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A New Attitude

Monday, September 12, 2011

"I'm feelin' good from my head to my shoes
Know where I'm goin' and I know what to do
I tidied up my point of view
I got a new attitude"

This is the second song that I added to my Cardio mix. It not only helps me keep my speed up for chair marching, but the words have significant meaning for this journey. For the first ime, i feel like I know where I am going and know what to do. This morning when I weighed in; I had gained .2 pounds. This in spite of the fact that I stayed within my calories and did get all my Cardio minutes in last week.

Previously, I would have given up. (Actually, I would have quit when I had a week last month and lost nothing.) Now, I run a nutrition report. I found that my fats and sodium were high all week long. In addition, when I evaluated individual days-I had less fruit and vegetables per day, more red meat and more processed food than previously. So this week , I am eating clean. This morning I had half a tomato and plums with cheese. Lunch is a tuna sandwich with more fruit. We had planned on pork chops tonight, but I am going to look for a lighter alternative for myself. Also, I need more salads.

I am also going to do more interval workouts. I do better when I do 3-4 mini workouts rather than a marathon session like I did on Saturday to catch up. I need sessions early in the day to rev up my metabolism. So, I did 12 minutes during my planning period and plan on another 10 minutes or so during my lunchtime. I will do my boxing this evening before dinner.

I am paying more attention to my water consumption this week as well. Soup made me feel better when I was ill last week, but all that sodium needed a lot more water than I consumed.

So, this week, I am tidying up my point of view and keeping my new attitude.

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KRISZTA11 9/16/2011 11:03AM

    Hey, you are doing great!

Gaining 2 pounds despite doing everything well is normal, it is great you did not get demotivated.
This might have been just the day-to-day fluctuation, most likely your weight will continue dropping as you planned and wished.

I hope you feel better.

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JULIETEXAS 9/15/2011 3:05AM

    emoticon I love your blog and your music choice! You have absolutely got this!


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    I knew this song immediately. That girl can sing! You are really doing it. The research on how you ate alone will kick you into high gear and realize where things can be improved.

Keep rocking got it going on!

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BUSYGRANNY5 9/12/2011 7:27PM

    Awesome song!!! Great lyrics to have stuck in my head!

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RICHILA 9/12/2011 7:08PM

    It is the first verse of Patti LaBelle's song New Attitude. I think it speaks so strongly to Sparkers.

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WINDYJOURNEYS 9/12/2011 7:00PM

    I love the poem on the top. Do you mind if I copy that for my bathroom mirror? emoticon

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RICHILA 9/12/2011 3:15PM

    Thanks Susan! I love the tools and reports that are available for our use. The nutrition reports are so helpful-I need to remeber to make time to look it over everyday. They have taught me alot about my habits.

Spark On! We Got This! emoticon

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SUSAN134 9/12/2011 1:43PM

    You Go Girl!!! I firmly believe that attitude is one of the best weapons we have in this battle, and you've got it!!!

Spark On! We Got This!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Every Battle Needs a Battle Cry!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

I realized after reading Wildfire Kristin's Blog today that this is a battle. A battle to regaain our Power and our lives.

Gradually, I had let go of the Power in my life and since August 1, 20111 when I was guided to SparkPeople-I have been taking it back.

I have taken back my power to choose to be healthy.

I have taken back my power to laugh and smile.

I am taking back my power to be a Dancer.

I am taking back my power to be Stupefyin'.

To help me remember to take back my Power every day- I have a Battle Cry "Spark On! We Got This!"

What Powers are you taking back? What is your Mantra or Battle Cry?

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SUSAN134 9/8/2011 8:46PM

    Mine has been "Be Mindful, Be Aware"....but I really like "Spark On! We Got This!"


You Do 'Got This!!!" Yaaaaay for you (and me emoticon)

Keep up the amazing effort and attitude!!

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Even Being Sick is Better

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I went to work sick today. If I had realized I was sick, I might have stayed home. But, you see even sick, I felt better than I did everyday I went to work last year. I didn't realize that I was actually sick until almost 3:00 p.m. That's when I counted up all of my "emergency" restroom trips today. I still got in over 2000 steps and drank over 8 cups of water. I counted and logged the crackers I ate for nausea-last year my meds made me nauseous half the time.
On the way home, my husband picked up my favorite comfort food, Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings. I had him pick up a can of chicken broth as well. 1.5 servings of chicken and dumplings not only came in under my calorie count, but had 21 grams of protein and 4.5 grams of fiber-who knew. I am low on my fruits and veggies-mainly because my throat hurts, but plan on a baked pear to help boost it. I am going to take a nap and then try to get at least half my workout done. I miss my boxing.

P.S. I took a 30 minute nap and then managed to get 14 minutes of chair boxing in. emoticon

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SUSAN134 9/8/2011 5:03PM

    Hope you are feeling better today! Never had Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings, but it sounds like a terrific comfort food! Be kind to yourself!

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    That is awesome! Chair boxing, now that sounds fun! I am going to have to try that!



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RGEETING 9/8/2011 1:48AM

    Great insight about realizing the difference between last year and this year!

