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What a busy week!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friday was Justin's Middle School Graduation. We got there on time and found a seat on the bleachers. The bleachers were packed with family and friends. The 8th graders made their way on the Track and we all went crazy screaming and clapping. It was time for the awards ceremony so we sat there and listened. Justin got the DAR Award, Education in Excellence Award, Social Studies Award, Technologies Award and his diploma. Danny leaned over and whispered in my ear "You did not tell me he was getting all these awards!!" I looked at him and said I did not know!!! As they were leaving the field we looked down at Justin wearing his aviator shades smiling from ear to ear!! How awesome is that!! We are all so proud of him and his accomplishments.

Justin walking on the field for Middle School Graduation

Monday was Danny's High School Graduation. My Mom and Dad came down and of course they ran very early. We got to the field early but I did not care, we were all together and that was all that mattered. Danny came down for some pictures with his cap and gown and it hit me. WOW this is really happening!!! He looked so grown up and so very happy!! He made his way out the field smiling from ear to ear which spoke volumes to me. Mom cried and of course I followed. I looked around as there were no dry eye on that Field. So happy and proud of Danny and what a fine young man he has become.

Here is Danny walking out for his High School Graduation

Between all this excitement we had the Chief's Challenge 5K on Sunday. Every year we have competed in this race we have had a lot of fun. This year was my fourth race and I had a blast. All the local residents just come out and compete and cheer each other on. The gun went off and I kept focused. I jogged then I would walk at a fast pace. The hills for me are still a challenge. Here in this town there are plenty of hills!!! I made it to the Track to jog my final lap. Justin ran to me and started yelling my time. I told him to please be quiet. I don't want to know. I did not want to stress myself out!! I kept focused and jogged. Everyone was busy talking at the end of the Track including my Hubby. He looked at me and then looked at the timer and was totally shocked. He jogged to the finish line. I looked up at the timer and could not believe it. I crossed, Hubby hugged me and told me how very proud he was of me. My goal was to up my pace, shave off a minute or two and I would be happy. Last year's time was 58:01/18:42 mi - This year's time ...... drum-roll ........ 53:39/17:18 mi. I accomplished my goal!!

When you say you can't do it. Just think of me coming in last again but improving my time. All that hard work is really paying off. Now go out there and join me!!!


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GRLTAZ 6/28/2014 10:09AM

    Wow ! So many blessings. Be proud.

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TROOPER1961 6/26/2014 6:01PM

    Congrats GF!! Great job on shaving off all those extra minutes, you are a whirlwind now!! I know I keep telling u but every once in a while is goood to read it again,,,,, so incredibly proud of you!!

Congrats to your boys also woohoo for Justin and his awards!!

luv ya lots and lots!! emoticon

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LISA579 6/26/2014 4:06PM

    Congrats Moni...your kids look great, Congrats on the 5 k thats amazing

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HOPEFULHIPPO 6/26/2014 1:38PM

    I LOVE this blog! so much excitement all the way around

congrats on it all...the graduations, the time! all of it.. :o)

so awesome


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RAINBOWFALLS 6/26/2014 10:35AM

    emoticon job for everyone!

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AUNTRENEE 6/26/2014 10:29AM

    Great job in beating your time. That had to felt great. I need to test myself on the mile because when I was in high school it took me 30 to 40 minutes to do the mile and I was walking. That was 4 laps around the track at our school. At that time I weighed 275 pounds my senior year (1996/1997 school year). I might of beat it this time. I don't know. Can't hurt to check.

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Another Walk/Jog = 6.48 Miles!!!

Monday, June 02, 2014

Hey all!! Hope all is well!!!

I can't believe it!! I took a walk/jog yesterday. When I got close to home I looked at my Fitbit - 6.48 Miles!!! My legs felt like lead but it felt great. Justin was getting worried Mom was gone for a long time. I told him where I went and his mouth dropped. I figured I have to kick-it-up a notch to get rid of these last pesky 20 pounds. My doctor and I want it gone for GOOD!! I figured you can't make progress doing the same thing over and over again. You have to change and see where it takes you. So now I am going to see where it takes me!!!

Just got some great news!! Daniel (1st born) it going off to college in September. We have been waiting for word on a scholarship he applied for. He got it!! Some money going towards tuition is a welcome help. I kept re-reading the letter. He will be getting funds for his four year college career!! I am just so happy right now I could do the happy dance!!! On that note I think I am going to dance all day with tears of joy!!


In case you did not see the new picture of my boys!! Here is Justin at the 8th Grade Academic Bowl and Daniel in his tux for his Senior Prom!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BIGPAWSUP 6/25/2014 6:28PM


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SMERKLINGER 6/5/2014 4:12PM

    That's so awesome - they are so handsome!!!

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TROOPER1961 6/3/2014 7:16PM

    Such handsome boys Gf!! That is great news!! WTG on the 6.48 miles and think of all those extra steps u will get doing that Happy dance!! emoticon

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GRLTAZ 6/2/2014 4:18PM

    Wonderful ! All good news and NSV !

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BIGPAWSUP 6/2/2014 2:48PM

    Awesome on all accounts

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KELLIEBEAN 6/2/2014 12:12PM

    YAY on all counts! Good looking boys. You must be so proud.

I like your mindset. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got. I forgot who said that but so true!


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TKTMTA 6/2/2014 11:21AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Happy Monday!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

We have been busy running around. Danny signed his letter on intent with his choice of college. Time is flying by so fast!!! I remember his first day of pre-school and kindergarten. I remember it like it was yesterday!!!

