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Saturday Night Fever Challenge 2

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This weekend is no time to chill out if we're gonna see far out results on the scale Wednesday...Can you dig it?

Challenge runs FRIDAY - TUESDAY
Points must be posted to the tracking thread NO LATER than Midnight Wednesday, your time zone, to be counted for participation!

emoticonPEACE~ 15 minutes Stretching or Yoga each day.
(4 pts daily all or nothing)
emoticonLOVE~love those freggies, eat 7 full servings each day
(4 pts daily all or nothing)
emoticonHAPPINESS~that 30 minutes sweaty cardio brings each day!
(4 pts daily all or nothing)

emoticonFEVER~Complete over 98.6 fitness minutes on SATURDAY!
All planned fitness minutes count stretch, yoga, cardio, ST...Yes, even your 15 minutes "Peace" stretching and 30 minutes "Happiness" minutes for Saturday count towards your 100 Fever!
(Bonus 10 points)

Max challenge points: 70

Get Psyched, feel the Fever and ROCK ON Pixies! emoticon

F: P~ 4, L~ 4, H~4 = 12
S: P~4, L~4, H~4, F~ 10 = 22
S: P~, L~4, H~4 = 8 ~Dang...forgot to stretch! :(
M: P~4, L~4, H~4 = 12
T: P~4, L~4, H~4 = 12

Total: 66 points


S'MORE Weekend Challenge 1

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Since it's CAMP OUT Week in the BLC, we are excited to bring you the BLC Challenge-Wide S'MORE Challenge!

Challenge runs FRIDAY - MONDAY

Sweat - 5 pts for each 15 minutes of cardio - 20 pt/per day max
emoticonS ~ F: 20, S:10, S: 20, M: 20 = 70
Munch your Freggies - 5 pts a day for 5 SERVINGS of FREGGIES, all or nothing.
emoticonM~F: 5, S: 5, S: 5, M: 5 = 20
Organize - set goals, make menus for the week, make a healthy shopping list, organize a cabinet in your kitchen, etc - get ready for the challenge - 5 pts 1 project per day
emoticonO~F: 5, S: 5, S: 5, M: 5 = 20
Rest - 5 pts for getting in 7 - 8 hours sleep
(The REST portion only is Friday night through Monday night/Tuesday morning.)
emoticonR~F: 5, S: 5, S: 5, M: 5 = 20
Exercise - Strength training - 1 body area per day (upper, lower, abs) alternate. 5 pts per each set of 15 reps...20 pt/per day max
emoticonE~F: 20, S: 20, S: 20, M: 20 =80

Get those done, do SomeMORE! :) Max possible points 220

Total S'MORE Points = 210


Day 2 Forest Exploration!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hope you enjoyed your rest under the windmill blades after today's exploring Pixies, because tomorrow we're exploring the second half of the Forest!

Foot traffic to the hills has been limited lately and far too much MOSS is covering the trail! Time to KICK IT UP for a notch for TNT Thursday!! Our journey will take you from your home in the Low Lands to High in the Hills! The air is refreshing and the sun shines bright here, but it's quite a journey with some obstacles along the way!

Take a moment before hitting the trail to admire the strength of the TREES...trunks strong and sturdy reaching towards the sky!
**Complete - 5 Yoga Tree Pose

Some weak trees have fallen across the trail, we'll have to CHOP them up before proceeding on!
**Complete 2 sets 15 Classic Woodchop (ea side)

Leaving the chopped trees creates a hazard...We'd better pick them up and clear the trail!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 T-Stand (ea leg)

The hike from here is all up hill and the slope can be slippery! Be sure to watch your footing as you STEP UP the pace!
emoticon **Complete 500 Step Ups (with up, up, down, down being 1 rep)

We've reached the top of the hill where views are spectactular! No better place than to become ONE WITH NATURE...absorbing the SUN'S positive energy and collecting POWER from the strength of the Forest!
**Complete 5 Yoga Sun Salutations!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SEEMAINE 9/7/2011 9:36PM

    Step ups! emoticon emoticon All joking aside, these are really good for me! I've dusted mine off!

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Day 1 Forest Exploration!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

emoticonIt's Kick Off day and CAMP OUT theme week in the BLC! Instead of sitting around the fire telling stories (there will be plenty of time for that later) we're going to hit the Forest trails! Grab yourself some water, hoist up your backpacks emoticon and set out to do some Exploring!

emoticonWEDNESDAY You'll tromp around the Low Lands! Because the trees are plentiful here and provide protection, it is where the Pixies live and harvest!

No river fishing from the BRIDGE today, seems it's in need of repair!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Bridges

We don't have enough supplies to complete the Bridge repairs, guess we'll have to SWIM across!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Swimming

Those squirrels have snatched up all the fallen acorns! Looks like we need to CLIMB A TREE and harvest!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Rope Climber Crunches

Health and nutrition benefits of Mushrooms are countless...we better bend over and PICK UP a few!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Deadlifts

The WINDMILL looks like a nice place to rest for the day and feel the breeze coming off the spinning blades!
**Complete 5 Yoga Triangle Pose

Happy Exploring Pixies!


Challenge 12...Declare Freedom!

Friday, July 01, 2011

emoticonWe're focusing on declaring freedom from a from a couple more pounds as we create the stars and stripes that make up Old Glory!
emoticonStars: Perform a minimum 50 reps of ST daily to earn a star! (Reps must be the same exercise!)
emoticonStripes: Consume 7 glasses water daily AND 6 freggies consisting of AT LEAST 1 each Red, White and Blue to earn stripes!
Earn both a emoticon and emoticon and celebrate the day with ! emoticon emoticon emoticon

F~Star, Stripes, Fireworks
S~Star, Stripes, Fireworks
S~Star, Stripes, Fireworks
M~Star, Stripes, Fireworks
T~Star, Stripes, Fireworks

Total: Stars, Stripes, Fireworks

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SMALLERSHEEP 7/1/2011 5:57PM

    Sounds great! I'm in!

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