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One year with SparkPeople Update...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

May 31st 2011 was my one year anniversary with SparkPeople, so I thought I would spend some time updating my page and feeling good about my accomplishments and hopefully show someone who may be feeling that SparkPeople is not working for them to just hang in there it can be done. During my time with SparkPeople I have had all the classic (and very common) problems that we have at one time or another on our quest for a healthy body - that looks great also...

*LONG plateaus that make you feel like you will never reach your goal
*Lack of supportive people
*Parties where cake, cupcakes and soda are handed out freely to everyone who walks by.
*Lack of time and the feeling that you can not even fit in a 15 min workout.
*Feeding the family different meals then yourself because they refuse to eat the "icky stuff" your eating
*Self doubt and loathing (these are the worst)

But I made it through and can see the light at the end of my tunnel. Have I reached my goal - nope not yet but I am more determined then ever to reach it. I have lost... get ready for this... 140 POUNDS off of my 5'5" frame. I lost a whole grown person. I fought and fought and I am WINNING. I want to lose another 30 pounds but am so motivated and so proud of myself that even if I plateau for 6 months I will reach my star. It can be done just believe in the Spark that is inside of all of us and don't be afraid to reach out to your SparkPeople family if you need a push. All of you have been there for me at one time or another and I love you all for it. Thank You!!!

*On a side note when I reached the same weight as my daughter it really motivated her and she acted out in high gear. I am proud to say she has lost 18 pound and her BFF who has also joined in is down 14. I am so proud of these girls and that they are learning to live and eat right now at 15 and 16 and will hopefully never see the struggles we all have seen.

emoticon ROBINROSE3

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JUSFOLK 6/10/2011 11:17PM

    Nice to meet you! I saw your comment on my blog about the fresh veggie casserole.

I so admire what you've done. I have a family member passing along bad habits, and it breaks my heart.I've wished I could do something, but I've learned until a person is ready, they aren't going to have any lasting success. I'll bet you will inspire many here. You've lost about what I weigh right!

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MISSYSTAR1980 6/8/2011 4:20PM

    You are inspirational!

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FIDALGOCHIC 6/8/2011 3:51PM

    Thats pretty stinkin amazing! Thanks!

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MSBLT82 6/8/2011 3:49PM

    that is amazing!

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ELSAG83 6/8/2011 2:51PM

    emoticon job. You should be so proud of your success and of all the hard work you put in to get your result. Keep it up!

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Shopping for a swimsuit today....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well feeling a bit chatty today and I have some free time so thought I would dust off some of the cobwebs on my SparkPage and update my blog. Lots of good things around here lately but some strange and scary ones as well. My jeans were once again falling off me so I ran to Wallyworld and was so surprised to find out I fit in a size 10 juniors jeans, good bye forever Mrs. size 28. Tears leaked from my eyes and in the dressing room I did a strange cross between the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Dance and the Snoopy Dance - No one can see in those things right :-) Two days later I decide it is time to pull out my summer shorts... lo and behold not a single pair fit me. They were so bad in fact I pulled them on over my new jeans and they still fell to my knee's. I ran around the house making my husband and daughter look at how I looked just like one of those weight loss commercial ads on tv or magazines. I could not help myself I felt high and giddy... again Snoopy Dance. But strangely enough I had one pair of beautiful shorts (you might remember I wrote a blog about being so excited I could fit in them again) That I felt a since of pain and loss as I threw them in the charity pile - it passed in just a second though. So now I have to buy all new shorts. Now for the hardest part of it all... NEW SWIMSUIT DAY!!! The time has come, the weather is warming up, and my pool is just about ready. I have to go shopping today and get that new swim suit. I know sort of what I want some thing with mid-thigh swim shorts. losing 135 pounds leaves alot of terrible hanging extra skin and my inner, upper thighs have there share. yuck, so let's cover it up because if you can not see it then all you think about is the rest of my legs and they look hot if I do say so myself :-) I also hate the whole skirt bathing suit thing, just uncomfortable. Also the top part has to be long enough that there is no way you will see any tummy... yucky also. hey I want alot from this swim suit... so where can I find the one to make me look like one of those Victoria Secret models? No matter I am so happy today and anticipate finding the perfect suit and doing all my crazy dances in the dressing room. Then I am going to keep busting butt at the gym till my pool is workout ready... next blog hopefully I will be in single digit jeans. I love you all...

