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Got rest from our vacation lol seems odd to say

Monday, August 05, 2013

Went back to the cabin top of the mountain in North Carolina, and it is a trip .Will post new

pictures soon as i can .

In car 39.13 hours, and it was hard on my old feet and bones. 1,620 miles as mountain roads

are not straight to a destination. We did go from North Carolina to Georgia etc but still.

Cabin is top of the mountain and 15 miles down to the town of Murphy. That is 250 curves just

to get down from the cabin and there curves i tell you geeeee.

Saw some new sights like old time drive in movie ,and waterfalls you drive under one and you


walk under one. I loved a flea market we saw on last day . Had a band in it casual sitting

playing old

tunes especially country .

I brought Elvis home lol an official picture of him any way. Teaching grandbaby of the old

stars of yesteryear.

School begins here in August 20th and hope for a good year.

Grandbaby goes into first grade so not sure how much i help this year yet.

Our pet Miss elvis, the dwarf hamster ,was fine on our return and loves her toys and we

love her. She comes out to her name and seems to really enjoy us holding her too.

I post pictures of her soon as i get ones of vacation downloaded.

Since home been doing spring cleaning and it was hard but i got all redone and dusted

so school days i be able to concentrate on that.

Hope all are well on their journey to lose and be healthy.

I am still trying by eating less or no sugar especially in drinks.

No cookies , less meat, no box goods or white items.

I feel better knowing i am at least trying. Saw 120s on my scale and was so happy long time


Have good day from florida

I was glad to be home and out of the car

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SUSANBEAMON 8/6/2013 1:23AM

  one of the reasons why i stopped going someplace on vacation was how tired i was when i got home again. but then, staycations can be just as tiring.

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TIMOTHYNOHE 8/5/2013 7:08PM

    Sounds like a great day.

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Shopping LIst on Mothers day from American Heart Association

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Type in American Heart Association My Grocery List

awsome gift here

You chose from catagory drop down gives you choices

example Cereal

drop down pops in you chose dry or etc

then you see all the

American Heart Association Brands of choices you need to be buying

You can read on this link what they demand from a food to be chosen also

You maybe not find all the brands in your area but it help and you can begin to weed

out the bad choices.

You can print it up after your done also. Big read heart is on foods with check mark but some

foods use it are Not suppose to so always look for the words

American Heart Association on the red checked heart,

Also if you have Net Flix you can see a good show

Engine 2 diet

The firefighter has cookbooks but lots his recipes on line free

he goes to fokes homes and takes out of their pantry and fridge items most of us have in ours

He shows why

items we all buy are bad choices.

Labels need be tought in school and read not front of a pkg.

Its interesting if you wish to learn what NOT to buy or eat even if you do not plan to go

all Whole Foods as he does.

Wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day

I am blessed to have my daughter and grand baby and family. I get my gift each day in just

being alive . I am working hard on my heath to get my body mass index in range.

Google you one and you see by your height and weight how much work you need to do .

If yours is 25 to 27 your considered overweight. 30 is obese .

I need lost about 5 more pounds to even get mine back into normal from overweight.

I have lost almost 11 pounds by counting calories and i am happy it is working plan for me

Gave up white foods, sugar , breads and crackers and mostly cookies ,sugar tea and

tons of meat, cereal. For me till i get my weight at my goal it be vegetables mostly and tons

of fruit have helped me reach this level .

I am 5 foot 2 so should be 104 to 131 which i think is to high

so i should reach my first goal this month ,and i hope to get to 120 as 30s is to much on my

frame. I stayed at 110 for years so i know that is a good goal too but maybe not practical as

i am almost 64 now. I be happy to see 120s again not 130s

Have Good day and check out that Heart Link its worth the time

Good luck to all emoticon emoticon

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STRONGERLEANER 5/12/2013 11:27AM

    Thanks for the information.
I will definitely check out their list!

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Down to the facts on Weight

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Did you know if your a certain amount overweight it will cost you more to be buried.

Your family will be told oh you must buy a larger casket and larger vault.

Just like clothes cost more now for larger sizes .

Did you know if your a certain amount overweight some people think your lazy

Did you know if your a certain amount overweight people in a restaurant think why are you


Did you know if your a certain amount overweight people think your not as clean or able to

clean yourself

Did you know a recent study says some or most doctors have less sympathy for those who are

a certain amount overweight.

