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I Have no Idea What I'm Doing

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Literally. I Have lost 40 lbs since the middle of July when I inexplicably lost all desire/craving for sweets. I started at a gym the end of August and have been going pretty regularly and am happy to fit back into my previous "skinny-er clothes" that I had saved from 5 years ago. Hard to believe it WAS 5 years ago! Except that it's really not that hard to believe. My progress was obliterated by very persistent anemia which made me tired and out of breath all the time. Being out of breath made me feel as though it was really okay to stop exercising and with my lazy nature it was all too easy to believe that.

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GARDENCHRIS 10/10/2012 4:14PM

    good for you!

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RNMORGAN1 10/10/2012 2:58PM

    Tiffany, I've tried not to change what I would normally eat for meals and I don't track at all, because I'm hopeless at remembering to do that. Before all of this, the last "diet" I had tried was The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris, so I tend to go with his approach to meals: Protein, veggies, slow carb.

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TRAVELISMYGAME 10/10/2012 1:52PM

    40 pounds since July is AWESOME! I would probably lose about that much if I lost my craving for sweets too!

Glad to hear that you have been working out. How's your eating been? Have you been tracking?

Best of luck to you!

10k Leader

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Start again

Friday, August 10, 2007

It's time to get back on track. I've still been walking, some weeks better than others, but since my pedometer stopped being very accurate, I have def not kept up the consistency. I'm sending the stupid thing back to the company, getting a new one and jumping right back in. No excuses. As for diet, I've made a new goal to stay away from artificial sweeteners. The first time I started losing weight spontaneously was when I gave up my sweet-n-low laced coffee every day, and now it's time to cut out the DP and Crystal Lite. It's definitely not easy...I've conditioned myself to always choose 'sugar free.' Fortunately, I can't STAND soda WITH sugar, so I won't fall be falling back on that. Anyway, I'll be checking in at least once a week. Wish me luck!

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EMMYLOU1981 8/10/2007 5:43PM

    You have come a long way since you started! Keep up the amazing work!

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Slipping a Bit...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have sort of been slacking off in motivation with the walking. Finding more excuses NOT to be the one to walk the dogs, plus eating total RUBBISH! It doesn't help that my patients think that what nurses REALLY need is to sit around and eat chocolates all day long. Well, okay, so they're not ALL wrong, but ugh! If I were to list here the sort of devilish things that our lovely, well meaning patient families bring in, it would surely cause some sort of bakery stampede. I just came back from taking Kai for a walk, but I wound up stopping to talk to a neighbor for more than an hour, so I didn't get much exercise there! Part of the problem is that I am not working with my usual partner at work. She's on vacation for 3 weeks and I guess the shakeup in my routine has affected the sorts of things I feel like doing and the foods I am craving. Does that make sense? It's the only thing I can think of! I am a little discouraged by the weather being either cold OR snowy, too. AND!! We are expecting a snowstorm, starting tonight! I'm really pissed because my mother and I were supposed to visit my sister in Maine, and now it doesn't look like we're going to make it :( It's the middle of April...give us a break!


Hello Again!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Sorry I've been so lax. I hate posting when I have no news! I've been not so good with choices lately, I need to get myself back on track. I discovered "Berry berry" donuts at D/D and they are TROUBLE. RUN! I'm still losing weight, thankfully, and as always, I drink a TON of water. This week with the walking, not so much; we've had nasty crappy snow and freezing rain. I've gotten a lot done with my artwork, though, so that has been fun :) I've also been trying to teach myself to upholster one of our old ottomans...with mixed results. Still working on it! I'm going to work on posting at LEAST every week. See you all again soon!



Sunday, March 11, 2007

The weather this weekend was beautiful and I was able to walk everywhere! The dogs are very happy (and tired). I downloaded "The Secret" from Audible, which was a very interesting 'listen' for my Ipod while I was walking. I am now listening to "Mayflower," which is fascinating...I love hearing what REALLY happened in history after hearing the sanitized versions in school!

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ANGE72 3/14/2007 3:49PM

    Spring has sprung...until the next snow anyway!!

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