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Sunday - great dinner

Monday, March 05, 2012

With the way our church schedule runs, I had a late breakfast and then dinner in the evening - only two meals.

I had a pork loin in the freezer, so searched for a recipe and found one called Island Pork. It sounded good so that is what I went with. It turned out really good, although I slightly modified the recipe. I sliced the pork loin into about 1" thick slices (variation #1 - I didn't leave the loin whole). The seasonings included paprika, chili powder and cumin, which were used as a rub on the pork. They were then seared in some olive oil and each side lightly browned. I then put them into the oven to finish cooking (variation #2 - I didn't leave them in the oil to finish cooking.)

Meanwhile, I opened a can of pineapple in juice and dumped that into the fry pan and let it cook until it was glazing. I then added a huge pile of vegetables and lightly stir fried them (variation #3 - stir fried vegetables.) I like them hot, but still crunchy, so they turned out perfectly.

I served it in a large flat bowl that held the meat lined upon one side and the vegetables filling the rest of the bowl. I added some steamed white rice, some applesauce, and some refrigerator biscuits. It was all very good. Because we had a whole group eating, it was necessary to add the bread. Normally, I wouldn't need bread for my personal meal.

According to the recipe, the calorie count was right at 200 per serving, plus the rice. Someone had added a note that they had figured the Weight Watchers points at 4. Adding all the vegetables would not have changed that, as they are all zeros in WW.

All in all, it was a very good meal, good on the cals and nutrition and very easy to fix.

Because of the group, I also had to add a dessert, which was fresh made brownies and ice cream. OK, no diet food there, but I ate a small portion and did not feel guilty, since I had not eaten my day's worth of calories anyway.

Good food day.


Saturday - Nice victory over refreshments

Sunday, March 04, 2012

We attended a 50th wedding anniversary/70th birthday party for both of them tonight. It was a surprise and they were! They are the nicest couple and we have some very special feelings for them because of some wonderful things they have done for us in the past.

Obviously, we attended the big party! Being from the south, the refreshments were all "southern" things they have loved since they were young: barbecue from their favorite place where they grew up - pecan pie - grit hush puppies - Krispie Kreme donuts - and the list goes on! They even had a replica of their wedding cake. They did have veggies and some healthy choices, as well.

As much as I love good southern barbecue and trimmings, we did not even go there. Yes, that is correct, I did not eat any refreshments at all. I even turned down a piece of cake. I know that a bigger victory would have been to pick and choose only the "right" foods, but quite honestly, at this point in time, totally avoiding the refreshment table entirely was the better victory.

It was a great evening. I don't think I moved more than two feet from the place I stopped at when I entered. The turnout was huge and people I know, but had not seen in ages, just kept coming by. It was fun catching up on what the old friends are doing. Being so totally engaged with people certainly helped keep me away from the refreshment table, but the truth is that usually I would have found my way there anyway. So - here's to tonight's victory over the refreshments!


Friday - stuck to the plan

Saturday, March 03, 2012

After the chocolate fiasco of the day before, I managed to stick right to the plan today. I ate what I had planned and I didn't have any unscheduled munchies attacks.

I am not totally committed to this dieting thing again, so I am easing into it. I know most plans have you start off strong when they figure your motivation is at its highest and then ease up a little as it begins to wane. Knowing myself and where I am at the moment, I am doing it a little differently.

First goal is to get the unnecessary between meal eating under control. I don't eat too badly for the most part, but it is the stuff in between that kills me. So, the plan is to get into the habit of not eating between meals, or if I do get hungry, to eat the right kind of snack.

When I have that under control, I can then start replacing some of my other food choices for better ones so that the weight can begin to come off.

So, one day at a time!


Thursday Challenge - chocolate

Friday, March 02, 2012

OK. My challenge on Thursday, which I failed to overcome, involved Dove chocolates. I love chocolate - but I am a little picky about which kinds. Dove is one I like - it is nice and rich. Thus, my downfall..........

I did quite well with my meals and I didn't have any snacks between, except.........

Oh, no! Who brought a bag of Dove into the house? I swear it was not me, but I seem to be responsible for getting rid of it. And , of course, we would never throw away such good chocolate. Fortunately, it was nearly empty when I got it. Now it is completely empty. So those 4 or 5 pieces of Dove chocolate totally wiped out my gains of the day.

Well, at least there will not be any chocolate left in the house on Friday! I am so glad there is always another day to try to do better.

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    yeah that chocolate can be intense

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Getting started

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I have been following Sparks for several weeks now, but haven't been participating much, although I did find a fabulous recipe for my Sunday dinner last week - crockpot chicken marsala which the whole family loved!

I have dieted numerous times over the years and whenever I have been motivated, I have lost weight. I have come to realize that it is not the diet, but the personal commitment that makes the difference. Last year, I did weight watchers for three months and lost 24 pounds. I managed to keep it off until just recently.

That means it is time to drop off that five pounds that has come back and take another bunch with it! I am a slow starter, but am hoping that a daily blog will help me to keep focused. We will see!

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FARRAH511 3/1/2012 8:42AM

    I'll be checking on you...


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