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Still Recovering, but On My Way!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

emoticon emoticon emoticon

I have really missed my "regular" life and activity on Spark, so I am writing today to give an update for any spark friends who wonder where I've been. I'm also sharing some experience in case anyone out there is researching Calcaneus fracture or Knee injuries!

Since my last blog post in June I have been through a LOT!

Many physical therapy appointments, needle pokes, two surgeries, countless appointments for exams and imaging....

In June I had an ORIF Surgery for my calcaneal fracture, In other words my poor (shattered) heel was screwed back together.

Needless to say I will need to make a new plan when it comes to exercise in the future! It's going to have to be lower impact for sure, at least for awhile. I have thoughts of lap swimming, weight training, but hope I can still take lots of good walks.

Of course there are many things still pretty far into the future right now, but the happy news is that I am just recently cleared to start putting weight on the injured leg again!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Wearing a regular shoe on the injured foot as opposed to the big awkward cast boot was monumental!!! I have been doing a little "walking" with my crutches, as I can tolerate it.

Almost 3 weeks ago, I had a second surgery to repair the damage to my knee (on the same leg). Luckily two of the damaged ligaments were fixed with physical therapy, but surgery was needed to reconstruct my ACL and fix my meniscus. This surgery was a far more tolerable...even though having my knee locked in this brace right now is not the most enjoyable!

I am hoping to not need any more surgeries, but I have some concerns that my other knee may also have been injured. It will be a while before I find out.

I am not working right now as a result of this recovery, but it has been a full time job dealing with the ridiculous amount of extra administrative logistics.
When this process began I thought I'd have time to deal with my years worth of paper clutter boxes that had been set aside "for me to sit and work on someday"...but all that seems to get pushed to the back burner with all of the new things coming to my mailbox and email inboxes from this situation! I haven't lost hope yet though.

All in all I have been on quite an emotional roller coaster ride. emoticon
Depression has gotten the better of me some TIMES, but never do I let it wreck an entire DAY. I have risen to the challenge of trying to find the hidden blessings and happy moments to celebrate. The biggest thing I have learned so far, is that a day can start off horribly but you can turn it around at any time. I had heard that before, but now I have proof.

And where am I going from here emoticon emoticon emoticon

I still don't have a concrete time frame of when I'll be back to work, walking, or I really don't know. Day by day I am trying to get done what I can. Resting, coping, continuing to progress very gradually back into things.

As I get back to basics I have a few ideas for the month and season ahead...which I hope to write about here soon.
Thank you for reading, and by all means, fellow orthopedic healers, please share your experiences and advice with me!!!

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LINTPICKER 10/3/2014 6:56AM

    Glad that things are improving! you have a great attitude and that is so important!

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-SEVEN- 9/30/2014 9:54PM

    Amanda~ big hugs to you, and all the best as you heal. The emotional part is just as difficult sometimes. I am glad you are doing your best to stay positive. emoticon

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THREEWHALES 9/30/2014 7:58PM

Slytherin House misses you!
Take care of yourself.

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1MIN17SECB412PM 9/30/2014 5:12PM

    emoticon Oh, what a *blessing* and such an inspiration to hear you are fighting depression emoticon and getting (literally) back up on your feet, Amanda!! Please come back to us soon!! emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 9/30/2014 4:14PM

    Sorry to hear you've had so much to endure, you're on the mend now!
Be patient and keep positive, you'll soon be back in action emoticon emoticon

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A Twist of Fate

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How interesting it is to be here, at 11 am on a Wednesday morning to be posting on Spark people. Normally I would be in the thick of a long, rough week at work right now.

Summer is usually such a busy time...with so much hustle and bustle on the job, weekend get togethers, people wanting to come over and visit and by the way, swim in my back yard. And of course they happen to bring a dish for an impromptu cookout.

But things are not happening that way.

Two weeks ago I was driving back from a field assignment at work, when suddenly my vehicle was hit head on by another car as it crossed the center line.

My right leg is pretty badly injured, but I am so lucky to be alive. Getting my head around that has been tough. I am lucky my injuries weren't worse. I have some sadness, because the other person who was in the car with me is fighting hard to be alive right now.

But I am happy for the great weekend I had before that, celebrating my dear husband's birthday and visiting my family in my hometown for a picnic. And for what I managed to get done around the house.

In the last few weeks I have had to make many adjustments. I was in the hospital for a few days after the accident. During my time there I was told that it would be several months before I will be able to put weight on my leg. I won't be driving for a long time, though it will be awhile before I care to.