Did you know if your a certain amount overweight some nurses will refuse to bath you or

make remarks about you.

Did you know if your a certain amount overweight society sees "The fat lady"

not the real you they should

How do i know these things when I need to lose only about 8 pounds or so

My sister died due to her weight.

I saw her struggles all her life and my husband too.

Saw show man was eating cake some one said why are you eating that cake we were

going toss it out. Man says I did not want it to go to waste

Other man poked mans waist said to late i see it has gone to waist.

Ad for a hot dog vender's line said

its not worth the weight.

At some point in our lives we must stop and use or mirrors not just to see our head or face.

Take a long look at ourselves and be honest.

Tight jeans so many wear will hide many pounds from the public

but sooner or later you got to take them and the girdle items off

then what

Losing and counting calories has showed me how much over eating i was doing .

I see now all junk and high calories high fat things i had let creep back into my pantry.

I will not go back to buying or eating junk.

I came to that day for me and i hope you do for you if you have not already

I miss my sister very much. She died in her 50s and now i am older than her which is just


Its not hard if you think before you buy item and dont but junk in the buggy.

Say I am worth it and just write down all you eat each day before you eat each meal or snack

I look at one mini York patty 50 calories and say hay i can have full bowl of strawberry

instead of that tiny junk.

Each day i cook an egg and two slices bacon. Then i do not want the cookies to dump in

coffee and eat mindlessly.

Once you begin to see the calories in each item you then will shop with the goal to live.

Good luck and count those calories every single one

You can go on line find your bmi google it and then you know how many a day you need

then go lower.

I am staying at 1000 or lower as it is working for me

Its not worth the weight. No food is worth your self esteen or your ability to move or walk

and no food is certainly worth your life.

It took time to put it on do NOT expect instant results. It will happen if you want it more than

you want to eat junk

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111BUTTERFLY111 5/7/2013 5:17AM

    Wishing you well on your weight loss journey! WE CAN turn things around!

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ZRIE014 5/7/2013 12:21AM

  that is the why i run to control my weight

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Day 13 off sugar, cookies, and white foods

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Well, I am on day 13 of my new eating life style. It maybe not suit some, but it is working for

me. 13 days with no cookie or sweets and i walk around them every day.

I have like many on sparks given up so gained a few pounds . I can not sit and do nothing and

I will stay on my new plan few mths to see if it works.

I am counting calories as they are easier than points or low gi or other ways i have tried.

To lose we must eat less than we are eating if were over weight by any amount.

Ok i need to lose about 8 pounds some say oh that's not much .

If your 5 foot 2 it is and it to me is same as someone needing to lose 100.

It takes dedication and will power and the desire to change ones body.

I have found out i was snacking a lot and counting calories will show you what you use to eat

for certain.

I am keeping my calorie range under 1,000 or close as i can and frankly i am full due to fruit and


To lose one pound you got to give up 500 calories a day i have read so that is a lot in itself.

Now i look on back of pkgs not front and i count before i eat. What good does it do to count

or write down after one has eaten like at end of the day.

If i chose a food it is to high i chose a different one. Its that simple

I am eating eggs , bacon , some deer meat thanks to son in law . It is high in b 12 i am

low on all time on meds for due to lots surgery.

I am mostly eating fruit but counting calories not just eating all day.

I noticed i am not hungry now and have cookies in my house and have not even wanted

then in these 13 days .

Under lots stress as i am sick with broncitious still and grandbaby is sick . I have not given

in to the sugar or cookies.

I keep thinking ok if i eat one i eat three or more and all the days of work are lost.

This keeps me going .

I gave up sweet tea for water and coke 0 some say not good but if it gets me off sugar i go

for it.

I gave up all white rice and white noodles and pancakes.

Really i was eating low cost foods and not saving my health to save a dollar.

I shop now in fruit and vegetable isle and no cheese. Have some good light dannon yogurt

is very tasty

I have no one to encourage me and feel alone in this fight .

I have an esteem so need to get the weight off my tummy it is bad on my heart and ostomy.

I will as i am motivated now by this desire to live for my grandchild.

My only sister died in her 50s from weight.

I never had no issue with it till i hit 60s now i am almost 64 so i got to fight it now.

All i can say is if you do not want to diet or eat better ok. Try to not put down those who do

Try to encourage them by at least saying if you feel the need to do this go for it.

Others often say oh you dont need to or what your not eating this etc etc.

Let people chose.

