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Spark Break

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello, folks!

Life is getting hectic around here - nothing wrong, but time is getting short... I am about to get completely wrapped up in business projects and I don't think I'm going to have much time for sparking. My SparkMail is hooked up to my normal emai account, so if anyone needs or wants to get in touch, they'll be able to.

But don't worry, I WON'T be taking a health break - I plan to continue the healthy eating and will be getting in some exercise, even if it stops showing up in my stats. I'll have no choice - things just starting heating up last week, and I missed several days of exercise, and my husband threatened to call my doctor and tell on me! So he's got my back! :)

Hopefully I'll be able to pop in once in a while... and once I get things squared away (soon, I hope!) I can spend some more time here... but work's gotta come first...

Take care, everyone and have a great spring! And a great summer, too, just in case I'm still busy then!! :)


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SUZYMOBILE 4/8/2011 7:27PM

    I just caught up with this blog, which tells you that I'm getting out of touch, too! I'll look forward to hearing from you sometime soon ... and have subscribed to your blogs to make sure!

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WILLBFITBY45 3/15/2011 11:43AM


I totally understand. And actually, i am finding that even when i had a computer, i just don't have the time for SP. So, i may leave SP. In some ways it actually causes me more stress when i miss days of my various goals, from my various teams. I think if i can just exercise 30 minutes each weekday( if not every day), and continue work on my eating, hopefully I will make progress. But one thing I am glad of, and that is that we have become friends-- and I look forward to many more tea times and walks in the spring!

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JOJOSZENT 3/14/2011 12:01AM

    Spark can get over whelming sometimes, so you have to do what you have to do.

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'Nother One Word Challenge

Friday, March 11, 2011

Not as easy as you might think! Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. It's really hard to only use one word answers.

Where is your cell phone?


Your hair?

Your mother?

Your father?

Your favorite thing?

Your dream last night?

Favorite drink?

What room are you in?

Your hobby?

Your fear?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Where were you last night?

Something that you aren't?


Wish list item?

Last thing you did?

What are you wearing?

Your pets?


Your life?

Your mood?

Missing someone?


Your car?

Something you're not wearing?

Your favorite store?

Your favorite color?

When is the last time you cried?

Where do you go over and over?

Five people who email me regularly?

Favorite place to eat?

Favorite place I'd like to be right now?

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SCHMEVELYN 3/13/2011 11:47PM

    How fun.

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SUZYMOBILE 3/12/2011 8:05AM

    Where do I want to be in 6 years? Alive!

I'll have to tackle this when I get some free time, Jeannine.

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Somewhat offbeat sign of spring... might be more than you ever wanted to know about ducks...

Monday, March 07, 2011

My ducks started mating yesterday! They only do that when they think spring is coming (unlike chickens who are more like us humans in that department). That also means eggs are coming soon (since ducks only lay eggs from spring through fall), so I'll be able to finally stop buying eggs at the grocery store - all my chickens are geriatrics, so they've been on strike since late summer.

Anyway, happy soon-to-be spring!!!! :)

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HJFOGARTY 3/7/2011 9:31PM

    that is an awesome sign Jeannine - thanks for sharing cause it does mean spring is getting closer! yeah!!!

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RD03875 3/7/2011 3:43PM

    Good luck, hope spring is on it's way!

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SUZYMOBILE 3/7/2011 12:07PM

    Hey, I'm always interested in what ducks are up to. I've been missing the throng of ducks that usually hangs out on our stretch of the Exeter River. Now I know what they're doing, the little devils!

Lucky you, having duck eggs! I think they're the best thing--so enormous and rich--even though I allow myself an egg only about once every other month or so.


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RR1_RR1 3/7/2011 9:12AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Still diet soda free - and getting happier about it!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Some of you know that I gave up diet coke a couple weeks back... I'd just read an article that said it MIGHT cause strokes - since that's what got my Dad, I decided I'd better hedge my bets for avoiding a stroke by dropping the soda - I dumped it cold turkey and haven't drunk a drop of the stuff since. I'm still not past the craving stage, but I've been holding firm.

