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Sickness, stomachaches, and sadness

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Well, it's the day after Christmas. To combat my usual "down" feelings that happen after a major holiday, I've given Spark goodies and made myself useful while I care for my granddaughter. Neither she nor I had many Christmas treats, too much sickness :(
Both of us have had the head cold/creeping crud that makes one feel AWFUL. I think I could take it if it was just me but when she is sick . . . that makes everything worse!!

On the plus side, I've ridden my stationary bike and walked. I only hope I can keep my eating in line!! I guess that's the challenge we all have at this time of the year. Well, it's good to be able to put this out there and not feel like I'm alone!

I hope this note isn't too much of a downer. I guess we're going to watch another tv show and make it through this yuckiness! In the meantime, here's hoping you have a nice holiday (if you're off) or that you don't have to work for too long (if you're working).
All the best!

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DANGBLONDE 2/2/2014 6:31PM

  Riisa! Hope you are feeling better. It's good to be back, isn't it? Keep your chin up and keep on truckin'!!!!!

I'm finally losing weight. It's taken me a few years to do it. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE :)

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HDHAWK 12/26/2013 10:13PM

    Sorry that you are sick. I hope you get rid of it soon. I had a stomach bug on Monday, but it only hung around that one day thankfully. It sounds like you're keeping busy and exercising too!

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LINDA! 12/26/2013 9:21PM

    Sorry that you both have been ill. Best wishes for better days. Happy to hear that you are keeping up with fitness. emoticon

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 12/26/2013 8:17PM


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TERESITACAN 12/26/2013 6:37PM

    Great job getting the exercise in! You're awesome!

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MNDEBBIE1 12/26/2013 3:01PM

    Sorry to year that you and your grandbaby aren't feeling good. Try some chicken noodle soup. I will keep you and granddaughter in my prayers.

Get Well

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Idk how long I've been gone, but I AM BACK!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hi. My name is Riisa. I probably haven't been "sparking" properly (only fitness) for a few months. Today I posted this message on the "30Somethings with 100+ to lose" although I'm sure that I'm not a 30something (LOL). I know, I've got issues. I work too much and my husband has no job. My daughter moved back home with my granddaughter and that's the joy of my life (besides teaching Spanish and watching "Walking Dead" with my husband). Here's the message I posted today:

"My job and my life (my daughter/granddaughter have moved home) are overwhelming. Because I'm off today (and sick), I decided to just TRY and track my food along with my fitness. I always, always (in some capacity) work out. (that's actually part of the problem, but that's a story for another day).

However, I finally looked at my Sparkmail and saw this "challenge" from Teresa (Severina418) and thought "well . . . maybe . . . ". Then I started reading. Sherry Wilson's "remarks" (?not sure if this is the right term?) then INSPIRED me.

"I do the best I can from now on (my life is mine) I want to be a healthy . . .I am a positive thoghtful person who cares about others and my family . . . "

How AMAZING are these phrases!! How fantastic that I was sick TODAY and saw it JUST now! Even if I "can't get to it" -- my tracking (and yes, my teaching with 5 different preparations has caused 12-14 hour days and LOTS of stress), I WILL BY Christmas begin the tracking faithfully. I only have one more day before I have time off (what a lucky person am I).

I have been caught up in "poor me" syndrome (never mind that there ARE valid reasons) for a while now. I believe that, thanks to Teresa and Sherry, I'll give it another shot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you both! Thank you Sparkpeople, you've been one of many blessings in 2013!

What I want to add to this is, Idk how long I've been gone. I THOUGHT I'd posted more. I THOUGHT I'd been paying better attention (to Spark and Spark friends). This is one of the reasons I was successful earlier this year. But, thanks to Sherry Wilson's positive statement and Teresa's motivating email, I'm back!!

I hope I start talking more through blogging/email here. I apologize if I've ignored anyone! In the meantime, I wish you all the best and "ten mucho cuidado" (take good care)!!

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MADEIT3 12/20/2013 10:55AM

    Welcome back - and a great "EUREKA" blog. I love it when the light bulb goes off over my head!

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WILDKAT781 12/19/2013 4:00PM


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HOTPINKCAMARO49 12/19/2013 2:57PM

  emoticon Back! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MNDEBBIE1 12/19/2013 2:33PM


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DIANAOR1 12/19/2013 2:16PM


Gracias!!! Felicidades!!!!

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WYTRIX 12/19/2013 2:05PM

    Glad your back and your positive attitude is very welcoming. Thank you for sharing, makes my day!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

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I just might be making progress!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Well, the original title of todayís blog was going to be ďIt is what it isĒ. I felt like, losing one half pound is all Iím destined to do. **BIG SIGH** Then something changed and Iím hopeful again. emoticon

Iíve got a confession to make: Iím a hot mess. emoticon

I mean, Iíve been WONDERFUL with working out Ė thatís what I do and I do it well (not bragginí just sayiní). emoticon Iím off for the summer and, despite doing quite a lot of keeping of a certain 3 year old (who now lives with us, as I may have mentioned), I work out between 6 and 7 hours per week PLUS we go places/do things (Elia and I). I think thatís pretty good for a woman with fake knees!! My swimming is coming right along. I feel stronger when I walk, with less back pain, and I can ride my stationary bike for a good 20 minutes (longer if I need to).
But Iím not eating right. Iím not doing my best to stay in control AND MY NUTRITION TRACKER looks PERFECT. So yep, Iíve been lying!! THIS MIGHT BE WHY THE SCALE HASNíT MOVED!!

