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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I finally decided to actually read the Spark book. I searched the Library and came up with a copy. I wondered what could be in it that I haven't already read here on the Spark site? Well, I'm not far in, I think chapter 2, but already I can see that it could be what really helps me get back on track. Very motivational and focused. The appendix in the back has a lot of great valuable information. I think that I should have started here before but at-least I'm doing it now. Looks like its going to be a real asset.

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TURTLERAE55 9/28/2011 1:36AM

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Independence Day

Monday, July 04, 2011

Well, today I participated in the Platteville Run/Walk. It wasn't good. I had been noticing that my back has been bothering me the last few days. Especially when I stand or for more than a few minutes. To make things worse, I stayed up way past midnight last night (attached to the computer). Still, somehow, I thought that I could walk, and for short periods, run in a 5K. I was dead last. Worse still, about the 2nd mile marker, I started to cry. I was upset with myself for letting my weight get so bad and for letting this summer's walks come and go without doing any walking in-between. My throat swelled up inside from crying and I suddenly couldn't breathe. I had to get myself under control or I would be in a much worse situation. I wanted to quit but I just couldn't live with myself if I did. My mother, who was walking with me, coaxed me along for the entire last mile plus. My back ached so much. I almost sat down once but as I tried to figure out how best to sit down, I realized that I would not be able to get back up. When we got closer to the finish line, I became aware that everyone had not yet left as I expected. As they walked by, they would try to encourage me(us) through the last steps. The last 30 feet, everyone cheered and whooped. Maybe I should have been happy for the encouragement but I was just too embarrassed. The awards had been given out already. Last year, I received a metal. If they had tried to give me one, I would have refused it. I start the Sparkpeople 5k training tomorrow. I have to do something about this.


It was bound to happen eventually

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Suddenly I can't seem to stay on the path. I have the same attitude about being worth it but I seem to have no control. It must have something to do about my daughter getting ready to go back to college because that is the only thing that has changed lately. I haven't been walking or jogging in over a week. I have indulged in candy and salty snacks. I know better and have been excited to buy a smaller size. Its just not working. Or maybe I should say I'm not working. Every time I step on the scale I expect to see a gain. So far I've only seen a quarter of a pound but I need to turn back and go for that next 10 before I'm trying to lose those same pounds over again. I seem to be stuck. I'm just going to keep trying to hang in there. I could use some help but I don't know what help to ask for. I guess I'm going to look at the articles and try to ask some of my groups for help.

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TRIGFROST 8/24/2010 11:34AM

    Some pople do not like it {inside} when their -Babys are grow and fly away...maybe this is yourself...the part that says:
Life is getting older... we never know the whys of things---
but they happen anyway...Hope your feeling better today... emoticon

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YOUNGCASS 8/24/2010 2:21AM

    It sounds like you are on a downward spiral of having something you deem as "bad" and feel bad about it and dwell on it by looking at the scale.

When that gain isn't present you may be eating more of the "bad" stuff because you didn't see a gain or not as bad as you thought so you allow yourself to indulge a bit more and start the cycle over.

You need to not feel bad about your choices, don't cry over spilt milk, right?

Make decisions beforehand about what you can eat or research how many calories a certain food it so you know what will keep you in your range.

As for exercise, just do it! If structured exercise is turning you off simply be as active as possible, take the stairs, park a little further away, etc.

Weight loss takes a lot of thought and effort but it really depends on your willingness to commit.

The only TRUE failure is not regaining a pound but to give up completely.

Good luck on your journey, if you need help or have any questions I would be happy to help!

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Finally there is a change in the weather

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today is Tuesday. After just kind of getting sloppy for a few weeks, I'm back in focus again. I let myself indulge a little and was able to keep it under control. Slowed my weight loss but never felt like I totally lost it. That's the thing that seems to be different this time. Somehow, I really seem to get it. I've been giving myself a break. I've stopped putting myself down so much and gave myself credit for being human. I've realized for real this time that the changes that I'm making are for good. I've finally realized that what I really deserve is to be healthy and happy. Every time I used to tell myself that I was depriving myself and felt that I deserved to indulge a little, I was actually thinking the opposite. I was punishing myself for not being better. Well guess what? I'm great! I am a wonderful person who struggles with life everyday, just like everyone else. If there were no challenges, life would hardly be worth living. Life is yin and yang. Ups and downs. Laughs and tears. And surprise surprise, there is a whole lot in between. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to experience life. I don't deserve the self imposed prison that I put myself in. I don't deserve to wear dowdy clothes in an attempt to disappear into the crowd. I don't deserve the embarrassment that I felt everyday when I tried to do things that healthy people could do and found that I either couldn't do them or found that I drew attention to the fact that I was having a great deal of difficulty in doing them. Pity Me!!!! is what I seemed to be saying. I was ashamed. No more!!!! I deserve better.