I am coming to terms with all of the help that I will need. I am grieving for the lost opportunities playing outside my boys. I am doing everything I can for them though. Again, I am thankful that I did not have to leave them behind to grow up without a mother...let's just say my constant prayers for a long and healthy life with my family were answered that day.

Next week I will be going back to the hospital for surgery to repair my heel fracture. They are talking about pins...screws...what I call "hardware."
I am wondering whether I'll ever be able to run again. I don't like the prospect of this injury affecting me the rest of my life.

It is hard for me to depend on others right now to help me with basic things. I can't take a real shower. Don't know when I will again. I am using a walker to get from the couch to the bathroom. I am starting to do a few things beyond that...little glimmers of hope but I have to work hard to stay upbeat.

I am happy and thankful for the friends and family members who are coming around....though sometimes I just like to be alone.

I am not sure what the purpose is of this twist of fate, how my life may change because of this accident, or what it will be like when I return to work in several months. But I know I have been dealt something. There are some positive things that came from this, but it is a battle waking up every day to again adjust to this situation and wonder how the day will go.

I am thankful to have the Spark community to help me stay as healthy as possible during this recovery, and if you pray, please say some for me next Wednesday.

Thank you for reading.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ROCKRUNNER404 9/30/2014 11:40AM

    I am not sure if I got around to everyone's page to say THANK YOU for these good wishes and comments, so here it is. I very much appreciated your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Sending prayers and good wishes for your healing inside and out as well as for your friend's longer road to recovery. Frightening. You have been given a new chapter and how you use it is a gift you have been given. Hugs.... emoticon

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 6/12/2014 5:04PM

    **HUGS** I am thankful you are alive and doing as well as you are. I hope you heal quickly and fully. I know it is tough to stay off a leg (had ankle surgery and no weight allowed on foot for 8 weeks) and get things done.

Am sending healing thoughts for both you and your coworker. I hope she pulls through too.

Good luck!

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MOONMANSON 6/11/2014 7:58PM

    Hope you heal quickly!

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1MIN17SECB412PM 6/11/2014 1:35PM

    THANK GOD emoticon you are *here* with your family today. I hope the coworker in the vehicle with you makes it emoticon !! What a terrible FRIGHTFUL thing!! I hope this 'hardware' emoticon does it's job and you'll soon be able to run emoticon again. If not, there's all sorts of substitutes emoticon you can try. The boys will love having you sit in a emoticonlounge chair or even get into the pool emoticon with them later. I hear water is the best way to exercise when you can't put weight emoticon on certain parts of the body - - - something worth checking with your doctor about. Can you sit in a wheelchair?m emoticon There's lots of wheelchair exercises and sports you could 'do' in the meantime. It won't be long before you'll spread out that beach or emoticon picnic blanket too - and mend and heal all the faster with sunshine emoticon and FRESH AIR. The depression emoticon will try to kick in and get you, my friend. Don't let it. It's okay to NOT emoticon want company - for time to reflect or meditate and take your spirit DEEPER, but be on emoticon ALERT for negative. This is the PERFECT time for 'it' to try to emoticon GET you. I don't know why this 'twist of fate' is here, my friend, but that's WHY it's called an accident. You certainly ARE in my prayers for this coming Wednesday, and you are in my prayers now. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 6/11/2014 12:34PM

    I am pleased you made it through the accident, as you said, could have been so much worse. sending prayers for a speedy recovery and for your friend who has a longer road to recovery to take, emoticon

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Don't tell me the "Good Days" won't last

Saturday, May 03, 2014

"DAILY REMINDER : Be confident. Be powerful. Be beautiful INSIDE & OUT. Don't focus on what other people are doing. Focus on your finances, your relationship, your spirituality and your happiness. Be HAPPY with loving your life, having something to say, having something to give, giving to others, pursuing your dreams, knowing your worth, knowing God, and spreading positive energy. Today is the day to enjoy your blessings, expect new miracles and be better than yesterday. You deserve to be happy & celebrate your womanhood today."
-Shanel Cooper Sykes, Author

This sums up my thoughts exactly!
I woke up on my 32nd birthday weighing 166.4 lbs again. Slightly up from the progress I had been making.

I have 40 lbs to lose to get to a "healthy" weight for my height, I have babies and my love to take care of, a house to keep, church, friends, tons of family....and a job to do. The happier I am now, the happier I will be later, when I am older.

