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Day 13 January Jumpstart Challenge & SparkPeople Live...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SparkPeople toning seated core video Part 1 & 2
Consumed 1087 cals today.

Today I went to work, came home early to run on the treadmill and noticed my son was watching his online college course - "beverage management". The topic was wine, which I totally love so I sat down and watched to classes with him. It was very interesting and I learned a lot. In between I ate dinner and did the SparkPeople toning seated core video. It's the third time I have done it, I think it is my favorite :) I then participated in the SparkPeople Live Meeting with Lauren (SparkGirl32). I love attending the meeting every week. It really helps me to stay focused and everyone on it is very nice, in different stages, and doing exciting things. I get a lot of great ideas, too. So, now it is 9:25 and too late for my treadmill, so I will get up extra early tomorrow to get a good run in. I did run yesterday so I am not to upset about the break which I should be taking anyway with my foot! I also need to do a 30 minute video since tomorrow is my last day of week 2!! Yikes! I think I am going to have to schedule all of this in my day planner.

I hope you had a fantastic day!


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DETERMINED_SOUL 1/12/2012 6:40PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Day 12 Jan Jumpstart Challenge & Biggest Loser...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ran 1 mile in 10 mins burned155 cals
Fast walk for 5 mins burned 30 cals
SparkPeople toning seated core video Part 1 & 2
Consumed 1203 cals today.

I had a great day today. I had shutters installed in my bedroom. While the installer was here, I finished packing up my Christmas decor and put it away, cleaned my kitchen, finished the laundry and put it all away. I love the shutter, they really opened up the room. My son went to work while I was at home and finished a lot of things I had to do today. So, I went in for a couple hours and then went and got my hair highlighted and cut. It was so relaxing!

I completed my toning exercises while watching Biggest Loser. I am not sure why but I am not into watching this season. Maybe it's Bob's negativity towards Devette? Something is missing - maybe a female trainer?? Or is it the background music??

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DETERMINED_SOUL 1/11/2012 8:36PM

    I need to finish putting my Christmas stuff away. I got my inside windows up so the drafts will stay out.

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RIVADERCHI 1/11/2012 1:21AM

    Hi Roxyzmom! I'm back! So glad to catch up on your progress. You are awesome and doing so great! I'm glad you treated yourself to some pampering today... you deserve all those "nonfood" rewards! I watched Biggest Loser too... it always takes a few episodes to get into it... I thought there were a lot of psychological aspects to the show today... I like it better with two trainers than three tho! Have a great week! emoticon emoticon

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HOTTEXAN 1/10/2012 11:20PM

    Can't get into it either (Biggest), haven't felt any attatchment to any of the contestants and Bob! grrrr Love him, but he should feel flattered that D copies him. Isn't that how we all get there? I want to succeed, I will do what those who have succeeded before me do. So fun to have a pampered hair day, now know as a

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FITFORMYFAMILY 1/10/2012 10:16PM

    I think I will never cease to be amazed by your level of productivity.

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INFLATED 1/10/2012 9:16PM

    What is the calorie number you shoot for each day?

You are doing great.

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Day 10 January Jumpstart and a Productive Day...

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Walked 2 miles with husband
Sparkpeople Boot Camp Video - 10 mins
Sparkpeople Lower Body Toning - 9 mins
Consumed 913 cals

I got a lot done today. Grocery shopped this morning, got everything I needed for two weeks except for my Smart Dogs by LightLife. They are really good and a great source of protein. They are a type of veggie dog. They are usually in the produce aisle. I went into a new store and couldn't find them. I loaded up on Breakstone's 2% cottage cheese, and yoplait light yogurt. (My staple foods).

I then took all the Christmas stuff down. My husband took care of the tree. I don't miss the needles but do miss all the little white lights. It made it nice, cozy and special every night. I still have all my snowmen decor out. I won't take them down until spring. I do have a couple snowmen decorations with white lights and plug them in everynight. I also burn candles all winter.

This afternoon my husband suggested walking Main Street in North East, MD. It was in the mid 50s here, and we enjoyed the fresh air. We walked Roxy again when we got home and ended up visiting some neighbors down the street.

Tonight I am going to look at my new IPhone directions. I had a blackberry before - this is a big change for me. I put the SparkPeople home page icon and the SparkPeople calorie logger icon on my home screen. They both seem to be working very well, which will be a huge plus as I travel a lot over the next 3 months. (I like to keep up with you guys!!)

The SparkPeople Jan Jumpstart seems to be going well. I like the 10 minute videos. I was doing the floor work on a big beach towel. My son saw me struggling with the wood floor and gave me his workout mat to use. It helped A LOT! My knees are so much happier now!

