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It's A New Month

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Well, it's June and I'm definitely not where I had hoped I would be. However, I have not kept up my end of the bargain by following my nutrition plan. I've been fine in the working out area---my nemesis is my nutrition. I give myself treats here and there, that just turn into more and more often. I basically self-sabotage all of my efforts in the gym by eating up all of the calories I burn. But hey--it's a new month and I'm ready to start afresh! I haven't really gained weight; I've just stalled. So, June is going to be my month---my month to eat within my calorie limits 90% of the time and intensify my workouts slightly. I plan to follow the calorie cycling plan that was set up for me which is:
Sunday 1475
Monday 2075
Tuesday 1550
Wednesday 2000
Thursday 1550
Friday 2150
Saturday 1625
I've also added running into my routine. So, I'm going to stick with my three day per week strength training plan (I'm on week 7 of a 12 week plan), and I'm going to add running 2-3 times per week. I'll also be going to some classes at the Y with my sister-in-law who has recently joined and is excited about going; I plan to borrow some of her enthusiasm. All-in-all, I believe June will be my break-out month. I plan to make great strides in June and "unleash my new body". That is the quote that is on my inspiration board. Well, hope your June proves to be as successful for you as I know mine will be for me.

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    LOOKIN GOOD; Way to plan ahead and be focused. YOU are gonna see great results this month. Hooray on a running program...I think it has really helped me lose the inches!

Love the new pictures of your kids...they are GORGEOUS...they definitely take after YOU!

HUGS. Happy Day.

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Camp Wartburg

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days; I'm not sure where I've been. But, I'm back. Today, Bill and I were chaperones for Tyson's Kingergarten field trip to Camp Wartburg. It was a lot of fun. We did a pond study with our group. We went on a nature hike. The kids went canoeing (Tyson's first time in a canoe), and they played games. We were out there about 6 hours all together. I'm sunburned and I am wiped out. We came home and I laid down for a power nap and ended up sleeping for two hours. Who knew it could be so exhausting being a kid. I'm glad Bill got to take the day off and join us, too. I think Tyson liked having his dad there. After my nap, I went with my mother-in-law on a 3 mile walk. Her doctor told her that if she walked at least a mile a day that she could get off of her diabetes medication, so I am walking with her to help her stay motivated to walk. I've stayed within my calorie range Monday, Tuesday and today. I've also had really great workouts this week. I started a new strength training program (which I will talk about at a later time because I'm too tired right now to go into details) on Monday. I did yoga and HIIT yesterday. Oh, I almost forgot---I actually tried jogging/running yesterday. I haven't ran in over a year. It felt great; I felt stronger than I used to. I'm sore today, but I think I may have to gradually add back running to my routine. Well, off to bed.


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    Sounds like fun. And so awesome that daddy was able to go to. I bet Tyson was so proud to have his mommy and daddy with!! I bet you learned lots and lots...
Sorry to hear about your "moms" diabetes; the 2 of you could be a great support and be "walking buddies". ? How cool about running. YOU KNOW THAT I'M EXCITED TO HEAR THE NEWS. Maybe we could get you registered for a 5k? I'm proud of you for your workout and calories...Way to go! Doing GREAT.
Have a happy day.

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Double the Treat Meals

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I've had two "treat" nights this weekend, and I'm glad I did because I enjoyed both of them. On Friday, we went with a friend to karaoke and made some new friends along the way. There was nothing there to eat, so I came home at 3:00 in the morning and ate bad food. Saturday, we went with some friends and all of our kids to O'Charley's. I just decided to eat everything that I wanted. I had three rolls with butter, some nachos and salsa, and my main entree consisting of a chicken breast with rice and a beef burrito. All of it was yummy and we had a good time. We then took the kids to Monkey Joe's which is an indoor facility filled with inflatable slides and obstacle courses. On the way home the kids crashed in the car. When I put my food in the computer that night, I found out that I ate about 3000 calories at dinner alone. I would have never thought that I could eat that much---and I didn't even feel overly stuffed when I left. Oh well! I'm not upset about it. I'll just pick up and keep going today and tomorrow and the next and I'll eventually see success. I'm excited about this upcoming week because I'm almost over my cold and can get back to the gym after five days off. I'm going to finish off this month strong and hopefully see some progress at the end of the month. Today, however, may prove to be a struggle since we're going to a family fish fry; I'll do my best. Have a wonderful week!