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GURLNXTDOOR 4/27/2011 11:09AM

    WOWOWOW!!!! I bet that felt AWESOME to put on shorts over pants and they STILL fall down! I hope you find a really HOT bathing suit! CONGRATS!!!

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Advice needed on breakfast and vitamin's

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I posted this on the message boards but thought I would throw it up here also...

I watch Dr. Oz, I watch The Doctor's, I read Woman's Health, Fitness & Shape, I spend alot of time reading every SparkPeople article, message board post and comment. I think I have put together a good breakfast and am taking the "right suppliments" but would love some advice as to what I can do better and what I might be missing. Quick info on me... I am 36 years old, 5'5", starting weight was 300 pounds I am now 175.4 but want to weigh 130 but do it the healthy keep off the weight kind of way. Now on to breakfast and vitamins...


one pack of instant low sugar apples and cinnamon oatmeal
1 teaspoon of cinnamon added
20g of dried cranberries added to oatmeal

one cup of Lipton Green Tea
one teaspoon of lemon added for liver cleansing


1 tablet 600mg CALCIUM PLUS D - Osteoporosis runs in my family
1 Centrum Multivitamin
1 softgel 1400 mg FISH OIL Spring Valley (no mercury or lead)
2 caplets 500 mg C (taken 1 in morn and 1 at night)
2 caplets Metformin ER500MG (I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and have to take this)

I have heard and read many articles about cinnamon & lemon. I also just read a really good article in Marches First Magazine about the use of fish oil and Vitamin C in helping to lose the "belly" fat.

Well any input advice or tweeks would be appreciated.
emoticon ~RobinRose~

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BETTERJULIA 3/26/2011 7:46PM

    Hey girl - I saw your post on the done girl site and your breakfast sounds a lot like mine, yum! As for the vitamins I take some from Melaleuca which have an oligofructose compound that make it easier for our bodies to absorb the vitamins & minerals (the minerals especially will cause free radicals in our bodies that cancel out the antioxidants in vitamin c etc). The oligofructose actually mimics the way that vitamins & minerals bind w/ fruits & veggies (which we all know is the way we're supposed to get those). Send me a sparkmail if you want to know more. Keep rocking it! You are an inspiration!

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Yummiest recipe!! Calories all wrong...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Alright, I am calorie counter, as most of us Sparkler's are. I also subscribe to like a thousand weight loss and healthy eating magazines. I know honestly everything I need is on but it is so hard to lay in bed and read my computer screen so I must have the magazines. Now here is the little annoyance that I have encountered in EVERY magazine from Cooking Light to Woman's Health and Fitness... None of these magazines can count calories. I have read recipes (for a single serving) with 2 table spoons of peanut butter as one of the ingredients and the end product they say has 100 calories... emoticon from all-natural, fat free, and all other peanut butters I have NEVER seen one with two tablespoons for under 150 calories. I have recipes that add oatmeal, bananas, and maple syrup that they say are under 100 calories... how!! I really think these magazines should at least try to be more accurate some people just take the calorie count at what the magazine says it is and do not double check. In the end they could be hundreds of calories off. Here is my latest wrong calorie but so yummy recipe...

Pumpkin Shake
6oz almond milk
6oz vanilla Greek Yogurt
1/2 Cup pumpkin Puree
dash of cinnamon

place all ingredients in blender and blend for 45 seconds.

