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I look great! with snapshot

Monday, November 21, 2011

We went away camping on the weekend, with our kids. Just the family. A new place we have never been. It rained a lot, but we coped. We had a lovely time.

No chance to track food. My mountain bike stayed on the roof of the car - so no exercise, except a couple of short slow bush walks with the kids.

Since we normally eat a healthy diet, camping is a chance to give the kids (and ourselves) a few treats that we don't normally have. Marshmallows toasted on the campfire, a bottle of red after the kids go to bed - you can imagine.

Anyway, in my mind I was thinking about how my diet/exercise was failing, and I was concerned about putting all the weight back on.
This was after 3 days away! Sheesh - how my mind works.

Anyway, we got home last night. I may have gained a pound - or not. My official weekly weigh in is not until Wednesday. It wont be more than that anyway. And hubby had taken some video of me splashing in the river with the kids, dressed in shorts that were rolled up.

I was so thrilled with how slim I looked. I used to have great legs, and they are back!

Note to self -
This is real - you have lost 10kg, and one weekend away is not going to be the undoing of this. Sure, if you want to keep losing, you can't do that too often - but you need to get this in perspective. You need to live, and enjoy life.

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SUNFLOWER4ME 11/21/2011 9:54AM

    emoticon emoticon The way our female minds work is just disgusting really, one day we look at ourselves thinking we look GREAT, the next we think we look terrible.. all the while we have not changed! emoticonon realizing that one little detour is not going to kill all your hardwork! You DO look great. Toned legs! emoticon

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BOOKWORM27S 11/21/2011 7:05AM

    emoticon emoticon

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SALEX52 11/21/2011 1:52AM

    Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend with the family. How lovely!

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Those naughty "little treats"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am at home full time with my 2 little kids (almost 2 & 3.5 y.o) - which is a luxury, and I love my kids, etc etc etc. Goes without saying. Almost.

When the evenings and weekends come around - I am really keen to hand over some of the responsibility to my husband. He is a really hands on dad - which is terrific. Little kids are so full on & I need the break.

Anyway, my husband is away this weekend for a boys trip. Well deserved - don't get me wrong. My man works full time, and doesn't stop when he gets home.

So, I'm doing overtime this weekend. No extra pair of hands all weekend, including evenings (and overnight & mornings - sleep my babies, sleep).

This morning, I take the kids on an outing, and rather than sharing a muffin between us - I get one for myself. Without really thinking it through.
I deserve a "little treat", right?

I get home, and start planning my food for the rest of the day - and of course, the muffin has really put a hole in my calories for the day. And I was planning to have a little glass of wine after the kids went to bed, and maybe a chocolate (a couple more "little treats").

It took a bit of juggling, (before wine, or chocolates) but I managed to create a little 200 calorie after dinner buffer, and was imagining the 'little treat" I would choose.

It gets me thinking about the "Little Treats" - who am I treating? Not me! My goals are to meet my calorie, carb, fat, protein, fibre, fruit & vege targets - this doesn't help me. A short term buzz sure, but it doesn't really help me get through the day. (OK - maybe the wine might have helped ;-) )

SP is so wonderful. My treat - wine? chocolate? cookie? ice cream? cake? Nope.
I looked at my nutrition tracker, and realised I was low on fruit and vege for the day. That would be the end of a sparkstreak. I decided on a kiwifruit & a few dried apricots.

Sparkstreak in tact, and still 100 calories in the bank. That's the best treat I can give me.


Confessions of a (to be) maintainer

Friday, October 07, 2011

I have a confession - I don't want to be weighing & tracking every morsel that enters my mouth for the rest of my life.

There! I've said it.

I know it's the SP mantra, and I know that statistically I am more likely to maintain my weight if I track my food. But its so boring & lacking in spontaneity. I want to love and embrace life, and all its pleasures. Tracking feels to me like being a control freak - a little obsessive. (Note - I say TO ME. I am looking to get my sparkie spark sparkle back (see previous blogs) - and tracking doesn't seem to fit with this)

I do not endorse this approach to anyone else. I am not sure it is destined for success.