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    Where were you 5 months ago? What's my point? You've come a long way and you are making tons of progress. Think back to "before" think of what you have been doing since joining SP. Yay you!! Hope your treats were yummy. I had lots of popcorn and M&Ms last night and today I had a steak sandwich! YUM. I can relate! Glad to hear that you are feeling better and getting over your cold. I am right there with you this month (I was off for a bit b/c I was sick and missed my workouts, too) and I don't feel as though I've made the great physical changes I was hoping for...we'll see. No challenge we can't overcome!! Here's to a strong finish! Big hug.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am so exhausted. You work out hard and think you're in shape, but all it takes is something out of the norm to physically challenge your body and you are really feeling it. That was me today...I decided not to work out today since I'm trying to recover from this cold; however, I needed to get some flowers that I bought into the ground before it rains tomorrow. So, I spent the greater part of the day out in the garden. My muscles are sore and I'm about to fall asleep. That bed is going to feel so good. I did take a break from the gardening around midday to have Raindrop therapy done. It feels wonderful. She uses about nine different essential oils each with different therapeutic benefits and applies them to your feet and back with different types of strokes and massage. I actually grew an inch; she measured me before and after, and there was nearly an inch difference. Plus, it's supposed to have all kinds of other healing benefits....and it was free because she is practicing to get her certification. Tonight was Tyson's first T-ball practice. He was so cute out there; he really enjoyed himself. I love going to the kids' practices and games. I know people keep telling me at some point all of the running from this to that for the kids grows tiresome, but for now I'm enjoying all of it.

As far as nutrition goes, I stayed on the lower side of my calories and did fairly well with my macros. My fat was not high enough, but I'm okay with that. Friday and Saturday, I plan to eat on the higher end of my calorie range to shock my body a bit. And I may just have a "treat" night coming up soon. As far as my workouts, I hope to be back at the Y tomorrow. I plan on doing strength training for my legs and HIIT; I may have to break the workouts up, because both of those are pretty intense. After this week, I'll be done with my current strength training program. I'm going to enjoy planning my next 6 week routine. I received my newest issue of Oxygen magazine, so I'll see what I can pull from there.

Tomorrow night we may be going to karaoke with some friends. I don't think my husband wants to go because we don't know these friends that well. I have a feeling he's going to back out on me. So we'll see. Off to bed!


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ELIZABETHANNEW 4/17/2008 10:19PM

    Sounds like you had a good time?! I bet the flowers look great. Take pictures and post them in your blog, please...yard work is HARD WORK, I certainly know how you feel, although I haven't done any major work just yet this year. We have a decent size yard and I am the one "in charge". I mow all summer and I PUSH it (yup, no rider here), so I'm looking forward to burning those extra calories this summer!!!

Sounds like the massage was heaven. Good for you!

Great work on your nutrition and way to go on adding more fruit/veggies (I've noticed in your log). Keep it up.

Have a great FRIDAY. HUGS.

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12 Week Reward

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I was reading my Lifestyle Strategy given to me by Spark People and the current action step is to give myself a big reward for having completed 12 weeks with Spark People and still going strong. I like this action step. I've decided that my reward will be a relaxation CD that I had my eye on at WalMart the other day. Bill likes to watch TV at night until he falls asleep, which is much later than I want to be asleep by, so it is a constant (albeit minor) battle. I finally convinced him to turn off the TV by 10:40 PM, giving me 8 hours of sleep. However, I'm not sure I can get him to stick to the agreement. But, if I have something like this relaxation CD for us to listen to, I may be able to keep him motivated.

Today is a beautiful day, although I haven't been out to enjoy it yet. I plan to change that in just a few minutes by doing some gardening. I'm doing well with my calories, macros and water. Tonight, I'm planning to do circuit training at the Y, lifting legs. I also plan to do some moderate intensity cardio. My cold is still trying to decide if it wants to become a full-blown illness or night. My head is all stuffed up and I have an occasional cough, but I don't really feel ill. Hopefully, I'll just overcome it quickly and easily.

Off to the garden!


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