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Back From Jamaica...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My husband and I went to Jamaica last week. At first we stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid. It is attached to Secret St James (you can venture around both while you are there). We were at Secrets last year when Hurricane Sandy hit so we got to go back for free :)

I ran every day (around and around the complex). I also enjoyed strength training at the gym and a back massage at the spa -- aahhh.

Here is a picture of part of my run:

Here is a picture of part of their beautiful beach (my husband and I enjoyed sitting in the chairs!):

Four days later, and after our free days were used up, we hopped in a taxi and went to check out the new Iberostar. It took a day to switch gears - Secrets is a couples/adult resort and Iberostar included families, reunions, etc. All of the Secrets restaurants have outdoor seating, Iberostar does not. A plus for Iberostar is that it has more activities. My husband and I took advantage of it, and participated in beach volleyball, yoga, pilates and stretch class. I also enjoyed aquasize. This worked out great for me and for my Shooting Stars team! I racked up a lot of exercise minutes. Iberostar consists of three hotels, so my run was a lot longer as well. (2 mile loop). And, I got to run on the beach!

I did not eat a lot of foods that I would have if I wasn't in the 5% challenge and tracking all of my food! I did eat more than I did the week before when I lost weight. I admit, it is very hard to do at an all-inclusive. Both resorts did supply scales in the hotel rooms so I weighed myself 4 times during the week. I ended up gaining 2 pounds in the first part of my week vacation. I went smaller on my portion sizes, cut out the frozen drinks and switched to SpecialK for breakfast. I stayed at that weight the rest of the time. I was happy with that...It could have been a lot worse!

Here is a picture of a rainbow I took from our balcony:

View from our balcony when we arrived:

Caprese (Isn't it pretty?):

Our favorite swing on our balcony:

Reggae Night:

Part of my running path:

Our favorite lounge chairs by the pool:

Romantic Bath (courtesy of our "butler"):

This vacation was a nice combination of R&R, fitness, good food, and time away with my hubby. He ended up loving yoga, and now wants to go to Kripula with me! (Kripula is a yoga destination in Massachusetts).

I hope you all have a fantastic week!


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KAREN_NY 11/3/2013 6:27PM

    You're going to Kripalu? cool!! one of my friends is a yoga teacher who did a lot of his early teaching hours there. quite a place! he says be careful though... so many different opinions there, that it helps to know your body, be able to tell if someone is telling you something not right for you. he says that other than that, it was a fantastic experience. :)

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5BADDOGS 11/3/2013 10:54AM

    That looks like an AWESOME vacation! I just love the Caribbean - that warm, bright aqua, crystal clear water has spoiled our DE beaches for me forever!

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KRISZTA11 11/1/2013 12:29PM

    I'm glad you had so much fun!
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

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SHARON10002 10/30/2013 5:07PM

    emoticon Thanks for participating in all those fun sports and activities while you were on vacation! Two Thumbs Up emoticon emoticon emoticonfor keeping those pounds off! You deserve a medal for that alone! emoticon
That bath look heavenly! You had a butler?! emoticon Wow!
Your pictures are beautiful! Reminds me of my vacation at Atlantis a couple of years ago.

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CYCLINGSANDY 10/30/2013 2:48PM

    I loved your pictures. I am glad you were blessed with this respite during the school year. I am certain that you needed it too.

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SPAMUNDY 10/30/2013 8:48AM

    Congrats on keeping up the fitness while on vacation. The Stars thank you!

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SABLENESS 10/29/2013 10:00PM

    Awesome! Love the romantic bath!

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_RAEVEN_ 10/29/2013 8:46PM

    Welcome back!!!
What an absolutely beautiful place you visited. I would have hated to come home. emoticon

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STEPBYSTEP1955 10/28/2013 3:08PM

    I am glad you had a great time in Jamaica and despite having such fun you kept up with your healthy lifestyle goals. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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EDENZMOM 10/28/2013 8:55AM

    So wonderful that you were able to get away together. Looks like a beautiful time and motivating run!
Glad you had a fantastic time :)

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INFLATED 10/28/2013 1:31AM

    I am so happy for you. I think you both needed some alone time and this place looks so pretty. I would probably have fallen down while running because of gawking at the scenery, lol!

Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

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HELEN_BRU 10/27/2013 9:36PM

    What a lovely getaway!

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 10/27/2013 8:13PM

    What a fabulous week -- you deserve it, and more!

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KIWIANN 10/27/2013 5:54PM

    Looks like you had a fabulous vacation!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!! emoticon

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STRONGERLEANER 10/27/2013 5:44PM

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful getaway!

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COFFEELS 10/27/2013 5:37PM

    emoticon Sounds like a great vacation and great job tracking your food! emoticon emoticon

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A Japanese Restaurant Jamaican Style...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My husband and I dined at a "Japanese" restaurant in Jamaica. Here is a sample of the entertainment - are you coordinated enough to do this?

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INFLATED 10/28/2013 1:34AM

    No, I can't flip food in a frying pan either.

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SCOTTYP65 10/27/2013 10:46PM

    Nope, I wouldn't even try......but is sure is nice to know that someone can!

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SPARKLED146 10/27/2013 7:33PM

    good entertainment! emoticon

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STR458 10/27/2013 6:31PM


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Hump Day !!! ...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Calories Consumed: 1167
Fitness Minutes: 30

Half way through the work week! Yes!!

I had to go into work real early again this morning. One of my manager's came into my office - shared an employee problem. We spent all morning interviewing one employee, then counseling the next one. Somehow I still managed to get done what I needed to and got out for the day at 1:40. My husband and I meet with an Eating Disorder therapist every other Wednesday at 2 concerning our son. My son goes to another one in the same practice. We basically tell her what my son is doing and she explains the odd madness to it all. The visits give us self confidence in our decisions.

After the appointment, my husband headed back to work. I decided I did enough work for the day and headed home. I took the dogs for a long walk and talked to some neighbors. I edited my Sparkpage and caught up with my
Mom via telephone. My parents are still stuck in California trying to help my brother with his kids. A book could be written about his divorce/custody issues. His ex-wife has now been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissim, Schizaphrenia, and other stuff. My parents may be stuck out there for two years. So, my Mom unloads on me. I don't talk about my sick son, she has way too much on her plate already! Needless to say, 2013 has not been good for my family!

I kept on track again today. My husband invited me to go to the Greene Turtle Restaurant with him and his best friend. I said "no thanks" and ate dinner at home. Next week we will be in Jamaica. It is an all-inclusive. I am going to have to really watch my portions, skip desserts and alcoholic beverages! I will be running everyday and take advantage of their fitness activities. I am on a roll and don't want to go backwards.

I hope you are having a fantastic week!


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CYCLINGSANDY 10/19/2013 2:57AM

    I am hoping you will have a renewing weekend. I have a brother much like your's in California. My parents moved to be by him too, as he needed help since he has custody of his four girls. My mother is still there. I know it is hard to not want to give our mothers more, but it also hurst because we need the "mothering" still too even we were are grown up.

You need this upcoming aviation, so enjoy it in moderation. You will get on track when you return. emoticon

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KAREN_NY 10/18/2013 11:53AM

    How does that poem go? "Donít let your sorrows drown you. Use them to deepen you, humble and soften you. Use them to build your empathy and compassion for the world."

Easier said than done, but it sounds like your family is blessed with grace and loyalty to each other.

Love your plan - I'd put the priority on enjoying Jamaica too!

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KIWIANN 10/17/2013 8:53AM

    Your family certainly has a large share of burdens, but you seem to be doing well staying positive in the midst of it all. Keep moving forward, and enjoy every minute of your vacation!! emoticon

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KELLYSWIMS12 10/17/2013 6:42AM

    Wow you've got a lot on your plate! Hopefully Jamaica will be amazing and bring you some inner peace with all the commotion going on around you! Happy hump day!!


