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Too Funny...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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RIVADERCHI 6/27/2012 11:21PM

    Ha ha! I'm a cat holic! Have a good day! emoticon

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FITFORMYFAMILY 6/27/2012 10:09AM


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DAZZEEDOO 6/26/2012 9:08PM

    Funny- took me a few minutes to get the word play:]

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Roxy's Yellow Polka Dot Bikini...

Friday, June 22, 2012

My grandmother, who is turning 90 this August, sent Roxy this bikini...

She works out!! :)

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SABLENESS 7/10/2012 7:03PM

    Too cute! What does she think of it?

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INFLATED 7/10/2012 8:10AM


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KAREN_NY 6/28/2012 8:03PM

    "She works out!" :) heeehee how cute!

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RIVADERCHI 6/26/2012 11:09PM

    How funny! Roxy, you rock! emoticon emoticon

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WATCHMEGO! 6/23/2012 9:23AM

    That's very cute!

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WANNABWERNER 6/22/2012 6:13PM

    emoticon bahahahahahahaha!! How stinkin' cute is she!!!

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BLUE42DOWN 6/22/2012 5:17PM


emoticon Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini emoticon

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You have a fun grandma!

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WENDYLEE15 6/22/2012 3:25PM

    SO ADORABLE :) !!

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BJPENNY70 6/22/2012 3:08PM

    Now this is really cute. Thanks for sharing. I love anything dog.

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TUCKERKT 6/22/2012 3:06PM

    LOVE IT!

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USMAWIFE 6/22/2012 3:06PM

    how cute.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, as some of you know, my brother is going through a nasty divorce. He's been married for twenty years. They started discussing it last August and signed papers to separate and start divorce proceedings in April. All was going amicably until mid april when she turned their 14 and 18 year old against him. She is making things up for lots of reasons that I will skip out. My brother came to my house last week (doesn't live near me). He looked awful and is hardly sleeping. He hasn't seen his kids in one month! We talked a lot and I let him do all the talking during our 8 mile run. He is home now and is calling me a lot. It's gotten quite wicked. I don't understand how someone could be married to someone for 20 years and then be so mean.

Anyway, after he left my husband and I visited my parents. We stayed the weekend to participate in a 5k near their house too. My parents are really upset about my brother so that's all we discussed.

This morning I was happy to go to work for a mental break! Then my BFF called and told me her mother is dying and she needs to rush up to Delaware from Texas. I am going to pick her up at the Philadelphia airport and drive her down to lower Delaware later tonight. Around 11 I should be at my parents, stay over and drive up to work in the morning.

Today I also went back to the foot doctor. The bottom of my foot was looking worse. He gave me novacaine and pulled the pin out! It was quite tiny and looked like plastic. It took him no more than 30 secs! I am so relieved that its finally done. So now I am soaking my foot, then I have to pack, eat dinner (nights like this I am glad I still have nutrisystem dinners!) and hit the road in an hour.

Needless to say, I am tired out. As I re-read this, I am going to pack running clothes and run at the beach before going to work. (just re-read this...running sounded good but i forgot about the hole in my foot -- ugh!) My parents are leaving early tomorrow morning to visit my brother for a week so I will get some time there by myself before I go in to work. It may sound selfish but I will need to recharge!!

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KAREN_NY 6/28/2012 8:10PM

    Wow - your family seems to really need you now, so recharging sounds perfectly sensible. I love that your healing has gone so well that you almost forgot about your foot in anticipation of running on the beach.

((HUGS)). Praying for peace at heart for your family.

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INFLATED 6/16/2012 7:36AM

    Our minds need to recharge just as much as our bodies do.

My family compared me to my daughter's mother-in-law and I have been fighting depression over that ever since. Sticks and stones would be better than being broken by words.

I hope your brother doesn't sink into depression. I don't know why, but going through a divorce seems to set off the worst in some couples.
I am glad you were/are there for your brother. Sometimes we just need a sympathetic ear to listen to our problems.

Take care of that foot so it can heal up without problems.

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RIVADERCHI 6/12/2012 12:29AM

    Hi R.M.! Hope you made it safely and will get a good nite's sleep. Man, that is alot of stress and drama to deal with, but I bet you will handle it well. Take it easy on your foot! All you can do is be there and offer a sympathetic ear. As far as your brother's kids--they're old enough to figure out what's going on and I'm sure they will come around. Good luck to all! P.S. Donuts--soul food/heaven on earth. Wish they made a whole wheat one, tho! emoticon emoticon

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    It definitely does not sound selfish to need time to recharge. That's a lot to have to handle. I'm actually amazed you found time to blog in the midst of such a crazy day! I feel very sad for your brother and his family, and hope that your parents' visit will be helpful for him.

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Univ of Delaware Alumni 5K Review with Mascot Pic...

Saturday, June 02, 2012

It was a fabulous morning - the weather was perfect for running. It cooled down a lot last night after the thunderstorms.

I drove down to Newark and found free parking, so I was off to a good start!

The race started at 9 AM, I got there at 8 AM, so after I picked up my racing bib, I went to the raceshirt table. The lady started apologizing like crazy because she didn't have any "smalls" left - I hadn't asked for my size. I really wanted to run around and hug her! She made my day. I am still not used to being a "small". I said it was "ok", took the large - held it up and it looked like a dress on me - oh well, new pj's!