My granny use to say if you cant say something good .... say nothing.

Fruit is the key one cup of strawberry will fill you up a long time and bunch of cookies will not.

I am spending same on food i am just not buying pork and fatty meat or cheese or white


Stay in your fruit and vegetable isle hit others for one thing like coffee or tea.

Good luck to all who are trying and those who are not hay our life is or should be our choice

Just read so much on spark of fokes putting others down . Or saying oh go on eat you need

to eat or eat this or that. Someone just starting out dont need this its like permission to eat.

Say to them keep on your plan and your achieve your goal.

Life is about choices and i am chosing mine to lose .

Doing yard work and walking the land will help also which i am doing .

Cant be on much but i read any mail written with caring.

I am done listing to negative feedback on sparks or anywhere.

I am a mom and grandma and i made it in life most of my years alone.

Divorced one husband and lost my best soul mate over 20 years ago .

I have a brain so let me do my own plan and chose my own path

Thanks and again good luck to all who are fighting the good fight

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JULIERAE41 4/22/2013 10:15AM


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111BUTTERFLY111 4/22/2013 5:06AM

    Keep up the good work, doing what works for you!! emoticon

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 4/21/2013 11:25PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOSE4LIFE47 4/21/2013 11:18PM

    emoticon emoticon

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JO88BAKO 4/21/2013 11:17PM

    You are doing good. One good choice at a time. You can do it!!

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My Vacation and Going Back to School at 63

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just me on vacation and wish I was there now. On Tenn/ Georgia state line.

Had great time walked tons lost 5 more lbs to make my total 15 so am ok

at weight for awhile anyway. Fall will do more once it cools as Florida is 99 plus daily.

Now tho am fighting lack of b -12 very low and also Vit d lower. Making me

sick and very anxious to the point I am about nutty.

See, on vacation was talking to a Moose, named Rusty.

Any way, I have anxiety of going to be a teacher's helper to help our Precious who has

not yet been away from us all due to her algery's she has been home schooled by us .

I worry a lot of teacher and all i do not know what to do there.

What if she does not like me? What if I can not do the work? What if I do not feel

good there? Gee am I the one five or our Precious?

Help! what have I gotten into.

I have wanted to ,and stood by baby five years. Greatest joy of my life besides

years raising my daughter. Now I say one day , Hay i can do this it be fun to

be out of the house and help. Then I panic and say NOPE cant do this SO have to

say no . Then say well can't and want let baby down or daughter.

Will make it this one year well knowing probably help in first grade too.

Clock is ticking. Murphy North Carolina one saw on our trip.

School begins on Monday oh my ! Send me blessings now

Crosses on trip Fields of the Wood a bible park. You walk up 329 stone

steps to get this view. See, my strong will some times.

Bear with me you guys.

Old moonshine still in one of the national parks. Makes one Think a drink help my stress ?

Nope no drinker no way even if i go nuts.

Just back and forth so wonder daily and wish Monday hurry and come then i wish it never


My life trails have been hard but most i did ok and made it up. Hope to hang in and not let

no one down.

Temp on cabin

If i could find that I be ok was so cool in the mornings.

Lack of vits has be roasting not to mention 99 plus daily in Fl.

This is me a wooden head hmmmm not sure what guy has his arm around me.

Pretty everywhere you look so hope it is a sign of more to come.

Below our cabin and now am worried of a trail to school okkkkkkkkkk

view from Brasstown Bald Georgia's highest peak. Here you can see three

states. Choices hmmmmmmm

Waterfalls hold one truth way i see things. All things end and begin again

just in a different way or place. So it will be for me soon as my five years

of keeping our Precious will end. I keep her just it be different as nothing ends. I got to hang

onto that fact.

I either go to school to help or i do not. I chose to go . Please so send me some

blessings if you have any to spare that I can make it .

To do this for her and also for daughter and mostly for me.

To conquer a new fear.

Hope you enjoyed some of my vacation. With out my family i never get to

do such things so I know I am blessed.

Take care have a nice fall be back on when can .

Got blues so all my I's were lower case so i had to go back do capital I's and remove as so

many due to worry .

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SERAPHGYRL 8/22/2012 12:48AM

    You go girl. I'm so happy to see you having fun!

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JULIA_211 8/15/2012 7:23AM

    Thank you for sharing your vacation! Beautiful and fun pictures! I wish you the best on your goals! emoticon emoticon

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