I deal with some difficult people sometimes, and there are many people in my family who need as much help, or as much of my time, as I can give them. But sometimes I have to tune them out. And some are hard to tune out.

But I have a new trick...
When I work hard to make a healthy choice (and sometimes I get tired so it's hard to do that), I do this thing now where I play the sound of APPLAUSE in my head

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

1MIN17SECB412PM 5/22/2014 4:20PM

    Sorry, to have missed this, m'dear, but that's not all I'm missing!! I miss you sooo MUCH and know you wanted to step down & out to get some focus.


I really WANT you to come back for summer, Amanda. It's WAY more laid back - no Houses (we're in a muggle camp) and there's lots of *fun* stuff to 'do' too. I know you're BUSY, but I got those chores (plus a few new ones) up and I know how much you like those.

Anyway ... BEST OF LUCK in all that you do and YOU deserve the break!!
xoxoxo yer' Annie

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 5/4/2014 10:29AM

    emoticon I couldn't have said it better myself. Love the attitude. I need to make it my own too. Love the applause trick. Have fun on your journey.

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NEW-CAZ 5/3/2014 11:19AM

    Love your positive attitude- keep it up

emoticon emoticon

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Stress Management...Always re-focusing

Friday, April 11, 2014

Having gained some weight in the past two years, I have been thinking about how much of this was caused by sources of stress I encounter on a daily basis!!! Seems that stress and procrastination leads to more stress and procrastination, all feeding on itself and causing your body to go into panic mode. So much on one's plate and and still they can be hungry for food they do not need.

I have learned some great ways to handle stress...but sometimes I become very frustrated when I feel I have tried everything I know and learned to do, and still find myself feeling low. So I am going to take a minute to write down a few positive thoughts, to keep me


1) There are some sources of stress that are just not going to go away.

The DAYS HAPPEN and you have to give your best, and find a way to be comfortable and confident with that even though you may not be completely satisfied. Even with the difficulties I face each week at work, I still love the job when all is said and done. And even though I always want to try my hardest to do better, I have adapted very well to the challenges that have come with motherhood and home life.

2) Relaxation takes some work sometimes, but it is also necessary.

One night this week I made a point to find something to do after the kids were asleep, instead of just getting ready for bed myself...or snacking and thinking. I did a little de-cluttering, folded some laundry and talked to my husband for a bit...just about pleasant things and not anything related to the daily grind. Funny how folding laundry could lead to such an "AH" feeling...but it did! Then again, there was also time when I had to tell myself it was OK to relax on the couch.

3) Choosing happiness more often.

This week I tried some "in the moment" techniques when I could feel the stress attacking my body. Sometimes you have to tell your mind..."you do not need to try to process this right now."

4) Seek and graciously receive some help.

I don't think there are many situations where people are able or willing to help me, but I found one when I was scrambling to put some music together at church.

Could I find some more ways to not only seek and receive help, but also give help...without worry of how it will contribute to more overcommittment? I'll have to think on that one.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

--MAY-- 4/18/2014 4:40PM

    Geez I just wrote you a whole thing about what, I do!! OK here it is again! sometimes I hate those Emoticons!!

Ok when the stress is really getting to me I either get a Mirror or go to a bathroom, and smile, cuz when you do not want to smile they are the SCARIEST Smiles, and you will be Laughing!!
And what I tell my Ass. Manager is since there is nothing you can do about the Drama at work just Laugh, cuz when you do you will laugh for real, and who cares what other people think!! So what if they think you are a crazy person for laughing at no reason that they can see!! Who knows they just might start laughing to cuz it is Contagious just like yawning!! and you will Be burning Calories, just like one of my favorite Purple shirts says!!

So Laughing is the answer to stress, as far as I am concerned!!

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 4/15/2014 7:43PM

    I love the ideas you have committed to in this blog. You seem to have a good handle on what is going on and why. You have found some really positive ways to deal with it.

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THREEWHALES 4/15/2014 6:38PM

    Great insightful blog.
Thank you for posting, it has me thinking:)

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NEW-CAZ 4/12/2014 4:19AM

    insightful blog, finding balance in our lives with so many outside forces is difficult but by addressing stress with eating healthily, exercising, resting and having some fun you'll feel better

Great blog emoticon

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1MIN17SECB412PM 4/12/2014 3:30AM


1) I think ... finding the 'core' of what is making us uncomfortable starts with our confidence, and that comes from inside. Accept who we are, even KNOWING we're a lifetime work in progress. Believe in what we love to 'do' instead of negative, abusive and critical self-talk. We are worthy enough to love a few things about ourselves and share but it's also okay for us to keep from being delusional by writing down our 'flaws' we feel we have, that make us socially awkward. It's also okay to show off our strengths to HELP build our confidence. So when the world overwhelms us, wrap our own arms around ourself and squeeze. Remind us we are worth loving and that we do matter. If the world taps us out with all it's distractions, it doesn't hurt to give ourselves quiet time, i.e. unplug from phones, texting, computers, etc.

