM

    I don't really need a house in Germany, but it IS nice. Maybe you'll get lucky and sell it. I know houses here take a couple of years to sell.

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 11/23/2011 4:13PM

    Beautiful home!! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

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Gettin' this ball rollin'!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This week is just starting out GREAT!! Eating better, tracking my food, got some healthy YUMMY recipes planned for the next few days, and I am even FEELING slimmer in my clothes! Love that feeling! Of course, feelings can be a little deceiving at times, so we will see come my weigh-in and photo time. Looking forward to seeing some CHANGES!

I know most of my goals this week were really no-brainers when it comes to weightloss, but they are certainly things I have lost my grip on within the last couple of months. Baby steps, just taking baby steps. Gonna get those good habits back! My salad topped with grilled chicken today tasted AWESOME! Eating healthy really does feel good!

Also, I thought of another non-scale -
I've been staying away from the Torte and cake @ work on Sundays!! Earlier this year, I started working at a little cafe in my German village here just on Sunday afternoons - not exactly the best thing for my waistline! emoticon They always urge us to eat a slice of Torte (creamy layered dessert that looks like cake) during our break. Not to mention, take home anything that is leftover. At first, I had a hard time resisting, but I have been really sticking to saying "NO, thanks" lately! I was pretty proud of myself making it through this last Sunday without eating any cake whatsoever!! Instead, I had a slice of whole grain bread with cheese for my snack during break... Funny that eating that makes me feel much better physically afterwards than eating cake or Torte does. Gotta keep building up that resistance!! emoticon

That's all for today, Spark Folks!! Keep fighting for those healthy habits, Sparkers!!

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ONESTUBBORNTART 11/23/2011 11:52AM

    Cake is my vice too, so I can relate! WTG on resisting temptation! emoticon

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MARATHON_MOM 11/23/2011 6:12AM

    I know how difficult it is to resist that kind of sugary goodness. I used to work at a bakery here in town, and when there were doughnuts left at the end of the day, we got to take them home... not to mention the cookies that were always readily available. Gheesh!!

I have had a BAD couple of days food-wise... so I am taking a cue from you, and getting myself back on track!

Great job, Darcy!

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MICHSTATE 11/22/2011 1:41PM

    Oh geez!!! That would be hard to resist!!! Good job!!!! I am finding that the more I resist junk food, it is getting easier!!! Yay!!!!:-)

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APIRLRAIN888 11/22/2011 12:09PM

    Heck ya!!! On a roll

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ROCKINMOM77 11/22/2011 12:06PM

    Yeah for baby steps, every lil step counts!! emoticon emoticon keep it up!! emoticon

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 11/22/2011 11:59AM

    :) Great job with your progress! Keep it up!!

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RUNTRILAUGH 11/22/2011 10:40AM

    I bet that is hard to resist, but great job!!!!!!!!!

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CASILAYNE 11/22/2011 10:20AM

    Great job on staying strong! It must be crazy trying to resist that temptation, but I'm so proud of you for being able to do so!

Eating better makes me feel so much better as well. I feel like I have a supernatural energy from the good foods. And I just want to curl up on the couch after a fatty meal.

Have a great Thanksgiving week! :)

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SEEHOLZ 11/22/2011 9:53AM


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