Justin had his Track Meet yesterday. He came in at 3:02 in the 800. I was so proud of him!! He has such awesome form too!!! He is becoming a great runner.

We are also training for a 5K coming up May 10th. It makes me nervous with all of us on the roads with roads filled with grit and the crazy drivers. So on Friday I ordered Road ID's. I can't wait for them to come in so I can have a little bit of comfort. Here is a link if you are interested!!

Yesterday I asked my Hubby where I should go for my walk/jog. He said go here, then go there and then do this loop up this hill and then head back to home. I looked at him laughed and said are you trying to kill me??? He said No just trying to get you ready for the race. Well, the old me would have said forget about it!! The new me says "Bring it" Well, I did it. I also clocked in a little of 6 miles with lots of hills!!! I got back totally exhausted which felt great.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Take care,

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IMGLAMRUS 5/3/2014 9:24PM


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GRLTAZ 5/1/2014 4:44PM

    Moni.... emoticon emoticon emoticon JOB !!

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STARLITNIGHT 4/28/2014 12:41PM

    Wow Moni that is Awesome, what a great place to be in now. You can do it, you have your target in sight!

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BUTTERFLY-1976 4/28/2014 11:51AM

    That's awesome news all around!!
I've got a Road's a REALLY good thing to wear as I run on my own.

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    Keep your eyes on the prize and success will be yours

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

emoticon Until Tomorrow!

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MAGIK0731 4/28/2014 9:53AM

    Congrats to you and your sons!

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BIGPAWSUP 4/28/2014 9:52AM

    Congrats you and you boys!

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GEORGE815 4/28/2014 9:48AM

    You must be so proud of your son!

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Another 5K in May and Busy Weekend!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Well, it is official.. I have just sent my whole family's registration for a 5K on May 10th. Now if only the roads would get clear so I can start training than I would feel better about the race. I NEED to get my rear in gear!!!

Tomorrow is our eldest son's college visit. We will be going to discuss financial aid and housing etc. While Danny will be enjoying "The Day in the Life Of!" He will actually take part in mock classes to get a feel of college life. WOW, time is really marching on. Now if only he would relax and calm down so he will enjoy it instead of being so scared. He is getting me nervous with him!!!

Then on Sunday is my Hubby's 50th Birthday!! WOO-HOO!! I am having a surprise dinner out at a local restaurant so hopefully he will enjoy it. I need to figure out how to hide a birthday cake so he doesn't find it!! You know these minor details!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and have some fun too!!


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SOON2BCOURTNEY 3/30/2014 11:06PM

    Sounds like you have a lot of positive and excited ing things going on in your life. Hope the weather clears up so you can start training, enjoy your visit to your son's future college, hope you all have a blast at the surprise party.

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GRLTAZ 3/29/2014 9:56PM

    Sure hope your surprise goes off without a hitch and Congrats on taking on a 5K !

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REBBUL67 3/29/2014 3:37PM

    I am excited for you! A emoticon with the family would be fun!
I hope your husband enjoys his surprise birthday party. emoticon
Have a great weekend!

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HOPEFULHIPPO 3/28/2014 10:16PM

    I can't wait...we're going to SoCal to take my middle one to visit a college/university. so stoked...

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KELLIEBEAN 3/28/2014 9:39PM

    What a weekend!

I hope the surprise goes well and everyone has a great!

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BIGPAWSUP 3/28/2014 7:41PM

    Sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy!

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144AUTUMN 3/28/2014 7:34PM

  keep up the good work!!

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Six Month Dr. Check Up!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I was in shock when I got the call from my Dr.'s office saying I was due for my 6 month check up. Well, today I take care of myself so I made an appointment as soon as I was available. I saw my doctor yesterday and that voice inside my head went in overload. I was waiting for her to start bashing me on my weight. Well, she proceeded to go over my medicines and ask if I was OK. I told her I was OK other than going thru the worst winter ever. She looked at my weight and said she was very pleased that I maintained my weight. She said she has many patients who put on a lot of weight this winter and I should be proud of myself on how well I did. I just said "thank you, it was not easy!!" I told her I have 5K's in May, June, September and October this year that I have to get ready for. She was impressed and then proceeded to give me a full physical.

Now for the help of my Spark buddies. She wants me lose the last 15 lbs. and then my low dose blood pressure meds would be history. I need your help and support because they are the most stubborn pounds on my body. They just won't budge!!! HELP!!!

Thank you for the continued support,

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GRLTAZ 3/29/2014 9:59PM

    Awesome news ! Whoo hoo !!

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MENNOLY 3/28/2014 6:53PM

    You can do it! emoticon

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SOON2BCOURTNEY 3/28/2014 10:12AM

    Congrats on your great checkup!

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BIGPAWSUP 3/28/2014 7:59AM

    Awesome job. You will get those last few pounds, just keep pushing.

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BSTMAMAS 3/27/2014 7:54PM

    That's great news. You will get there!!

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STARLITNIGHT 3/27/2014 7:01PM

    Nice! Do not Worry, I saw were Sheryl has a little man with a whip Emoticon. Fear the Black Panther Whip, You are on the right team to get the job done! Kat emoticon

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TROOPER1961 3/27/2014 6:58PM

    emoticon Congrats Gf on the great checkup!!! You are doing awesome but I knew you would! emoticon

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 3/27/2014 5:49PM


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