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SEEing there to find NOW!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This morning I posed a question to the Pixies after an exciting first week of BLC....
emoticon What's one thing you noticed from last week that you plan to work harder at for the coming?

Seems like a simple enough question right? Then why do *I* find it really hard to answer? Because I'm an over thinker by nature...half my problem I'm certain! So many thoughts have crept up, but I keep saying "Nope, that's not a good one...maybe this one is better to start with because it will help me achieve XYZ and I can build from there"

What I need to know first is....Exactly where is THERE? It use to be a number staring back at me, kinda sorta still is...I'll always be a numbers girl, but it REALLY is much bigger than that!

I have this vision of what *I* see myself as when I reach THERE! The scale is showing me 130ish, but the visual that keeps moving to the forefront is my glance in the mirror! Not just how I look , but also how I feel!

Here's my reflection: emoticon(full length mirror of course LOL)
There's a 5'6" girl that is at a healthy weight for her height and body type with definition! She's wearing a huge smile, twirling in front of the mirror, standing tall,and proud of her accomplishments! She looks to her reflection and says "You're finally there" and decides she is determined to never sell herself short again, because the person staring back is exactly who she chooses to be for HER... not anyone else!!

I know how to get there...with determination, using that visual as the primary focus, just as I did when this journey started! I was not comfortable then and can't allow myself to be comfortable now because I am NOT!

The answer to the question is now very clear....as I SEE that girl, she will not be all that she desires without making the commitment to Strength Training! Sure...she'll be happy with the number, she'll be smiling, she'll be proud, but not nearly as proud as she would have been had she dug a little deeper to get that definition... and not feel like she still sold herself a little short!

I have the tools, I have the knowledge, I have the desire, I have the motivation, I have the support, I AM determined, and it starts NOW!!

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    WTG!! You can do it!!

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CALIGIRL33 1/13/2011 1:40PM

    Right on! I think a lot of us women tend to skip regular strength training. I hope to add a regular amount to my routine now. :-)

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2BLEAN_N_FIT_AZ 1/13/2011 11:38AM

    Looks like you've found another piece of your puzzle and it is almost complete! emoticon

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SKINNYSOON13 1/13/2011 11:19AM

    I think you sound pretty dang CUTE in that reflection! ST is soooo important - I have to agree with you, and it will make all the difference :-) You can do it! You're ONE strong Cookie! ;-)

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Weekend Challenge 1...N~E~W!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

BLC 15 Wide Challenge... Friday Jan 7 - Monday Jan 10

N~Nutrition Know your Calorie Range and Stay within it, include 5 Freggies/Day.

E~Exercise Get up and MOVE! Exercise a Minimum of 20 minutes today.

W~Wellness JOURNAL~BLOG~LOG If you Bite it Write it...if you Nibble it Scribble it. At the end of the day sit down and have a talk with you...What did you Accomplish Today...What areas could still use some work? Give yourself a Grade and Try to Beat that Tomorrow!

Each letter is worth 5 points (all or nothing). Total possible is 60 points.

F~N5, E5, W5, =Pts15
S~N5, E5, W5, =Pts15
S~N5, E5, W5, =Pts15
M~N5, E5, W0, =Pts10

Total Challenge Points: 55


Pixie Mini Challenge...Forest Exploration!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Windy days in the Forest will occasionally make it impossible to Fly so we'll need to be able to get around on foot! We're going to have a little fun and take in all the Wonders the Forest has to off with some "Exploration"!! Mini Challenge will run MONDAY - WEDNESDAY! Each day you complete all the required "stops" come to the Forest and make your accomplishments known with a emoticon ! Complete all of the 3 day Exploration and you'll receive a Surprise Goodie to proudly display on your page!

emoticonMONDAY You'll tromp around the Low Lands! Because the trees are plentiful here and provide protection, it is where the Pixies live and harvest!

No river fishing from the BRIDGE today, seems it's in need of repair!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Bridges
Seems we don't have enough supplies to finish the Bridge, guess we'll have to SWIM across!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Swimming
Those squirrels have snatched up all the fallen acorns! Looks like we need to CLIMB A TREE and harvest!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Rope Climber Crunches

emoticonTUESDAY Will take you from your home in the Low Lands to High in the Hills! The air is refreshing and the Sun shines bright here, but It's quite a journey! Make sure you're well rested and properly fueled before heading out!