2) I think you did BRILLIANT de-cluttering, folding laundry and visiting your man!! Relaxation and ACTION can be that "AH." I like 'puttering' in my garden and dancing (or flailing) about. LOL!!

3) Choose happiness. Perfection when you wrote, "you do not need to try to process this right now." Stress attacks from ALL kinds of different directions. I'm learning I can choose happiness by hanging out with people who support me - make me feel good about myself - care about my life and my feelings. It meant getting rid of long-time 'friends' who chose to bring me down more often than not. By ignoring the influences of toxic people (or that group of 'friends' that make you feel terrible) you move on in your life to embrace inner healing. Also, by choosing to dabble in creative arts brings happiness. Throwing pots, sketching, writing a poem / song, etc, EXPRESSES hidden gifts, skills and talents. By saying we think we can't 'do' something like splattering paint on canvas, limits self-worth, declaring a boundary called, CAN'T, but by trying a variety of 'the arts' it's a wonderful way to explore ourselves!!

4) It's SMART to have / get a support system, Amanda. A few friends or family who know what we're trying to do - who can be there to confide in (especially if we're having a hard time with our goals) is very wise. We must learn to say "no" to the wrong things, so we can say "yes" to the right things for our quality of life. The problem is, wrong things are not often clear. This is where we need discernment and discernment comes from God. When we pause to put our work in Godís Hands, that's when we're most productive. Days we plow forward without Him are generally days we end up frustrated and unproductive. By setting aside time (prayer, meditation, devotion, reading scripture, etc) we choose to allow God to establish our list of priorities. He gives us the insight to say "no" to what we need to say "no" to, and "yes" to what we need to say "yes" to.


Comment edited on: 4/12/2014 3:45:17 AM

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Looking forward!

Friday, March 21, 2014

This is a blog for a Spark team challenge...but I haven't posted for a long time so this is probably going to seem more like thoughts out loud. Out of practice having much of a Spark audience so bear with me!

There are Just a few things I want to remember in the midst of some hard work I have been work, home, church, and lots of other obligations...

Really it's simple to say:

It will get finished, I will find time, the weight will come off.

In the mean time though, there are lots of things coming up this spring.

Something I have been looking forward to doing for about two years now is to take a week off work, not to go anywhere...just to stay home and be with my sons. My opprotunity to do this is becoming limited as my older son will be in school this year, so I am thrilled it has worked out!!

There is a lot I want to accomplish between now and then, so that there won't be much of anything lingering to "let go" of and enjoy ten....that's right TEN days off!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

1MIN17SECB412PM 3/28/2014 11:48AM

    Yes, spring is in the air!!

What if you went thrift shopping for a 'costume box' focused on *stuff* for cowboys, pirates, indians, spacemen, superheros and they could put on a play or show for mommy?

See if your library has any interesting calendar events like 'childrens story time' or just check out books they want you to read to them. Your community may have other family events (that cost little to no $$$) like upcoming Easter *fun* or 'breakfasts' and maybe even a town parade.

Simple Kids Craft Ideas

Kids cooking recipes

Get a huge refrigerator or other appliance box from your local store and if you've got a pint or two of easy (soap and water) clean up paint ... let 'em go to town making a fort, hideout, castle, cave, puppet theatre, whatever with you!

Picnic at the park but if the weather says, "no," have a 'themed' picnic in the house with left over B-day or holiday supplies or other themes. You could also have a homemade pizza and a movie party or a camp out in the living room.
Let your own inner child out to run free, Amanda, and have *F*U*N* my friend.

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MLDRLD 3/26/2014 1:38PM

    emoticon to blogging! Enjoy your 10 days off and time with your sons. What a wonderful opportunity to create special memories for the future.

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GADGETCC 3/22/2014 5:26AM

    Welcome back!

I love your plan! Enjoy your 10 days!


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NEW-CAZ 3/22/2014 4:15AM

    emoticon to blogging.Have a great weekend hun emoticon

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