After I came home from Texas, I just KNEW there would be a difference!! I had eaten well. I had walked and swam daily. I had NOT snacked in the evening and NOT overworked out. So what happened? I lost one half a pound (again Ė no Iím not even to a 10 lb loss yet), maybe a little less. My body just didnít budge and my foods were healthy and varied, rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. I felt like I was starving until I focused on the veggies. They (and the fruit) saved me. I was honest that week on my tracker. I WILL SEE MY DR ON TUES to know if there is an issue or if this is how it will work from now on.
I was pretty disappointed. Then, I got mad.
Sure, I still worked out, cuz thatís what I do. But I just started eating MORE of my healthy foods (like the light spaghetti cheese I make or having extra starches Ė cauliflower mashed potatoes or Iíd make a tiny meal out of chips before supper). In my world, ice cream is an entire food group! So Iíve been eating LOTS of that. But still, I thought I was ďgoodĒ (due to working out) even though Iím eating very ďbadĒ. (yeah, I know ďall or nothiní ď thinking doesnít help either!).
But today I got hopeful. No, not because I felt good either. But because the over sodium of last nightís popcorn/chip fest (or is it the weather change?) made me feel AWFUL. Without meaning too, I ate less. We went to the store and I came home STARVING. I remembered Iíd gotten some kale. Now I DO NOT LIKE kale. Iíve been trying to eat it all summer. Iíve boiled and cooked with spices. Iíve really tried and I really hate it! But a friend had told me about tossing it in light olive oil and adding a little sea salt. Then, upon baking them, the kale becomes ďcrispsĒ. OH MY YES!! I thought upon eating it. It was tasty and I feel successful.
Then I remembered one of the reasons I started Spark: to be healthy and strong enough to run with/after my granddaughter, Elia. And I have ALL SUMMER!! Wow, I did something right.
And I remembered that weíve eaten healthy all summer, I just need to watch my portions. And I can eat light or less ice cream. And I can do this, EVEN IF ITíS one half pound per week every week for the next two years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Iím hopeful again. Iím going back to the kitchen. Tonight is chicken night, so I like to make little red potato salad with that and maybe a little more kale . . . emoticon

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GOODGETNBETR 10/7/2013 5:22PM

    Half a pound over two years sounds good. Small changes over time are what last. emoticon

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 7/28/2013 9:37PM

    Well, it sounds like you know what's wrong and how to fix it!!

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CRAFTSFAN1 7/28/2013 4:46PM

    Our healthy lifestyle changes are way beyond the scale. It's a new way of thinking and eating. i'm glad that you are hopeful again. Cuidate.

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AUTUMNHOPE 7/28/2013 4:44PM

    I liked you being honest with yourself. that is hard for all of us to do.

I can relate with the exercise thing. I too always get my exercise in & push myself doing it, but the kitchen is my down fall. I had only lost 10 lbs. in several months times because of binges on potato chips etc.

I made a commitment to myself to do better in the food area three days ago & I have & I've dropped 2lbs. this week.

emoticon emoticon with the kale !

emoticon for stopping by my blog earlier.

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"Back home in Indiana" (yeah, it's both a song and an attitude)!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Well Tuesday morning in the wee hours, I arrived in Indianapolis. My husband met me and we drove home. It was sometime after 3am when we got here. I wasn't quite the wreck I thought I would be, despite not being able to sleep until sometime after 4.
Idk if I've lost more than a half pound (I'll know that tomorrow when I weigh). I ate probably about 1350 as an average of calories daily when I was there. Frankly, yellow squash saved me! My mother, ever the traditionalist, told me the answer to "all your weight" is just to quit eating! Glad I only fell for that for one whole day!! At any rate, I felt I ate more whole foods, more fresh vegetables in Texas, than I have in a long time!!
I HAVE gone to the doctor before Texas and I'll know about THAT (that is to say, why my weight is so stalled) in another week or so. I still have to have my thyroid xrayed (?) or something like that.
At any rate, I made it through Texas without major psychological damage or (hopefully)weight gain. As a matter of a fact, it was an ok experience overall (even the midnight and early morning flights). I feel like I'm at the edge of a breakthrough. I hope it comes through soon though. I didn't breakthrough on patience (LOL).
Well y'all, thanks for listening! Until next time please remember "ten mucho cuidado" means "take good care". All the best!
Riisa emoticon

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KABMPH 7/16/2013 8:48PM

    What did the doctor say?
I'm glad you had a nice(ish) visit home! Eating more veggies can't be bad... can it? emoticon

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Texas, day 2 . . . or is it 3?

Friday, July 05, 2013

Well, after a crazily long day (I stopped counting at 20 hours) and a good sleep, I'm here!! So special thanks to all the kind messages on my last blog. I appreciated it and needed (used the spiritual help)!My Mother is in good spirits and we've had a nice time. My sisters have left town (with their families) and Mother and I are on our own!!
The thing is, sometimes her computer works, sometimes MY computer works and sometimes NEITHER work. So, as long as I can keep my "streaks" of food tracking and fitness tracking going, I feel successful!!! I hope to "talk" to y'all again soon but if not, KEEP SPARKING!
All the best!


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