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1 week into getting back on track

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's been 1 week now I have started in earnest.

It's like coming off the motorway and suddenly realizing how fast you were going.

I was eating mindlessly day in and day out - and it seems like time flies with it when you do that. Now that I'm watching my eating habits again, it does feel like each day has slowed down, waiting for my next meal to come.

Sometimes i just feel the need to eat for no reason - No idea why. But when I'm done, it's the worst feeling ever.

Keeping within the goal calories is great - that's usually a brilliant day, but if the next day is a slip up, and then the next, then the next, then the next it feels like I'm going backwards.

I think being off the healthy eating has been letting old habits creep I need to eradicate those again.

It's now my 2nd year at Sparkpeople - and I can honestly say, it has taken some of the stress and worry out of my weight management.

The stress of trying a new diet, wondering if it will work, finding new willpower and trying to come back after a relapse, is now gone.

I know what I'm doing, I'm sure of it, it works, just need to get down to it now.

So motivation and commitment are the only things I need.

Next time I reach for an unneeded snack I will ask myself... "What's eating me?"

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NEWMEISHERE 10/3/2014 5:03AM

    I'm the same here trying to get back on track and think about what I put into my mouth rather than just grabbing the first thing available. . . . . . Good luck!

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BLUEJEANS27 9/27/2014 7:42AM

    And as you're reaching for that snack, remember what you just wrote: "when I'm done, it's the worst feeling ever."



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New Motivation

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I've had a rough time and plenty of binge time due to exam and assignment stress. It's like I need it to calm down when studying or preparing for exams.

I understand a little is fine, but I go overboard.

I need to stop - because now it's almost over and I need to concentrate on healthy eating.

This is because i'm starting to get headaches from overeating. I can't cope - feeling unwell. So obviously I need to think about this as it will affect studying too.

What I need is a fresh start - right from the very beginning.

Just do what I normally do - try to be inventive and creative with food and always keep a treat for the end of the day which has always worked wonders.

Steps to remember:

1. Drink Water before meals and after.
2. Plan what to eat.
3. Track
4. Keep a reward for the end of the day.

Calories - 1200-1300

Shopping list:

Sitr fry veg
wholemeal bread



Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm noticing that I'm checking my waist measurements every day and they are not changing at all.

I am concerned, but shouldn't really be as I did have a couple of slip ups and officially restarted yesterday.

It's so important to be precise with the counting of calories - it really does make a whole world of difference no matter how active you are. Also time of month is upon me and I'm telling myself it will show after this anyway so keep going.

I also have some gum inflammation on one side due to a wisdom tooth coming through which is very painful. Stuck eating soft foods as I can't chew. Not good when you're trying to lose.

So I'm eating porridge, oatibix etc for breakfast, fish pies, soups and such for dinner and lunch.

Hopefully with a bit of extra determination I will lose an inch around my waist - which is my goal. Not far to go, but so far still.

Even though it's only 1 inch from everywhere I need to lose, I am feeling like I've gone way beyond my comfort zone and am feeling chubby. 1 inch shouldn't make such a difference - but it does.


Painful start

Monday, May 19, 2014

While knowing things don't get back to normal overnight - I have realized my smaller portions are starting to satisfy me again - in contrast to a few weeks ago when I started to get back on track and I felt like I was eating "tiny" portions. In reality that's what you convince yourself to think because you've constantly overeaten and expanded your stomach.

While today is day 5 - I can't see any visible difference (slimmer face, looser clothes, anything!) even though I've not passed my target calorie range at all - and have been physically active - informally e.g. walking lots, housework, rigorous stuff etc.

But I am telling myself....well it always starts like this - you feel the sharp pinch, things are tough - but your perseverance makes it easier. And just cos you don't see results doesn't mean you should throw the towel - when you start again it'll be far worse.

In any case, I feel quite proud for getting back on track and doing it right. I have had no slip ups or cheats so I am feeling confident.

Hopefully with formal exercise back into the mix it'll start shedding again... I've gained 2 spare tyres! I have to get rid of them.

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RUBYREDIVY1 5/20/2014 5:25PM

    JLHodkinson - that's actually a brilliant way of looking at it - I am quite biased in this sense - being good deserves quick results - while the fact that it took 2.5 months of bad eating to gain 5kg isn't considered - that's actually quite slow for me, because before it used to be a lot LOT quicker.

So yes, good point - now that the worst is over - I am feeling less hungry and my body is adjusting. I'm glad with that, the results will follow soon.

Thanks to everyone for their comments - every bit helps!

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PRINCESS_SOFI 5/19/2014 9:38AM


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VIADOLOROSA 5/19/2014 8:38AM

    emoticon emoticon

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ALEXTHEHUN 5/19/2014 8:31AM

    Small, incremental changes are really the best we can expect - no matter how much we'd prefer things to be instantaneous.

I'm glad you've made the beginning - that's really one of the hardest parts.

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JLHODKINSON 5/19/2014 8:23AM

    What an awesome start! Remember, it took more than 5 days to notice a difference in your body when you gained weight, too! That always helps me put things in perspective.

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Enough is Enough!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I've had it.

All these failed starts... I'm going to be back where I was 2 years ago if i don't stop now.

I have to take it seriously.

I'm going back to basics now.

Counting and exercise.

Going back to:

*Drinking a glass of water before each meal - as my portions have gone up recently - to counteract this.

*Counting meticulously

*Planning ahead

*exercising 10 minutes a day at least - if not more

*Watching balance of protein, carbs and fats

*Enjoying a reasonable treat at the end of each day

*Keeping busy

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RUBYREDIVY1 5/19/2014 8:21AM

    Thanks Princess_Sofi! I'll try to prod you and you prod me ;)

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PRINCESS_SOFI 5/15/2014 9:08AM

    I just finally had enough too this Monday. Let's keep each other accountable! emoticon

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TCANNO 5/15/2014 5:59AM

    You have your mind in the right place to do this, good luck

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TRYINGHARD54 5/15/2014 5:55AM

    Good luck, you can do it. :-)

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