Since quitting, I keep coming across articles that support the wisdom of my decision... here is one:

It's entitled, "Can you get hooked on diet soda?" and the general concensus seems to be "yes," though they don't yet know why. It seems to be more than the caffiene. That seems true for me - I gave up diet soda, but not coffee or tea - despite adding a cup of coffee to my daily intake, I'm still feeling a little more run down than ususal, but at least the headaches are gone (so maybe withdrawl is almost over!!).

And the article goes on to list all the problems that diet colas may cause: "Whether you feel dependent or not, drinking too much diet soda might be risky in the long run. In recent years, habitual diet-soda consumption has been linked to an increased risk of low bone mineral density in women, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. What's more, a growing body of research suggests that excessive diet soda intake may actually encourage weight gain. " 'Nuff reason to stay away from the stuff! :)

Another article that I found through Sparkpeople seems to support the diet-soda-causes-weight-gain theory:

The article states, " there is a growing body of research that seems to suggest that high diet soda consumption is associated with a higher risk of obesity and may surprisingly carry an even greater risk of obesity than drinking regular, full-calorie and -sugar drinks." Again, the researchers don't know why they're seeing these results, but I don't think I need to know WHY diet cola causes the problems it does... it's enough for me to know that it DOES somehow cause problems. There was once a time, a very short while ago, that I not only thought diet cola was harmless, but was even good for me, since I was using it to replace the calories I might have consumed instead... though now that I think of it, a late afternoon drink of diet coke often ignited a binge for me... hmmmm...

After all - many years ago, doctors actually thought cigarette smoking was a harmless, even healthy, habit.... the more we know, the healthier we become....

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RWETHAIRYET 3/3/2011 12:02PM

    Way to go on cutting those sodas..isn't the withdrawal (caffeine?) horrible?
I'm so glad that soda wasn't one of my addictions. When I do have it I prefer the ones actually made with sugar/not cornsyrup and I don't tend to drink a lot...a 20 0z bottle will go flat before I could finish drinking it. And I mostly drink the specialty cream sodas and such, so they're actually a treat. I avoid artificial sweetners at all costs...they all have too many negatives attached to them. I haven't quite figured out how I feel about Stevia yet. On the one hand it's natural, on the other hand somewhere I read a couple of reports questioning its safety.

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ROCKETNUT 3/2/2011 10:57PM

    Rebel, I haven't had the sugar kind since I was in college - a long LONG time ago! :) I switched over to the diet soda about the time I realized that fewer calories in my soda meant more room for pizza... I WAS a college kid, after all (sheepish grin). But you're right, both kinds, sugar and diet, are bad for your teeth - apparently it's the phosphoric acid...

Sue, the bone density problem must be both kinds, since they both have the acid in them, and the experts say it's the extra phosphorus that causes that particular issue. The stroke issue is still out in the jury box apparently, but from what I understood, that it's the diet stuff that causes that particular problem. Possibly the fake sugar? I haven't had fake sugar (except in my diet soda) for a few years now, at least...

Bottom line, it looks a lot like both the sugar soda and the fake sugar soda cause (or at least contribute to) too many bad health issues... I'm getting old, and I want to be healthy when I'm older, so I think I'm way past where I should be treating this old body with some respect - so no more soda (of ANY type!) for me!! :)

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SUZYMOBILE 3/2/2011 8:42PM

    Is it just cola or all diet sodas, I wonder?

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RR1_RR1 3/2/2011 10:06AM

    You can do it. I used to drink up to 6 a day-and now I cant even remember when I had a coke it was probably more than 10 years that I stopped drinking them regularly. Theres so many calories in those things and they are like battery acid for your teeth..

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Good, Bad, and Really, Really Naughty!!!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

So I've been doing really well - and doing really badly - and doing really well - and doing really badly!! As some of you might know, I've been dealing with a hurt back for the past month or two. Before going to the doctor (o.k., DRAGGED to the doctor by my husband!), I was alternating sticking to my proper eating and exercise plan for a week or so and get down to 144 - and then my back would start killing me and I'd stop exercising, and then I'd feel sorry for myself and start stuffing my face and get back up to around 148 - and then I'd get scared and start behaving myself again and get BACK to 144 - and repeat... darn it, I would have been at my goal a couple weeks ago, if I'd just stopped the stress-pain-just feeling sorry for myself eating!!

