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Power in the Motivator!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This motivator speaks VOLUMES about the way I feel towards this journey! The lessons over time here are far more valuable than anything I could have imagined when I started! I've learned, and am still learning, that setbacks are necessary to make LIFE long changes and build on the emotions that will carry me through nearly every situation life throws my way! I've not reached my goal yet, but no matter how long it takes I will remember the steps it took to get there and celebrate every one!

If this inspires you, pass it on....you just might inspire someone else


You deserve the very best achievement of which you're capable. The challenges and setbacks and disappointments are there to make you determined enough to get it.

When it absolutely seems like there's no way forward, keep going. There's a way.

If you're not getting the results you expected, see it as an opportunity to experiment with other approaches. You'll likely find something that works even better than you could have imagined.

Eventually you'll look back on all the challenges and be thankful for them. You'll realize that the strength and effectiveness gained in working through those challenges added great value to the whole undertaking.

You won't avoid all the setbacks, but then you really wouldn't want to. For you can choose to take them all in stride and let them make you that much stronger, that much more determined, and that much more successful.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, feel inspired about yourself. After all, you had the courage to get started in the first place and you have the determination to keep going no matter what.

-- Ralph Marston

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ABCDARIAN 9/2/2010 5:36PM

    Excellent one! Thanks for posting this; I was away & would have missed it!

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2BLEAN_N_FIT_AZ 9/1/2010 1:49PM

    is that Ralph? Regardless it speaks to many of us. What is the old saying...'one foot in front of the other' and that is how it can be on this weight loss journey at times. A great reflection that a lot of us can relate to.
The added bonus is that we also have each other to talk to you, to look for new ideas and of course the support is phenomenal and makes it all possible!

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    AWESOME! :)

- Michelle

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September Goals Week 1 & 2

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm only writing 2 weeks of goals because I've learned that things change quicker than we can blink an eye! I'll be back to update and set additional ones for the remainder of the month later!

The first weeks fitness goal is to burn 280 calories daily/7days! Goal for the last week of August got me close to this daily so I'm thinking a few more minutes daily should do it! Week 2 I'll be increasing the calorie burn to 300 daily/7 days!

Slow and steady....Sounds easy enough right!

As for the rest it's just track, track, track....water, water water!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ODYSSEYQUEEN 9/1/2010 9:30PM

    I'm getting back on SparkPeople after about 6 months off. I always start with moving more first and then I'm more motivated on my food goals. These goals are great. Day 1 went well..2 mi power walk with Leslie Sansone. Slow and steady....

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    Sounds like great goals to me! If I know you, you will accomplish and surpass your goals. emoticon Oh, but Ravensong is right...don't forget your rest days!!

I had not even thought about writing out some September goals. Thanks for reminding me!! I think I will try to work on that today. You know I love it when my sparkfriends keep me accountable so you can absolutely emoticon my behind into gear when you see my slacking!

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THENEWCINDY 9/1/2010 7:23AM

    great goals!!!!!!!!!!!

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HICIM705 9/1/2010 6:48AM

    Great idea - smaller, more manageable goals - sometimes make a world of difference!

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GRACIEC 9/1/2010 1:51AM

    You're an inspiration! I think I need to do it that way. Take it one week at a time! I know you'll be able to do it!

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RAVENSONG37 8/31/2010 11:22PM

    Sounds great! Just make sure you think about taking rest days...those can be just as important! Great work towards your goals!!

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LOPEYP 8/31/2010 8:45PM

    Back to basics always works for me.

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    Great goals!

You can do it!!

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LISAWILLBEFIT 8/31/2010 6:27PM

    Those are really good goals and very acheivable.Lisa

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2BLEAN_N_FIT_AZ 8/31/2010 6:14PM

    Great idea and great reasoning for doing a couple of weeks at a time. It has worked well in the Forest and makes them doable for me.

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Back on top!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I've finally climbed my way back! For nearly the last month my motivation hit a low, almost like it dropped off the top of a building and busted into a million pieces! Took me a while to piece it back together, but, I'm back to exercise and tracking and boy does it feel good!

Still can't figure out what triggered the downward spiral...maybe it was a snowball of being "summer busy", maybe it was burn out or maybe I just needed the time! What I do know is that this is the point when I generally hit it hard, thinking that it's all or nothing to get myself back into routines, but not this time!