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SUNSHINE20113 10/17/2013 2:53AM

    emoticon I noticed your hump day blog as soon as I woke up!! Funny. A trip to Jamaica sounds amazing, especially as Winter draws near.

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YIWEN39 10/17/2013 2:42AM

    Let's hope you can relax deep and good in Jamaica emoticon
Have a great trip!

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INFLATED 10/17/2013 1:26AM

    I had to look up the Beach Boys song Kokomo when I read Jamaica. Have fun!


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_RAEVEN_ 10/16/2013 10:37PM

    Jamaica??? How wonderful!!! I hope you have an awesome time.

I hope things work out for your son and the rest of your family. emoticon

Great job staying on track.

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RAPUNZEL53 10/16/2013 8:00PM


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Hanging in There...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Calories Consumed: 1179
Fitness Minutes: 20

Got an early walk in and then went straight to work. Another new computer program -- sat in front of computer all day again - ugh! I will be glad when all new software is set up and running smoothly! I am working too many hours and sitting way too much!
After work I was 45 mins late meeting old neighbors for dinner. They are a couple in their early 80's and are like my husband and I's second set of parents. I did real good at dinner - water, salmon and black beans. I skipped the bread and wine and ice cream! I didn't get home until 9:45 though.

I am chugging along!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

COFFEELS 10/17/2013 12:06PM

    Great job at dinner!!! Keep up the good eating!!! emoticon

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INFLATED 10/16/2013 11:29PM

    You are doing great! I feel odd when I am a guest and they want you to eat things that are high carb/high calorie and want you to try this or that. I usually fail. Stick to your plan. emoticon

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_RAEVEN_ 10/16/2013 10:38PM

You're doing fantastic at staying on track!!!

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SUNSHINE20113 10/16/2013 6:02PM

    It is hump day! Soon it will be the weekend again!!

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KIMPY225 10/16/2013 4:42PM

    Great job making good choices at the dinner!
Sorry you are stuck at the computer. That is where I am most of the day, unfortunately!

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KIWIANN 10/16/2013 9:59AM

    I am impressed with your self-control!! Ice cream is the hardest thing for me to pass up!! Keep chugging, and keep shining!! emoticon emoticon

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EDENZMOM 10/16/2013 7:59AM

    good job on dinner self-control! you're doing great :)

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KRISZTA11 10/16/2013 6:12AM

    You did great again, many days in a row!

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MINDA31807 10/15/2013 11:08PM


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Feeling Better...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Calories Consumed: 1033
Fitness Minutes: 40

I am feeling somewhat better today - I got socked with a nasty stomach bug Saturday night. I stayed on the couch all day Sunday. I hardly ate. Today I took it slow. I still have a headache and am tired. I am happy to get it over with - don't want to ruin my vacation next week.

So, today I had to go to family court as a witness. I thought I would be there all day. I packed my lunch and snack and left them in the car. I planned to go out there during my lunch break. The person made a plea deal and I was at work by 10:30! I ended up getting a lot more done than I thought I was going to! Always a nice feeling!

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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_RAEVEN_ 10/16/2013 10:39PM

    Glad you're feeling better. emoticon

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INFLATED 10/15/2013 1:40PM

    I hope you feel better soon and I am glad you didn't have to spend the day in a court house when you weren't feeling well.

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KIWIANN 10/15/2013 11:27AM

    Glad to hear that you are on the mend!

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KAREN_NY 10/15/2013 11:00AM

    Sweet! Glad you're feeling better!

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KRISZTA11 10/15/2013 6:40AM

    I'm glad you are feeling better!
: )
Finishing early at the court must have been a blessing...

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COFFEELS 10/15/2013 1:03AM

    emoticon emoticon

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 10/14/2013 11:09PM


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SHERYLDS 10/14/2013 8:23PM

    hope you feel better soon

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