A little background on me
- I have never been 'overweight' (my highest ever BMI is 24.5)
- Cardio exercise is part of my life
- I have an active lifestyle (I walk, bike ride etc)
- I eat mostly homemade meals, never eat "takeaway" food & don't drink much
- I don't have junk food in the house (no chips, oven fries, icecream, sweets, etc etc) except for special occasions
- I don't drink juice or soft drink

So why did I need SparkPeople then, if I am so perfect? Ha!

Whilst not overweight, I was carrying more weight than I felt comfortable with. I have suffered from some mild depression (cause of weight gain, or result of?? not sure).
So I tracked my food (about 4 months now), and made some modifications to my diet - the main issue was a high calorie breakfast (900 calories!!!) and sneaking a few too many treats (muffins and cookies). Breakfast has been modified, and I am exercising (some) restraint on the baked goods. The depression seems to have lifted. Problem solved?

The question is - have I learned those lessons? Can I trust myself to maintain my weight and lifestyle now I have made this 'correction'?

I am hoping I can just set a 'theoretical max'. Weigh myself weekly, and know that if I see the scale hit, or exceed my theoretical maximum - then it's time to start tracking again.

I'm not quite ready to maintain yet anyway - just planning ahead.
Anyone in a similar position? What are your thoughts?

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ROSEWAND 10/7/2011 5:55PM

    So do you feel the same way about financial budgets
and tracking?. Do you keep your checkbook
balanced? I see it the same way. What get tracks
gets your attention. That is where your energy is.
And that is where change happens. I really like
knowing how I am spending my money. I really
ike knowing the nutritional content of
what I eat. So I track both.

You may be comfortable not tracking either. That is
your choice. Maintenance is truly about finding what
works for us individually. It is all about personal
preferences. And that is how it should be.

Comment edited on: 10/7/2011 5:56:59 PM

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NAVYMOM133 10/7/2011 9:36AM

    I will say up front that I measure my portions on everything but vegetables, and I track my food. My best days are when I have the chance to plan out the entire day. I feel like I know what the nutrition component of my day will be, I ensure the various elements I track are in sync, and play around with the food a bit to "make my numbers". The, I am able to NOT think about it again. I just follow the plan!

If you tracked for four months then you probably have hit a lot of the different things you usually eat. But, wow, eye-opener on your breakfast calories that you were able to modify, right!! That's the beauty I see in the tracker. We have to know what we are consuming and how it stacks up, tracks up!

I would suggest that you continue to use the tracker when you're trying something new, so you have the low-down on how many nutrients that snack or meal provides (or doesn't provide). Additionally, maybe do a retrospective track one day a week, after the food day is over. Was it what you thought it was? Did it provide more or less for your body? That would be a way to "keep your brain in line" and your finger on the pulse of the nutrition.

Good Luck!!!

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BOOKWORM27S 10/7/2011 8:10AM

    In the past, every time I stop tracking my food in a journal, or I have relaxed in weighing/portioning out my food..... I have put weight back on rapidly. For me, I have to be ultra obsessive if I want to keep the weight off. But I have a much different history; morbidly obese for the majority of my life, and I'm a binge eater. So I am sure you will have more success at a more relaxed approach to maintenance than me.

Good luck!
emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/7/2011 8:12:17 AM

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Finding my Sparkie Spark Sparkle

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love the name 'SparkPeople'. 'Spark' has such positive connotations.
A single word that
- can start a fire
- proceeds love at first sight
- leads to uncontrolled passionate love affairs
- excites
- starts your car
- explodes from a crackling fire

It is the basis of the word 'sparkle' - and this is my aspiration. To sparkle.
To live my life with sparkle.

I wrote my first blog last week - exploring some strategies that I thought might help me to live the life I want.

In summary, my thoughts were that if I knew I had only 15 years, 3 months, 2 days and 27 minutes to live (for example) - that I could determine the changes I wanted to make in my life. Of course, I don't know how long I will live - but regardless, those changes would still be valid. Right?

So what would those changes be? I thought it would be straight forward. What do I want to achieve in my life? Make a list and get on with it.

Since then I read a blog by FIT-WHIT, that put my thoughts into a bit of a spin.

She writes about goal setting, and how the process of setting goals might not be as positive as we imagine. Goals force you to take certain actions to avoid failure. Your path is chosen - which limits your chances to explore new territory.