Take a moment before hitting the trail to admire the strength of the TREES...trunks strong and sturdy reaching towards the sky!
**Complete - 5 Yoga Tree Pose
Foot traffic to the hills has been limited lately and far too much MOSS is covering the trail! Time to KICK IT UP!!
**Complete 30 minutes of Cardio
The WINDMILL looks like a nice place to take a rest and feel the breeze coming off the spinning blades!
**Complete 5 Yoga Triangle Pose
Ahh..the top of the hill where views are spectactular! No better place than to become ONE WITH NATURE and soak up some of the SUNS positive energy!
**Complete 5 Yoga Sun Salutations!

emoticonWEDNESDAY you'll set your sights on the Enchanted East! You're certain to stumble on magic here, so keep your eyes peeled...many claim they have seen Flying Rainbow Unicorn!

The FROG... Most sought after treasure in the forest! Frogs are quick though, so to catch one you'll need to be ready to spring into action!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Burpees
Tip toe carefully past the GNOMES! While harmless to Pixies when startled they'll let out a Scary Screach to send predators scampering!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Walking Lunges
Health and nutrition benefits of Mushrooms are countless...we better bend over and PICK UP a few!
**Complete 2 sets of 15 Deadlifts


Break Challenge...12 Days Before Christmas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

emoticonFirst option is to simply complete the task for the given day! The challenge counts down to Christmas, so as the holiday approaches and everyone has less time, the task is easier!

emoticon Second option is to complete the task for the given day, and add the previous...building from day to day as 12 days of Christmas song does!

The object here is to keep all our hard work over the last 12 weeks at the forefront and not let good habits slip! Hope you'll visit the Forest and let the Pixies know how your 12 Days Before Christmas are progressing...that extra accountability could be the best gift emoticonto yourself!

emoticonMonday, December 13th:
On the 12th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon12 reps strength training!
emoticonTuesday, December 14th:
On the 11th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon11 cardio minutes sweating!
emoticonWednesday, December 15th:
On the 10th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon10 minutes planning and a Forest WI!
emoticonThursday, December 16th:
On the 9th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon9 minutes step ups!
emoticonFriday, December 17th:
On the 8th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon8 glasses water consumed!
emoticonSaturday, December 18th:
On the 7th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon7 restful hours sleeping!
emoticonSunday, December 19th:
On the 6th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon6 minutes stretching or relaxing!
emoticonMonday, December 20th:
On the 5th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon5 servings freggies!
emoticonTuesday, December 21st:
On the 4th Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon4 positive thoughts listed!
emoticonWednesday, December 22nd:
On the 3rd Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon3 meals tracked on SP and a Forest WI!
emoticonThursday, December 23rd:
On the 2nd Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon2 avoided temptations!
emoticonFriday, December 24th:
On the 1st Day before Christmas the Forest Elf challenged me... emoticon1 Forest post!

emoticonOn Christmas Day the Forest Elf wished for me... A day of family, giving, sharing and many memories!

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RHEAMOSES 12/10/2010 10:01AM


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Weekend Challenge 12...Woo Hoo 100's

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Challenge will run FRIDAY - TUESDAY

Your challenge is to perform 4-100's of anything you want each day! All strength and planned fitness minutes count....you pick your pleasure every day.

For every 100 completed each day you'll earn a emoticon ...Complete 4-100's in one day and earn an emoticon! Please use these emoticons and post your completed chosen exercises to the Forest daily!

The reps of 100 must be the same exercise, but do NOT have to be performed at the same time...spreading them through the day in 5 sets of 20 or 10 sets of 10 is completely acceptable and will keep your metabolism fired up! Always remember to work different muscle groups daily to allow recovery to work its magic! If you are performing exercises that you generally use weights for consider dropping the weight in increments per set, by 1/2 or all together to avoid overworking your muscles...always work within your level of fitness!

Try to incorporate 100 Fitness Minutes into at least 2 of your 5 days, of course the more sweaty cardio the better! These minutes can consist of cardio, yoga, stretching, and YES even the minutes that you spend on your 100 strength reps for the other WooHoo's count!

Friday -
100 Step ups
100 Bridges
100 Tricep Dips
100 Dumbbell Crunches

Saturday -
100 Adduction
100 Abduction
100 Side Bends
100 Squats

Sunday -
100 Lying leg raises
100 Modified Push ups
100 Butt Kick (ea side)
100 Fitness Minutes

Monday - TBD
100 Mountain Climbers
100 Rope Climbers

Tuesday - TBD
100 Fitness Minutes

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SKINNYSOON13 12/3/2010 7:17PM

    Oh boy girl! You definitely got into the sugar when you thought up THIS challenge! :-) 100 TRICEP DIPS!!!!???!!!!!

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