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Discovering the "Run"

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

So just last week, really only a short time ago but it feels longer, I started running. Jogging really, but it has left me with a feeling of accomplishment as I go out and beat the run (jog) I did the night before. I'm still learning the tips and tricks of running. I know interval running makes you stronger, I know that you should rest up between runs and I learned how to breathe properly so I don't have to stop because I can't breathe. Last week I was so proud of myself. I have an app on my iphone that lets me gauge how far, how fast and how long I am running (jogging) for and from starting at 2.5km on sunday and ending the week on thursday with 5.06km I was on top of the world! BUT unfortunately I went away for the weekend and couldn't get any running in until last night (monday) and I was so disappointed when I could only go 3.5km and that was walking the last km! I've chalked it up to what I ate just before I went running but it was still disheartening! I'm not going to let it stop me though, I know I can do a nice 5k and I'm determined to do it every run! But this is why I would be greatful to know and use all the great tips and tricks, so that I don't give out when I come back from a break!

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4EVERADONEGIRL 6/11/2012 11:04AM

    You should be so proud of yourself! I still get a real sense of accomplishment after running (no need to distinguish between running/jogging - you are doing it no matter how fast you're going! You're a RUNNER!!) even 3 years after first starting it up.

And you need to remember that we all have good runs and tough runs and sometimes just plain ol' bad runs...but what is important is that we just keep going. :-)

Good luck!!

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Standing Tall

Thursday, February 02, 2012

So after a rough start, an amazing thing happens. My apartment building just added a gym!
AND I just bought all fresh groceries and I have been drinking soooo much water! YAY me!

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LINDZW11 2/2/2012 9:28PM


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  Good going.

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A day in the life

Monday, January 30, 2012

So I've joined Sparkpeople in order to get a little more motivation and support while I take on the changes necessary in my life to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately my best friend has put a stop to our training times together as she works out some heart problems and I hope it turns out to be nothing serious but I completely understand. It is hard going into this alone now, particularly because my small overstuffed apartment is not the place to be throwing down a mat and picking up some dumbbells so I am frustrated to say that I really have not gotten anywhere at all with the beginning stages.
I am the type of person that needs an obligation in order to complete something. And also someone to go along with me and share my "burdens". So we can work off each other.

This past weekend I went with my fellow bridesmaids shopping for our bridesmaid dresses, and the experience left me depressed and deflated. We are all women of different shapes and sizes but it seemed like I was the one that would be "the final say" on the dress and no this was not a good thing! Basically once all the other girls had tried on a dress but they were having difficulty making a decision about it, they would ask me to put it on, and if it didnt look good on me they would scrap that dress. Needless to say most of them didnt look good on me. Yes you can argue that the dresses are all not sized to me and that anything not fitted would look horrible on anyone (anyone but a size 0) and I'm sure Stacy and Clinton would tell me that I shouldnt be upset because clothing didnt look right on me and yes we did end up finding a dress that looked good on all of us, but in reality it was so discouraging and demotivating. For me when I have something that causes me to feel horrible about myself I tend to shut down, I have been getting better though which is part of why I am writing this today. I have more faults as well, looking more at the cons then the pros, envisioning failure rather then success. All of these are blocking me right now and I have no idea how to get passed it. I'm trying to just push through but it still feels like so many things are just in the way of getting started. I know a fairy godmother isn't going to appear and wave her magic wand and make everything perfect. I need a severe brain makeover, or takeover rather.