I hope you had a great weekend!


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INFLATED 1/9/2012 7:18AM

    We have a store here called five below. Most things cost less than $5. I got a yoga mat there. My daughter had one and I decided to get one. If you are on concrete or a hard floor, it doesn't help much, but they don't slide around like a towel might.

You are doing great on your exercise. I took Princess for a walk last night. It was cold and I forgot my gloves. I hope I burned some calories trying to stay warm.

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THISISIT-PA 1/9/2012 4:13AM

    I've had an iPhone for years. I love it. FaceTiming with my daughter in CA is the best. Enjoy yours!

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    You are doing emoticonI am using my own videos, but have been keeping up the streak.

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SABLENESS 1/8/2012 9:43PM

    Agreed! Treat yourself to a mat. Glad the challenge is going well. I too am enjoying the videos. Thanks for getting me started! emoticon emoticon

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    I'm thinking you need to go out and get yourself a yoga mat. Safety first!

I'm glad you had a wonderful day, and hope your work week goes well.

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Day 9 Jan Jumpstart Challenge

Saturday, January 07, 2012

21 minutes - 2 mile run
10 minutes - .57 mile walk
Total cals burned: 372
Arms Toning Spark Video - Parts 1 & 2
2 miles - walking/running dogs
Consumed 982 cals

After walking Roxy this morning, I decided to run outside. That was, until I got changed into running clothes and stepped back outside without my ski coat! I turned around and ran on my treadmill. I am not a fan of freezing, or sweating while it is freezing!

My husband and I went out for a late lunch with old friends. I drank a protein drink after my morning work out. It was perfect and kept me filled until our late lunch. I ordered my favorite shrimp and strawberry salad. We were there for 3 1/2 hours, talking away! I drank 4 unsweetened iced teas! I didn't eat any of the bread.

We then picked Roxy up and went down to my sons. I was planning on eating dinner later at home, but we stayed at his house and watched Hangover 2. My husband ordered a sub, my son a pizza, and I ordered a greek salad and ate 1/2 of it. We didn't get home until 11:30 PM and I am not hungry so that is why my cals are so low today.

Tomorrow we are planning on staying home and relaxing, so I should eat more.

I took my son's dog out for a nice long walk/run tonight while I was there. She runs really good next to me. Roxy growls at her and she just wants to play with Roxy. She is just a puppy and has A LOT of energy. I think that may be why Roxy is growling. His puppy also thinks she is a "lap" dog. She loves to be close to everyone and hops up and lays on everyone's lap! Pretty funny for a pitbull!

Hope you had a good day!

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    I'm impressed with how fast you're running already after such a long break. Good job!
And, yes, do make sure you enjoy some food today! emoticon

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Day 8 January Jumpstart and I have a Plan..

Friday, January 06, 2012

30 min run/walk cool down - 360 cals burned
1263 cals consumed

Last night I decided I really needed to get back in the swing of 30 mins of exercise everyday. I thought about how I did it before my foot surgery, and knew I had to get back in the habit of running when I first woke up. So, that is what I did today. It is really nice to get it out of the way first thing in the morning, before I go to work. My foot/toe was a little sore at first but I was okay. And it never hurt later. I am leaning to my right because my foot is sore, but I go to a chiropractor three times a week and get re-aligned so I am going to keep going.

I am still dealing with the problem employee at work. It is requiring a lot of patience on my part - and it's complicated, but I am collecting evidence. She knows she is in trouble. I will be working part of this weekend sorting through what she did. I do feel better now that I am working on it and have confronted her. I am so glad that I run at times like this, it makes me feel so much better.

My son (that lives at home) is in Connecticut for 4 days. My husband and I have the house to ourselves. We were going to watch Hangover 2 but he has already fallen asleep on the couch! Tomorrow we are going out to lunch with friends, I guess we will try to watch it tomorrow night. He has worked over time all week long. I think it wore him out.

I hope you had a great week and enjoy your weekend!

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THISISIT-PA 1/7/2012 11:20AM

    I agree, exercising first thing in the morning is the best. Glad your toe is feeling better! emoticon

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INFLATED 1/7/2012 12:14AM

    I should do my exercise in the morning and I think I would feel energized for my day. I always leave it go until after supper.

Running is such a stress reliever.

I really felt it in my arm tonight doing the exercise lying on my stomach with my arms at my sides palms up. The exercises I had to do for physical therapy are on Spark People and I don't have to pay a $25 co-pay to do them.

Tomorrow, I hope to help with the wood when the truck is unloaded. I restacked the wood we have inside to get the logs that were smaller in diameter out of the stack to burn during the day.

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    I'm sorry work is stressful, but glad you have an outlet. Run, run, run!

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