Things have been going better since my doctor sent me to a physical therapist - I saw her three times (at very reasonable rates - important since I'm a self-pay person)... she massaged the affected area, ultrasounded it, shocked it with some electric gizmo, and gave me a bunch of exercises to do at home... so I've been doing them (EVERY day, except yesterday, that I'm getting to), and you know what? The pain is gone!!! My weight's still doing the up and down bit, but I've only been getting to 146 before screeching into a U-Turn.

Yesterday was the tail-end of another U-Turn... 144 again... 9 pounds to go!! And then... I went nuts - it started with a handful of tortilla chips, followed up by 5 Triscuits, at least a cup of peanuts, a few walnuts, a bowl of honey-nut cheerios, and 2 trick or treat sized bags of M&M's that were still hanging around from last Halloween.... all BEFORE dinner!!! Dinner was at LEAST four servings of spaghetti and sauce with parmesarn cheese... and I was so grumpy, I didn't even do my exercises. At least I'd had a normal lunch and breakfast... but BOY, did my stomach yell at me last night!!! Monster acid attack as my poor belly attempted to deal with the mess I'd thrown at it. And the really stupid thing is, I have NO idea what set me off. I hate negative emotions, and rarely discuss them with anyone... very often I don't even acknowledge them myself. My husband's sometimes noticed that I look upset, but when he asks me what's wrong, I have no idea... I didn't even realize that I was upset until he mentioned it. I suspect yesterday was one of those times - when I feel angry, sad, disappointed, whatever, I tend to try to drown the emotion in food. Which is really, really stupid.

Well, I'm back on the horse today - this morning I was three pounds up, but after, you know, a very large "download," things were back to normal. Now I'm determined to keep it that way! One of my Spark Friends (you know who you are!) had an impressive vent on her blog today - she was upset that she'd shared her negative feelings, but she made me realize that that is EXACTLY what I have to do to get this emotional eating under control. I have to acknowlege my negative feelings, and I have to VENT them somehow, instead of piling a bunch of food on them. I know the chemicals from the food have the power to make my emotions feel better, but once they wear off, the problem is still there, and I have a tummy ache on top of it as well! So no more of that. My belatedly decided goal for this year is to find some way to express negative feelings without punishing my poor body! And to stop this stupid yo-yoing.

And, just for good measure, give up the diet soda I've been swilling (I just read an article that says it MIGHT cause heart disease - but the researchers aren't sure if it's something in the soda, or the possiblity that people are ordering diet coke with their pizza, burgers, or fries) - it CAN'T be good for me, and the green or black tea I plan to have instead ARE good for me.

I guess that's enough self-improvement goals for one year. :) Here's to no more late night belly aches (and more belly-aching!)!!

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HJFOGARTY 2/9/2011 10:32PM

    I am right there with you! why do we do it to ourselves? and then why do we turn to food instead of dealing with those feelings? I know for me - well, like you - I don't always realize that I'm in that place until I'm already in it up to my neck! it is so crazy! and sometimes for me something small will set me right off to a full blown binge - I get so mad at myself and that just starts it all over again! you are on the right track - get those feelings out - walk - or scream! (that one works for me!) lol or do something to get it out - not only will we feel more in control but perhaps we will make positive changes to see when it is coming on and be able to side step quickly enough to control it better. Good luck and thanks for sharing! you are not alone here!

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SUZYMOBILE 2/9/2011 9:25PM

    Oh no! Say it ain't so about diet soda!!!!

Hey, if you guys want to have a Come to Understand the Emotional Roller Coaster Challenge, count me in. Seriously, I wasn't so much guilty about ranting as I was mystified that so much anger manifested itself seemingly out of the blue. If I've got that much strong emotion bottled up, it has to come out sometimes. I was madder at even more things than I owned up to, too! Walking it out, I think, worked, even though I wouldn't have thought it would.

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RWETHAIRYET 2/9/2011 9:15PM

    why is it so difficult to just get those feelings out instead of turning them inwards and doing nasty things to ourselves.
I know my moods have been swinging so hard and fast the last couple of weeks that I'm coming down with a major case of whiplash just watching them come and go. Not doing much for my motivation or moral.
But tomorrow is another day. And I think working on the emotional aspect is definitely a good goal for the year!

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