Get well quickly! emoticon

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EMKNAPP 9/7/2011 8:33PM

    That is great that even though you were sick you feel better than you did everyday last year! Keep up your great work! Hard work pays off!!

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LINOVER 9/7/2011 8:33PM

    Hope you feel better tomorrow! Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings is a favorite of mine too!

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Went to a Birthday party and Made a Discovery

Sunday, September 04, 2011

I started to title this "Went to a Garden party to reminisce with old friends" but it wasn't in a garden although I did reminisce with old friends. It was
amazing to realize that I have known all but 4 people there for more than 20 years. They were all at my wedding and we just celebrated our 20th anniversary in May.
When I came in, instead of buzzing straight for food-I went in an took a seat. I had my water bottle with me, so there was no need to visit the refreshment table. We ate a yummy grilled chicken salad before we left, so we wouldn't be hungry. We knew the type of cake being served some looked it up and had a light dinner to compensate for the calories. We started talking and I discovered that almost everyone in the room was on some type of healthier eating or weight loss plan. I surprised myself by being satisfied with about 1 ounce of cake and a 6 ounce Italian Ice. I had saved 500 calories to spend but used less than 250-so I still needed a snack at bedtime to take my diabetes meds. lol
So, my new party plan from now on:
1. Position myself as far away from the food as possible.
2. Keep gum in my purse.
3. Plan out my calories and take my Biggest Loser Calorie counter with me.
4. Fill my water bottle and take it with me.
5. Empty it and refill it and empty again before I look at the refreshments.
6. Refill my waterbottle and drink while I look up my choices and decide what I want-away from the food.
7. Visit the table, make my choices and be done.
8. Remember, I am here to see and talk with my friends, not eat.

I also plan to always have my demitasse spoon to eat with. I got 20 bites out of my 1 ounce of cake last night. I will also carry my tiny peach bowl a friend made for me that holds 1/4 cup-so I can judge amounts and keep track in my planner.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    You showed yourself you can do this. This is huge considering being with people make us want to eat to be social. YOU should be proud, I know all who read this blog are cheering on your great attitude and power over that cake!

Rawk on!

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SUGARSMOM2 9/4/2011 1:34PM

  three things to have on hand at all times . you did well .
biggest loser calorie counter .& gum & water . great job.

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SONYALATRECE 9/4/2011 1:21PM it!

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SUSAN134 9/4/2011 12:23PM

    Planning ahead really does help! I LOVE the idea of the demitasse spoon! That is brilliant!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CALIDAISY030406 9/4/2011 11:19AM

    thats great!! congrats!! Keep it up!!

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MEMORIES7 9/4/2011 11:11AM

    awesome ! you go girl!! emoticon

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Friday Night is Still Pizza Night!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

But, we have learned to make a better pizza. Last week, we had hamburger mini pizzas-good, but I had to go really low on lunch to have enough calories. Last night we came up with the perfect pizza recipe.
The magic ingredient is Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles. There are only 80 calories in a 2/3 cup serving. We mixed it 50/50 with extra lean ground beef that was season with garlic salt and Italian seasoning. 4 ounces of this meat mixture only has 173 calories. The crust is Orowheat 100 calorie whole wheat sandwich thins. I made two mini pizzas with one sandwich thin, my husband used 1 and a half and our son was happy with two. Ragu has a pizza sauce that my husband and son used-1/2 cup 60 calories covered 3 mini pizzas. I used sliced tomatoes sprinkled with garlic salt and Italian seasoning on mine. Then, 1/4 cup of meat per pizza, topped with diced onion, mushrooms and bell pepper. 1/8 cup of cheese
topped each pizza-Bake in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes. 398 calories for my two minis and the flavor is amazing. Spray your baking pan with oil spray for a crisper crust.
You can reduce the calories more by using only the Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage crumbles for meat, but they are a little pricey. We also use them to make breakfast taquitos on the weekend. La Tortilla Factory makes a 100 calorie whole wheat Tortilla with 8 grams of fiber. emoticon

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    Oh this is awesome! I like pizza, but hate the calories and all the fat. Because I have to watch the salt, I use salt free items, or Garlic powder, it helps and I am sure it will keep the taste just the same.

Thanks for sharing!

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MMRB7111 9/4/2011 1:49PM

    I am always looking for new recipes to try. Thanks for the idea.

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ROBERT4242 9/4/2011 9:30AM

    Yep, she's not kidding about the taste, they were absolutely great! And I'm not saying that just because I'm her husband :)

Love you, babe!

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MAMAFARINA 9/3/2011 4:01PM

    Isn't it wonderful to eat "yummy" food and still lose weight.
Live is good. emoticon

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MOMTO2TOO 9/3/2011 2:58PM

    Good for you for keeping up a family tradition but in a healthier way! Happy Saturday!


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SUSAN134 9/3/2011 2:30PM

    These sound good. I'm not crazy about meat on pizza and think for myself I would substitute some green peppers and mushrooms with tomatoes. Will try this! Thank you for the idea.


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