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Beck Day 35 - Weigh in, and Day 36 - Believe it

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Again Beck asks for a weekly weigh in. Chart it. Carry it around with you if necessary to remind you to stay on track.

We are now beginning Week 6 of Beck's program - and she is focusing on Fine tuning our new skills.

Day 36 - Believe it.
I do believe it. I know I can maintain this weight loss. Thanks to SP, I know how - and as long as I still want it, I can do it.
Before I started SP I would never have believed I could lose weight like I did.

Beck encourages you to consider how far you have come, in order to build your confidence.
I still have slip ups (like last nights Greek Banquet) but overall I have made some great habits that mean I can maintain this
- I plan as much as I can
- I rarely eat mindlessly
- I try to eat slowly and with awareness
- I am getting used to stopping eating before I am full (except the odd occasion - ahem, Greek Banquet!)

- I am more aware of when I try to fool myself.
- I don't dwell so much on missing out on yummy food - I know the benefits of maintaining my weight give me so much more.
- I am less concerned about what I think other people might be thinking.

As I said, I had a Greek Banquet last night. I ate too much. The things is that I did not do as bad as I might have previously. I only had one piece of bread with the dips. I resisted the urge to try to eat all the food that I knew would go to waste. I only had one glass of wine, and had water otherwise.

I had been on a big bike ride yesterday. I ate carefully all day, knowing I had a banquet in the evening.

Overall, I am pleased with how it went. Not perfect, but limited damage.
I did not bother to get on the scale this morning - there was so much salt in the meal that I the scale will be effected by that, as well as the big meal.

Planning well for today - including how to get in my last fitness minutes for the month.

Have a great day!

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SHEILA1505 9/28/2012 5:33AM

    Well planned - and good that you enjoyed the event!

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Beck Day 34 - Solve problems

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thinking clearly about a problem - even if you don't have a solution can help you feel more in control - and less likely to turn to emotional eating.
To me this feels like Beck is just rehashing Day 27 - but perhaps it is such an important skill, that we need to cover it again - albeit in a slightly different way.

I suppose in the past (and still occasionally now) when I had a problem it was easy to turn to food (or wine) without really thinking about it. Now that I try to plan my food in advance - this is more obvious to me. When I have planned 3 good meals and a couple of small snacks I should not need anything more - if I feel I need something more, I am starting to ask myself why?

Beck's advice is first to Identify the problem (which might not be easy - ask someone to help you think it through if you need to) - and then follow her seven question technique.

1. What kind of thinking error could I be making? (see Day 26 for these)
2. What evidence is there that this might not be completely true?
3. Is there an alternative explanation/way of viewing this?
4. What is the most realistic outcome of this situation?
5. What is the effect of me believing this thought, and what could be the effect of changing my thinking?
6. What would I tell a close friend/family member if they were in this situation and had this thought?
7. What should I do now?

The answer to question 7 will help you solve the problem. Of course, sometimes you can't solve all problems - somethings are just outside your control. Once you realise this - the 7 questions might help you to work through any negative feelings you have about the unsolvable problem.

This morning I am so grateful that I have a 1000 fitness minutes goal for the month.
Being the 27th of September, I only have 4 days to reach my goal. I needed about 180 minutes to achieve that and had planned a 2 hour bike ride today, and intended to squeeze in an hour bike ride on Saturday.
Well, today I had bike trouble. My disk brakes were rubbing - making a very annoying noise, and also effectively causing the bike to have the brakes on lightly all the time. Riding against this is hard work. My husband said he could not fix it, but that it was doing no damage, so just to ride anyway.
I got 2 minutes up the road - feeling like I had a flat tyre and having a constant 'tick, tick, tick' sound. I stopped. 'I can't ride like this - it will drive me crazy'.
What are my options to get my 1000 minutes done? I think to myself
1. Go do a spin class - No. Morning class about to start in 5 mins. No way I can get there on time.
2. Go for a run instead - longest I have run is about 40 mins. I will still be well short on todays target - and can't see how I can make that back in the next 4 days.
3. Just go for an hour ride

So I choose option 3 - the noise is very annoying, and I am going very slowly due to brake being on. I decide to ride for half and hour then turn home. As I am riding I realise that the ride is into the wind and slightly uphill on the way out, so a half hour out might only be 20 mins back - total 50mins, which is not enough. So I decide to go out 45, back in about 35 - total 80mins. Better.
So I keep riding, and as I near 40 mins I think I may as well do the full hour. 80 mins would still mean I need to make up 40 minutes, which is going to be tough - I wont get much chance.
Anyway - long story short. I rode for 2 hours.