Oxygen Magazine says this is the cal count...
140 calories
3g total fat
15g carb
13g protein

What I got using the lowest calorie products I could find (yes I spent half an hour in the grocery store checking each and every label for the lowest counts in each ingredient)...

195 Calories
32 Carbs
3g Fat
15 Protein

Just a thought I wanted to share with everyone. Do not rely on anyone to count your calories for you. From restaurants to magazines they just want your money and seem to have almost no accountability for the things they write. **As a side note maybe I am incorrect and there is a really peanut butter out there that is 50 calories for 2 tablespoons ... if so could you please pass along the brand... emoticon

XOXO ~Robin Rose~

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MISSYSTAR1980 3/13/2011 5:11PM

    This is so true! I was also reading a healthy living magazine and they had an article about 30 healthy, interesting sandwiches to make. I was excited to look at it for some new ideas, but then I noticed some of their "healthy sandwiches" had over 700 calories! Now, they may be made of the most nutritious ingredients, but that would be half my calorie intake for the day on one item! I decided to look at the sandwich compilations and see which ones I can switch things out for to make them less calories. I've also noticed that some member entered food items on sparkpeople are wrong, so I always make sure to compare my package to the item that is already entered to make sure it is correct.

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SWEET_WATER11 1/24/2011 1:03PM

    lol There is definitely not a peanut butter that has 50 cals for 2 tablespoons (unless its one of those powdered peanut butters that you mix with water and if so they definitely would have noted that in the recipe) - I have just blindly trusted calorie counts in magazines (especially fitness magazines!) in the past but I'll have to be more careful!

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I love a SNOW DAY!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yea I looked outside this morning and found to my surprise a foot or so of snow blanketing my yard. I giggled like a small child as my 40 lb Brittany dog - Nanna (named from Peter Pan- Wendy's dog - Nanna Darling) jumped off the porch and the snow made her legs and then some disappear. I grabbed my coat and shoes and was hastily putting them on over my pajamas as I burst into my 14 year old daughter's room yelling "Cassy come see, Cassy come see" Cassy by the way is her name, it would just be silly and wrong to call her by some other name. She ran with me by the computer room where I grabbed the camera and to the front door. She stood grinning from ear to ear as she ohhhed and ahhhed. I then ran out the door and jumped into the new fallen snow. The look on her face was priceless. She lit up and squealed as she took off to her room. I ran around the yard taking tons of photo's and within a few moments Cassy stood beside me with her coat, gloves, scarf, and hat over her clothes (I knew she was a smart girl she took the time to change) We ran from place to place taking photo after photo. One of her in front of the beautiful tree that was covered in snow but its red leaves still showed through, one of her making a snow angel, one of the Holly bush with the berries showing through, one of her and Nanna, one of her hugging a snow covered pine tree. We laughed and played, threw snowballs, and ducked down from the snow falling from the tops of the pines whenever the wind blew, we froze and bonded.

Later on after coffee was made and drank, breakfast was eaten, and we blew dry the dogs hair a though occurred to me... I owe SparkPeople a huge THANK YOU. To the people who encourage me, the inventors of the amazing recipes I use, the nutritionists on her who answer my questions the best way they can, the friends who give me kind words, pick me up and share their stories with me, oh and give me Goodies on my birthday, I love each and everyone of you. Because of you I will be 100 lbs down for the New Year, I have enough energy to play in the snow and surprise my daughter. I am a third of the person I was and 100 times happier. Thank you for everything, you are amazing people and I love you all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (((HUGS))) xoxoxo Robin Rose

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MONKEY61 1/15/2011 2:21PM

    You are a great writer!!
Wonderful to hear about all that hard work paying off! emoticon

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STARS1985 12/26/2010 5:51PM

    Congrats on the hard work that has gotten you here! Have fun playing in the snow! emoticon

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FITNESSGIRL1020 12/26/2010 5:25PM

    Congrats on all your hard work!!! Have a very Happy New Year!!!

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