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Weekend Challenge 11...Straight Minutes with a Twist!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

This weekend we'll be breaking into mini teams for a Straight Minutes Challenge...It's that simple~~count your planned fitness minutes and add them in the Forest daily for your team! There is NO max to the minutes you can earn daily, so rack them up...Cardio, ST, Yoga, DVD's it all counts!

The challenge runs from FRIDAY - TUESDAY!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Now for the twist...it's crunch time! On TUESDAY do as many good form crunches as you can and sparkmail your total to your team leader no later than Midnight Wednesday your time zone! Any and all good form crunches will be counted... straight crunch, reverse, with a twist, dumbbell, standing side...mix it up and really give your core a workout!

emoticon Go Skinny Mini's...Go!!
Friday: 58 minutes
Saturday: 74 minutes
Sunday: 56 minutes
Monday: 0 minutes
Tuesday: 99 minutes
Total Challenge Minutes: 287

Total Tuesday Crunches: 420


Weekend Challenge 10...Race for the Pot of Gold!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This weekend we're going to be Racing for the Pot of Gold emoticon but beware of the mischievous male fairy...the Leprechaun! emoticon Legend has it that, while seemingly kind, he will offer you 3 wishes in exchange for his treasure at the end of the rainbow! His promise of gold always proves hollow, as the Leprechaun uses clever tricks in the granting of wishes... often resulting in embarrassment or injury to those who expected a bounteous reward!

You'll find no tricks in the Forest ...The challenge is certain to have you running away with the treasure if you complete the three wishes and slide down the rainbow daily!

Challenge Runs FRIDAY - TUESDAY

emoticon4 sets 12 reps minimum ST daily (doesn't have to be all the same exercise)
emoticon4 Miles or Equivalent using 15 min=1 mile conversion daily (bike miles divided by 3)
emoticon64 oz Plain Water daily
emoticon Rainbow of freggies, (1 ea color Red, Green, Blue/Purple, Yellow/Orange, White/Brown)....If you have Pixie Punch as part of your rainbow share a green toast with emoticon
Complete all four, get a emoticon

Always remember to alternate ST and work different muscle groups daily to allow recovery time! It's suggested to make Tuesday a Core day to avoid strenuous strength training the day before weigh in!

Challenge results need to be posted to the tracking thread NO LATER than Midnight Wednesday! Max 15 Clovers, 5 Rainbows, 5 Pots of Gold over the challenge!

F: 2~ emoticon 1~ emoticon 0~ emoticon emoticon
S: 2~ emoticon 1~ emoticon 0~ emoticon emoticon
S: 2~ emoticon 1~ emoticon 0~ emoticon emoticon
M: 3~ emoticon 1~ emoticon 1~ emoticon emoticon emoticon
T: 3~ emoticon 1~ emoticon 1~ emoticon emoticon
Total Challenge: 12~ emoticon 5~ emoticon 2~ emoticon


Weekend Challenge 9...STOPLIGHT!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

emoticon This weekend we're going to be running through STOPLIGHTS!

We'll be trying to outrun the Sheriffs, Bombshells, Sapphires, Tigers and Outlaws, so put the "Wings to the Wind" Pixies!

Challenge runs FRIDAY - TUESDAY!

Track your Food and Freggies! 2 pts daily for tracking food, 1 pt for ea freggie up to 8 daily (max 10 daily)
Watch your Sodium! No partial points...0 if over 2300, 5 pts daily for keeping at or below 2300mg, OR 10 pts daily for keeping at or below 1500mg (possible points 0, 5 OR 10)
**Note to earn Sodium points you MUST track everything that passed your lips!
GO, GO for Fitness Minutes! All intentional planned fitness minutes count! 1 pt per minute (max 60 min/pts daily)

Max daily points 80/ Max challenge points 400!
Please have your points posted to the tracking thread NO later than Midnight Wednesday!

My 3 day sodium target average...759mg
Challenge Points
Friday ~S (11 freggies)( 1379 cal), Y(680mg), Go(87 min) = Total 80
Saturday ~S (12 freggies)( 1221 cal), Y(850mg), Go(137min) = Total 80
Sunday ~ S (10 freggies)(1418 cal), Y(1144mg), Go (122 min) = Total 80
Monday ~ S (9 freggies)(1229 cal), Y(1205mg), Go (112 min) = Total 80
Tuesday ~ S (12 freggies)(1358 cal), Y(704mg), Go (60 min) = Total 80
Total Challenge Points = 400 perfect points!

Hit your sodium target average for emoticonpoints!
Add in your Forest freggies! emoticon
Track what passes your lips! emoticon
And keep the fitness minutes momentum going! emoticon
Do all that and we will be blowing tires on the competition and hauling away more pounds to bury the Forest Dump! emoticon

Come to the Forest daily and tell us about your accomplishements...let's see how many max point days we can decorate the Forest with! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Any Pixie who earns Max points of 400 will receive a much deserved goodie to display on their page! emoticon


March Mantra

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I'm not setting a "goal" for March, instead I plan to kick things into gear with one simple word...CONSISTENTLY! Nothing more need be said, I know how and what needs to be done so I'm just doing it...CONSISTENTLY for the next 30 days!

Of course Ralph has some words to share....I love this man!!!

"There is enormous power in the things you do consistently -- day after day after day, focused in the same direction. Remember the story of the tortise and the hare? Consistency will win out over brute force and speed just about any day. If you start too fast you'll burn out long before you reach your goal. Even if it were possible to have it all immediately, where would be the joy and the sense of accomplishment in that?

Instead, make time your friend. Pace yourself. Leave a little bit undone each day so there will be something to get you started tomorrow. More importantly, keep yourself focused and traveling in the direction of your dreams. Resolve to write one chapter a day in the book of your life. Before long, you'll have a masterpiece."

-- Ralph Marston

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KELLEY1010 3/7/2011 10:46PM

    very good!!!

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GRACIEC 3/2/2011 7:06PM

    I think you've hit the nail on the head! I've been doing the same thing and it's working for me! You'll do great!

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Weekend Challenge 8...Miles in your shoes!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

emoticonChallenge Runs FRIDAY - MONDAY(Team members need to post their results to the tracking thread by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday to be counted)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You know how they say, "Walk a mile in my shoes", we're taking this literally ...The weekend challenge is to walk/bike/elliptical/aerobics class/etc. a mile (and then some) in your own shoes!

From Friday to Monday, letís see how far we can go! Here's how miles will be counted:

emoticon- any type of cardio class (aerobics, kickboxing, etc) can be counted as 15min = 1 mile
emoticon- for those who walk/jog but don't have an idea of how far they walk, we'll say 15min = 1 mile
emoticon- for those who walk, jog, run &/or ride an elliptical, count the actual mileage
emoticon- for bikers (including stationary), divide your actual mileage by 3 (3 miles biking = 1 challenge mile)

Youíll earn 1 point for each mile you complete, and thereís no daily maximum.

emoticon Go Pixies!!

Friday: 11.5 miles
Saturday: 15 Miles
Sunday: 9.5
Monday: 14
Total Challenge Miles: 50

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    Phew! At least you will be in your own shoes!!


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NEVADAPP 2/24/2011 9:26AM

    Great way to keep track of your miles! I love the challenges that ask you for "miles" because I can usually get outside for extra wogging!

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