It would have been so easy for me to flag the ride - go for a coffee, or just a quick run. The goal kept me on track

Thanks SP

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ILIKETOZUMBA 9/28/2012 9:05AM

    Great process for working through emotional eating urges. If nothing else, going through those questions will help slow a person down and maybe cut off the rush to stuff face, which is my problem.

Congrats on the fitness minutes! :)

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SHEILA1505 9/27/2012 3:20AM

    Well done!

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WATERMELLEN 9/26/2012 10:16PM

    The problem solving thing works OK if (as you say) we accept there ARE some problems we cannot solve. But food isn't the solution for those either!!

Good work on the fitness minutes goal: you are persistent.

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Beck Day 33 - Eliminate emotional eating

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There was a time when I did not think I ate for emotional reasons. I certainly now know that I do.
Kids been driving me crazy . . . leads to stress . . . . leads to a chocolate donut.
Feeling tired and lacking umph . . . . leads to 2 bowls of unplanned cereal.

Beck's points.
Like hunger, negative emotions aren't an emergency. If you don't think about what you are feeling, and try to mend it with food (or alcohol for that matter), you will soon find you have the original negative emotion plus some guilt about the unplanned eating.
If you address the feelings, they will subside. So how do you do this? Use the same strategies you used for resisting cravings.

Mindset techniques
1. Label how you are feeling - "I'm stressed. I'm not hungry"
2. Stand firm - "Remind yourself you are absolutely not going to eat just because you are upset"
3. Don't give yourself a choice
4. Imagine the aftermath of giving in - not feeling better about the original emotion, plus added guilt
5. Read your advantages response card

Behavioural Techniques
1. Distract yourself - do the dishes (TV might not be enough)
2. Drink a soothing low calorie drink - mine is tea
3. Relax - meditation, deep breathing etc

It is morning time, but I have my food planned for the day and have eaten a good breakfast.
I plan to do some core ST this afternoon.
Tomorrow is my big ride. Looking forward to that!

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ME_B4_INSANITY 9/26/2012 11:50AM

    When you plan your meals you leave little room for emotional eating to occur, because that little voice int he back of your head says if you eat your sandwhich as 9:30 what will you do for lunch. Mine is bored eating, but I keep a small bag of pre cut carrots with me. I find myself munching on them but after awhile I get sick of chewing, and you now what I just wasted 40 calories. After a few weeks I stopped doing even that.
As you now sometimes just shaking it off is enough.

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WATERMELLEN 9/25/2012 8:27PM

    Emotional eating is huge: and half of it is recognizing it's happening! You've done a great job with this . . . I have to keep working on it.

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Beck Day 32 - Prepare for Travel

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

*Beck advises to "Make a Travel plan"
Decide your strategy. Decide how closely you will follow your diet, and specifically what exceptions you will make - and how much weight you will allow yourself to gain. (Such a good point - you want to enjoy your holiday, so you might gain a little - but think it through so you don't gain more than you are comfortable with. Why have I not thought of that? My attitude was always 'Stuff it - I'm on holiday'. Or, thinking I don't want to gain, and being disappointed. Now I know better)
Options include
- Allow yourself a few hundred extra calories per day
- Follow usual plan, but allow yourself a few minor splurges
- Follow your diet except for a splurge on the last day
Depending on the holiday, I can imagine each of these strategies working.

Think things through - what indulgences will you want to take part in? Pre-dinner cocktails, desserts, or campfire s'mores??

* How not to gain too much
- Exercise more (both formal and incidental)
- Brunch instead of breakfast & lunch (if you sleep late - 2 small kids? oh, it only)
- Carry food with you
- Use your thinking thin strategies

* The trip home
- Give yourself credit for what you did well
- Acknowledge that you might have gained some weight, but that you know what to do to remedy that
- Plan your eating for the rest of the day, and the following day - not overly restricted. Just back to normal.