Something about this message, and the 'zen habits' blog she provided a link to, hit home for me. I looked further into zen habits and found that 'passion' was a key area to be explored. Doh! I have never been able to name my passions - and I feel this is probably key to finding my spark! Whenever I sit down to list my passions, I end up writing what I think I should, or even worse - what I think others think I should.

I don't want to set goals for the rest of my life that keep me rigidly striving for targets I set months/years before - in order to avoid failure. Especially if those targets are really about meeting the approval of others.

I want to be honest about what my passions are, and live my life accordingly.
I think there is some soul searching required, to find my sparkie spark sparkle!

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FIFIFRIZZLE 9/24/2011 3:10PM

    I am going to read the zen stuff, thanks for posting it. But before I head off there, I do have a comment about goals. I found I resisted the idea of goal setting, I felt my freedom and ability to encounter serendipity might be compromised if I set goals: and I do tend to just bok around in a happy fashion. Never the less, I have found that just by setting goals, and focussing on what I want, even without paying it any more attention, I look back later to see that hey, I got to my goal! Bigger or longer term goals might require more focus, but actually just steering yourself onto the right path gets you somewhere you want to be. Rather than in some random place that you might like, or maybe not. Hope I've made myself clear. BTW you seem pretty sparky to me!

Comment edited on: 9/24/2011 3:15:05 PM

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PATTYKLAVER 9/24/2011 10:47AM

    I like the idea of finding my sparkie spark sparkle. I'll have to start looking for it. Thanks for the thought.

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Life - forward & back

Monday, September 19, 2011

I did a time-management course once - in my dim distant past. The presenter started by asking 'What is time?' He got some rapid fire responses - time is money, time is what I am wasting being in this course, etc etc. He did not let us get away with the offhand comments, but got us to really think about it.
We eventually came to the conclusion that he knew we would.

Time is the single most precious resource that anyone of us have. We never know when our time is up - we might have 5 minutes, 5 days or 50 years left and when its over, its over.

Knowing this, does it help me to focus on what's really important? I think so.

With this in mind, I have been working on the following philosophies.
- Looking back on life - or "Putting it to the deathbed test".
- Looking forward - "If I knew how long I had"

So firstly, looking back.

Housework - Am I really going to lie on my deathbed and say "If only I had mopped the floors twice a week, instead of twice a month" or "My only regret is that I never ironed the kids underpants"?. (Of course I also don't want to be regretting that it was my slovenly housekeeping habits that lead to blood poisoning and my early death - there must be a balance there somewhere)

Now for some people the pleasure of a spotless house would make them happy to spend years of their life cleaning - but I like to remember the words of a great philosopher when it comes to my house. (Those who mind, don't matter - and those who matter don't mind - Dr Seuss)

Television - Am I really going to lie on my deathbed and say "I never watched the third series of Survivor", or "If only I found more time to watch more television".

Weight Loss & Health - Do I want to lie on my deathbed and know that if I had only looked after myself better, I might have delayed this event by years (or even decades)? I know many of us wont be thinking 'I wish I spent more time on the treadmill", but we might wish we found ways to incorporate healthy fun activity into our lives more.

Now, I could labour this point further - but I wont. "The Deathbed test"

Secondly, 'if I knew how long I had".

So if I knew how long I had, what would I do differently from now on? I'm not talking about 5 days (blowing all your savings on French champagne & eating cheesecake??? - or maybe thats just me).

If I had 15 years, 3 months, 2 days and 27 minutes - what changes would I make to my life, and what would I keep the same?

Of course, I don't know how long I have - so I better get cracking on those changes.

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NELLJONES 9/19/2011 11:49AM

    Interesting that you center on housecleaning, the one continuing cycle of a lot of women's lives. But it IS good exercise (the emphasis on cleaning rather than having a clean floor) and it DOES contribute to a sense of well being--we all feel more comfortable in clean surroundings. It's all in the attitude. I so wish, however, that I were one of those women who find housework to be therapy.

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PATTYKLAVER 9/19/2011 8:51AM

    I enjoyed reading this and it made me think: what really is important to me? Thanks!

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CHICA_BORICUA 9/19/2011 8:14AM

  congrats on your first blog post

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