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New colors!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I got new colors and a new background for my Sparkpage! I am ready for summer!

The Zumba instructor didn't show up tonight. :( that was sad. But I did talk to one of the ladies in the class for a little bit. That was happy. I need to make some friends. :) I did go home and work out, though! I didn't really want to, but I DON'T want a hole on my nearly full sticker chart!!

And I had mozzerella sticks for a snack after school. I was really hungry! But I had over a thousand calories left, and I still have 600 for dinner, and I already know I'm having a bunch of broccoli, so everything will be okay. It's okay if I have cheesesticks once in a blue moon. That's part of the lifestyle change!

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KRISTINGETSFIT 5/31/2012 11:44PM

    You go, GIRL! Way to keep up your streak- and sticker chart! Your page is looking good!!!

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JUSTDOIT011 5/31/2012 10:06PM

    I have cheese nearly every day-- it's a great way for me to get all my calcium in. You should take a picture of your completed sticker-chart and post it on Sparkpeople, I'd love to get new ideas for keeping track of my goals.

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MRS_ASCOTT 5/31/2012 9:15PM

    Ooh! Pretty! emoticon

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Ramblings for a Wednesday

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today is not good so far, but I think it will turn out okay in the end.
emoticonWARNING! WARNING!! TMI SECTION!! I'm on Seasonique birth control, which means I don't do periods very often, but when I do, I remember how hoooooorribbble it is! I've got the worst cramps I can remember and I feel so sick! My body just falls apart and these times and doesn't work at all, it feels like! I was late to school this morning because of it. But hopefully I'll see some movement on the scale after this is all over with. OKAY, TMI SECTION OVER!!!! emoticon

I did a new Zumba video yesterday-the Live one from the first set of DVD's. It was fun to do something different. I really want to get Exhilarate! It's on my Amazon wishlist if anyone wants to spend some extra money on a random person. :)

I'm so glad that today is my easy work out day... only 20 minutes of pilates. I love pilates, it's so stretchy!! :) I do wish I could find my longer DVD though. I have the old Mari Windsor set from like 10 years ago. WOW, I can't believe it's that old! I also have a 10 minute solution one that I can't find, either. That one actually might be here at school.....woo hoo!!! Found it!!! I love the flexibility section on this one... it's very relaxing.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've set all these goals for myself in the past that have come and gone. First, I wanted to lose weight and run a half by March 2012--didn't happen.I wanted to look good on our recent trip to Europe and not hate most of the pictures--didn't happen. I wanted to be at my goal before I turned 30-April 2012--didn't happen.And before I turned 29, and 28, and 27, and 26...before I got married, before I changed jobs, before this, before that....It makes me sad to think of all the opportunities I have missed out on because I didn't follow through. I just want to kick myself when I think that I WOULD be at my goal weight now if I had kept it up. Or at least I'd still be almost to 200 if I hadn't gained it all back.

Now I have a goal to lose 20 pounds before I come back to school in the fall, a goal to run a half in December (I've got a friend who is going to make me!), a goal to be under 200 forever come December, and a goal to be at my ideal weight by the end of next school year. I'm so tired of seeing these goals come and go.I want this to be the last time I have to do this. I don't want to lose weight anymore. I want it to be gone and I just want to be healthy and only have to worry about staying healthy.

And it has to come with the real lifestyle changes. I just don't need fast food. Ever. Not healthy and too expensive. I won't get to drive through wherever I want because I'm skinny. I will be skinny because I don't drive through wherever I want. I don't get to buy chips and full calorie mochas because I am skinny. I will eat a few chips and get low cal mochas because I am skinny. I will be one of those people that makes other people crazy because I never eat at fast food with them. :)

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JUSTDOIT011 5/29/2012 11:44PM

    You can do it!! Make steady progress towards your goal, and a year from now you can look back and be proud of all the work you've done! Keep it up!

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APROUDWANNABE 5/29/2012 2:51PM

    I agree with Heyitsjuded... sometimes fast food is okay, but I know for me it's hard to control myself so I try to stay away from what I KNOW will mess me up until I can get that control. Maybe I'll get it one day, maybe I won't, but it's good to know that the problem's there!

No woulda coulda shouldas! If you spend too much time thinking about what you COULD have done, then you don't have as much energy to devote into what you're GOING to do! And you ARE going to do it, too, because you're emoticon and I believe in you, emoticon!

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HEYITSJUDED 5/29/2012 1:43PM

    well first of all, fast food is ok in moderation. I went out of town for my daughters high school graduation my sister took the trip with me. Being in the car for 9 to 10 hours does not give you a whole lot of options for food, remember a childs cheeseburger happy meal with small fry and diet soda is only 530 calories. It was the first time I had eaten fast food in months, I felt so guilty, but my sister who had lost weight and is keeping it off said it would be ok!! I had to eat it coming home as well, and when I got home the scale didnt break!! I wanted to be a certain weight before the graduation didnt quite make it, but you try and know LIFE happens. You will meet your goals if you remember hard work and dedication will get the job done!! Goodluck with your goals and I wish you all the success in your journey.

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Talking myself into my workout

Monday, May 28, 2012

Well, I'm about to start week 3 of my challenge. If I will just make myself go change and do my workout. Today is supposed to be JM's Yoga Meltdown, but I'm really dreading it. It's hard! But then I also just got Coach Nicole's new DVD and I haven't tried that out yet. But I kind of feel like I'm copping out if I don't do YM. So I guess I'll do it. Sheesh. I'll know I'll be glad after I do it.

EDIT: So I did it, and yes, I feel much better! I even went lower on those dratted chataranga push ups and this time I was able to do a few unmodified rolling side planks. So I am improving!!

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APROUDWANNABE 5/29/2012 2:54PM

    I tried yoga once and HATED it, so something called Yoga Meltdown makes me go emoticon

LOL! emoticon on getting it done!


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EoY Challenge Week 2 Summary

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I love seeing full rows of stickers. :) Some days, I only did it for the sticker. lol

Days Worked Out: 6/6
Fitness Minutes: 195
Calories Burned: 2317
Last Weight/CW: 230.8/229.7

Success!! One more week to go! Maybe two if I give myself a bonus week. I'll decide next week. Also, I just got Coach Nicole's DVD and I want to try that, too!!

And here's my whole bulletin board in case you are interested. :)

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APROUDWANNABE 5/28/2012 10:33AM

    Lookit all them stickers! emoticon

Here's a gold star sticker for all the hard work in earning all your stickers!

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LORELAI19 5/27/2012 11:22PM

    Love your boards!! What a great motivational tool! I might have to borrow that idea to...... lol emoticon

Keep up the great work!!

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LALMEIDA 5/27/2012 11:03PM

  emoticon emoticon

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