I've set a small first week goal of 30 minutes exercise for 7 days! Only 2 days in and I've already exceeded that minimum daily...what can I say, once you start, you don't want to stop! HA! I also decided to vary my cardio on a 4/5 day rotation! While this doesn't seem like a big deal, it means incorporating the elliptical/recumbent which I loathe... but did survive yesterday! I'm having a hard time not just running every day, but I know all too well that variety does a mind and body good, so I'm going for it!

This week will take me right to September 1st! I'm looking forward to setting weekly and monthly goals in the next few days for the coming month! I'm almost certain that running will "trump" the other activities, but I want to be careful not to make my goals too ambitious, but find a nice balance...if there is such a thing! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ITISSPARKTIME 8/31/2010 9:05AM

    Woohoo!! Glad you got your groove back! As much fun as summer is, it sure does get in the way of staying healthy doesn't it? I feel the same way, but you already know that. emoticon One of these days we will find our balance! But it does push me a little more knowing you are back in the groove too! emoticon

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GRACIEC 8/28/2010 1:25AM

    I never had any doubt that you'd get it back! Apparently mojos take a vacation in the summer! Welcome back!

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DOOBRIE 8/28/2010 1:23AM

    Sounds like you're back on track. Good luck with your goals!

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THENEWCINDY 8/27/2010 12:07PM

    good luck!!!

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VEGANGIRL_NY 8/27/2010 11:26AM

    Ah, yes. Sometimes we all need a break but now you're back and ready to go!!!

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2BLEAN_N_FIT_AZ 8/27/2010 9:59AM

    I never had any doubt that you would find your way back to exercising. After reading your blog, I think that what ever the reason, the mind says "I need a break" and after BLC13 combined with summer provided the break you needed. Now the body eventually says..."all right come on break over, lets get back to what I am need"...and viola you're back!

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WINKERDINK 8/27/2010 9:37AM

    That's ma girl! We'll get that fire in us burning bright again! emoticon

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ABCDARIAN 8/27/2010 9:32AM

    Maybe just that summer thing ... I find it desperately hard to keep going in the summer months, between the heat & being away from home a lot. I'm hoping September will put me back where I need to be too! As ever, you set the example! emoticon

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MARIANNE285 8/27/2010 9:11AM

  Congratulations on getting back into it. I just started spark people a couple of weeks ago and I was exercising and tracking and now after weighing myself and losing less than a pound, I'm a little discouraged. I think I'll do the same as you and just set my goals a little lower and have fun with it.

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BLC Wide Challenge...WIN

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Challenge runs Wednesday-Wednesday!

W - WATER Drink 8 (8oz) Glasses per day! Stay Hydrated, Keep your Metabolism Stoked and on Fire ALL Day!

I - IGNITE 30 minutes of exercise...This could be Cardio, Could be Strength, Pilates, Yoga, Walking...We are just looking for 30 minutes. Sorry house work and regular daily activites do NOT Count. You have to really make the Effort. This is purposeful and deliberate exercise.

N - ***NUTRITION*** Track your food and stay in Range. This is the KEY to our SUCCESS. Calories in vs. Calories Out. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! If you Bite It, you Write It!


1 point per each Category

W = 1
I = 1
N = 1

Get all three and recieve a 2 pt BONUS for a Max of 5 pts per Day!

W - W10, I45min, Nrange total points = 5
Th- W10, I60min, Nrange total points = 5
F-W10, I45 min, Nrange total points = 5
S-W10, I0min, Nrange total points = 2
S- W10, I0 min, Nrange total points = 2
M-W10, I35min, Nrange total points = 5
T- W10, I0min, Nrange total points = 2
W-W10, 30min, Nrange total points= 5


Weekend Challenge 11...Taking the Stairs

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This weekend we'll be "Taking the Stairs" and climbing the Food Pyramid! Considering we're following it's nutrition guidelines, might as well climb it too!

Challenge will run FRIDAY - TUESDAY

Nothing complicated here, just Straight Minutes...Any and all Planned Exercise counts! Let's fire up those metabolisms and burn off some pounds!

Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
Monday -
Tuesday -


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