I had almost 2 weeks on holiday in August, and thanks to SP and the first chapter of Beck I did really well. I can see how choosing one of the 3 strategies would have helped me to do even better. So good to have some strategies to use next time.

Pilates this morning.
Eaten on plan all day.
Wanted to eat off plan, but didn't. Had a cup of tea instead.
Still got to do 185 minutes before the end of the month to get my 1000 minutes. Planned 180 cardio plus will do some ST - so will get there.

I hope your month is wrapping up nicely!

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ME_B4_INSANITY 9/25/2012 10:59AM

    Great use of planning and setting yourself up for success. Nothing worse than worrying every five minutes about your holiday.

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ANDASI 9/25/2012 8:07AM


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WATERMELLEN 9/25/2012 7:50AM

    Beck is great on travel planning . . . one of the key issues for me is deciding which foods are "authentic" parts of a particular travel experience so "not to be missed".

And I've had to conclude that . . . . mostly travel is going to have to be about other authentic experiences than food! Even if I never get back there again to have the key lime pie in Fort Myers or the BBQ in Austin or the maple syrup tart in Quebec etc etc. Don't want to take that particular souvenir home to the scales either!!

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TRYINGHARD54 9/25/2012 5:59AM


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Beck Day 31 - Make a choice about alcohol

Monday, September 24, 2012

Beck is not saying that we don't need to necessarily give up alcohol - as long as we
- don't sacrifice food for alcohol
- plan it
- know the caloric cost of the alcohol
- don't allow it to drive unplanned eating

I know this would have been a real problem for me in my younger days.
Socialising often revolved around alcohol - and abstaining from alcohol would have been difficult with lots of pressure from friends to join in . . . often resulting in late night junk food binges, and more the morning after . . . . ahhh, the good old days.

I rarely drink now days. In some ways, I am blessed to have poor genes in this regard. My tolerance for alcohol is such that anymore than 1 glass of wine and I feel like I have been hit by a bus the next morning. So with young children, and wanting to get up an exercise on the weekend . . . I rarely have more than the one. Not even monthly. I often drive to and from social events - it gives me an excuse to stop at 1 drink.

I went to the library today and smiled/begged/fluttered my eyelashes - and they gave me another 3 weeks with the Beck book - Yay. It would have been a shame to take a break this close to the end of the book.

I ate a little more cake today than I should have - celebrating the return of my husband. Still within range, and making my food plan for tomorrow as soon as I finish typing this.
Can't wait to get back to Pilates tomorrow.

I hope your Monday is going well! Having a drink? I hope you planned it!

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WATERMELLEN 9/25/2012 7:48AM

    I'm with you on the wine: enjoy a glass, very seldom oftener than once a week, and very seldom more than one. And I track it.

Not a problem. So glad to have something that's not a problem!!

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ME_B4_INSANITY 9/24/2012 3:39PM

    My biggest problem has been removing drinking from my diet, not all of my drinking, but my significant other and I do enjoy having cocktail together. Now I will still have a glass of wine but removing shots was difficult as he does love to do them together.
But I made the best decision to remove those calories. I'm glad to hear others have had to make that decision also.

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SHEILA1505 9/24/2012 3:18PM

    Glad you have been able to renew Beck - over here in South Africa we can renew unless someone has put in a reservation for the book - although we can also renew by phone, and then they have to wait for the additional couple of weeks.
Pilates this morning and then off to a wine tasting excursion with DS and his GF - a great day out for all of us and since it's very limited quantities, no problem with cravings afterwards.

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TINAJANE76 9/24/2012 6:33AM

    That's great advice. Normally when I plan to have a few drinks, I check to make sure that at least 80% of my calories are coming from food and that I'm getting all of my nutrients in. Otherwise, when the inhibitions are lowered and the hunger kicks in, I'm much likelier to reach for something that's unhealthy. I also have hydration and electrolyte balance problems so if I'm drinking, I can easily end up dehydrated, cramping and just generally feeling miserable the next day. I admit that I do still overdo it from time to time but not nearly as much as I did in my younger days.

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