I walked around Main Street then jogged a little bit near the finish line. I have learned that this little ritual helps me when I start; my legs don't feel tight. It also helps me stay calm.
I talked to the Mayor of Newark a little bit before the race. He knows my parents real well, and lived down the street from us when I was in my teens.

The beginning of the race was slow. There was a lot of runners mushed together, not sure why - there was only 350 today. Most of the run was flat with one sort of steep incline, the rest in bits and pieces. My foot felt great the whole time.

At the end, I found myself with a new PR of 26.24! I am still in shock. I never thought in a million years I would be able to run that fast. I shaved 53 seconds off my record in March, which tells me I still have room to go faster! ...I love competing with myself!

Anyway, here is a picture of me with the University of Delaware mascot, appropriately named "YouDee"...

I am pretty sweaty in this one, not sure why I didn't get it taken before the race!

P.S. If you ever are driving through Delaware, Newark is a great place to stop. It recently received the Best Main Street in the United States, righteously so. Main Street is filled with cute shops and great restaurants. The University of Delaware campus is intertwined all through it. After visiting several colleges with my son, I can tell you it is one of the most gorgeous campuses out there.

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    Congratulations on the great run and on the compliment from the t-shirt lady! It's still crazy to me that you're setting PRs when you had foot surgery less than a year ago. You're amazing!!

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    Congratulations on the great run and on the compliment from the t-shirt lady! It's still crazy to me that you're setting PRs when you had foot surgery less than a year ago. You're amazing!!

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INFLATED 6/3/2012 2:10AM

    WOOT WOOT!!! You need some wings to put on your tennis shoes!

You look great with YouDee. My daughter had a Tee shirt that said, "Fast girls have good times." There is some innuendo in the saying, but you did great!

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RIVADERCHI 6/3/2012 12:49AM

    Woo Hoo! Run, RoxyzMom, Run! Like the wind! Awesome! Congrats on your PR! That marathon relay must have made this one seem like a piece of cake! Glad you had fun and you look great! Triumphant! Keep up the good work! Did you get a trophy?? emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KAREN_NY 6/2/2012 5:08PM

    Go Blue Hens! :) And GO YOU!!!! WOOHOOO!!!

PS - Got your note. I'm familiar w/the blue hens because I took my daughter to visit UD last summer, on the college search. :) It wasn't a good match for her, but it was a fun side trip. Nice people on campus too.

Comment edited on: 6/2/2012 7:10:07 PM

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GODSBEST 6/2/2012 4:56PM

    Congratulations on your run and setting a personal best !!

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Friday, June 01, 2012

So, my youngest son moved out (partially) yesterday - his body went but he forgot all the crap he left in his room! Hoping he works on it a little bit today in between jobs.

My brother is coming next week and staying at my place. He is going through a nasty divorce. He lives in CA so I plan on catching up on everything that is going on while he is here. I will be running back and forth from work and home a lot. It's a big week at work, or I would have taken the whole week off.

Tomorrow I am going to run my third 5k of the season. It is an University of Delaware alumni 5k run (during alumni weekend). Tonight we are going out with friends for dinner, I will be having a light supper with maybe one glass of wine and lots of water with lemon. I want to get a good night sleep before the race.

I was planning on taking today off from running since I ran all week - that was until Roxy took off on me outside! Lately, she will hang out back with us without the leash. She is 4 1/2 years old, so I have been quite excited about this. My husband and I were on the side yard, I unhooked her leash and she totally took off up the road, then into the woods. She never looked back. She is very small for her breed, weighing in at 12 pounds (Boston Terriers go as high as 35 pounds), but she is solid muscle and can run really fast! It took us about 20 minutes to find the little booger, I kept hearing dogs barking - we have lots of big ones around here - and imagining her getting torn apart by one! My husband went down the road the other way and found a little girl holding her - said she was behind her house - she has a german shepherd!

When I went into the house she sat back away from me, looking guilty as sin. I scolded her, then gave her a bath in the sink. There is a lot of poison ivy and ticks where she was running. Now, she is sleeping; still knows she is in trouble.

As I was screaming her name and running through yards, I was thinking how terrible it would be to lose my dog the first day my son moved out. Ugh!

So, now I am going back to cleaning. This was a nice break! I hope you have a great weekend!


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    emoticon to you! We always had dogs while I was a kid and I clearly remember the stress of one of them taking off unexpectedly. I'm glad your little dear is safe!
I hope this week with your brother has gotten off to a good start. I'm sure he has a lot of stress to unload and is thankful for the break you're providing.
Hopefully I'll be reading your race report in a few minutes. I really got behind on my friend feed over the last week!

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RIVADERCHI 6/3/2012 12:23AM

    OMG, how stressful was that!?!?! Glad you caught her--do you think she just wanted to have "fun?" She won't do that again if she knows she's going to get a bath if she does! Good psychology! Bad girl! emoticon emoticon

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INFLATED 6/1/2012 10:01PM

    I am glad you found Roxy!

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SABLENESS 6/1/2012 7:17PM

    So glad you were able to recapture your little escapee before she got into any trouble. A 12 lb Boston IS a little scrap, like my tiny 7 lb older cat. The kitten at almost 8 months is bigger and a lot heavier. Thanks be, Roxy is safe, and mom isn't worrying about her. Have a great race tomorrow! emoticon

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BLUE42DOWN 6/1/2012 3:52PM

    I'm so glad you were able to find her AND before anything serious happened.

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